Chelsea Handler on Her Super Bowl Ad and Pro-Nudity Campaign Video Description

CH:  I'm really into the human-interest thing. I really like regular people. I really like politics. I'm super into politics and what's going on around the world. I want to illuminate people's minds in a clever way. There's a lot of stuff we don't know and people are too embarrassed to ask. They don't know what the West Bank is or what the Gaza Strip is. It's not a laughing matter, but I think it's interesting to talk about that stuff like I'm a third grader learning about that stuff for the first time. I am really ignorant when it comes to a lot of things. Like Silicon Valley—I don't even understand what apps are on my phone. Why do they ask for passwords? Why do they all ask for different passwords? It's so frustrating that I end up just reading a book every time I try to go online.

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