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Dashcams capture dramatic footage of Taiwanese plane crash

Taiwanese drivers have captured the moment TransAsia flight GE235 crashed into a river near the country's capital city of Taipei today. The footage shows the plane, a turboprop ATR-72, rolling...

Drones gone wild: 10 acts of unmanned aerial idiocy

Commercial drones are becoming more accessible. There are some out there who have done stupid things and messed up things for the rest of us.

Pope Francis is holding a Google Hangout this week

For a few years now, Google has been using Hangouts to connect the public with celebrities and world leaders, from David Beckham to President Obama. This week, Google has grabbed another huge...

Dramatic dash cam footage captures Taiwan plane crash

A plane crash in Taiwan on Wednesday morning was caught on video by a dash cam just meters from where the aircraft came down.

Bill Gates on The Verge: Can mobile banking revolutionize the lives of the poor?

Guest editor Bill Gates Can mobile banking revolutionize the lives of the poor? By Ben Popper W...

The End of Guitar Center

The final analysis of why Guitar Center is set on the inexorable bath toward Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

What's Up With That: Why Do Cats Love Boxes So Much? | WIRED

What are we to make of the strange gravitational pull that empty boxes have on cats?

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Is The iPad Dead?

Yes, iPads have a future because Apple created a well-made product and has proven demand. No, iPads are dying and will soon be dead because of ever-bigger iPhones and lighter-than-light MacBook Airs. So which idea is right? Watch the video above to help you decide, then tweet us your thoughts on what will become of the suddenly not-so-cool iPad with hashtag #29thFloor.

Daredevil Teaser Trailer to Debut Exclusively on IGN Today - IGN

DeKnight: When we first meet him, he's a very mysterious figure, as you can gather from the teaser. Absolutely, a lynchpin of Season 1. I think there’s a no better way to start of the series than a formative Matt Murdock coming up against a formative Wilson Fisk. We were so incredibly lucky to get Vincent D’Onofrio, who is not only a phenomenal actor and an amazing person to be around, so very generous as an actor and performer, but I don’t know if there’s another human being on the planet that embodies WIlson Fisk, physically, like in the comics. I think, honestly, he is as close as you’re going to get, unless you’re doing an animated series. We just marveled. We were like holy s**t, it is Wilson Fisk come to life! Even in the teaser, when you just see him from behind, standing in front of that painting, you just get the feeling that it’s Wilson Fisk, the future Kingpin. Fisk plays a crucial role in Season 1, as the adversary of Matt Murdock. Also, on the flip side, Matt Murdock is the fly in Fisk’s ointment. What I love about this show is we’re able to explore some gray areas of who is really good, who is really bad, and which person is really better for the city in the long run.

Verizon Cuts Most Data Plan Costs by $10 Per Month

The reductions are notable as Verizon has been the most resistant of the carriers to join in the ongoing price battle. As recently as last month’s earnings call, CFO Fran Shammo downplayed interest in engaging in a price war, saying, “There’s going to be certain customers who leave us for price and we are just not going to compete with that because it doesn’t make financial sense for us to do that.”

'GMT bug' for Google Calendar users in iOS 8 reportedly fixed

MacRumors is reporting that the GMT bug seems to be partially fixed, as several Google Calendar users using the stock Calendar app are reporting on Apple Support Communities, Google Calendar Help Forum and Twitter that they’re no longer seeing the GMT bug.

Taboola gets $117M in funding to build a Google Now for content

Google and Facebook may be huge, says the Taboola CEO, but “if you have the scale and you have good technology, you can create very good recommendations — and we have indexed hundreds of millions of articles and videos and slideshows. It took us seven plus years to do it, but we have the technology to build the recommendation engine the web needs.” And now the company has $117 million with which to prove that it can do so.

The Flash: "Crazy For You" Review - IGN

In addition to that rascally Rathaway, this episode introduced a new villain in the form of Peek-a-Boo (played by Britne Oldford). She made for a fun one-off villain, and a nice change from the string of “humans with fancy gadgets” villains we’ve seen over the past few weeks. This episode didn’t really delve into Shawna’s complexities in the way we’ve seen from the comics. There she’s a much more morally conflicted character. One of her more interesting traits is the fact that she automatically teleports whenever she’s touched, leaving her effectively isolated from the world. That quality might have fit in well thematically this week. But again, Peek-a-Boo worked well enough for what the writers needed her for. I just wish the final battle between her and Barry didn’t end on such an anticlimactic note. But there’s always next time.

Parks and Recreation: "Donna and Joe" Review - IGN

Parks had been doing a sly thing by not including Ben and Leslie's brood in the first batch of episodes. Always at home or having just gone to bed, the kids never seemed to be much of an issue for the overworked couple. This week, we crept inside their lives a little more and saw just how harried the two of them actually were. Not to a crippling degree (though it does only take a few sips of wine to get them drunk now) but enough so that Ben wondered if running for congressional office was actually something doable given their home life. "All three of them just bumped into each other and broke everything you own."

Supernatural: "About a Boy" Review - IGN

First of all, the Mark of Cain was still very much on everyone's mind. We need to see the Winchesters concerned even when they're not chasing a lead, and they are. Dean's cut back a little on his health binge, but we watch him go through stacks of research. He's desperate; he's looking at tattoo removal - anything with the possibility of helping. He has a moment of hesitation about being left on his own, and Jensen Ackles didn't have to say a word to communicate Dean's thoughts. And when the Mark disappears after Dean's changed into his 14-year-old self, he considers it might be best if he doesn't transform back into an adult. He was willing to make that sacrifice.

Nice! Wheeler steps up with real proposal for net neutrality

And when FCC Chairman Kevin Martin, who was more of a friend to the Bells than a staunch supporter of the consumer, censured Comcast for its behavior, the debate over how to ensure ISPs didn’t abuse their power bubbled up into a real debate over how to handle network neutrality. But even then, the idea of regulating ISPs under Title II was not a topic that people would bring up. It was far easier to talk about and then go through a grueling debate to try to enshrine those original Open Internet Principles into some type of new regulation, than go to Title II.

Sonos and Blue Note team for new wireless speaker

Sonos and Blue Note team for new wireless speaker The new Sonos Play:1 Blue Note Limited Edition speaker commemorates the 75th anniversary of Blue Note Records. Check out this story on

Fox News website embeds unedited Isis video showing brutal murder of Jordanian pilot

On Twitter, accounts associated with Isis supporters are sharing the video via the links to the Fox News site. One account, which regularly posts pro-Isis slogans and updates about Islamic State ‘victories’ in battle, tweeted boastfully that “Whoever is looking for the al-Furqan version [of the video], here it is and it cannot be deleted because it is on an American network.” Al-Furqan is Isis’ media outlet.

Waiting for Better Battery-Charging Technology

This week, I learned about the current and future landscape of battery-charging technology so I could tell you about it. This is a crowded space, so I’ll only touch on a handful of examples to illustrate what companies are working on, what might move us ahead and how long it might take. (Hint: You better plug your phone in while you’re waiting.)

Crazy-Fast Atom-Thick Silicon Transistors | MIT Technology Review

Unlike graphene, however, silicene doesn’t occur naturally. It has to be grown in the lab on a sheet of silver. Carbon is also more stable in its two-dimensional form, whereas silicon atoms are under strain in this form. To date, only a handful of groups have succeeded in making silicene in the lab. One group, in France, grew a nanoscale ribbon of the stuff in 2010. A few others succeeded in fabricating the material in 2012.

Gigaom Structure Data 2015

Big, fast and smart. These three words will define the future of big data. Structure Data is bringing together prominent big data analysts, technologists and companies who are implementing some very cool data strategies. It’s all happening this March.

Twitter Targets SMBs With A Way To Buy Promoted Tweets In Its Analytics Page

Twitter will let SMBs add in features through quick promote like action buttons to download content — and eventually(?) the option to buy things with Twitter’s Buy button being tested now — but they will not be able to add targeting to specify mobile or web viewers. That will be something Twitter will determine, along with the price, based on the content of the tweet and the budget that the SMB sets when choose a tweet to quick promote. For example, a tweet with a mobile app promotion card will be targeted to mobile and charged on a CPAC basis.

How Twitter Found Its Money Mojo

Within a couple of months Costolo had completed some deals previously set in motion to move the needle from zero: Google and Microsoft agreed to pay Twitter for direct access to its information (its “firehose” of data). But Costolo knew that Twitter’s commercial future lay in advertising. There were obstacles. For one thing, a substantial percentage of the Twitter service accessed it via third-party sites and apps like Tweetie and TweetDeck. Twitter didn’t even own the Android app for its product. “If we’re going to monetize Twitter, we have to make money everywhere the tweets go,” says Costolo. “The tweets go all over the place so how are we going do that?” (Eventually Twitter would buy out some of the bigger third party clients and limit the data it provided to the remaining ones, so that the vast majority of users would actually use a Twitter-owned product to access the Twittersphere.)

IGN on Twitter

John Wick Review - IGN

Keanu Reeves plays the title character – a former assassin who people talk about in hushed tones; the boogeyman you send to take out the boogeyman. But he gave up killing gangsters to care for his sick wife, and when she dies and leaves him a puppy to help deal with his grief, that dog becomes the focus of Wick’s life.

CNET on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Heavy Facebook Use Makes Some People Jealous And Depressed: Study

“We found that if Facebook users experience envy of the activities and lifestyles of their friends on Facebook, they are much more likely to report feelings of depression,” study co-author Dr. Margaret Duffy, a University of Missouri journalism professor, said in a press release. “Facebook can be a very positive resource for many people, but if it is used as a way to size up one’s own accomplishments against others, it can have a negative effect. "

Fantastically Wrong: The Weird, Kinda Perverted History of the Unicorn | WIRED

In late 2012, the North Korean regime made a rather bizarre announcement, even by the standards of the North Korean regime. According to The Guardian , the country’s archaeologists had discovered “the lair of one of the unicorns ridden by the ancient Korean King Tongmyong,” just 600 feet from a temple in the capital city. What might have tipped the scientists off was, no joke, the words “Unicorn Lair” written right in front of the damn thing.

Penn & Teller: Technology has morphed the magic act

Penn & Teller: Technology has morphed the magic act Penn and Teller came to the tech capital of San Francisco to be honored for their magic, and USA TODAY caught up with the duo to talk about magic and tech Check out this story on

Toyota i-Road: Electric transport for one (pictures) - CNET

An odd little conveyance, the narrow Toyota i-Road offers easy urban transit under electric power, but it's real party trick comes when it leans into a turn.

Person of Interest: "M.I.A." Review - IGN

While watching the episode I was thinking about how I might describe what Samaritan was doing to the quaint town of Maple, but then Finch came to the rescue with his lines about the burg being a sort of ant farm. And that Samaritan was toying with its inhabitants (even bringing in new people to fill roles in a type of Dark City maneuver) so that it could study human psychology and figure out the best way to govern people. It represented that sense of terror that Samaritan filled me with back in "Nautilus" when it popped up out of nowhere to hack into Finch's computer. That unseen dread that gets a little lost, honestly, when Samaritan speaks through young Gabriel. I appreciate the idea behind using a creepy kid as a mouthpiece, but Samaritan still works better when it's just "out there." Watching. Formless.

Lifehacker on Twitter

Finally!! “ @lifehacker : The FCC is going to vote on making the internet a utility. Here's why that's a good thing:  ”

Silk Road "darknet" boss found guilty of running massive drug web site

Silk Road 'darknet' boss found guilty of running massive drug website Alleged Silk Road darknet mastermind Ross Ulbricht was convicted of drug conspiracy and other charges Wednesday for allegedly founding and running the drug-trafficking site that served as an underworld version of eBay for dealers and users worldwide. Check out this story on

Apple 'planning Beats-powered streaming service' - Telegraph

Apple is actively working on a new streaming service designed to rival Spotify, according to reports

The Techies Who Are Hacking Education by Homeschooling Their Kids | WIRED

The Cook family are not just homeschoolers but unschoolers. They don’t prefer homeschooling simply because they find most schools too test-obsessed or underfunded or otherwise ineffective. They believe that the very philosophical underpinnings of modern education are flawed. Unschoolers believe that children are natural learners; with a little support, they will explore and experiment and learn about the world in a way that is appropriate to their abilities and interests. Problems arise, the thinking goes, when kids are pushed into an educational model that treats everyone the same—gives them the same lessons and homework, sets the same expectations, and covers the same subjects. The solution, then, is to come up with exercises and activities that will help each kid flesh out the themes and subjects to which they are naturally drawn.

Google now has a built-in mortgage calculator

Google today launched a mortgage calculator so anyone can quickly figure out how much it will cost them to become a homeowner. The feature is available directly in the company’s search engine on the web at — it works on desktop and mobile browsers.

Fiery New York train crash leaves 7 dead, at least a dozen injured

At least six people were killed and more than a dozen injured after a packed Metro-North commuter train caught on fire after striking an SUV on the tracks north of New York City during the Tuesday evening rush hour.

Malicious ads on major sites compromise many computers

Attackers who slipped malicious advertisements onto major websites over the last month have potentially compromised large numbers of computers.

The biggest online dating myths that are ruining your love life

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 20 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Marvel's Agent Carter: "The Iron Ceiling" Review - IGN

Funny, charming and thrilling, “The Iron Ceiling” was a terrific episode of Agent Carter. It was wonderful seeing Peggy, out in the field, getting to really shine, at last proving to her fellow SSR agents just how bad ass we knew she was. The guest appearance by Dum Dum again was great, and the use of the Black Widow program is really cool. The switch up in how Dooley and Thompson view Peggy is, obviously, very gratifying, as Thompson asking her to join the guys for drinks speaks volumes. Meanwhile, we have a nice little switch up going on, as the one guy at the SSR who already had Peggy’s back, Sousa, is now incredibly suspicious of her, having identified her as the blond from the first episode.

The Verge on Twitter

“ @verge : Microsoft Office is now available on Windows 10 Technical Preview ”

Microsoft's new wireless phone charger will bathe your desk in neon light

My Nexus 6 usually rests on a Tylt wireless charger here at The Verge office. I paid Verizon $60 for the thing. It's got a black, soft matte finish; it's the opposite of flashy, but works perfectly with any Qi-compatible smartphone I've placed on it — even with a bulky case on. Microsoft's taking the opposite approach with its new Nokia-branded Qi wireless charger. It's available in three bright colors: white, green, or orange (the model we tested).

Silicon Valley's Biggest Worry Should Be Inequality, Not a Bubble | WIRED

Reducing that inequality, she argues, is critical to the ongoing economic recovery in the Valley. And it is very much ongoing, she warns. It’s easy to celebrate 4.1-percent job growth, and $7.3 billion in venture capital investment. But it’s equally important to realize that median income in the Valley is still lower than it was before the Great Recession. That, Gould says, has implications not only on people living in the Valley, but for the many companies launching and working there.

AnyPerk jobs

6 reasons to be terrified about the future of transportation

It's widely understood that the biggest hurdle to getting self-driving cars on the roads over the next couple decades won't be a technological one — it's regulatory. Lawmaking is almost always a bureaucratic nightmare, with special interests pulling strings and naysayers gumming up the works. For companies like Google and major automakers pursuing their own self-driving projects, though, this is probably good news: Beyond Traffic makes reference to the advent of driverless tech. "Imagine eliminating 9 out of every 10 car crashes. That's the bright promise driverless technology holds over the next 30 years," the presentation reads. A three-decade time horizon probably isn't what Google has in mind, but at least they've got the Department of Transportation talking about it in a sharply positive light.

Under Armour Just Bought 100 Million Users Worth of Fitness Data

If you track your fitness on your smartphone—and are serious about results—chances are pretty decent you've tried MyFitnessPal, MapMyFitness or Endomondo. Guess what? All three of them belong to sportswear company Under Armour as of right now.

NASA plans mission to Jupiter's extraordinary moon Europa - CNET

NASA's administrator confirms the space agency is moving ahead with plans to send a spacecraft to Europa, a moon that may hide a vast ocean under its icy surface.

SketchDeck Raises Half A Million For Its On-Demand Design Service

While the company can still turn around smaller projects in 24 hours as before, some of its work takes a little longer. However, the value proposition is still based around convenience and speed, the CEO says. It’s still easy to start a project on SketchDeck – a process that takes around five minutes – and to offer feedback. SketchDeck can then whip out design work quickly. For instance, infographics arrive in 24 to 48 hours, and the team even implemented A/B testing with two designs on a client website in just two days.

Sony says massive hack cost the company $15 million

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 40 million unique visitors worldwide and 20 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

ISPs, wireless carriers, and Washington insiders react to FCC's net neutrality proposal

The Chairman's plan to widen the FCC's authority over interconnection contradicts previous assertions that this issue would be kept separate from net neutrality as well as the conclusions of prior FCC commissions, who have held interconnection issues as separate and distinct from net neutrality. There is no market failure to justify such an aggressive intervention – in fact, the market is highly competitive with a track record of working efficiently and benefitting consumers. In this current dynamic Internet environment, it is impossible to predict future usage patterns, content offerings and capacity needs. Therefore, regulation of these complex relationships would likely be costly and impede the Internet's ability to serve consumers' ever-changing needs.

30% off Revogi Smart Color Bluetooth LED Bulb

Revogi’s smart LED bulbs are easy to install — simply swap your old bulbs and twist them into place, just like a regular bulb. You can then control them from around the house with your smartphone! It’s compatible with iOS and Android.

Cortana Can Now Predict Premier League Match Results

Microsoft’s virtual assistant Cortana can now predict the result of Premier League matches, but it’s not good news for Spurs or Everton fans.

The Galaxy S6 will bring change to the entire mobile industry

For all the criticism that Samsung has received for copying Apple over the years, it’s the times when the Korean company has copied itself that have proven most frustrating. Last year’s Galaxy S5 was a bigger version of the prior S4, which was a bigger version of the S III, which wasn’t all that great a smartphone to begin with. This sorry record of repetition caught up with Samsung in 2014 as better and cheaper alternatives undermined the Galaxy line’s dominance of both Android and smartphones in general. Stung by the unfamiliar sight of sales shrinking rather than growing , Samsung promised fundamental change to its smartphone range and the upcoming Galaxy S6 will be the truest embodiment of that reformation.

Vilynx Says Can Now Insert Super-Short Video Ads Into Its Super-Short Video Previews

Vilynx says it can triple video play rates and improve engagement by 6x. Riveiro said publishers were also asking if there’s a way to make money from those previews. He didn’t exactly oppose it, but he didn’t want to do it in a way that would annoy viewers — after all, he noted that on mobile, consumers can be particularly sensitive to watching unwanted videos, since they see it as not just a waste of time but also bandwidth.

Forget iPhone for Life — Sprint will give you an iPhone 6, iPad Mini 3, and unlimited plan for $100 a month

You’ll pay just $20 a month to lease the iPhone, $50 a month for the unlimited plan, and $30 a month for 2GB of data on your new iPad Mini 3. Sprint will cut out the activation fee, down payment, and $17 a month fee for the latest iPad Mini. It may not save you a ton of money, but it’s still a decent deal. Sprint is offering just the 16GB iPad Mini 3 and the iPhone 6 in this particular promotion, which ends on April 9.

China Is Requiring People to Register Real Names for Some Internet Services

BEIJING—China announced sweeping new regulations requiring users of an array of Internet services to register with their real names and avoid spreading content that challenges national interests.

Facebook is bigger than anyone ever realized, even Facebook

In the report, Bitly wrote that Facebook’s influence jumped 8.6 percent during the fourth quarter overall and 30.2 percent on mobile. That doesn’t mean Facebook’s influence actually grew that much — it means that clicks formerly attributed to “dark social” are now being correctly counted as Facebook’s clicks. Given that Facebook’s major push in recent quarters has been to expand its reach on mobile and give its marketing partners more ways to monetize their content, this is solid evidence that strategy is working.

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