Dear RadioShack, This Is Why We Adored You. Love, WIRED | WIRED Video Description

Mark McClusky, WIRED’s current head of operations, had this Despicable Me–branded megaphone thing. It was horrible. Made ripping wet fart sounds. He kept trying to get me to take it home, but the last thing I need in my house of one husband, an aging dog, and two young boys is a gun that makes fart sounds. But when we moved offices, he left it on my desk in the dark of night. When I discovered it there on the morning of moving day, inspiration struck. I put the fart gun in my banker’s box and carried it home. That Saturday I went to RadioShack and wandered vaguely around the store, fumbling with the little blister packs, trying to figure out how to make my scheme a reality. I asked the two guys up at the counter for help. I told them about the awful fart gun. “And what I want to do is record the noise onto a chip and attach it to a motion activated sensor that I tape under his desk. Then, whenever he sits down, it’ll play the fart noise.” They cracked up so hard and immediately collected up parts I could daisy-chain together; they were helpful, kind, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. I brought my loot home but the bits and pieces of it quickly vanished into the chaotic mess that is my six-year-old’s room—I never ended up visiting my revenge on Mark. Which is too bad, and even this act of writing it out has made me want to go back to the South Shore RadioShack in Alameda and get another tutorial and bag of electronic components. Watch where you sit, McClusky. — Sarah Fallon

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