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Google blurs the line between websites and Android apps

You can now add fancy "progressive" sites to the front page and app drawer.

Facebook introduces “Discover People” to help you make more friends

The new section, which feels like a combination of LinkedIn and Tinder, is designed to get you to meet new people who ar

That was fast: Nazi punching now a game

Smash ‘em in the face, fellas.

Puppies predicting the Super Bowl are the only sports analysts we need

Probably the most accurate prediction we'll get.

Stephen Colbert would like Trump to stop ripping him off

Putting people on notice is Colbert's thing.

Try not to squirm: Live cockroach plucked from woman's skull

Watch at your own risk. The creepy-crawly menace is real and apparently there's no place a cockroach won't venture.

'Psychonauts' in VR is a story Tim Schafer never planned to tell

Tim Schafer's Psychonauts is the definition of a modern cult classic. Despite winning multiple awards and the adoration of critics, Double Fine's first game sol...

Watch the Super Bowl teaser for Transformers: The Last Knight

The latest spot for Transformers: The Last Knight is here, promising answers for why the metal warriors keep coming to Earth. Here, Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins) hints ominously at the...

The Rick and Morty Alarm screams its head off to make sure you're on time

Inspired by smash-hit show Rick and Morty, the Useless Duck Company is back with another glorious invention that will make sure you never miss a meeting.

'Hearthstone' tournament has 48 teams vying for $300,000

The first 'Global Games' tournament has a $300,000 prize pool.

Watch Hulu’s Super Bowl spot for original series The Handmaid’s Tale

Hulu just released a trailer for its adaptation of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale, a science fiction tale in which the U.S. government has been toppled..

Revealed: Over 100,000 visas have been revoked as a result of Trump’s immigration ban

The stunning number was revealed by a government attorney during a hearing in federal court in a lawsuit filed by two Ye

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Google is selling its $500 million satellite company to a startup

Terra Bella, the satellite imaging company that Google bought about two years ago for $500 million, will be sold to mapping startup Planet Labs, the companies announced Friday .

Uber's CEO is quitting Trump's advisory council, but Elon Musk is sticking around

In a memo to employees, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick announced that he is leaving President Trump’s Strategic and Policy Forum, which comprises of business leaders who advise him on economic affairs.

Apple offers $199.99 Pro Apps Bundle for Education, including Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X

On Friday, Apple rolled out a Pro Apps bundle for educators and students, giving purchasers of the $199 bundle download codes from the Mac App Store for Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4, and MainStage 3.

'Fallout Shelter' arrives on Windows 10 and Xbox One next week

'Fallout Shelter' arrives on Windows 10 and Xbox One next week

The PS4 will soon support external drives and 3D movies in VR

It's been a little while since we last saw an update for the PlayStation 4, but that doesn't mean Sony hasn't been hammering away on new tweaks for the console. Today, the company unveiled plans for its version 4.50 (codenamed Sasuke) system update, confirming support for some oft-requested and useful new features like external hard drive support for games, custom wallpaper and and the ability to view 3D Blu-rays via PSVR. PS4 Pro owners will also be pleased to know that they may be getting some love too (more on that later).

Boeing's Starliner space taxi will have over 600 3D-printed parts

What's more, the material offers both weight and cost savings for parts that are typically made out of metal and other plastics. Oxford says PEKK is strong as strong as aluminum, but it weighs "significantly" less. The company says its plastic is also fire and radiation resistant in addition to being able to withstand temperatures that range from minus 300 to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Boeing will use the PEKK material for components in a number of areas, including brackets for the propulsion system and parts for the air revitalization system.

Facebook users mark themselves safe at Kellyanne Conway's fake Bowling Green Massacre

A fake national park account is even poking fun at Conway's expense with the #NeverRemember hashtag. (You won't find a Bowling Green National Park in America, but there is a Bowling Green Bay National Park in Australia.)

Brian Russell discusses his new book and trends in IoT security

This sort of goes to the ubiquitous monitoring of IoT, the nature of the IoT, where you always sort of being watched and I think eventually we’ll get use to that. It’s going to be interesting seeing what happens from the perspective of law enforcement that wants access to these things. Another example, it hasn’t come to fruition yet, but everybody has cameras on these houses now, camera on their backyard. If something happens in front of your house or on your property, is law enforcement going to subpoena the video images? What if you don’t want that to get out from a privacy perspective? I think privacy sort of a really interesting area to think through when it comes to this sort of data collection of IoT devices. You can make the same case for smart health devices that are always collecting your biometric data about your heart rate. These things are going to get more and more advanced. The data that’s collected is going to be able to show, a profile of your activity, and your sort of overall health and well-being, and do you want this data or the inferences from that data to be made available to people that you don’t know.

There's an app that pays you to snitch on asshole parkers

Right now, the app is only for land-owners, and those acting on behalf of land-owners. Sadly you can’t just start snapping photographs of badly parked cars in the hope of a payday. But it’s also worth pointing out that the term ‘land-owner’ is a pretty broad one, and it encompasses people who own large parking lots, as well as small residential properties.

High radiation levels at Fukushima reactor is bad, bad news

The fatal levels will keep officials from stabilizing the area as we approach the 5th anniversary of the nuclear plant's disaster.

How to Build the Ultimate Movie and Music Server

If you’re like me, you’ve got hundreds of gigabytes of digital media files, everything from movies, to music, to TV shows, stored across portable hard drives, old laptops, and various PCs. Wouldn’t it be great if all of that media could live in one place and be able to be easily accessed by your other computers and smart devices? With the right apps and a network attached storage device, you can do just that.

The 6 best new songs you can stream right now

Music is easier than ever to get and harder than ever to sort online, so we've picked the best songs out this week that you can easily stream right here:

Windows 10 Cloud looks just like Windows 10 in leaked screenshots

ZDNet is reporting that Windows 10 Cloud is designed to only run universal apps from the Windows Store, which means visual changes may not have been needed. We still don’t know when Microsoft plans to release Windows 10 Cloud, but given that screenshots are already surfacing, we may see it launch alongside the Creators Update for Windows 10 which is due in April.

Open GApps Can Now Enable Google Assistant On Your Custom ROM

Getting Google Assistant on a non-Pixel phone is a relatively straightforward affair already , but it’s a little inconvenient. If you’re using a custom ROM , you can now select an optional toggle that will modify your build.prop file for you. It’s not the easiest method if you want to keep the stock ROM that came on your phone, but if you’re already using a custom ROM, it’s a convenient new feature.

LG's fixing its 5K monitor to work near Wi-Fi routers

The impact on you at home:  The extra shielding is good news for anyone who was hoping to pick up LG’s stunning monitor. You might still want to wait for the updated models to roll out before buying one, however, since the fix requires physical alteration. It’s not clear how long the retrofitting will take, or if the models currently available from Apple’s online store are already fixed. We’re asking LG about all of those details, but in the meantime patience is probably a virtue in this case.

Apple to start making iPhones in India, says state government - BBC News

But Priyank Kharge, minister of information technology and biotechnology in Karnataka, told the AFP news agency: "We have an understanding with Apple and we expect them to start manufacturing in Karnataka by the end of April."

Log In - New York Times

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uBeam finally shows off its wireless charging tech

Next: While it appears the basic science of uBeam's device does indeed work, there still remain questions. For one, the company has yet to squeeze its technology into the beautiful disc-shaped device that it plans to sell consumers. Nor the quasi-ceiling panels it would sell to commercial customers like coffee shops. Perry said that the company has recently shrunken its tech into coin-sized chips, a first step in the process.

Who Knew A Volvo Ad Could Make You Re-Examine Your Life Priorities?

"There is no point planning for a future, which, when you get to it, and it becomes the present, you won’t be there." - Alan Watts

The FCC is stopping 9 companies from providing federally subsidized Internet to the poor

By stopping companies such as Kajeet from accessing the Lifeline program, Pai may be signaling his intention to apply more restrictions to the Lifeline program, policy analysts said. One such restriction could be a strict cap on the program's budget, which is indirectly funded through fees in the bills of telephone customers.

How to protect yourself from credit card fraud online

R esearch has revealed it is "frighteningly easy" for fraudsters to get the details needed to make scam payments on someone else's credit card.

Our First Look at Stranger Things Season Two Is Just Gosh Darn Adorable

The Stranger Things kids were already adorable enough . But now they’re dressed up in Ghostbusters costumes for Halloween and I don’t think anyone could be adequately prepared for just how cute it actually is.

Tested: The truth behind the MacBook Pro's 'terrible' battery life

My own tests agreed. I’m no fan of the MacBook Pro’s butterfly-switch keyboard, nor its lack of USB Type A ports, but one thing I do know is it has relatively good battery life. When I tested both a non-Touch Bar 13-inch MacBook Pro and the base 15-inch MacBook Pro some months ago, I was able to coax about nine hours of 4K video playback from each at 255 nits of brightness.

How IoT could radically change your favorite sci-fi movies

Minority Report – In the year 2054, future crimes aka Precrimes are monitored and foretold by a trio of Ms. Cleo’s known as “The Precogs,” who proactively work with law enforcement and the film’s protagonist, John Anderton to prevent crimes from happening in the future. An IoT world will eliminate the need for Precogs or a Precrime unit! Emotions like anger will be monitored and reported to the emotions department of the local law enforcement who will track and interact with IoT devices around you to prevent you from committing crimes. Thinking about killing your wife’s secret lover? Forget it. Your smart car won’t allow you to drive to his home until your anger levels have decreased.

7 TED Talks that will make you love science

Swiss artist and photographer Fabian Oefner is on a mission to make eye-catching art from everyday science. In this charming talk, he shows off some recent psychedelic images, including photographs of crystals as they interact with soundwaves. And, in a live demo, he shows what really happens when you mix paint with magnetic liquid—or when you set fire to whiskey.

The five biggest headaches for software developers - TechRepublic

A related problem is pinpointing the source of unexpected and undesirable behavior in a codebase. When it comes to bugs, the most egregious for the devs surveyed are those that can't be easily located, followed by perennial issues that won't go away, those which are particularly unexpected and, as you'd expect, those which take a lot of time and effort to fix.

THE IoT 101 REPORT: Your essential guide to the Internet of Things

A new report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, called  IoT 101: The Essential Guide to the Internet of Things , outlines the basics of the IoT and what this next wave of technology means to the everyday individual. The report dives into key IoT terms, predictions and trends for the IoT in the next five years, the industries that the IoT will affect the most, and the biggest challenges facing the IoT.

Twitter fights back against Trump's alleged dress code with #DressLikeAWoman

A source in the report, who worked on Trump's campaign, said, "We hear that women who worked in Trump's campaign field offices — folks who spend more time knocking on doors than attending glitzy events — felt pressure to wear dresses to impress Trump." There was always pressure to "look neat and orderly," even while wearing jeans.

Medium plans to launch a consumer subscription product this quarter

Medium CEO Ev Williams announced today at Upfront Summit that his company will launch a consumer subscription product, with the first version coming this quarter. This could help develop an additional revenue stream apart from advertisements. Finding a strong revenue source is critical, since Medium decided to lay off 50 staff , close its New York office, and announce a new direction last month.

IMDB is closing down its discussion forums on February 20th

The Internet Movie Database is an indispensable resource if you have any interest whatsoever in films. Want to try and figure out where you’ve seen that character actor before? Do you need to know ratings, runtime, or quotes? But if you want to discuss movies, you’ll now have to go elsewhere: the site is shutting down its message boards system.

How a Bike With Infinite Gears Changed The Way I Commute

That being said, $900 is a lot of money for casual riders. It’s safe to say a large majority of people would be better off getting a bike half as fast at half the price. When I’m running errands, I typically don’t use the Continuum. I stick to riding a recreational bike with fewer gears and cheaper parts. But for those times when I need do something like the ride from Brooklyn to Manhattan, I jump on the Continuum. I have yet to ride a bike as fast, and I’m certain I’d have to spend more than $1,000 to find something that can perform nearly as well. The Continuum is in an awkward middle ground between recreational and professional touring bikes—but for a frequent commuter like me it hits the sweet spot.

Take the internet's best dogs for simulated runs with 'Good Dogs'

Good Dogs, which is available on both iOS and Android, is "the most realistic and numerically accurate dog running simulator ever," according to its developer. It's an infinite runner in the same vein as Crossy Road or Super Mario Run. Players can buy or unlock seven different breeds of dog including Corgicools, Byzantine Rigatonis, Labracadabradors and even the super rare Peruvian Horned Pup (his name's Ted). You can also earn different coat colors for each dog and even find some adorable little hats for them to wear. The park and its obstacles will also change each month, to keep the action fresh.

Swirling Underwater Fish Tornado Makes Sharknado Look Tame

As currents shift in the southeastern Pacific Ocean, they bring an abundance of nutrients and plankton to the region, luring predators of all sizes. Swarms of anchoveta arrive first for an easy meal, but soon find themselves having to come up with unique ways to fend off larger predators like sharks and tuna. The result should be familiar to fans of the popular B-movie Sharknado .

How to stream Super Bowl 51 even if you don't have cable

It’s Friday, which means we’re now officially headed into Super Bowl weekend. If you’re itching to catch the Patriots beat up on the Falcons this weekend (fight me), we’ve got you covered. Starting this Sunday at 3:30 PST/6:30 EST, you can get all the action as it unfolds without that pesky cable subscription we all hate.

The 10 Biggest Changes Powerless Made From Its Original Pilot

With the exception of the character Ron—because I think making comedian Ron Funches play someone who isn’t delightful would break the universe—everyone at Wayne Security is relentlessly negative. In the old pilot, the characters were all some flavor of quirky and pretty upbeat. The old Teddy was a practical joker who tried to make the office more fun; the new Teddy is there to puncture her illusions. The old Jackie (Christina Kirk) was a superhero groupie with a cubicle plastered with photos and posters of them, and a failure as Van Wayne’s (Alan Tudyk) assistant; the new Jackie is a world-weary assistant who drops one-liners at her idiot boss. (The best example is her deadpan delivery of “You’re going to be a great father” after he threatens to fill her pockets with rocks and throw her in the river if she lies about Bruce Wayne being on the phone for him again.) If nothing else, Kirk is funny in both versions, showing her range.

Oh nothing, just a man walking a duck with two dogs in his pockets

Twitter user Santero noticed this strange scene while walking down the street: A man with two dogs in his pockets walking a duck down the sidewalk. Also, the man is wearing sandals, while the duck has shoes.

NameCheckr Finds Out If Your Name Is Available Across Dozens of Sites

When you come up with a sweet new name for a site (or just yourself online), it sucks when you find out that it’s been taken on some sites. NameCheckr searches dozens of sites at once to see if your name is free.

DIY Linux laptop: Build your own for $240 with fully open source Olimex Teres I | ZDNet

If you're curious about building a cheap, entirely open-source laptop from scratch using step-by-step instructions, the Teres I could be just the ticket.

Local News Teaches You How to Wish Teens a Fiery Death in Emoji

But it doesn’t stop there. As “cyber expert” Bryan Seely explained to the anchors, holding a smartphone aloft, “You gotta know what’s going on in [your child’s] world because this phone. This is their world. For almost all of them.”

Uber CEO Leaves Trump’s Advisory Council Amid Controversy

Kalanick also drew fire over his handling of a taxi protest of Trump’s immigration order last weekend in New York City. Uber shut off its surge pricing feature soon after the strike was due to end. The rationale was to avoid the appearance of seeking to profit from the disruption, but the move backfired. It left some with the impression that Uber was trying to break up the strike and spawned a social media movement aimed at encouraging customers to defect from Uber, using the hashtag #DeleteUber.

Here's who sat where in Trump's first big business council meeting — and what the layout communicates

Though only three of the 17 executives on the council were women, all three sat on Trump's side of the table, and GM CEO Mary Barra sat directly next to Trump. The layout was "clearly designed to emphasize the participation of women," since all cameras focused on Trump would get the female executives in the shot.

Mars' Northern Ice Cap Looks Like a Gigantic Cinnamon Bun

Using satellite data, the European Space Agency has produced a glorious new image of the swirling spirals at the north pole of Mars. The Red Planet has never looked more delicious.

Google Home: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

Have you been trying to decide between one of several smart home hubs on the market? Let our comprehensive guide to Google Home simplify your choice.

Apple, Google, Facebook speak out against Trump's muslim ban

As you know, the rallying cry for our company this year is to Go Global. We believe that, in becoming a company that is satisfying travel demand all over the world, we become a stronger, better, smarter company. Our assets in this growth, our winning formula, is in our people, you. And we believe that, in order to Go Global, to provide that magical travel research, booking and fulfillment experience to a customer in Milwaukee or Newcastle or Penang or Fortaleza or Tunis, we have to understand their needs and wants, we have to understand THEM. This requires us to have a perspective that is broad and balanced, one that considers the near term benefit of serving our core customer, but one that also plays the long game, that brings in new customers into our global marketplace, stretches our services a bit, creates a bit of complexity, but ultimately makes us so much better as a wholistic entity. This requires us to have an employee base which is broad, compassionate, entrepreneurial, and always seeking out different ways of getting things done.

Google will discontinue Google Now Launcher in the coming weeks

Google currently has two launcher apps in the Play Store; Google Now Launcher and Pixel Launcher. In a few months, there will only be one. According to an email forwarded to us by a tipster, Google has alerted GMS partners of its intention to remove Google Now Launcher from the Play Store in the coming weeks. OEMs that use GNL have options, though.

Security is the categorical imperative of the Internet of Things

Unfortunately, IoT device manufacturers have tended to tilt toward the “Internet” side without seriously addressing the consequences of not securing the actual “things” they are selling. However, reasonable methodologies for ensuring IoT device and system security follow the same engineering best practices espoused in other manufacturing disciplines. There is really no excuse for poor security implementation. It’s just been easier and cheaper to push responsibility on to the next participant in the IoT chain. Ultimately, the onus of properly securing services or devices has fallen to the end user, who is usually ill-equipped to handle the job.

Here's what critics have to say about Netflix's new 'Santa Clarita Diet'

"As their daughter, Abby, Liv Hewson has some of the dry, sardonic impudence of a 1930s film heroine; she is in some respects the glue of the series and pairs well with nerdy boy-next-door (Skyler Gisondo), who becomes the family's guide to the paranormal," Lloyd writes. "The lead performances are well bolstered by a retinue of guest and recurring players that includes Nathan Fillion, Natalie Morales, Portia de Rossi, Patton Oswalt, Thomas Lennon, and "Drunk History" main man Derek Waters. Ricardo Chavira and Richard T. Jones play the sheriff's deputy and the Santa Monica policeman, who are inconveniently neighbors on either side of the Hammonds in their perhaps metaphorical cul-de-sac. Though sometimes a cul-de-sac is just a cul-de-sac."

PlayStation 4 is finally getting support for external storage

External storage is something PlayStation fans have wanted on the PS4 since it launched in 2013. The issue is that players have to install every game they play on the console regardless if they own them digitally or on a disc. That can fill up a 500GB or 1TB HDD quickly if you play a lot of different games. Sony has always given players the option to install larger drives into the system itself, but that requires completely replacing the on-board storage. Now, with the support for external drives, players can augment that on-board HDD without having to remove it.

Gallery: Meet the tapir, South America’s cutest prehistoric animal

Chances are, you don’t know much about tapirs. Don’t feel bad; neither do scientists. Even though tapirs are the largest land mammals in South America, known as “gardeners of the forest” for their habit of eating (and dispersing) large quantities of fruit and seeds, little is known about these solitary, mostly nocturnal creatures. TED Fellow and conservationist Patricia Medici (TED Talk: The coolest animal you know nothing about … and how we can save it ) is on a mission to change that, through her work with a Brazilian non-governmental organization called the Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas (IPÊ) and the IUCN/SSC Tapir Specialist Group . Here she shares photos of the lowland tapir, and explains why these elusive creatures provide far more than just your day’s “awww, cute!” moment.

Even Climate Change Deniers Want to Pursue Renewable Energy

Carsey school researchers surveyed 707 adults from 50 states both before and after the election. They found that three-fourths of all respondents, regardless of political affiliation, said that renewable energy should be a higher national priority than oil drilling. Broken down according to party, 93 percent of Clinton voters and 84 percent of non voters agreed. Trump voters were the only group that favored expanded oil drilling, but by a slim margin—48 percent preferred renewable energy. Disappointing, but there’s indication of a promising trend: before the election, only 39 percent of Trump supporters said the same.

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