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“Get Out” Should Definitely Win The Oscar For Best Picture. Here’s Why

A case for why the little horror movie that could should win the biggest award at the Oscars. [Spoilers ahead, obviously.]

An artificial intelligence beat Q*bert by exploiting an unknown loophole

Arcade gamers, the robots are coming for you.

I have never once 'liked' anything on Facebook. And I never will.

It's just too easy.

Therapy dogs help students return to school after Parkland shooting

The pups have been "a major source of healing."

'Avengers: Infinity War' will hit theaters sooner than we thought

Deadpool is probably breathing a sigh of relief.

Equifax just reminded us that it's still the goddamn worst

Even more people were affected by the 2017 hack than initially thought.

AI Discovers New Cheat Playing Q*Bert on Atari

What looks like random behavior turns out to be the AI taking full advantage of a bug nobody knew existed in Q*bert.

Today in Apple history: Apple IIe Card lets Apple II software run on Macs

On March 1, 1991, Apple introduces the Apple IIe Card, which lets users turn their LC family Macs into fully functioning Apple IIe computers.

Google Chrome's latest experiment lets your write songs in your browser

Making music in Chrome is now possible.

Enterprising food blogger figures out how to make wine in an Instant Pot

A DIY for the Instant Pot era.

August smart lock users can now ask Google Assistant if their doors are locked

Now a user can ask the Google Assistant, "Hey Google, is my door closed?"

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Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War release date is now April 27

The move isn't without precedent -- studios move films around all the time -- but what's different here is the manner and timing of it. Usually films are pushed back, or kept in limbo for a period of time, and Marvel has been locked into this May 4 date (which is super close to the 10th anniversary of the MCU) for years -- October 2014 , to be exact.

GitHub hit with massive 1.35 Tbps DDoS attack, could be world's largest

On Feb. 28, GitHub was hit with a massive DDoS attack that peaked at 1.35 Tbps, making it one of the largest attacks of its kind ever recorded.

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Europe to Facebook and Google: remove illegal content in one hour (we're serious this time!)


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Equifax finds another 2.4 million people affected by its data breach

Machine Learning Crash Course  |  Google Developers

Learn and apply fundamental machine learning concepts with the Crash Course or visit Learn with Google AI to explore the full library of training resources.

Facebook Ditches Plan for 2 Separate News Feeds

"We constantly try out new features, design changes and ranking updates to understand how we can make Facebook better for everyone," Mosseri wrote. "Some of these changes… work well and go on to become globally available. Others don't and we drop them."

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5,000-year-old mummy is earliest known tattooed woman

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Microchip Technology to acquire Microsemi, the largest US commercial supplier of military and aerospace semiconductor equipment, for ~$8.35B ( @danacimilluca / Wall Street Journal) …

The 5 most popular programming languages among female developers

The gender gap in age of learning to code is also shrinking: By the time college students enroll in a CS101 course today, men and women are more likely to start on equal footing than in the past. Specifically, for men and women over age 35, there was a 20% gap between those who began coding before age 16. Today, that gap has shrunk to just 7% difference between men and women.

Series 3 sales help crown Apple Watch king of 2017 wearables market

Some 8 million Apple Watches may have been sold in the December quarter, allowing Apple to beat out the likes of Fitbit for wearables dominance not just then but during the whole of 2017, according to research published on Thursday. Apple saw its marketshare rise year-over-year from 14.4 percent to 21 percent in Q4, with units growing from 5.1 million, IDC said. One-time leader Fitbit saw its units decline from 6.5 million to 5.4 million, and hence share fall from 18.5 percent to 14.2. Behind those two companies were Xiaomi, Garmin, and Huawei. A cumulative "others" group shrank from 43.5 percent to 41 percent, even as shipments increased slightly to 15.6 million. "4Q17 was the first quarter that Apple held the market leader position all to itself after spending several quarters close behind Fitbit or Xiaomi," IDC wrote. "Apple is catching the market at the right time with many users of basic wearables moving on to smartwatches and cellular connectivity (available on select Series 3 Watches) is earning a warm reception among end users, if only for the convenience of leaving their smartphone behind.

Best Buy is closing all 250 of its mobile stores in the US

In an internal memo seen by Reuters , chief executive Hubert Joly told employees that margins at the stores had “compressed” and that “the cost of operations in our mobile standalone stores is higher than in our big box stores.” About 85 percent of Best Buy’s mobile shops are located within three miles of big-box stores, the memo noted.

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You don’t need any money to be happy. But it sure helps.

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DoorDash raises $535 million to fuel food delivery war:

Zuckerberg sold nearly $500 million Facebook stock in February

(Reuters) - Facebook Inc ( FB.O ) Chief Executive Officer Mark Zuckerberg sold nearly $500 million in the company’s shares in February to fund his philanthropic investment vehicle, the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), regulatory filings showed.

Formula 1 puts viewers in control with streaming TV product

BARCELONA (Reuters) - Formula 1 is launching a new TV streaming product that it says will put fans in control of their race viewing experience, letting them watch from their favorite driver’s perspective or tracking battles for position.

Dropbox partners with Google to add G Suite integrations for Docs, Sheets, and Slides

As part of the new Google partnership, which mirrors one Dropbox formed with Microsoft a few years back , users will be able to create, open, and edit Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files directly within Dropbox’s interface. That should be helpful for the more than 50 percent of Dropbox customers who also work for a company that uses G Suite at work, which includes Gmail, Google Drive, and other cloud-based Google productivity software.

It’s Hard To Believe, But Crocs Just Got Even More Comfortable

Well, Crocs has some big news for its fans. It has found a way to make the shoes even more comfortable. In its first major innovation in 16 years, Crocs has created a new material, called LiteRide, that the brand says is even more comfortable than its original technology. LiteRide is 25% lighter and 40% softer than Croslite, while still providing shock absorption and support. The brand developed a “closed-cell” foam, which basically means the shoe is made up of tiny bubbles. I tried on an early sample of the shoe, and I can attest that it is so light that it really does feel like you are walking on air. It makes you feel like you are bouncing a little with every step, while the material cradles your foot.

VMware's full-year forecast beat as licensing business grows

(Reuters) - VMware Inc ( VMW.N ), with which Dell Technologies Inc is considering a reverse-merger to be a public company, forecast on Thursday upbeat full-year revenue and profit after it sold more licenses for its software products in the fourth quarter.

How to track flights in the Mac's Notification Center | Cult of Mac

Tracking flights is a bit of a pain. Siri can do it, and if you’re a real plane spotter, you might even trouble yourself to find an app to do it. But for most of us, we track a flight once in a while, whenever someone’s coming to visit. We just want something that is simple to use, and the disappears. That something is TodayFlights, a neat app that adds a flight tracker to the Mac’s Notification Center Today View.

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Nick Spencer is The Amazing Spider-Man comic's next writer

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Not on Twitter? Sign up, tune into the things you care about, and get updates as they happen.

Top 10 Productivity Features for the iPad in iOS 11

iOS 11 has OS-wide drag and drop and while it’s similar to the one on macOS, it is customized for touch screens and is actually quite modern. You can drag and drop inside apps and between apps. It works for basically everything – text, images, links, media, files and so on.

A Time-Management Master Plan For Your First 12 Months At A Startup

“When joining a later-stage company, your role and career path are more defined,” says La. “On the other hand, for a first employee in an area like engineering or design, you must, of course, focus on shipping your part of the product.” In her view, that means mapping out a timeline of key inflection points to guide your approach to developing the startup’s product, the team you’re helping to build, and your own career–all at the same time. Here’s how she did it over her first 12 months.

Amazon is officially the new Walmart — only worse

Walmart was seen as the biggest villain in American capitalism in the second half of the 20th century. Now, as e-commerce explodes, Amazon is becoming the new symbol for everything that's wrong with big business in the US in the 21st century.

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Open channel: What was the first movie that scared the crap out of you?

Three Unanswered Questions About Trump's Metals Tariffs

President Donald Trump’s confirmation Thursday that he’ll slap harsh duties on steel and aluminum shipments appears to leave those lobbying against the measures with little room for maneuver. But there’s still a flicker of hope for them.

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Don't care for Facebook's new facial recognition feature? There's a setting for that:

Why The U.S. Electoral System Will Keep Giving Us Unpopular Presidents

LL:  It’s been this long tradition. And, no doubt that tradition grew out of what the framers of our Constitution did. But the reality is, the framers gave the states enormous power by creating the Senate the way they created it. You know, Madison was furious at the idea that every state would get two senators. It violated a fundamental principle of equality that Madison thought the republic should embrace. But that’s been the compromise–the compromise that made the union possible. And I think that what we’re saying is that’s compromise enough–that you’ve got a lot of power in the Senate. We’re all citizens and we’ve set up a system where the people are voting to elect their president, and you can’t call it a vote unless we all have the same weight to our vote.

Demand for AI talent exploding: Here are the 10 most in-demand jobs

While many fear that AI will soon replace jobs , at this phase in the technology's development, it is still creating positions, as companies need highly-skilled workers to develop and maintain a wide range of applications. Employer demand for AI-related roles has more than doubled over the past three years, the report found, and the number of AI-­related job postings as a share of all job postings is up 119%.

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Lightspeed presents: "The Independence Patch" by Bryan Camp

6 Video Games You'll Want to Buy in March

While fans of the DMC series await Dante's crazy, action-packed return to video games, they can tide themselves over with the Devil May Cry HD Collection, a compilation title that contains Devil May Cry 1, 2, and 3, with enhanced graphical fidelity, and achievement/trophy support. While DMC2 was a dud, DMC1 and 3 are iconic titles that helped shape the action game genre. If you don't already own these games on your PC or current generation consoles, definitely give it a try this month.

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GitHub, struck by record-breaking DDoS, walks it off

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Poo germs, not sharks, make swimming in the ocean so treacherous

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Study shows just how stressed out Latino parents are over immigration policy

Your nose isn’t really as big as it looks in selfies

Last year, more than half of plastic surgeons were approached by patients who wanted to look better in selfies, according to a survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery . But selfies don’t actually reflect what people look like in the flesh, says Paskhover, who works at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School. “They take out their phone and they say, ‘Look at this picture, look how big my nose looks,’” he says. “I went out to prove why selfies don’t look like the real person, why they’re distorted.”

Galaxy S9 display tops iPhone X for best ever | Cult of Mac

“Samsung has concentrated on significantly enhancing and optimizing the on-screen Absolute Picture Quality and Absolute Color Accuracy of the OLED display by implementing precision factory display calibration, moving the overall Galaxy S9 display performance up to Outstanding levels…that is Visually Indistinguishable From Perfect, and almost certainly considerably better than your existing Smartphone, living room 4K Ultra or HDTV, Tablet, Laptop, and computer monitor.”

Stop Giving Meaningless Compliments And Do This Instead

The easiest way to turn your compliment into an acknowledgment is to take yourself out of the phrasing you use. Instead of telling your barista, “I love your shirt,” say, “You have great taste. Your style really suits you.” In fact, my own barista modeled this acknowledgment technique the day I grabbed a chai to help me finish writing this article: “Your face is glowing. Your glasses are so stylish,” she told me, “and that jacket! Your look is on fire today, Suzan!” I left the cafe with my chai in hand and a big grin on my face. I’d actually been making an effort to look better with my clothes and had put on a bit of makeup. His acknowledgement let me know those efforts were paying off, and that I was on the right track with my mini makeover.

How to convert any video (or song) into an MP3 | Cult of Mac

To convert an audio track, or a video, to MP3, just share it, and pick the workflow you just created. Depending on how you set it up, you may be asked to fill out dome of the fiords along the way (name, album, and so on), and you may have to choose a folder save it in. Other than that, the conversion runs unsupervised.

Bill Gates on Reddit: 3 great moments from the Microsoft founder’s AMA

The most amazing thing will be when computers can read and understand the text like humans do. Today computers can do simple things like search for specific words but concepts like vacation or career or family are not “understood”. Microsoft and others are working on this to create a helpful assistant. It has always been kind of a holy grail of software particularly now that vision and speech are largely solved. Another frontier is robotics where the human ability to move and manipulate is amazing and experts disagree on whether it will take just a decade or a lot longer (Brooks) to achieve the equivalent. [ permalink ]

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The story behind Annihilation's most terrifying creature is equally horrific

Apple’s upcoming biometric AirPods may pack health sensors | Cult of Mac

Tracking your heart rate while jogging soon may only require using earbuds, as a new patent filing show that Apple seems very serious about adding biometric sensing to its AirPods.

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Neil Gaiman will be overseeing a bunch of new Sandman comics

11 ways to eliminate distractions while working from home

If there are other people home while you're working, it may be helpful to post a schedule on the door of your home office. This can help kids or significant others know when you're free, and when you're busy and shouldn't be distracted.

Jack Dorsey Tweetstorms a Plea to Make Twitter More Civil

Facebook has also been battling with the perception that it’s a swamp for fake news. It’s tried to fix that by focusing on "meaningful interactions" between friends and family on the site. The company is also prioritizing information from publishers that remain on the social network by measuring how trustworthy they are. Trustworthiness is based on a recent survey of U.S. Facebook users that gauged their familiarity with, and trust in, different sources of news.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus takes best camera crown from Google Pixel 2

DxOMark's rating for the camera performance taking still images is a staggering 104 points, its highest smartphone camera rating. The Galaxy S9 Plus's video performance earned a more modest but passable 91 rating, which seats it slightly above the iPhone X and below the Google Pixel 2 for shooting video. 

Lifehacker on Twitter

You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

This app rewards you with discounts for not looking at your iPhone | Cult of Mac

Not looking at your smartphone is the new looking at your smartphone. Or, at least, that’s the idea driving an intriguing app which aims to reward students with discounts on movie tickets and other services if they don’t keep checking their iPhones.

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Twitter wants to know if its platform is healthy

Hoping to get rich off a cryptocurrency ICO? The US reportedly is checking for shady dealings

Plenty of people have gotten rich off cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ether as valuations surged along with investor interest in 2017. The frenzy has slowed down for now. But startups, big businesses and cryptocurrency enthusiasts are still actively pushing the technology, and its long-term future is uncertain.

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52 6 industries that are using blockchain to drive business value right now
53 Astranis emerges from stealth with a new satellite technology for connecting the world
54 Sarcastic Apple T-shirts urge Cupertino to 'Think Different (again)'
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57 YouTube Hiring for Some Positions Excluded White and Asian Males, Lawsuit Says
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59 NASA Finds a Large Amount of Water in an Exoplanet's Atmosphere
60 The Best Toasters of 2018
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63 How to Watch the 2018 Oscar-Nominated Movies Online
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66 Amazon is reportedly trying to turn Alexa into a real-time translator
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68 Equifax discovers another 2.4 million customers hit by data breach
69 Facebook found out no one wants a split News Feed
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72 9 Challenges Slowing Blockchain Deployment - InformationWeek
73 A $1 trillion money manager is looking to put crypto into some of its portfolios
74 EU piles pressure on internet giants to remove extremist content
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77 Norway's Telenor seeks salvation in the cloud
78 ​Nokia attempts a smartphone comeback with Android | ZDNet
79 The Best iPhone X Cases of 2018
80 Instagram code reveals unreleased voice and video calling
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82 Can These Small Satellites Solve the Riddle of Internet From Space?
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85 Uber and Lyft drivers' median hourly wage is just $3.37, report finds
86 ​Memcached DDoS: The biggest, baddest denial of service attacker yet | ZDNet
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88 Pre-order the Samsung Galaxy S9, plus find deals on the Gear Sport 3, smart TVs, and H&R Block software
89 Xbox One tests spring update with controller sharing via Mixer