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Dutch police are training eagles to take out drones

The anti-drone arms race just got serious. As tech firms and law enforcement experiment with radio jammers and net-wielding interceptor drones to take down rogue quadcopters, police in the...

Watch the cinematic opening for 'Dark Souls 3'

Check out the 'Dark Souls 3' cinematic opening video.

Watch the new Street Fighter 5 trailer: Ryu isn't as nice as he used to be

Is that a hint at Evil Ryu?

One Punch Man Is the Next Must-See Anime Show

An omnipotent schlub and a trope-busting spirit have made the subtitled series an underground sensation.

World's fastest mobility scooter hits record 107.6 mph

This is not your grandfather's "Day Strider."

Beautiful Firewatch Is a Great Game To Get Lost In

The writers behind Telltale Games' acclaimed The Walking Dead have delivered another tour de force videogame story in Firewatch.

Will Smith only has nice things to say about the first Aunt Viv

Will Smith talked about his kids and 'Fresh Prince' days in a BBC interview.

Take a virtual tour of Mars with this new 360-degree image from NASA

NASA published a 360-degree image on the Curiosity rover's official Facebook page last week that was meant to let viewers "explore Mars" with their smartphones. It was a great idea, and it teases...

This remote control car will go anywhere there is 3G or 4G connectivity

The days when remote control vehicles were restricted by the tiny receivers inside them are officially over.

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Bill Gurley on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Super Bowl TV Spot - Rivals (2016) Marvel Superhero Movie HD

CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Super Bowl TV Spot - Rivals (2016) Marvel Superhero Movie HD

3 Here are the best Super Bowl 50 commercials

Armed with nearly infinite money -- one Super Bowl commercial will cost $170,000 a second in 2016 -- the advertising industry has trotted out all of its best ideas to capture your attention while you're watching the Denver Broncos take on the Carolina Panthers.

Facebook's Free Basics service has been banned in India

Facebook's free-but-restricted internet service, Free Basics, has been  banned in India after the country's national telecoms regulator ruled that the program and others like it infringe the principles of net neutrality. The ruling was not directly aimed at Free Basics, but the general practice of zero-rated internet services — those that let users access certain apps and websites without eating away at their mobile data.

Instagram now lets you switch between multiple accounts

The process is pretty simple. You add new accounts from the settings menu, and once that's done, just tap your username at the top of your profile to move between them. Your profile photo will be placed more prominently throughout the app so that you never lose track of which account is active. Instagram first tested account switching on Android in November, with iOS following a couple months later. As of this week, everyone is getting the new option on both platforms.

Uninstalling Facebook app saves up to 15% of iPhone battery life

Using an iPhone 6S Plus for a week without the main Facebook app installed, I recorded the battery life at 10.30pm each day for a week comparing it to a daily average taken from a week with the app. I charged the phone overnight, taking it off the charger at 7.30am, and used it normally. I accessed Facebook for the same amount of time, and for the same purposes, using the social network’s excellent mobile site within Safari, as I had done using the app. I also left the Facebook Messenger app installed.

CSS variables are finally landing in Chrome

The problem is that this is not done at runtime with these libraries, so you’re not able to change these colors in real time without recompiling your stylesheets.

Instagram Will Make Your Brand More Money Than Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

Where should brands put their resources on social? It looks like Facebook has plateaued, while Instagram is in a rapid growth phase.

India blocks Zuckerberg's free net app - BBC News

India's telecoms regulator has blocked Facebook's Free Basics internet service app as part of a ruling in favour of net neutrality.

Every child deserves opportunity

Every student in every school should have the opportunity to learn computer science

Apple seeds third developer beta of OS X 10.11.4

Apple on Monday issued a third developer beta of its upcoming OS X 10.11.4 update, roughly two weeks after the release of the second.

The Pirate Bay begins testing browser streaming

The plugin is a free beta right now, but there are a few of the usual Pirate Bay caveats. You'll need to have enough seeders and peers, the quality is suspect and, of course, it's completely illegal, should you decide to stream copyrighted content. Once you get it working, there are few nice features like casting support for Chromecast, Airplay and DLNA and a built-in VPN.

PSA: Get 2GB of free Google Drive storage when you perform an account security checkup

Why this matters: Your Google account is a pretty important hub of your day-to-day computing, so it’s a good practice to take some time and ensure there hasn’t been any unusual sign-ins from other devices and that you have two-step authentication turned on. The bad guys are out there, so being smart about your security is the best way to beat them.

A better sounding (and much cheaper) alternative to pricey sound bars

Moving onto the wired analog connection on the LP7498E amp, and digital audio via HDMI to the W Studio sound bar, the B6 was more refined and clear sounding. The B6 also produced a wider and more spacious soundstage than the W Studio. The subwoofer's bass on the latter was more powerful than the B6's, but not by all that much.

Recruitment marketplace Hired nabs $40M, acquires 3 companies in U.S., France, and Australia

“I could draw plenty of analogies between our business and other well-known marketplace companies re-imagining massive — and massively broken — industries that have not seen change in decades, but instead I’ll just say that I feel confident we’ll soon take our place among them,” he said. “All of the pieces are in place for us to scale business exponentially and to make Hired a household name. What’s more, I hope that we become known as a company that’s doing something really important. Not just delivering your dry cleaning or walking your dog, but helping giving you the tools to make a critical life decision with ease. There’s work to do yet, but I know we’re already well on our way.”

The Pirate Bay gets into the streaming game

The new streaming service isn't coming directly from TPB. Instead, the torrent-centric site has added support for Torrents Time, a browser plugin that lets you stream torrents from your browser. To use TPB's new streaming feature a user must have the Torrents Time plugin installed. Then it's smooth sailing on the pirate-ridden digital-streaming seas. Torrents Time even supports casting to a television.

What We Learned During Chipotle's First Company-Wide Food Safety Meeting

Update 12:03 p.m. ET: During the presentation, Ells (pictured above) noted that the outbreaks likely stemmed from cross-contamination from one food to another at the chain's restaurants. Tomatoes, which caused the salmonella outbreak, will now be diced at a central kitchen—rather than at individual restaurants. This, Chipotle says, will reduce the risk of the ingredients being infected by other foods. Lettuce and peppers will also be prepared at the central kitchens. Chipotle workers will continually test the ingredients for contamination.

Use virtual reality to overcome your fear of public speaking

It’s certainly better than practicing in front of the mirror or by glancing at printed notes, as neither of these options replicate the feeling of being in front of people watching and listening to you. It probably works best with a Cardboard headset that straps onto your head, as you’ll have your hands free to gesture along with your speech.

Super Bowl 50: the ads, not the football

Mat once failed an audition to be the Milkybar Kid: an advert creation that pushed white chocolate on gluttonous British children. Two decades later, having repressed that early rejection, he completed a three-year teaching stint in Japan with help from world-class internet and a raft of bizarre DS titles. After a few weeks back in the UK, he's recently returned to Japan, heading up our coverage of a country that's obsessed with technology -- often in very unusual ways.

Watch The 9th Annual Crunchies, Hosted By Chelsea Peretti, Right Here

It’s a big week for San Francisco. Yesterday, the city played host to the Super Bowl and tonight, we are celebrating the startup ecosystem with our 9th Annual Crunchies award show in the swanky WSF War Memorial Opera House . You can guess which one of those I’m more excited about.

Julian Assange is no victim | ExtremeTech

I don’t know if Assange will be extradited to the US from Sweden, but if he does end up in the US, that fact alone won’t invalidate the accusations against him, nor will it make his unthinking dismissal of those allegations any less self-serving and cowardly. Can accusations of sexual assault be used to bully men into silence, and smear their reputations? Of course. Would the security world use such accusations to achieve their own ends? Oh,  of course . But Julian Assange is no such hero to the anti-surveillance movement, nor the information freedom movement. Rather, he’s a man with a long history of fleeing his personal, ethical, and legal obligations.

How Apple is trying to solve some of the world's major health problems

Its potential is powerful when you think about it: ResearchKit allows doctors and researchers to collect more data from more patients than ever before, which could lead to findings that were impossible before doctors could collect study data daily through a smartphone.

Google CEO Pichai Receives Record $199 Million Stock Grant

Google Inc.’s Sundar Pichai is poised to become one of the highest-paid executives of a publicly traded company this year after parent Alphabet Inc. awarded him restricted stock worth about $199 million.

Apple is letting developers use its Swift benchmark suite as open source toolkit

TNW's West Coast writer in the PNW (Portland, Oregon). Nate loves amplifying developers, and codes in Swift when he's not writing. If you need to get in touch, Twitter or email are your best bets.

StubHub will soon start selling tickets directly

StubHub is trying to be more than just that app you turn to when you see those two little words: sold out . Today, the secondary ticket seller announced it will soon start selling tickets directly from venues, beginning with the 2016 Philadelphia 76ers season. The new platform won't differentiate between primary and secondary ticket sales, so users will be able to view all available tickets in the same space.

Apps To Help You Survive and Conquer Valentine's Day

Crap: It’s the second week of February and you’ve done exactly nothing in preparation for Valentine’s Day. That’s OK—with the remaining time, a few installs can save your day (and maybe night?). Whether you’re celebrating with a long-term partner or even just trying to spare your single self a little heartache, there’s an app to go along with your plans (or lack thereof). Put down your credit card, do not order that stuffed bear. Just, grab your phone.

Verizon Said to Enlist AOL CEO Armstrong to Explore Yahoo Deal

Armstrong’s outreach picks up on conversations he had in 2014 with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer at the Allen & Co. media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, according to another person familiar with the situation. This was a year before Verizon acquired AOL and when Armstrong was exploring a deal to combine the two former Web portal giants. He has known Mayer for years. Both were executives at Google before they left to head up their respective Web companies.

India bans Facebook's 'Free Basics' service

Net neutrality one, Facebook zero. India's telecommunications regulator has banned what it calls "discriminatory tariffs for data services," more commonly known as zero-rating. The term describes schemes that allow customers to access particular sites or services for "free," or without eating into their monthly data cap. Facebook has been offering such a deal through its Free Basics ( formerly called ) platform, which includes local news, weather, Wikipedia and, of course, Facebook.

Chipotle will shut down all its stores today and rivals are rubbing salsa in the wound

is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 45 million monthly unique visitors and 26 million social followers.

Firewatch Review - IGN

It’s a pair of firework-launching teenage girls that set Firewatch’s story in motion, and you can choose to talk to Delilah at almost any time by bringing up your two-way radio. She’s got something to say about almost everything, whether you need advice on how to handle a given situation or you’re just reporting your progress on a task she’s given you, and she’s so engaging that I found myself eager to call about every little thing I came across. Things get darker – in a figurative as well as a sometimes literal sense – when the teens go missing, and you and Delilah try to piece together the puzzle of their whereabouts while making your own critical (sometimes difficult) decisions. The writing here is simply head and shoulders above nearly every other game I’ve ever played. In fact, Firewatch’s script, unlike most video games, would also make a fantastic novella that’s every bit as gripping as the game is. It’s tense, scary, and funny – sometimes all within a few minutes of each other. Not a lot of games can successfully claim that.

Verizon Said to Enlist AOL CEO Armstrong to Explore Yahoo Deal

Armstrong’s outreach picks up on conversations he had in 2014 with Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer at the Allen & Co. media conference in Sun Valley, Idaho, according to another person familiar with the situation. This was a year before Verizon acquired AOL and when Armstrong was exploring a deal to combine the two former Web portal giants. He has known Mayer for years. Both were executives at Google before they left to head up their respective Web companies.

Watch The 9th Annual Crunchies, Hosted By Chelsea Peretti, Right Here

It’s a big week for San Francisco. Yesterday, the city played host to the Super Bowl and tonight, we are celebrating the startup ecosystem with our 9th Annual Crunchies award show in the swanky WSF War Memorial Opera House . You can guess which one of those I’m more excited about.

France Gives Facebook 3 Months To Stop Tracking 'Non-Users'

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The French data protection authority on Monday gave Facebook three months to stop tracking non-users' web activity without their consent and ordered the social network to stop transferring data to the United States using an illegal data transfer pact.

Instagram launches account switching on iOS and Android

Facebook-owned Instagram today announced that starting this week, users will be able to switch accounts when using the app on Android and iOS. The feature will be available in version 7.15 of the app, and it allows people to have as many as five accounts logged in at once.

Anti-piracy group BREIN demands Torrents Time cease and desist

In addition to the cease and desist, the anti-piracy group also requests “the geographical address of yourself and the entity or other person(s) who are responsible for the distribution of Torrents Time.” The reason? So that BREIN can hold Torrents Time liable “in case you continue your unlawful activities.” If Torrents Time does not comply, BREIN will request that the site’s host take down the site and provide it with the administrators’ names and addresses. Oh, and BREIN will hold Torrents Time “liable for all (further) incurred costs including legal fees.”

Blizzard CEO Mike Morhaime on the last 25 years of games — and the next 25

The company started in 1991 as Silicon & Synapse, with Allen Adham, Morhaime, and Frank Pearce as its founders. They started out as work for hire, making games for Interplay Productions. But now they’ve grown into a 4,000-employee powerhouse, with $1.6 billion in the 12 months that ended September 30, the leading subscriber online game in World of Warcraft, a 30 million seller in Diablo III, and two growing esports with Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft (a card battler) and Heroes of the Storm (an online multiplayer strategy game). Throughout the ups and downs, the changes in ownership, a transition in power in which Adham turned the reins over to Morhaime, the company has outlived the competition.

India bans Facebook’s Free Basics: Law targets ‘discriminatory tariffs’ and supports net neutrality

“Our mission is to give everyone in the world the power to share what’s important to them and to connect every person in the world,” explained Zuckerberg at a Townhall Q&A at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), back in October. “And India is the world’s largest democracy. There are a billion people in India who do not have access to the Internet yet, and if we care about connecting everyone in the world, you can’t do that if there are so many people who don’t have access to basic connectivity.”

Here's Tim Cook's ringing endorsement for iPhone photography

Granted, he probably got caught up in the festivities and was more interested in looking at real-life than his screen, but the internet isn’t a forgiving place and people are having a field day berating Cook’s photographic skills today.

39 Switch from Facebook's iOS app to Facebook on Safari to save battery life

Uninstalling the app altogether and using Facebook on Safari conserves up to 15 percent of your iPhone battery life on average, and that’s including the same amount of daily usage, according to The Guardian’s research. The news organization first tested Facebook’s Android app and found that deleting it from a phone saves up to 20 percent of its battery life. The iPhone app is slightly less of a battery hog, but compared to using Facebook on Safari, it’s almost as bad as the Android version.

Here’s What The Blue Origin Rocket Sees When It Lands Vertically

But an even bigger accomplishment came just four weeks later when, on January 22, 2016, Blue Origin's New Shepard rocket vertically launched and landed for a second time, making it the first reusable rocket to be reused. To celebrate that accomplishment, Bezos has now tweeted a Vine clip showing the POV of the New Shepard rocket as it landed the second time.

Here's how Twitter's new algorithmic timeline is going to work

The Verge spoke to two users who have been testing the new timeline for a few months. Neither particularly liked it. "I started to get used to it but I still think that it is a terrible idea," Twitter user Robin Bonny told me. "It tears conversations apart, and it's really confusing when some people have been live-tweeting an event and those things get scattered all across my timeline. It makes it extremely hard to follow events, and destroys one of the core values of Twitter, in my opinion." Another user, Coady DiBiase, was only slightly more positive. "It's definitely nice in terms of catching up on things I might've missed, but it's a departure from the core idea of Twitter, so overall it complicates things."

OnePlus 2 Gets Permanent Price Cut

The other good news — this isn't a limited-time promotion. OnePlus said its operations have "sized up to the Goldilocks principle of just right" thanks to timing and scale, so it's able to offer the handset at this new lower price.

UC Berkley researchers are testing robot roaches that could save your life one day

Researchers at UC Berkley are building a robot designed to scamper through tight spaces with articulated movement similar to that of a cockroach. This project, partially funded by the US Army, is the first step in creating a highly effective search-and-rescue robot.

Xcode 7.3 beta build adds awesome new Interactive Playgrounds feature for Swift apps

Xcode 7.3 beta build adds awesome new Interactive Playgrounds feature for Swift apps

Rick Rubin is releasing an official Star Wars-themed EDM compilation

Lowe also premiered Baauer's rowdy "Cantina Boys" (it's full of cantina horns and Darth Vader's heavy breathing) and Rubin's own track "NR-G7," which uses sampled R2-D2 bleep-bloops as something like a lead melody. The DJ committed to further promotion and premieres throughout the week on Beats 1, and you won't have to stay glued to the radio to hear new music for long.  According to Exclaim , Star Wars Headspace is being digitally released on February 19th. (A physical version is coming out about a month later.)

Australia Cuts 110 Climate Scientist Jobs

CSRIO is a federally funded research agency akin to NASA in the United States. Its climate change program is the largest in the nation and the most advanced in the Southern Hemisphere, a part of the world that is 80 percent ocean and is home to 12 percent of the world’s population. The bottom half of the planet has historically been understudied, a problem because gaps in monitoring the Southern Hemisphere mean gaps in understanding the global climate. CSIRO began filling in some gaps in the 1970s.

Online 'Malware Museum' Offers Up Nerdy Nostalgia

And while The Internet Archive's collection represents only a sampling of the early days of malware—when folks were in it for a laugh, not your personal identity—it's certainly good for a walk down 8-bit memory lane.

How WIRED Is Going to Handle Ad Blocking

On an average day, more than 20 percent of the traffic to comes from a reader who is blocking our ads. We know that you come to our site primarily to read our content, but it’s important to be clear that advertising is how we keep WIRED going: paying the writers, editors, designers, engineers, and all the other staff that works so hard to create the stories you read and watch here.

Snapchat seemed pointless, but suddenly I love it

The lack of feedback is liberating. It gives you freedom to experiment without worrying about the number of ‘likes’ you’ll get. There’s no real popularity contest in Snapchat. The closest thing is the ‘score’ on your profile, and that goes up the more you share – it’s a participation trophy, not a medal based on how cool you are. The fact that the ability to see how many people viewed your snaps is so downplayed in the UI speaks to this, too.

Firewatch Photos will print and ship your in-game snapshots

The reason the feature isn't available on PlayStation 4 yet? Firewatch Photos is a network service, and Panic's Cabel Sasser tells Polygon that consoles need to be "extra vigilant" about network access. "We are actively investigating what it would take to make this happen on the PlayStation 4," Sasser says. "Sony wants it and so do we!" Polygon 's piece also explores the origins of the mode and how deep the thought process was for the feature. A line of dialogue was rewritten and re-recorded to reflect the fiction's photo processing store after the original bits of script was already in the can, for instance. What's more, the idea of getting physical copies of the photos came up as an off-handed idea amongst the team."When there's an idea that immediately excites us both -- like the idea behind Firewatch in the first place -- it's hard to stop us from doing it," says Sasser. Sounds like PS4 support is a matter of "when," not "if," in this case.

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82 Google's Sundar Pichai becomes highest-paid CEO in US
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84 How Economists Would Fix Online Dating
85 Free Basics And Facebook’s Waterloo In India
86 It’s been 20 years since John Perry Barlow declared cyberspace independence
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