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Key & Peele will provide live commentary during the Super Bowl

If you're one of those people who finds the Super Bowl to be a largely unpleasant display of pointless competition, millionaires slamming their bodies into other millionaires, and men yelling at a...

Super Bowl commercials are finally showing strong women and it's about time

This year's Super Bowl commercials feature strong women -- the ultimate rarity in advertising.

New Captain America: Civil War Super Bowl trailer: "you chose the wrong side"

Marvel kicked off what's sure to be a long night of new film trailers during Super Bowl 50. The new Captain America: Civil War spot is the film's most intense ad yet (case in point: Robert Downey...

Super Bowl commercials are finally showing strong women and it's about time

This year's Super Bowl commercials feature strong women -- the ultimate rarity in advertising.

50 epic Super Bowl foods you can't miss this year

50 indulgent Super Bowl foods, antacid not included.

Microsoft shows how NFL fans could use HoloLens in the future

If Microsoft has its way, this is how NFL fans could use HoloLens one day.

Taco Bell reveals its fascinatingly cheesy new 'quesalupa' creation

Taco Bell is taking over local commercials across the country.

The Worst Super Bowl ads of all time will make you cringe

Nationwide kid, you weren't even the worst. Well, maybe you were.

Super Bowl advertisers try to build suspense

"Literally the day after the Super Bowl, we'll probably start talking about the next one."

Watch the first trailer for Jason Bourne: "I remember everything"

It's been nearly 10 years since Matt Damon last showed up on screen as amnesiac superspy Jason Bourne — and in that time, it seems, Damon has been working out quite a bit. The first trailer for the...

7 times Beyoncé highlights black activism and beauty in 'Formation'

Beyonce's new "Formation" music video unapologetically challenges social norms, highlights activism and forces viewers to think about the black experience.

Watch a new Super Bowl trailer for Disney's The Jungle Book

The first full trailer for Disney's live-action (and heavy CGI) remake of the 1967 cartoon classic The Jungle Book was released during the Super Bowl tonight. The trailer introduces Bill Murray as...

Cutting the Cord: CBS Sports is streaming Super Bowl 50 for free

This will be the fourth consecutive year that the Super Bowl has streamed online for free.

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TechCrunch on Twitter

KenZen wins best startup in the "Future Athlete" category  #TCNFL 

Astonishing, rare images of the Vietnam War from the winning side

Many of these photographs have rarely been seen in Vietnam, let alone in the rest of the world. In the early 1990s, photojournalist Doug Niven started tracking down surviving photographers. One had a dusty bag of never-printed negatives, and another had his stashed under the bathroom sink. Vo Anh Khanh still kept his pristine negatives in a U.S. ammunition case, with a bed of rice as a desiccant.


TechCrunch was invited to tour ESPN Live's mobile studio for the Superbowl in San Francisco. ESPN is slated to create 45 hours of on-air content at this temporary location. With two official sets and plenty of space to film more casual conversations on the lawn, there is a constant buzz of celebrities, hosts, producers and camera technicians jumping between the ten different shows being filmed on-site. Lucas Matney goes behind the scenes.

5 Red Dead Redemption Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Leaked - IGN

There are many credible reports on how to access and download the game early, however, doing so looks to be in violation of the Xbox Live Code of Conduct. Specifically in the section "Don’t pirate or use another's content without permission," the final bullet-point is don't "play a game before it has been authorized for play on the service." Since there is no official word on whether or not backward compatibility is coming to Red Dead Redemption, it's best to assume it hasn't yet been authorized. We've reached out to Microsoft for clarification.

Visage Is a Hyper-Real Horror Game in the Style of P.T. - IGN

According to its Kickstarter, the house in Visage is the central location where the events of the game unfold. Newspapers, the layout of rooms, paintings, TV and radio transmissions, and other information contained within the house work together to convey a series of smaller stories linked to the larger overarching narrative.

Instagram adds multiple account switching for a lucky few iOS users

One of Instagram’s most-requested features could currently reside on your iOS device without you even knowing it. For some Instagram users, multiple account switching seems to finally be a reality.

Deadpool Review - IGN

In the comics, Deadpool marauds through the Marvel Universe, lampooning its heroes and creating unhinged mayhem. In the movie, however, he feels slightly constrained. The X-Men do feature – well, two to be exact – in an attempt to give Deadpool a bit more scale and tie him into a larger universe. It’s great to see more of Colossus on the big screen, and he’s played more comedically than his previous incarnations. Negasonic Teenage Warhead is also a fun addition, playing Colossus’s sullen trainee, but they’re used sparingly. Ultimately, it feels like Deadpool has been slightly confined in his first outing – maybe it’s because the present-day X-Men timeline is a bit up in the air, or simply budgetary reasons. To its credit, the movie is keenly aware of those problems, and in true Deadpool-style, turns it into yet another gag.

Apple will finally let you cash in your broken iPhone

Starting this week, customers will be able to trade in iPhones with damaged screens, cameras and buttons for credit toward newer models at Apple Retail stores. The trade-in value will vary depending on the iPhone's model and storage space, with store credit reported to be $50 for the 5s, $200 for the 6, and $250 for the 6 plus model.

iPhone 5se to come in Rose Gold color, not bright pink

Apple is apparently also considering launching the iPad Air 3 in Rose Gold, with some prototypes of the tablet in the color floating around in Apple’s campus. The company is also considering bringing the Rose Gold color to the 12-inch MacBook and the iPad mini 3, but they are unlikely to be launched at the rumored March 15th event .

How to Save Money on Your Cell Phone Plan

Choosing the right wireless phone plan used to be pretty straightforward: Pick your bucket of minutes and sign up for a two-year contract. But ever since T-Mobile blew up the subsidy game with its Uncarrier plans and other carriers followed suit, creativity has run wild: We now have shared data plans, installment plans, and bring-your-own device plans to reckon with. Choice can be paralyzing, especially when carriers seem hell-bent on making the process as complex as possible, but doing some research can help make those choices work for you. In this guide, we'll outline the strengths and weaknesses of specific carriers and the varied plan options on offer. Also, be sure to play around with the handy calculator and rate comparison tool above, which will give you a better idea of how each carrier compares for your purposes.

How to Watch Super Bowl 50 Online

Super Bowl 50 kicks off at 6:30 p.m. ET on Sunday. And yes, it will be streaming online for free. Here's how to watch.

Bernie Sanders unites sinking ship in 'SNL' sketch with Larry David

In the sketch, David plays a disgruntled passenger who is displeased with the favor given to women and children while everyone attempts to exit the sinking ship. When he tries to talk his way onto one of the boats by boasting about his wealthy background, Sanders shows up, looking like an extra from Titanic .

Google pushes further into virtual reality with new headset -

Google is hoping to improve the quality of the mobile VR viewing experience by embedding new software directly into its Android smartphone operating system, rather than relying only on a traditional app as it does with Cardboard today. One issue with many current smartphone-based VR viewers is that users can feel dizzy or nauseous. This is because the virtual images displayed can lag slightly behind the user's head movements in the real world, known as latency.

​Why switch to Windows 10 or a Mac when you can use Linux Mint 17.3 instead? | ZDNet

Oh, yes, Linux has been broken into multiple times. But, in almost every case, the attack relies on a user with super-user priviledges working hand in glove with an attacker to break in. If a system administrator installs malware who's really to blame for the cracked computer? The operasting system or the incompetent system manager? I know which one I'd be kicking out of my office.

Titanfall 2 Will Have a Single Player Campaign - IGN

Titanfall's sequel will have a single-player campaign, though it won't release until "late this year or early next," said lead writer Jesse Stern.

How to Watch Super Bowl 50 Streaming Online for Free, No Cable Required

This Sunday, cord cutters around the country will participate in the grandest tradition of the year: trying to figure out how to stream the Super Bowl online. Well, we have your answer, sports fans. Here’s how to stream the big game at home over the internet, to whatever device you want to watch on.

Jack Dorsey: No reordered timelines next week

Whatever Twitter has planned, it’s not switching to an algorithmic timeline next week. That doesn’t mean it won’t include more algorithmic elements over time of course. That tweet above could be read in multiple ways, but Jack wants you to know that he ‘gets it.’

The 25 Best Free iPhone Apps For Business

That little computer in your pocket has come a long way over the years, huh? Here are 25 incredibly useful apps that can help you run your business a whole lot smarter than ever before. And every one of them is free, at least in basic form.

How To Answer The Interview Question, "What Can You Do For Us That Others Can't?"

Answering the question, "What can you do for us that other candidates can’t?" can put you in a pickle in an interview. You want to sound impressive but not conceited. And it’s not like you even know the other candidates!

Google Self-Driving Cars May Motor To London - InformationWeek

Officials from London's transportation authority and Google are in active discussions to bring the company's self-driving cars to the city's streets.

Lucas Mearian on Twitter

Samsung display on truck's rear lets vehicles behind see road ahead … via @computerworld

Free speech shouldn't be more important than child safety

Free speech fundamentalists argue that any kind of internet regulation is censorship. But for those of us who want to protect the (relative) innocence of 21st Century childhood, internet regulation is more than essential; it may even be our moral duty.

Why America Is Moving Left

On issue after issue, it is the young who are most pleased with the liberal policy shifts of the Obama era, and most eager for more. In 2014, Pew found that Americans under 30 were twice as likely as Americans 65 and older to say the police do a “poor” job of “treating racial, ethnic groups equally” and more than twice as likely to say the grand jury in Ferguson was wrong not to charge Darren Wilson in Michael Brown’s death. According to YouGov, more than one in three Americans 65 and older think being transgender is morally wrong. Among Americans under 30, the ratio is less than one in five. Millennials—Americans roughly 18 to 34 years old—are 21 percentage points less likely than those 65 and older to say that immigrants “burden” the United States and 25 points more likely to say they “strengthen” the country. Millennials are also 17 points more likely to have a favorable view of Muslims. It is largely because of them that the percentage of Americans who want government to “promote traditional values” is now lower than at any other time since Gallup began asking the question in 1993, and that the percentage calling themselves “socially liberal” now equals the percentage calling themselves “socially conservative” for the first time since Gallup began asking that question in 1999.

Best iOS 9 Jailbreak Tweaks for Messages app

These are the best jailbreak tweaks that will enhance your experience using the Messages app on iOS 9. If there’s any other tweak that you think should have made it to the list then make sure to let us know about it in the comments section.

11 of the best apps for iPhone from January 2016

There are plenty of apps for tracking steps, and plenty of apps to tell you how many calories are in food, but why go to the effort of putting those two things together with your own thoughts when Movesum will do it for you.

4 reasons you should accept those out-of-the-blue LinkedIn requests

As I'm sure you can imagine, if I was only willing to connect with the people I had ever shared a handshake with, I'd be swimming in a pretty small pond. Sure, I still make an effort to put myself out there at different meetings and events in my community. But, that doesn't mean I want my set of contacts limited to my (admittedly very small) geographical area.

A Look Inside How ESPN Gets Ready For Super Bowl 50

Before it’s made apparent by my remarks, I don’t know jack shit about football. I can watch a game with a Bud Light in hand and unassumingly make my way through a plate of snacks and know when the right time to yell at the ref or give a high five is, but eh it’s not my thing.

How to Watch Just the Super Bowl Commercials

Let’s be honest, you watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. Well, now you don’t have to put yourself through all the whistles, flags, and “Omahas.” You can stream them all online—some even before the big game—and make all those companies feel silly for spending $5 million to air a 30-second spot.

LG G5 launch confirmed for February 21, plus some 'new friends'

"Come meet new friends on the playground," reads the intriguing invite, which suggests there's more than one major announcement happening on February 21.

Evolution of the iPhone | ZDNet

Notes : The iPhone 5 had the shortest lifespan of any iPhone made, with the plug being pulled after a year. Two million were sold within 24 hours of the handset being available for preorder, and over five million were sold during the first three days of availability. Also, the RAM was increased from 512MB in the previous model to 1GB.

Offense wins games, lightbulbs win Super Bowl parties

Everybody does guac. That's what you do on Super Bowl Sunday: you make a bowl of guacamole, heat up some beer-battered wings that you poured straight out of a plastic bag onto a griddle pan, chill the drinks, throw on an ill-fitting jersey, and turn on the TV. And that's cool. I guess. I mean, I won't say guac is uncool.

Microsoft's Band 2 now lets you do more than track your weight

The cross-platform Health dashboard is one of the Band 2’s greatest assets as it means users of the tracker can access their data on any Web browser instead of only through a smartphone app.

Old-school football once killed 19 players in one year

The shared threads between each school’s “football” were mobs of players violently attempting to advance a ball down a field. Occasionally, games resulted in so much injury that the sport was banned by some colleges.

How our brains work on caffeine

Unless you are drinking coffee or taking a caffeine stimulant on a regular basis, it’s common to experience a crash in our bodies after the energy boost wears off. That’s because caffeine initially stimulates your body to produce more adrenaline and dopamine than usual, two substances in your body that contribute to energy and positive mood; when these chemicals begin to drop again, you can experience fading energy and a drop in mood.

Betty White on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

TED Talks in Cinemas

Watch the opening session of the legendary TED Conference for the first time on the big screen.

Han Solo, Princess Leia and Kylo Ren's 'Star Wars' family photo

A Star Wars fan on Reddit gave Han Solo and Princess Leia the picture-perfect family photo they never got using the force of Photoshop, and it's kind of unsettling.

Super Bowl 50 to showcase tons of new tech, shatter bandwidth records - TechRepublic

Last year's Super Bowl in Glendale, Ariz. resulted in 6.23 terabytes of information being used during the event, and a new record is expected to be set during Super Bowl 50 in Santa Clara, Calif. San Francisco 49ers COO Al Guido said he couldn't predict the precise amount of data that will be consumed by fans on Sunday at his team's home stadium, but he said, "who knows if it will approach 10 terabytes. There's no question that everybody has been preparing to break the record. I don't doubt whatsoever that it will be broken."

This week in patents: Facebook, Apple, Boeing and more

Current 3D printing techniques employs a “bottoms-up” building method in which the part is built layer by layer on a supporting platform that moves down as individual layers are formed. A single print head is moved around the platform to form each of the layers. Therefore, it’s necessary to build the part on support materials which must be later removed from the 3D printed part. Moreover, the use of a single print head to form features of each layer renders the fabrication process relatively slow.

The best smartphones you've probably never heard of

But what about those smartphones not popular in the Western markets? Just because a handset isn't popular somewhere, doesn't mean it's not one of the best. Some smartphones are just a little misunderstood - so we've collated a list of those we think are worth checking out.

10 designers transform the iconic Super Bowl ring

On Sunday the NFL will either crown the North Carolina Panthers or the Denver Broncos as Super Bowl 50 champions. While the winning team will be awarded the Vince Lombardi Trophy, individual players will receive their own personal memento to symbolize the victory. We're talking majorly blinged out rings.

Super Bowl 50: Cam Newton's gold 'MVP' cleats win the pre-game

But with a win over the Denver Broncos on Sunday, he could make an even bolder fashion statement: gold cleats, with "MVP" written on one shoe and "SB50 champ" written on the other.

For Super Bowl, ESPN taps tech in San Francisco (pictures)

ESPN gave CNET a behind-the-scenes look at its weeklong coverage of Super Bowl 50, which meant a convenient cable car ride across town for us. The TV network is shooting most of its NFL-related programming at the Marina Green in our hometown of San Francisco. As its name suggests, the Green is an inviting lawn that sits on the waterfront and offers postcard views of the iconic Golden Gate Bridge and the famous San Francisco Bay. The network will also use the spot as a backdrop for episodes of its popular SportsCenter program, which averages up to 115 million viewers a month. In addition, ESPN Deportes will be airing a Spanish-language telecast of the Super Bowl, which takes place just south of SF at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, California this Sunday.

Entrepreneurs, investors: How to up your chance of a win

In life as in work, we’re constantly dealing with uncertainty. As parents, employees, leaders, we look at the future and estimate the odds: what’s the chance that our teenage son will do drugs? What’s the chance that this system’s load will exceed what we designed it for? How likely is this risky investment to result in a huge competitive advantage?


This article reverse-engineers the flag circuits in the ARM1 processor, explaining in detail how the flags are generate, controlled, and used. Condition flags are a key part of most computers, since they allow the computer to change what it does based on various conditions. The flags keep track of conditions such as a value being negative or zero or an overflow happening. Processors may also have status flags to control modes such as running in user mode versus protected (kernel) execution. The ARM1 processor stores these flags in a special register called the Processor Status Register (PSR). [1] The ARM1 chip is interesting to examine not only because it is simple enough to understand but also because it was the first ARM processor. There are now tens of billions of ARM processors in use, probably powering your smartphone right now. This article is part of my series on reverse-engineering the ARM1. Processor flags seem like they should be trivial, but there's a lot more involved than you might expect. You might want to start with my first article for an overview of the chip. The die photo below shows the ARM1 chip.

Microsoft is experimenting with underwater data centers

When your laptop or your smartphone gets hot, you know it's crunching a lot of data. So you can imagine the amount of heat generated by the racks upon racks of servers that store and process the world's digital lives. Keeping these data centers cool is such a problem that tech companies like Facebook and Google prefer to  move them to colder countries than pay the air conditioning bill. But for Microsoft, there's an even better home for all that data: under the sea.

The evidence is clear: Apple's next big thing will be virtual reality

Plus, there's a chance that Apple VR ends up being a niche product, counter to what Cook believes. Apple was able to make smartphones into a must-have product for everybody, and it was expected to do the same thing for smartwatches. But so far, the Apple Watch doesn't seem to be getting the same traction, at least anecdotally.

The cord-cutter’s guide to watching Super Bowl 50

Watching the Super Bowl without an expensive cable package has never been impossible, but it’s easier than ever this year. That’s because CBS is streaming Super Bowl 50 to connected-TV devices, a first for the NFL’s biggest throwdown. (In previous years, users had to rely on workarounds while streaming the game from phones, tablets, or PCs.)

Daily Deals: Star Wars: Battlefront, $40 Kindle Fire Tablet, PS Plus - IGN

If you've never held a CostCo membership before you can get one for the normal price and score a ton of freebies. The freebies includes a $20 gift card, 72-AA batteries, a free pizza, chips, and $25 off a $250 online CostCo order. I'm a CostCo member and I personally recommend moving up to the executive membership level for that 2% cash back. If you spend $2,750 or more a year it pays for itself.

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62 New York's Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant Is Leaking, But You Shouldn't Freak Out
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69 Being A Regular At A Neighborhood Bar Makes You Happier, Says Study
70 Watch the Destruction of Pompeii by Mount Vesuvius, Re-Created with Computer Animation (79 AD)
71 Google will start warning web users about deceptive download buttons
72 Gut bacteria may affect the success of cancer treatments
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75 Apple will soon let customers trade in busted iPhones toward a new one
76 A customer was so annoying that Tesla decided not to sell him a car
77 Guide to China’s supply chain gets endorsement from Snowden
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79 WhatsApp group chat limit extended to 256 people
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