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Apple may release AirPower wireless charging pad next month

The wireless world approaches.

Scott Moir watching hockey is more fun to watch than hockey

Scott, we salute your patriotism.

Teens on fire: Of course the 'Hunger Games' generation knows how to fight the NRA

The #NeverAgain movement had the best possible inspiration for its battle against the NRA: YA dystopias.

Justin Trudeau tried way too hard in India, and it backfired spectacularly

Just chill out, dude.

Syfy’s The Expanse will return on April 11th

‘It’s time to find out who we really are’

Canadian hockey player apologizes for removing silver medal during ceremony

"In the moment, I was disappointed with the outcome of the game, and my emotions got the better of me," she wrote.

Little girl screaming when her doll's head pops off makes for a great photo-op

Being a parent is not without its documentable moments.

Parkland student activists get real on 'The Ellen Show'

They don't hold back.

Tesla is donating electric car chargers to select U.S. offices

Charge your batteries while working.

'Black Panther' proved there's a demand for more diverse superhero movies. Will Hollywood deliver?

We're living in a post-Black Panther world.

Can Ghostbusters copy Pokémon GO’s success with its own AR mobile game?

You'll soon be able to trap Ghostbusters ghosts in augmented reality à la Pokémon GO. A short demo of the game Ghostbusters World was showcased at Google's..

1Password now lets you see if your password has been leaked

It checks your password against the 500,000 in Pwned Passwords' database.

Detective Pikachu's creepy old man voice is a crime against nature

I feel personally attacked.

Facebook sees backlash after demoing VR shooter game at conservative event

In light of the Florida massacre, the company expresses ‘regret’ over its decision to bring the game to CPAC

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Google Assistant 'Routines' Feature Arriving Soon

The new routines feature will help you take care of several tasks with a single voice command. Plus, Assistant is learning a bunch of new languages and will soon be multilingual.

2 S-1

No prospectus or other offering material or document in connection with the offer and sale of the shares of Class A common stock has been or will be registered with the Securities Commission of Malaysia, or Commission, for the Commission’s approval pursuant to the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. Accordingly, this prospectus and any other document or material in connection with the offer or sale, or invitation for subscription or purchase, of the shares of Class A common stock may not be circulated or distributed, nor may the shares of Class A common stock be offered or sold, or be made the subject of an invitation for subscription or purchase, whether directly or indirectly, to persons in Malaysia other than (i) a closed end fund approved by the Commission; (ii) a holder of a Capital Markets Services Licence; (iii) a person who acquires the shares of Class A common stock, as principal, if the offer is on terms that the shares of Class A common stock may only be acquired at a consideration of not less than RM250,000 (or its equivalent in foreign currencies) for each transaction; (iv) an individual whose total net personal assets or total net joint assets with his or her spouse exceeds RM3 million (or its equivalent in foreign currencies), excluding the value of the primary residence of the individual; (v) an individual who has a gross annual income exceeding RM300,000 (or its equivalent in foreign currencies) per annum in the preceding twelve months; (vi) an individual who, jointly with his or her spouse, has a gross annual income of RM400,000 (or its equivalent in foreign currencies), per annum in the preceding twelve months; (vii) a corporation with total net assets exceeding RM10 million (or its equivalent in a foreign currencies) based on the last audited accounts; (viii) a partnership with total net assets exceeding RM10 million (or its equivalent in foreign currencies); (ix) a bank licensee or insurance licensee as defined in the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010; (x) an Islamic bank licensee or takaful licensee as defined in the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010; and (xi) any other person as may be specified by the Commission; provided that, in the each of the preceding categories (i) to (xi), the distribution of the shares of Class A common stock is made by a holder of a Capital Markets Services Licence who carries on the business of dealing in securities.

Samsung MWC 2018 Liveblog

Mobile World Congress isn’t always a huge show for Samsung (last year we got a couple of tablets and some vague 5G news), but this year the company’s not messing around. Between the many teasers and seemingly endless deluge of leaks, the Galaxy S9 is all but announced at this point.

Nokia’s banana phone from The Matrix is back

Unlike the 3310, the 8110 will ship with LTE support across Europe, with dual-SIM versions available too. Inside there’s a Qualcomm 205 Mobile Platform processor, 512MB of RAM, and 4GB of storage. While the banana phone looks big in pictures, it’s relatively small with just a 2.4-inch QVGA display and a 2-megapixel camera at the rear. You’ll even get access to a revamped Snake game, and an impressive 25 days of battery standby.

The Nokia 8 Sirocco is a curved glass Android flagship with no headphone jack

The Nokia 8 Sirocco is powered by Qualcomm’s 835 processor, 6GB of RAM, and 128GB of storage. At the center is a 5.5-inch pOLED display (2560 x 1440) that looked like it had good viewing angles and calibration during my brief look at the device. HMD is also using a dual-camera system at the rear with a 12-megapixel primary camera and ZEISS optics. The front-facing 5-megapixel camera also has a wide-angle (84-degree) lens for selfies, and of the software will support HMD’s “bothie” mode to take a photo using both the front and rear cameras simultaneously.

FCC's Ajit Pai gets NRA award for 'courage under fire'

Net neutrality is the idea that all traffic on the internet is treated equally. In 2015, under President Barack Obama, a Democrat-led FCC passed rules that barred broadband companies from slowing or blocking access to certain websites or services. It also prohibited internet service providers from charging companies a fee to access customers more quickly.

The 2018 World's Most Innovative Companies | Fast Company

The 2018 edition of the World's Most Innovative Companies spans more than 350 enterprises across 36 categories, from the world's most valuable firm and its continuing transformation of consumer electronics to a small outfit selling natural gum to preserve rainforests. We hope you're as inspired learning from these businesses as we were in selecting them .

Dropbox finally filed for its IPO — and it lost $111 million on revenue of $1.1 billion last year

The S-1 form Dropbox filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that the company lost $111 million on revenue of $1.1 billion last year.

Tesla Will Install Charging Stations for Free at Your Workplace

For workplaces, this offers a way to have electric vehicle charging installed at very little cost while offering employees a convenient way to charge their cars while at work. In this case, it's the employer who would most likely pick up the energy bill, but that could be offset by green energy tech investment. However, for apartment blocks it seems more likely the tenants would need to pay for their own energy. Even so, having the option to own and easily charge an electric vehicle overnight will be welcomed.

IBM uncovers phishing campaign that has stolen millions from Fortune 500 companies

A sophisticated business email compromise phishing campaign has been targeting companies around the world, including several in the fortune 500, and it has been wildly successful.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Here's what is actually new about the Samsung Galaxy S9

12 Manafort Left an Incriminating Paper Trail Converting PDFs to Word | Hacker News

We all leave huge incriminating paper trails to some extent. This is why privacy is so important, because we’re all committing crimes in theory. That being said Manafort looks very very guilty and his crimes, which are financially based, I think are even more reprehensible in this era of global austerity and low economic growth. Back to the privacy point, we are currently going through NIST 800-53 at work. We only need 800-171 but we thought the 800-53 standard would make us a better organization. So many things I didn’t think of. Do you have a micro-cut shredder first of all? Those Enron-esque cross-cut shredders don’t cut it anymore with open source machine learning that can easily reassemble those documents. Also, do you have an access code for your printer so the document only prints when he/she is up there, and doesn’t get left throughout the day in the tray for prying eyes? Also are your servers currently sitting in inventory up high on the shelves in case water gets into the building? So many things... AmazonBasics 12-Sheet High-Security Micro-Cut Paper, CD, and Credit Card Shredder with Pullout Basket https://www.

BI Tech on Twitter

A Silicon Valley billionaire is fighting to keep a California beach next to his $37 million estate off-limits to the public — and he's taking his case to the Supreme Court

Apple devices at repair facility have called 911 over 1,500 times

Apple is working with local police to remedy a surge in unintentional emergency calls to 911 that are originating from the company’s distribution and repair center in Elk Grove, California. The influx of calls has been ongoing for months, averaging 20 accidental calls a day and totaling over 1,600 since October. 911 dispatchers hear silence and intermittent employee chatter when the calls come in.

Reuters TV - Live

This live feed has ended.

Get ready for the Galaxy S9, Samsung's answer to the iPhone X

Take, for instance, the display. Apple removed its physical home button on the front of the device to stretch the screen across the entire front of the display. Samsung had already done that with the S8 and its "Infinity Display." Apple also integrated an OLED display for the first time with the iPhone X, allowing for a thinner screen that shows blacker blacks and more vibrant colors. Samsung has used OLED screens in its Galaxy S smartphones since the beginning of the line.

Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ hands-on: The devil is in the details

One final update on the camera -- the front 8-megapixel camera and the iris scanner now work together for more reliable unlocking via what Samsung calls "Intelligent Scan." According to the company's reps, the iris scanner isn't as effective in bright light as it is in the dark. With the new system, the S9 will try to sign you in with your eyes by default, but when that fails, it will use facial recognition. Unfortunately, we didn't get to test out this feature during our demo, so we'll have to wait till we get our hands on a review unit to try it.

Opinion: Killmonger's Rage Is the Hard Truth of Black Panther - IGN

Watching Michael B. Jordan’s powerful performance as Erik Killmonger reminded me of that trip and how, like the nation of Wakanda, I failed to use my resources to help someone in need. I began sympathizing with Erik for his tenacity and willingness to provide aid at any cost. Sure, it was the wrong way to go about it -- violence only begets more violence -- but from his point of view, Erik saw his quest for revenge as a necessary act. Because of my personal connection to his frustrations, he is the first villain I truly identify within the MCU. Sure, Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Loki has always been stellar, but it’s hard for me to relate to a demi-god with daddy issues.

Paris Goes To Court To Protect Its Pedestrian Spaces

Fortunately for the vast majority of Parisians who have benefited from Hidalgo’s plan, the mayor shows no sign of giving way. She’s criticized her opponents by claiming that for them, “car traffic takes priority over public health” and that “an urban motorway is worth more than a park in the center of the city”—neither of which could be further from the truth, and should not by any means form the basis of public policy.

Forbes Tech News on Twitter

This motor aims to move the robotics industry into new directions:

How the iSIM might give your next phone a huge battery

The iPhone X ’s notch turned out to be the “next big thing” in phone design, but the next (next) big thing might not even be noticeable to the naked eye. ARM has developed new iSIM technology that might eventually see the trusty, but ever cumbersome SIM card going away for good.

The U.S. is no longer a nation of immigrants, apparently

According to CNN , the agency’s director, L. Francis Cissna, sent a letter to employees explaining the shifting mission on the grounds that the agency is responsible for ensuring “that people who are eligible for immigration benefits receive them and those who are not eligible—either because they don’t qualify or because they attempt to qualify by fraud—don’t receive them” and that “those who would do us harm are not granted immigration benefits.” Cissna also noted that  the agency will “ answer to the American people. ”

Apple is working on high-end headphones that may launch as soon as this year

Kuo says the headphones will have a new design, but doesn't go into specifics. It sounds like the headphones will be similar to the over-ear headphones Apple makes through its Beats subsidiary. They would also build on the success of AirPods, Apple's wireless earbuds and carry the Apple branding, not Beats branding.

24 Live from Samsung's Galaxy S9 event at MWC 2018!

Live from Samsung's Galaxy S9 event at MWC 2018!

Our readers are obsessed with these robot vacuums

It’s 2018 and robots have officially taken over—or at least they're in charge while they roam around our floors, picking up everything from dirt to pet hair. Like most technology, robot vacuums are there to make our lives a little bit easier with scheduled cleanings at the press of a button—some even have smartphone apps. This makes those weekly (or monthly, we don't judge) deep, whole-house cleanings less strenuous and time consuming.


Bitmain, the largest mining hardware manufacturer made around $4 billion last year - Coin Social

The price of Bitcoin and other Cryptocurrencies have increased exponentially in the last year creating a great demand for GPU’S and ASIC based hardware miners.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Oil on Japanese beaches linked to last month's Sanchi tanker spill


There was still influence in some areas by the conquered Gaulish tribes on the language of their conquerors. We don’t really have anything of Gaulish language left, but we can reverse engineer some things from their descendants. You see, the Celts that we think of now as the people of the British Isles were Gaulish, originally (in the sense that anyone’s originally from anywhere, I guess) from central and western Europe. So we can look at, for example, Old Irish, where they said tó to mean yes, or Welsh, where they say do to mean yes or indeed, and we can see that they derive from the Proto-Indo-European (the big mother language at whose teat very many languages both modern and ancient did suckle) word *tod, meaning “this” or “that.” (The asterisk indicates that this is a reconstructed word and we don’t know exactly what it would have been but we have a pretty damn good idea.)

Video: Vintage computers from past 70 years battle in Grand Digital race

Watch the PDP-8, BBC Micro, Apple II and other classic machines compete in processing showdown.

Gizmodo on Twitter

It actually shows you what happened that explains the first cloverfield and wtf was going on. It’s not a movie meant to be taken in prt1 prt2 or prt3 more of different stories within that world that is cloverfield. Which is something JJ explained b4. #CloverfieldParadox

Windows phone reborn: Microsoft patent hints at foldable touchscreen smartphones

The magnets themselves are bar shaped and mounted on an axis that allows them to rotate so that whenever the device is closed the polar opposites will meet and stick to each other. The patent specifically mentions the two halves being able to close with the screen either to the inside or the outside, making rotating magnets a necessity for invisible and reliable closure.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Oregon's botched Google tax break shows why you don't bend the knee to tech giants

Ambitious Director of Engineering Job in San Francisco, CA | ZeroCater

Congratulations! You’ve taken your first step toward getting delicious meals for your office. We'll contact you shortly to set-up a free consultation so we can learn more about your office’s tastes and preferences. In the meantime, learn more about the latest food trends on our blog .

Series of critical bugs in NPM are destroying server configurations

A new version of NPM causes file permissions to be broken under certain circumstances, breaking other applications in the process.

Parkland survivor Sarah Chadwick perfectly mixes hot memes with serious activism

Yeah, they get in zingers (like that one on Rubio) and they're out here memeing it up, but there's always an underlying message to their sharing. And even with the lulz, they haven't undermined their message. Instead, their channeling even the smallest bits of humor toward their greater goal: change in gun control laws in the hopes of making these school shootings a thing of the past.

Gizmodo on Twitter

First evidence that microplastics travel up the food chain and into seal bellies

Gizmodo on Twitter

The NRA just awarded FCC chair Ajit Pai with a gun for his 'courage'

Lifehacker on Twitter

How to fight 'chill girl' teen culture:

Photos: 10 ways professionals can get more out of their voice assistants

As Amazon Alexa and Google Home devices grow in consumer popularity, more business professionals are using them in the office and at home. Here are 10 ways to amp up how you use your voice assistant.

Tech unicorn Dropbox files for US IPO

D ropbox has filed for an initial public offering in the US, documents released on Friday revealed, in what is likely to be the largest float since Snapchat owner Snap.

10 ways to help users follow IT documentation

Most information repositories can be customized to provide links immediately available upon logon, such as to "IT Documentation" or "Help Desk Guides." Many also display a scrolling feed of recently updated documents so you can easily direct users to the guide you just updated. It's even possible to use mechanisms like Group Policy to deploy desktop shortcuts such as to your documentation website for quick and easy access. Figure out how best to get your content out there so it's readily available.

Twitch’s live game show ‘Stream On’ premieres March 8th

With Stream On , you'll get to see up-and-coming Twitch Partners judged on their ability to perform various essential skills for streaming, like motivating viewers with a call to action. You'll also be able to take part via a custom interactive overlay, which will let you vote on who to eliminate after each round. The 14 participants include competitive gamers, of course, but also chefs, musicians and other creative artists, including 88bitmusic, Banzaibaby, CiraCorellia. CookingforN00b, FerociouslySteph, GlanFM, Koibu, MajinTaj, Suchikuchi, thaButtress, TheOnlyRyann, TheStaceyRoy, Wavy and Xmiramira.

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

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US-CERT recently issued a major cybersecurity warning for the Olympic Games

And what they said is that it's kind of a dangerous cyber environment, that Wi-Fi may not be all it's cracked up to be. Communications may not be what you expect in terms of security. But I think, essentially, you can bring it down to this, and that is, if you're going to be visiting the games, if you're going to be there as a participant, as a corporate visitor, whatever, the responsibility for your cybersecurity, whether you're communicating with friends or you're communicating with your company back home, that responsibility is yours, and you have to do some things to make sure that you're not leaking information unnecessarily.

Here's everything coming to — and leaving — Netflix in March

Of course, March isn't without its goodbyes. "The Carmichael Show," "Anastasia," and other shows and movies will be making their exit from the streaming service in March.

Trusting the Autorouter

An autorouter is a magic tool that many think of as a way to allow an engineer to complete a PCB design with just one click. Sadly, this is a misconception. An autorouter is an EDA tool add-on intended to reduce the cost of producing a finished PCB layout, but an autorouter is just a tool, and it will do what the designer tells it do…. therefore the designer needs to understand how the autorouter works in order to direct it properly.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

The sheer size of the @Android phone market might just be what finally enables developers to discover something mobile AR has so far been lacking: a killer app. 

Nintendo now allows Switch user reviews on game pages

Nintendo has offered game recommendations for Wii games in the past, but this appears to kick things up a notch. They won't always be helpful -- people tend to leave product reviews when they're either ecstatic or furious, so you probably won't see many nuanced, moderate takes. Nonetheless, it's nice to have an official user review option, whether you're determined to share your thoughts or just want an alternative to store pages and professional reviews.

Steve Jobs' 1973 Job Application Up for Auction

The application from Apple's late co-founder, who was seeking a position as an 'electronics tech or design engineer' at the time, is expected to sell for $50,000.

51 How HP enables retail digital transformation
52 Abandoning Android: iPhone X is Apple's first device to satisfy all my mobile needs | ZDNet
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54 Walking and rolling of crystals induced thermally by phase transition
55 Discord expands its verified servers program to include pro e-sports teams
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58 Fake news is part of a bigger problem: automated propaganda
59 MWC 2018: Samsung's Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus boasts dual aperture camera, slow motion capture | ZDNet
60 The Samsung Galaxy S9 arrives March 16 for $720, with AR emojis, real-time translation and a better camera
61 MWC: Why do smartphones look so alike?
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64 Nokia reboots the 8110, the phone from 'The Matrix'. Woah
65 Google now makes its AR search tool available for your phone, too
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68 ZTE Tempo Go aims to be your $80 Android starter phone
69 YouTube accounts get banned after 3 strikes. Infowars' Alex Jones has 1 strike
70 BI Tech on Twitter
71 IGN on Twitter
72 Dropbox files for IPO of up to $500 million
73 Dropbox, valued privately at $10 billion, files for IPO
74 Homeland Security's tall order: A hacker-free election
75 Alyssa Milano on Twitter
76 Facebook's Mandatory Malware Scan Is an Intrusive Mess
77 YouTube finally notices Infowars is peddling dangerous conspiracies
78 MIT Tech Review on Twitter
79 Microsoft and Xiaomi will pair up on AI-powered speakers and hardware
80 Glossier snags another $52 million in funding, in the name of customer experience
81 IGN on Twitter
82 Waymo wants to prevent puking in self-driving cars
83 An Instant Pot multicooker is melting -- but not the one you think
84 HTC confirms layoffs as it combines VR and smartphone divisions
85 Ex-Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer heckles Stephen Curry, fails
86 Gizmodo on Twitter