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Get ready for the 'largest iPhone ever'

It's reportedly dropping before the end of the year.

Samsung debuts 5.8-inch Galaxy S9 and 6.2-inch Galaxy S9+ with incremental changes to flagship phones

On a Sunday evening in Barcelona, Samsung executives officially announced two new smartphones: the 5.8-inch Galaxy S9 (for $720) and 6.2-inch Galaxy S9+ (for $840). These will be available for preo…

Galaxy S9 vs. iPhone: Did Samsung beat Apple’s best?

With an edge-to-edge display of its own, as well as Face ID, dual cameras, and the incredible A11 Bionic chip, iPhone X has made Apple the smartphone maker to beat once again. Does the Galaxy S9 have what it takes?

John Oliver just won the right to use a giant squirrel to mock a coal baron

Last Week Tonight won a big victory over the coal industry last week when a West Virginia court declared that host John Oliver has a First Amendment right to call coal king Robert Murray a “geriatric Dr. Evil” and use a giant squirrel named Mr. Nutterbutter to ridicule his Murray Energy Corporation. In a segment … <a href="" class="more-link">Continue reading “John Oliver just won the right to use a giant squirrel to mock a coal baron”</a>

20 awesome Apple HomePod tips you need to know

Some call te HomePod the "dumbest smart speaker," but it can do more than you might think. Check out 20 awesome HomePod tips (along with our latest video).

Nokia 7 Plus with Android One unveiled at MWC 2018

The Nokia 7 Plus has finally been shown off at MWC 2018 as the budget-friendly device from HMD Global that will launch in select markets in April for €399. Building on what was shown off in the Nokia 7 Plus, the device sports an 18:9 Full HD+ 6-inch IPS LCD panel wrapped in a premium chassis buil

Apple stores some iCloud objects on Google's cloud

Small world.

For decades, 'Every Day' author David Levithan has paved the way for queer YA

"I think the path of queer YA is the path of inclusion, and trying to include as many voices as possible."

Disney celebrates 'Black Panther's success by donating $1 million to kids in STEM

Do more things like this, please.

Email sign-offs, ranked

Regards or *best* regards?

Don't worry, Jennifer Lawrence couldn't get into 'Phantom Thread' either

Relatable as ever.

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Samsung Galaxy S9

With the Galaxy S9, Samsung seems to be stepping back from the idea of Bixby as a voice assistant and pushing its AI-powered camera features. That's a good move; the Bixby/Google Assistant confusion on the S8 was essentially unsolvable. Instead, Samsung's pushing Bixby's ability to translate languages in images on the fly, to count the calories in food seen through the phone's camera, and to identify places and give you things to do. These are all things that third-party apps do already, but Samsung is hoping that the power of defaults will cause people to see them as differentiating features.

Apple Confirms it Uses Google Cloud for iCloud

"Each file is broken into chunks and encrypted by iCloud using AES-128 and a key derived from each chunk's contents that utilizes SHA-256," Apple wrote in the document. "The keys and the file's metadata are stored by Apple in the user's iCloud account. The encrypted chunks of the file are stored, without any user-identifying information, using third-party storage services, such as S3 and Google Cloud Platform."

Meet Sony’s first full screen smartphones: Xperia XZ2 and XZ2 Compact

As more and more manufacturers have adopted nearly bezel-less, 18:9 displays and have even begun to move them downmarket, Sony Mobile has remained stubbornly attached to generous top and bottom bezels throughout its lineup. That will end  Sunday, on the eve of Barcelona’s Mobile World Congress, when the company introduces its first pair of redesigned flagships: the Xperia XZ2 (pictured below) and XZ2 Compact.

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Can green energy beat Lebanon’s “generator mafias?”

BlackBerry’s upcoming Ghost is a bezel-free, high-end Android phone for the Indian market

It’s unclear how much the phone will cost, or if it will ever make its way out of India (unlikely). Still, the Ghost looks like an impressive handset that brings BlackBerry’s brand up to speed with the rest of the high-end smartphone market.

Samsung delays its Bixby-powered HomePod competitor into second half of 2018

Samsung's attempt to take on Apple's HomePod, Amazon's Alexa range and other smart speakers will apparently arrive far later than originally expected, after Samsung's mobile chief advised the Bixby-powered audio device will be making its debut in the second half of this year.

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Producing all electricity from wind and solar power might sound like a great idea, but a growing body of evidence shows it’s not. 

Why containers could finally bring Linux apps to Chrome OS

The move could also help Chrome OS become easier for developers to use, and open up a range of software, including GIMP and LibreOffice. However, it makes the Chromebook—designed with simplicity in mind—more complicated, as noted by Android Police. With app data and files spread across two file systems already, Linux container support would only add another layer.

50 Cent admits in bankruptcy document that he never actually owned any bitcoin

50 Cent admitted in the bankruptcy documents that recent media reports have “falsely stated” that he made $8 million in bitcoin (none of which he had disclosed to the bankruptcy court). In reality, he says, he has never owned any bitcoin “from 2014 to the present.” The 700 bitcoins he reportedly earned from album sales were converted to US dollars by a third party before 50 Cent or his affiliated companies could receive it.

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Here's the first trailer for HBO's Fahrenheit 451 film

Gizmodo on Twitter

I seem to recall that this was warned 20 years ago. The people who warned it predicted it would happen when in the next 20 to 30 years. Those types who like Jizmodo claimed the people warning this were just war mongers out to steal all the oil from the Middle East.

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Doctor Minn-Erva's casting may spell trouble for Carol Danvers in the Captain Marvel movie

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How To Answer Questions About Your Career Goals When You’re Unsure

It’s hard to know exactly what you’re looking for early on in your career, but one thing you can do is talk about a number of paths that interest you. For example, if you’re applying for a role as a marketing assistant, you might tell your interviewer that you can see yourself working toward senior copywriter status, or that you might come to enjoy project management. Both answers are valid given the job at hand, and this way, you’re not locking yourself into too specific an answer.

How Full Spectrum's wireless tech went from smart grids to industrial IoT

Stewart Kantor: So our company, we started out around 10 years ago to focus on industrial applications for the electric utility industry and at that point we were referring to a lot of what we refer to now as the industrial internet of things. That was heavily what they called a smart grid focus or a pre-dating that it was machine to machine or really just connectivity for industrial applications. And so we, we had a very a utility focus and looking at automation of components of the electric grid and using a proprietary technology that we developed from the ground up for industrial internet applications. And for the smart grid, it was things like substation automation, what they called a distribution automation, which is voltage regulators and capacitor banks. Pretty much anything you see hanging off of a utility line. And about three years ago, early 2015, we were approached by the electric utility industry specifically EPRI, which is the Electric Power Research Institute, and they said, look your technology is perfect for industrial applications, but we want to create a standard around it so other companies can participate and continue to develop the technology along with Full Spectrum.

Apple’s super-sized iPhone X may come in gold this fall

Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman is adding to mounting expectations that Apple will release three new iPhones this coming September: an upgraded iPhone X, a larger version of that upgraded iPhone X, and a cheaper iPhone that will pair the X’s slim-bezeled screen design with an LCD display. All three will use Face ID for authentication, marking an end to Touch ID in new iPhone products.

Amazon probably hasn’t picked its new city yet, but amateur investigators are on the case

Move over, Encyclopedia Brown! Sleuths around the country are working to crack the case of where Amazon is planning on building its new headquarters.

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U.S. wireless carriers plan to launch 5G with portable hotspot "pucks"

California green lights fully driverless cars for testing on public roads

California is an obvious hotbed for autonomous vehicle testing, so changes made to the state’s rules governing these tests are followed closely by companies like General Motors, Waymo, and Uber that are developing fleets of self-driving cars for public use. There are currently 50 companies testing nearly 300 autonomous vehicles that are licensed with the DMV, officials said.

Why blockchain technology isn't just a fad

The blockchain might be one of the hottest technologies in business today, but is it a fad? TechRepublic met with Jim Scott, the director of enterprise strategy and architecture at MapR to discuss some of the blockchain basics, and to help decipher if blockchain's for real or just for now.

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Facebook can't avoid privacy lawsuit over biometric face prints

Stream audio from iOS to multiple HomePods with AirFoil | Cult of Mac

Now, on iOS, you can just select AirFoil Satellite in the regular AirPlay destinations panel, and the audio will be sent to your Mac, and from there on to all the speakers, simultaneously. It sounds complicated, but once it is set up, you don’t need to think about it. Just make sure you Mac is on when you want to stream to multiple speakers. You can even AirFoil so that it connected to those speakers automatically when launched, for one less (fewer) step.

McAfee, Samsung Partner On Built-In Security, VPN for Galaxy S9

McAfee extended its built-in security support to the Galaxy Note 8 Secure W-Fi VPN this past December, as a prelude to powering the VPN in the Galaxy S9. Davis said McAfee is working with Samsung on security features for a wide range of devices, with a particular focus on integrating VPN capabilities through McAfee Safe Connect in an intuitive mobile interface.

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50 Cent no longer bragging about a Bitcoin fortune now that the US government is interested

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All the TV and movies streaming in March that you care about

Gigantic 'iPhone X Plus' will bring back gold color option | Cult of Mac

Apple allegedly plans to release its biggest iPhone ever this year with a monstrous 6.5-inch ‘iPhone X Plus’, and according to a new report, the new iPhone will come in a gold color option.

Canon expands its mirrorless and DSLR line-up with three new cameras

Canon has overhauled its entry-level DSLR offering with the announcement of two new cameras: the EOS Rebel T7 / EOS 2000D / EOS 1500D and EOS 4000D / EOS 3000D (we're still waiting on US naming for the latter), while there’s also a new mid-range mirrorless camera, the EOS M50.

Samsung Galaxy S9: better camera, AR emoji and stereo speakers

While the phones are about the same size as the previous versions, the Galaxy S8 and S8+, the screens are brighter and slightly bigger. They have an advanced camera and stereo speakers, along with fun new tools, such as AR emoji, photo language translation and improved slow-motion video.

29 The 2018 Top 10 Most Innovative Companies by Sector: Israel | Fast Company

Our annual guide to the businesses that matter the most

Microsoft's steady retreat from consumer products is nearly complete | ZDNet

Two intertwined stories define Microsoft's recent history with consumer products and services. One is about bets that never paid off. The other involves shifting resources to business units that are thriving: enterprise software and cloud services.

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EBay closes in on a $700 Million deal for Qoo10's Japanese assets

Nokia and Windows Phone back from the dead with new models at MWC 2018

While Nokia and Windows Phone were once thought to be going the way of the buffalo, both showed signs of life at the 2018 Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona. Parent company HMD released five new Nokia phones, and various Lumia models showed up on the Microsoft online store .

No, Kylie Jenner didn’t kill Snapchat

While investors look to analysts for guidance (which likely explains Snap’s performance of late), a celebrity like Jenner influences public opinion. And it seems Jenner’s tweet did not impact Snapchat usage at all. According to numbers from SimilarWeb, the app has maintained a steady install rate on U.S. Android devices. What’s more, Android downloads increased from February 22 (when Jenner sent the tweet) to February 22. Additionally, the percentage of active app users increased from 32% on February 21 to 33% on the 24th. Of course, this is from only one set of devices, but it still doesn’t indicate that app usage was impacted by the tweet.

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What Warner Bros. needs to do to replicate Black Panther's success

Trump claims he would have run in unarmed to defend Florida school against shooter

Trump claims he would have been a hero, running unarmed into the school shooting. But in 2008, he bragged about watching an 80 year-old bleed out in front of him at Mar-a-Lago & fretted about the marble floor but did nothing because it was "disgusting."

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This app will rat out teens who won't stop sexting

Apple stock is Warren Buffett's second biggest stock holding

Buffett told CNBC on Monday that his Berkshire Hathaway Inc. bought more in Apple than any other stock over the last year, making it the second-biggest holding for the company.

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Mobile World Congress 2018 is in full swing! Keep up with all our #MWC18 coverage here:

IoT credit card allows two-way communication between consumers and their bank

The size and shape of a standard credit card, the Wallet Card contains a cell phone chip and antenna for data transfers, along with a magnetic stripe, programmable EMV chip, and a programmable contactless chip, the release said. All of the communication with the bank appears on a 65,000 pixel display on the front of the card.

Federal law-enforcement may be able to break into any iPhone

While the legal battle between Apple and the FBI may have been cut short, it spurred further debate in the ongoing battle over privacy and security. Technology companies and digital rights groups argue that strong encryption, which scrambles data so it can only be read by the right person, is needed to keep people safe and protect privacy. Law enforcement argues it can't fight crimes unless it has access to information on mobile devices.

Apple HomePod preorders outpaced all other smartspeakers, except Amazon Echo Dot

Priced at $349, the Apple HomePod saw more pent-up demand at launch than virtually all of its competition, save for one budget-priced smartspeaker: Amazon's $50-and-under Echo Dot.


Despite months of breathless hype, the iPhone X hasn’t sold as well as expected since its debut last year. Apple sold 77.3 million iPhones in the final quarter of 2017, below analysts’ projections of 80.2 million units. Some consumers were turned off by the iPhone X’s $1,000 price despite liking the design even as they wanted something more cutting-edge than the cheaper iPhone 8. With its next lineup, Apple is seeking to rekindle sales by offering a model for everyone.

Google Assistant to add over 30 languages and multilingual support by the end of 2018

Google Assistant will soon be able to complete multiple tasks with a single command, speak more than 30 languages, and allow people to use more than one language with their AI assistant. The news comes days before Mobile World Congress,  which begins Monday in Barcelona, Spain.

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This is the best deal we've seen for Amazon Fire TV

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Apple’s next iPhone X could be gigantic

Monica Lewinsky believes she wouldn't have felt so alone 'had it all happened today'

Isolation is such a powerful tool to the subjugator. And yet I don't believe I would have felt so isolated had it all happened today. One of the most inspiring aspects of this newly energized movement is the sheer number of women who have spoken up in support of one another. And the volume in numbers has translated into volume of public voice. Historically, he who shapes the story (and it is so often a he) creates "the truth." But this collective rise in decibel level has provided a resonance for women's narratives.

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Wickr just made it easier to keep snoops out of your next conference call

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Exclusivo de  Nicolás Scarpino quedó atrapado en el ascensor: "Me asusté" El actor dio detalles del momento en que quedó atrapado junto a su marido en un ascensor. "Fuimos matando el tiempo con la historia de Instagram", contó. …

51 Feedless is an iOS content blocker that takes the media out of social media
52 5 of the best Alexa-enabled devices for smart home automation
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54 Cisco launches 5G Now portfolio for partners to go 'full throttle' on wireless
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57 Ericsson signs China Mobile for industrial internet trials
58 With CBS Sports HQ, the network has a free streaming answer to SportsCenter
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62 Microsoft starts selling Lumia Windows phones again
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65 Facebook reaches a $35 million settlement for class-action lawsuit over its 2012 IPO
66 Volkswagen settles diesel emissions lawsuit right before trial set to begin
67 2018 iPhone lineup may include biggest ever with 6.5-inch screen, budget model with Face ID
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69 How to set up SquidHub to make mobile collaboration easy
70 Apple Plans Upgrades to Popular AirPods Headphones
71 The role of human emotions in science and research
72 Nokia 8110 'Matrix' slider phone is back: This time it's reloaded with 4G | ZDNet
73 ​Nokia attempts a smartphone comeback with Android | ZDNet
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75 5 Samsung Galaxy S9 Features I Would Love to See in iPhone 9 or iPhone XI
76 Apple may be prepping its biggest iPhone ever
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80 Pop-up cameras could soon be a mobile trend
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82 ​MWC 2018: New LG premium smartphone coming soon, says mobile boss | ZDNet
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87 BlackBerry has crazy high ambitions for the premium phone market. Well, crazy for BlackBerry
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89 Huawei calls U.S. security concerns groundless, touts 45 5G contracts