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Nintendo’s Super Bowl Switch commercial shows the many ways you can play Zelda

A deluge of new commercials are releasing in the lead up to Super Bowl LI, and Nintendo is taking the opportunity to increase the marketing push for its forthcoming Switch console. The new...

What if the Super Bowl had AI referees and other smart technologies?

Could artificial intelligence change the outcome of America's Biggest Game? Advanced technology is on its way to the Super Bowls of the future.

Boston Dynamics adds wheels to its already chilling robots

Alphabet subsidiary Boston Dynamics doesn't have much to prove when it comes to producing the robots of your nightmares. Previous iterations of the company's..

13 Awesome Shows and Movies Coming to Netflix in February

Get ready for a short month with some long nights in front of the TV.

Watch 'Transformers: The Last Knight' Super Bowl 2017 trailer

Director Michael Bay releases the extended trailer before the big game after it leaks online.

M&Ms and Skittles sorting machine -

This machine automatically sorts M&M's and Skittles by colour using an Arduino, colour sensor, stepper motors and custom 3D-printed parts.

Watch the Super Bowl teaser for Transformers: The Last Knight

The latest spot for Transformers: The Last Knight is here, promising answers for why the metal warriors keep coming to Earth. Here, Sir Edmund Burton (Anthony Hopkins) hints ominously at the...

Watch three teams compete for the best Hyperloop pod design

Yeah, they’re smarter than you.

T-Mobile bets big on Super Bowl LI with three minutes of ad time

When it comes to TV advertising in this year's Super Bowl, T-Mobile is going with an all out blitz. 

How Air Force Fighters Keep Rogue Pilots Out of No-Fly Zones

And how to keep them from hitting you with a missile.

Alec Baldwin's Trump is back on 'SNL': 'Prepare to go to war'

Everything is going...great?

Someone built a 60-hour 'Pokémon' game into 'Minecraft' and it's beautiful

Pokémon Whoa.

Ghost in the Shell’s Super Bowl teaser promises plenty of cyberpunk action

Paramount Pictures released a new teaser for is upcoming adaptation of Ghost in the Shell, showing off an android Scarlett Johansson as she fighting her way through a cyberpunk Tokyo. This new...

Death by Tactile Paving: China's Precarious Paths for the Visually Impaired - 99% Invisible

Designed to help the blind and visually impaired navigate cities, tactile paving units are like braille for pavements. These raised bumps and ridges help guide people down sidewalks and across intersections. In many cases these work quite well, but in some places they have been deployed in less-successful ways (to put it mildly). Tactile paving

Can You Make a Ring Out Of Wood Shavings?

I made this ring to see if it`s possible to make one from wood shavings and not only veneer like other woodworkers have done.Check out my YT channelSUBSCRIBE HERE

Have a damn good cup of coffee with this 'Twin Peaks' supercut

Someone get Bob a latte to calm him down.

5 Wi-Fi tips to ensure fans stay better connected for the big game

How can everyone -- from fans to broadcasters to coaches -- avoid the expected Wi-Fi congestion at this year's big game at the NRG Stadium in Houston?

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Super Bowl 2017: How to watch the big game online

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in America, and whether you’re a football fan or not, chances are you’ll be joining the millions of people crowding around their TV screens to see the Atlanta Falcons take on the New England Patriots. Or maybe you’re just there to eat wings and see this year’s batch of commercials.

SNL - Sean Spicer First Press Conference 05.02.2017 Saturday Night Live

SNL - Cold Open - Sean Spicer First Press Conference 05.02.2017 Saturday Night Live

Smart cities need more industry partnerships, less gadget worship

While a dizzying array of connected gadgetry is vying for room on city leaders’ wish lists, industry experts advise less focus on the technology itself and more on industry partnerships that can build out smart cities.

IoT and fashion come together to properly accessorize

“We know that all products in the future will have a digital life as part of the Internet of Things,” states Uri Minkoff, co-founder and CEO of the brand. “Rebecca Minkoff wants to be first in letting our customers access this new world of experiences, content and services digitally by interacting with our physical designs. Most fashion brands lose sight of their products and customers; this technology now allows us to directly connect with shoppers through our products after purchase. We’re incredibly excited by a born digital future, and you’ll be seeing it integrated across many more of our products later in the year.”

Learn the ropes and become a Certified Financial Planner for under $40

Finances — and how to handle ‘em — can be pretty intimidating. That’s why thousands of smart professionals and businesses use imaginative, well-trained financial planners to chart their course and assess their long-term growth and security. Now, you can join the ranks of those well-paid financial advisors with this

How to stream Super Bowl 51 even if you don't have cable

It’s Friday, which means we’re now officially headed into Super Bowl weekend. If you’re itching to catch the Patriots beat up on the Falcons this weekend (fight me), we’ve got you covered. Starting this Sunday at 3:30 PST/6:30 EST, you can get all the action as it unfolds without that pesky cable subscription we all hate.

How to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday

Snapchat might not play the actual game, but the app will show you pretty much everything else happening during the Super Bowl. The NFL channel on Snapchat Discover will be full of highlights from the game, with photos and videos taken by fans and players.

Here are 10 finalists vying for U.S. smart city grant program

Ten American cities have been shortlisted for the Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge Grant program, the winners of which will be announced next week.

The Best iPhone 7 Wireless Headphones

There's no headphone jack, but the iPhone 7 has a special Bluetooth pairing chip and a high-quality audio codec. These wireless headphones are your best bets to take advantage of those features.

Val Potter on Twitter

Welcome to the next generation of wearables: New tech seen at CES … via @computerworld

Leaked Windows 10 Cloud shots show Microsoft taking on Chrome OS

That would make sense for schools and businesses - coincidentally two areas where Google's Chrome OS is doing very well. Microsoft is saying it has "nothing to share" at this time but the new version of Windows is tipped to launch at the same time as the Windows 10 Creator's Update coming in the spring.

Craft stunning, engaging websites with this UI/UX Professional Designer training (94% off)

Cutting-edge graphics and unconventional site architecture may look pretty, but if it ultimately turns potential users away from your web page, it could be a fast track to failure. User experience is a critical element in all web development, so know that process intimately — and add an impressive new skill set to your resume — with this

Google paces pack in autonomous car race, says California regulator

South Korean mobile giant Samsung now has an entire division working day in, day out on chips for self-driving cars, in an effort to push aside competitors and become the go-to supplier in this booming market. The team is mainly researchers from Samsung’s semiconductor and sensor division, according to The Korea Herald, which cites a … Read more »

Look Out! The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Super Bowl Spot is Here

Disney just unleashed some new footage from one of their biggest films of the year, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. And it’s hilarious.

Don't Call The Super Bowl Halftime Show Lady Gaga's Comeback

Yet calling the infuriatingly named Pepsi Zero Sugar Super Bowl LI Halftime Show her big return puts too much of a make-or-break expectation on the performance that, frankly, feels a little unearned. She’s been too busy trying on different hats to find one that really sticks, so it’s rather premature to crown her the comeback queen when we haven’t seen what the full breadth of that might entail. Gaga’s not back yet, but she might be soon.

Brian Russell discusses his new book and trends in IoT security

This sort of goes to the ubiquitous monitoring of IoT, the nature of the IoT, where you always sort of being watched and I think eventually we’ll get use to that. It’s going to be interesting seeing what happens from the perspective of law enforcement that wants access to these things. Another example, it hasn’t come to fruition yet, but everybody has cameras on these houses now, camera on their backyard. If something happens in front of your house or on your property, is law enforcement going to subpoena the video images? What if you don’t want that to get out from a privacy perspective? I think privacy sort of a really interesting area to think through when it comes to this sort of data collection of IoT devices. You can make the same case for smart health devices that are always collecting your biometric data about your heart rate. These things are going to get more and more advanced. The data that’s collected is going to be able to show, a profile of your activity, and your sort of overall health and well-being, and do you want this data or the inferences from that data to be made available to people that you don’t know.

Alibaba CEO Warns That 'If Trade Stops, War Starts'

Alibaba’s CEO spoke with Australian prime minister Malcolm Turnbull on Friday and he says they had “a wonderful discussion” about what Business Insider characterizes as “a regional ‘e-hub’ — a trade zone that would allow for freer online commerce with less border bureaucracy to deal with.” Contrast that with Trump’s phone call with Turnbull this week, which he characterized as the “worst call by far,” and ended by hanging up on the Australian prime minister. The ignorance on the part of the administration was hammered home when the White House press secretary, Sean Spicer, repeatedly mispronounced Turnbull’s name as “Trumbull.”

It's Probably Time for Your Favorite iPhone Apps and Games to Die

A new message found in the latest iOS 10 beta update seems to indicate Apple will be killing off thousands of apps and games that haven’t been updated to support 64-bit processors. Say hello to the world of vintage iPhone gaming.

The Best Tablets of 2017

This consideration is a bit obvious, but size—both screen real estate and storage capacity—is important to consider. First things first: When you hear the term "7-inch or 10-inch tablet," this refers to the size of the screen, measured diagonally, and not the size of the tablet itself. 7-inch tablets are considered small-screen, while 8.9-inch tablets and above are considered large-screen. Apple's iPads, Amazon's Fire, and Samsung's Note- and Tab-branded tablets all come in small- and large-screen iterations. And more than ever, phones are blurring the lines with tablets. Big smartphones (or phablets) like the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus and the Galaxy S7 Edge are challenging the need to even carry a separate tablet.

We're Kind of Bummed These Aren't Actual Stamps

Unfortunately, these super fun images by Clark Orr only look like stamps. They’re, in fact, posters, postcards and the subject of a new art exhibit at Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles called Pop Culture Postage . Orr took some of the most iconic films, TV and comics of all-time and turned them into fake looking stamps. Each is filled with references to the property and, well, we could have literally posted the entire show for you here, but these are just a few of them.

Ninjas Assemble In New Images From The Lego Ninjago Movie

Fans love to talk about how many Marvel or DC films come out each year, but very few acknowledge there are two Lego movies coming out this year. The first, The Lego Batman Movie , is out this week. The second, The Lego Ninjago Movie , is out September 22, and some revealing new images were just released.

A group of New Yorkers came together to remove swastikas from a subway car

Documented in a Facebook post by Gregory Locke , passengers in a Manhattan 1 train pooled resources to remove swastikas and hate speech from the train. According to Locke, swastikas had been drawn in Sharpie across every window and advertisement in the train car.

How to become an Alexa developer: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

Brian Donohue, another Alexa Champion and a product engineer at Pinterest, noted that businesses building skills should keep in mind that the platform is new and sometimes skill discoverability can present some challenges. "Also, there are currently no options for directly monetizing your skills (e.g., via purchase)," Donohue said. Skills are not sold like a mobile app is. They are free, and Amazon has said it has no intentions of directly monetizing the platform any time soon. So, developers need to think of using Alexa services to drive value in other parts of their business—at least for now.


Because IMDb's message boards continue to be utilized by a small but passionate community of IMDb users, we announced our decision to disable our message boards on February 3, 2017 but will leave them open for two additional weeks so that users will have ample time to archive any message board content they'd like to keep for personal use. During this two-week transition period, which concludes on February 19, 2017, IMDb message board users can exchange contact information with any other board users they would like to remain in communication with (since once we shut down the IMDb message boards, users will no longer be able to send personal messages to one another). We regret any disappointment or frustration IMDb message board users may experience as a result of this decision.

Tesla Motors changes company name to just Tesla

Tesla Motors is now simply known as Tesla, Inc., the company announced this morning . The change reflects the moves that CEO Elon Musk has made in the last year to combine his clean energy efforts. Beyond electric cars, Tesla already also makes home batteries and solar roofs. Tesla also recently acquired SolarCity — a solar panel company run by Musk.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

The next big test for AI is making sense of the world -

Microsoft's Surface Ergonomic Keyboard makes typing a pleasure

The keyboard gets its ergonomic badge from its split key design, which cuts the traditional QWERTY layout down the middle. By having your hands rest at a more natural angle (hence the name of Microsoft's early keyboards), the idea is that they'll be less fatigued than if you have to contort them to fit a rectangular set of keys. The Surface Ergonomic also has a slight slope to it, which raises the keys slightly. I've used the keyboard to write several reviews and news posts, and I found that my wrists felt less stressed after lengthy typing sessions. For work, I mostly rely on my MacBook Air's keyboard, which is among the better ones on a laptop, but I still noticed an appreciable difference.

YouTube now lets you double-tap on videos to skip ahead or go back 10 seconds

The Google-owned video hub has rolled out a new feature that lets you double-tap on the left or right side of your screen to fast forward or backward any video by 10 seconds. The functionality works only in full-screen mode and is available in the latest reiteration of YouTube for both iOS and Android .

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By constant self-discipline and self-control you can develop greatness of character.

Hackers have leaked the user database of a Tor web host popular with child pornographers

According to Troy Hunt, who runs the popular service Have I Been Pwned? , the data dump includes the email details of nearly 381,000 users. Given that Freedom Hosting II was popular with those involved in the creation and distribution of child pornography, many of those emails are likely ‘burner’ addresses.

After Math: Do you think this is a game?

After Math: Do you think this is a game?

What Immediately Happens to Your Body When You Stop Smoking

Then a little while later at around 24 hours, coughing may increase as your body deals with all the toxic stuff in your lungs, and at 48 hours your tongue will apparently regain some tasting ability as taste buds repair themselves. Around that time your nicotine cravings will also peak. Of course, in the longterm, the benefits of quitting smoking are numerous and substantial. It’s hard for everyone to quit—especially when anything that assuages your daily stress feels essential—but it’s an important reminder to stop when you can.

An Anonymous group just took down a fifth of the dark web

Visitors to more than 10,000 Tor-based websites were met with an alarming announcement this morning: “Hello, Freedom Hosting II, you have been hacked.” A group affiliating itself with Anonymous had compromised servers at Freedom Hosting II, a popular service for hosting websites accessible only through Tor. Roughly six hours after the initial announcement, all the sites hosted by the service are still offline.

Instagram will soon let you share multiple photos in one post

Instead of tapping on a photo, you long-press. From there, a prompt instructs you to select up to 10 images or videos. You can apply a single filter to all of them, or tap into each photo to apply separate effects before posting everything in a single gallery. Your followers and other Instagram users will be able to like individual photos in each post.

Banking while browsing: The e-commerce solution

Digital security will be one of the biggest trends of 2017. The challenge at the heart of the dialogue? The pace of technology development – and cyber vulnerabilities – are increasing a rate much faster than protective measures can keep up.


The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have Super AMOLED panels at 2560x1440 resolution. The GS7 is 5.1-inches, while the Edge variant has a larger 5.5-inch display. They are still the best panels you can get (now that the Note 7 is dead). They're bright, have perfect viewing angles, and the colors are very accurate. Then there's the Edge with a screen that curves down on both the left and right sides. It looks cool, but it's actually less comfortable to hold. The Pixel XL's display is almost as good, but it's not as bright and the colors are flatter. Samsung still wins on this front.

How to Watch the Super Bowl Without Cable

If you’re on your laptop, just head to the Fox Sports website. If you’re a mobile-first kind of sports fan, download the Fox Sports Go app for iOS or Android. You can even cast from there to your TV with a $35 Chromecast. You have to be using Wi-Fi, though—if you’re using a cellular data connection, you’ll only be able to stream the game if you’re a Verizon Wireless customer. Sorry, Sunday afternoon bus passengers who have AT&T. Streaming the game on your phone will not work. Sports rights are dumb.

The Best Website Builders of 2017

But let's talk a little more about why you even need a webpage in this day of social media domination of the Web. On a personal level, you probably wouldn't want to send prospective employers your Facebook page, so a personal website makes a lot more sense as an online, customized resume. Another reason worth consideration, for both personal and business sites, is that building your own site gives you endless design choices. You also get total control over products and services you may sell and how they're delivered. Furthermore, having a real, dedicated site makes a business seem more authoritative and trustworthy than a Facebook or Tumblr presence can on its own (though you should certainly also consider those services as elements of your online presence).

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Facebook oppose Trump's immigration ban in letter

We share your goal of ensuring that our immigration system meets today’s security needs and keeps our country safe. We are concerned, however, that your recent executive order will affect many visa holders who work hard here in the United States and contribute to our country’s success. In a global economy, it is critical that we continue to attract the best and brightest from around the world. We welcome the changes your administration has made in recent days in how the Department of Homeland Security will implement the executive order, and we stand ready to help your administration identify other opportunities to ensure that our employees can travel with predictability and without undue delay.

The brains behind Geneva, GE Appliance's Alexa skill - TechRepublic

The first connected appliance that did make it to market was a wall oven in June 2013. In 2014, the next iteration was released, and it allowed customers to control the oven remotely via Wi-Fi, before voice control was an option. There were some use cases that made a Wi-Fi connected appliance appealing, such as getting notifications if there was a problem with the appliance, or using an app to preheat the oven while at the grocery store, but there wasn't a need for widespread use, Gardner said.

How to Use Native Ads to Support Your Social Media Marketing : Social Media Examiner

Additional benefits of native ads include SEO and social proof. Promoted posts on a strong social media site get your message in front of a larger audience and can drive traffic back to your website or blog. Native ads can be especially helpful if you have a new site and haven’t had time to build up strong SEO.

Sony confirms new PS4 Pro "Boost Mode" will help some older games run faster and smoother

Sony is by no means promising those benefits for all titles, but Boost Mode still represents a nice attempt to help PS4 Pro buyers get a little bit more out of the beefed up console. So if 4K gaming and HDR weren’t enough, well, now some of the games you’ve had for years might start playing a little better the next time you return to them. Sony advises that Boost Might might cause unexpected behavior in some instances with the PS4 Pro running at full speed; turning off the setting should resolve any glitches. For now we’re not sure if there are any limitations around Boost Mode. Can you just keep the console running at full speed all the time? Does it result in the PS4 Pro getting hot or using more energy than normal? I’ve asked Sony for more specifics.

5 shocking new threats to your personal data

One of the best ways to protect one's privacy online is to use a VPN, or virtual private network. VPNs theoretically let you use the public internet as if you were on a private network. They let you hide and encrypt your online activity, even from your own ISP. And they enable you to spoof your location, so you can say you're going online in another city or country.

Lifehacker on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

'Windows Cloud' looks like Microsoft's answer to Chrome OS

At least right now, Cloud will only run Universal Windows Platform apps found in the Windows Store. Try to run anything else and you'll get a stern warning. Most likely, this is to court schools and other institutions who see Chrome OS' lack of native apps as a security advantage. Educators may be more likely to stick to Windows PCs if they know that kids can't infect a machine with malware or install an unapproved game. It's possible that Microsoft's "Centennial" bridge (which brings Win32 apps to the Windows Store) should work, but there are conflicting reports about compatibility.

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The best version of yourself is all that you need to be.

New PCI Express 4.0 delay may empower next-gen alternatives - TechRepublic

Delays in computer industry standards are not normally a big deal. It's common knowledge that such things take time to get right, but almost all major hardware companies except Intel are starting to work together on alternate plans. Such companies already use and support PCIe 3.0 and 3.1, but the information world is moving too fast to wait much longer, they argue. There is also a business motivation: Intel's recent purchases of smaller companies in the hardware acceleration and programmable chip niches are leaving other hardware giants without a choice.

First Genetic Results From Scott Kelly's Year In Space Reveal DNA Mysteries

As identical twins, the brothers are genetically very similar. However, researchers found that while he was in orbit, Scott’s telomeres—the caps on the ends of chromosomes—grew longer than his twin brother’s. Though Scott’s telomeres returned to their pre-flight lengths shortly after he returned to Earth, these results were totally unexpected, since telomeres naturally shrink over the course of one’s life, and the stresses of spaceflight are supposed to accelerate this . At least that was the idea.

Acer’s biggest curved monitor yet aims for total gaming immersion

Acer has launched a new curved gaming monitor which is a giant of a screen at 37.5-inches, and it comes complete with AMD’s FreeSync tech.

The Morning After: Weekend Edition

One company that isn't having trouble maintaining a user base? Apple, duh. Yes, the iOS juggernaut keeps on rolling. As Nathan Ingraham points out , Apple's taken some big risks this year, what with "few updates to the Mac (and the one big change was quite polarizing), a barely redesigned iPhone with no headphone jack, AirPods that shipped two months late and a new Apple Watch that was a modest improvement to a product still seen as nonessential." But profits were up in the company's first quarter to $18.4 billion. As it turns out, the iPhone 7 managed to turn around a three-quarter decline in iPhone sales — headphone jack be damned! What's more horrifying than losing a much-loved port on your favorite Apple gadget? Aside from the impending loss of some hard-won freedoms, there's also the rise of intelligent machines. This week saw the introduction of a new, wheel-equipped robot from Boston Dynamics and a poker-playing AI that could put "Rain Man" to shame. If you like your horror a little less real, you could always play "Resident Evil 7," the "most terrifying VR game on the market," according to Jessica Conditt .

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