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Mysterious 'bright green' fireball spotted over Colorado

Coloradans up before the sun on Wednesday morning saw a "bright green" fireball soar across the sky before it burned out over the mountains.

Increase Your Website's Conversion w/ Web Analytics & Heat Mapping

Ptengine Web Analytics Platform: Lifetime Subscription: Analyze and convert by yourself, friendly interface, real time data, responsive website support.

Google Reveals Updated Chromebook Pixel With USB-C

Like the new Apple MacBook, Google's updated Chromebook Pixel supports USB-C.

Sesame Street's executive producer on staying relevant after 46 years

Thanks to Netflix, Amazon and YouTube, the competition for kid's eyeballs is fiercer than ever, but that's not slowing down Sesame Street. Now in its 46t

Netflix stuffed its video service into an NES cartridge

Netflix's experimental Hack Days often lead to wonderfully off-the-wall projects, but its latest might have produced the best example yet. Engineers Guy

Black University of Oklahoma students urge change after racist video

How black University of Oklahoma students are propelling change for campus minorities.

Live-action 'Dumbo' taking flight at Disney with Tim Burton

Tim Burton -- whose "Alice in Wonderland" made more than $1 billion worldwide for Disney -- is attached to direct a live-action version of "Dumbo."

Derek Zoolander and Hansel storm the runway at Paris Fashion Week

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson walked the runway at the Valentino show to announce 'Zoolander 2.'

Motorcycle-riding heroes stop traffic to save dog

All dogs should be so lucky.

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MacBook vs Dell XPS 13: Which is the king of portable laptops?

Apple has announced the latest in its lineup, the simple MacBook. Not only is the new offering the thinnest laptop Apple has ever produced, but the 12-inch machine comes equipped with a Retina display, all-day battery life, and a host of updated hardware. However, how does the forthcoming device compare with our current front runner when placed side by side? Check out the direct comparison below for a closer look at the two competing devices and their capabilities.

Users getting 'Cannot connect to iTunes Store' error

Having trouble purchasing or updating your apps? You’re not the only one. It seems the App Store, iTunes, and other Apple services are down this morning, and Apple is yet to acknowledge that there is a problem.


Combat began in earnest today as the attorney representing storied venture capital firm Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers began her cross-examination of Ellen Pao, a one-time partner suing for gender discrimination and retaliation. Attorney Lynne Hermle sought to undermine Pao’s credibility by establishing inconsistencies in her testimony, cross-referencing Pao’s answers with excerpts from a pre-taped video deposition played before a standing-room-only San Francisco courtroom.

How My App Ended Up In An Apple Ad, And What Happened Next

It turns out that 30 seconds of ad time during the World Cup can cost up to $1 million. That, of course, is not something an independent app studio like ours could afford. And then there was all the other stuff that wasn't on TV: the "You’re more powerful than you think" campaign was promoted heavily on Apple's websites with additional details and links to all of the apps featured in the ad. The ad and its apps were also prominently showcased on the App Store with a special category that included direct links to the apps. This special category most likely led to the most downloads for us.

Facebook removes 'feeling fat' emoticon under pressure from online activists

Facebook this week  removed a feature that allowed users to tell their friends they're "feeling fat," in apparent response to an  online petition that garnered more than 16,000 signatures. The "feeling fat" emoticon had been among the lengthy list of  feelings and activities that users can include when updating their statuses, alongside the likes of "blessed," "loved," and "drunk." Supporters of the petition argued that "fat is not a feeling," and that by including the smiling, double-chinned emoticon, Facebook was "encouraging negative body image among girls." The company removed the emoticon on Tuesday.

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Walkthrough - DmC: Devil May Cry Wiki Guide - IGN

You play as  Dante through 20 missions of DmC. There is an overall story throughout those missions, but there's also a lot of flexibility throughout the game. You can go back to any previous mission they have cleared at any time and switch Difficulty Levels at will.

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'Breaking Bad' creator warns tourists to stop throwing pizzas on Walter White's house.

A Q&A With One Of This Year’s Most Innovative Companies: AnyPerk

We still believe happier employees are an undervalued resource, and we know that perks are only part of the answer. So, we're building out our platform more. We think our mobile app will help increase usage and make employees take advantage of more perks they don't know enough about. But we're also launching a beta product for rewards that will empower companies to spontaneously recognize their employees in cool ways. Plus we have some amazing hires to announce that will help us bring on more and better perks and enter new markets. And really long term, we want to keep working to help our customers understand how happy their employees are and what they can do to improve sentiment. We're always listening to customer feedback and trying to improve, so please tweet at us or leave us a note if you have suggestions!

Apple Watch vs. the competition: Where does it stand?

Now that Mobile World Congress has come and gone, bringing with it a slew of smartwatch announcements, it's time to learn more about Apple's own highly anticipated entry into the market. We finally have a firm release date and a price -- April 24, starting at $349 for the 38mm Apple Watch Sport. But the field it's entering has changed quite a bit since the Apple Watch was first announced in September. What can the Apple Watch expect to face off against when it hits stores, and how does it ultimately stack up? We've compared some of the top models in the table below, and you can walk through our gallery to learn about even more options on the market. Gallery | 9 Photos Apple Watch vs. the competition + See all 9

Fight of the Living Dead Trailer Debut - IGN

We have your first look at the trailer for CONtv's new series Fight of the Living Dead , a mash-up of reality and scripted genres that "follows a collection of online celebrities including Joey Graceffa, Jesse and Jeana (PrankvsPrank), Justine Ezarik (iJustine), and more as they work to survive the first 24-hours of a simulated zombie apocalypse. Contestants will face a series of grisly challenges in an attempt to eliminate the competition through the undead’s frightening realistic onslaught."

Sony is closing its failed PlayStation Mobile platform

PlayStation Mobile, Sony's initiative to build a store for indie games and PlayStation classics that could be played on both the PS Vita handheld and certain Android phones, is coming to an end. No further content will be published after July 15th, and come September 10th you won't even be able to re-download any games you've bought in the past.  Sony ceased support for the Android side of the platform last year.

Sony Joins Crowd of Online TV Providers

TOKYO— Sony Corp. is ramping up its online TV efforts in the U.S., but will face competition from a number of other companies targeting consumers who don’t have pay-television service.

Which Watch? How to pick the Apple Watch that’s right for you

The lowest-price Watch ships with a Sport Band, but the stainless steel case really shines when paired with a leather (Classic Buckle, Modern Buckle, or Leather Loop, all with stainless steel finishes) or a stainless steel (Milanese Loop or Link Bracelet) band. Yes, you can pair the Apple Watch Sport case with a Milanese Loop band, but the aluminum will clash with the stainless steel, while the classic Watch was made for these bands. Plus, the Apple Watch also has a space gray stainless steel case option that’s super svelte, with bands to match.

10 things to consider before buying an LED bulb - CNET

The LED Age is officially upon us, and light bulbs are as high-tech as they've ever been. That makes it a great time to upgrade, but you'll want to be sure you understand some light bulb basics first. Here's what you need to know.


Now, the island scrub jay has apparently said “screw all that isolation.” This is particularly weird because birds have, you know, wings . It’d be easy to see how something less mobile like a snail could split and stay isolated, but the jays are more than capable of flying between populations and mating. Yet they only very rarely do. Why that is, Langin isn’t yet sure, but she has a few hypotheses. A simple explanation would be that each variety is only attracted to birds with beaks like its own. But then how did the split happen in the first place? Perhaps a population of jays long ago settled in a certain kind of forest, evolved either an acorn- or pine cone-specialized beak, and henceforth found only that trait to be wildly attractive (sexual selection is, after all, a matter of determining the fitness of your mate, and few things are more fit than being able to eat the food in your environment). “Another alternate hypothesis going into this would be maybe individuals that are hatched in pine habitat just prefer to settle in pine habitat,” Langin says. “There’s actually a lot of evidence that experiences birds have immediately after they hatch come into play when they’re selecting a place where they want to breed.

Pitting the Surface Pro 3 up against the new MacBook

My daughter has a Surface Pro 3 (128GB with I5 CPU) and I have a 13"MBP (2012 mid June).  To be honest when I upgrade I will seriously consider the Surface Pro in the latest iteration.  Having used both, I really like the feature and functionality of the SP3 better than the MBP.  Taking notes with the SP3 is much easier using the stylus.  And the versatility from tablet to PC is great!  The only thing that keeps me in the Apple camp, for now, is the issue with viruses on a Windows PC.  I virtually have no issues on the mac and have never had a virus shut down my Mac since owning it.  I have had to clean the SP3 twice since Christmas.  If Microsoft wants to add functionality to an SP3 or any other PC running its OS, they should get serious about arresting and controlling viruses and malware.  That is what pushed me to Apple, and for now, what is keeping me there. Come on Microsoft step up to the plate!

Uncharted 4 Delayed Until Spring 2016 - IGN

Initially slated for release this year, Naughty Dog has pushed the date so that "Uncharted 4: A Thief's End not only meets the team's high standards but the high standards that gamers have come to expect from a Naughty Dog title."

Guardian Backpedals on Whisper App Privacy Violations

Whisper said the change was about showing the company is committed to privacy. “We appreciate the Guardian issuing the corrections and setting the record straight,” Chief Executive Michael Heyward said. “For us, this isn’t about vindication. It is vital that our users and partners know that Whisper is and always has been totally committed to the privacy of everyone who uses our product.”

Fan Powered by any Heat Source

Almost any heat source with enough temperature can be used to power the motor and this makes this small device easy and fun to experiment with. It´s very sensitive to temperature differences. I could run it on water with only 20C difference (23C air temp and 43C water temp). As seen in the video it´s powered from fire, hot water, food, and even used to cool a computer processor. The latter is an idea I had when i created my first build in 2013 and people said to me it cannot be done. It can and it´s stable for normal use but with further optimizations it could probably be even better. I don't think it can replace a regular CPU cooler but as it uses no electricity from the computer it´s somewhat environmental friendly. More information on last page.

Scientists say people are terrible at remembering what the Apple logo looks like

The inability to clearly remember well-known images and logos has been observed before — a similar study, conducted in the 1970s, showed that people couldn't recall what was on the faces of an American penny. But UCLA's scientists say the new study is different in that it examines logos that are "prominently advertised, people attend to frequently, and are designed to be recognizable." People use pennies, but rarely need to closely observe their features; Apple's logo is easy to find in everyday life and designed to be noticed.

Don’t buy this millionaire’s terrible Star Wars house

The Incom T-47 airspeeder was originally a civilian craft, designed to carry industrial cargo with its hardy tow rope before being pressed into service and retrofitted with twin laser cannons by a Rebel Alliance desperate for military hardware. This bed is shiny, gleaming, new, and bristling with guns. It houses six cannons — an obviously unbelievable amount of weaponry to fuse to a single ship without shields or a hyperdrive. The repulsorlift-powered T-47 isn't even capable of breaking atmosphere.

Registration for Google’s Code Jam 2015 is Now Open

Previous Code Jams have seen more than 35,000 coders compete for the top prize. This year’s Code Jam Champion will take home a grand prize of $15,000, and the winner of the Distributed Code Jam will win $3,000.

The quiet computing revolution built into Apple’s 12-inch MacBook

The small plug — technically called “the USB Type C” — is the only one on Apple’s latest Macbook. That’s provoking some groans among road warriors who often need multiple ports to charge their phones, connect to a flash drive and keep their laptops charged at the same time. But inconveniences aside, it’s easy to see how Apple is forcing a major change in the industry.

Lasers! Gas! Waterproof Pants! How Levi Strauss & Co. Keeps Improving Jeans

You may want to put on a raincoat for this episode of Innovation Undercover . That's because Fast Company correspondent Jason Feifer is going to get hella soaked (hey, it's the Bay Area, we can say "hella") in a pair of Levi Strauss & Co.'s waterproof commuter pants. He'll also encounter lasers, hot gas, and pumice stones—no, he hasn't just wandered onto the set of the new Star Wars ; Jason's checking out the top-shelf innovations happening at this sci-fi lab devoted to all things denim.

Shh... here's a sneak peek into our SXSW Mashable House

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 42 million unique visitors worldwide and 21 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Twitter Launches New Analytics Hub and Promotion Feature

Starting today, businesses will see a new homepage on The new dashboard provides a holistic view of your tweet activity, including info such as:

Twitter Updates Profiles on Android With Larger Photos

The new profiles features larger avatar and header photos and you no longer have to swipe to see a bio on a profile. The update also adds infinite swipe of tweets to profiles pages so you don’t have to tap the View More button anymore.

Our new neighbours: Rare dwarf galaxies found orbiting the Milky Way - CNET

The Milky Way galaxy now officially has new neighbours. Nine dwarf satellites, including three tiny galaxies, in orbit around our home galaxy were spotted by astronomers at the University of Cambridge in the skies of the southern hemisphere. The galaxies were found near the Large and Small Magellanic Cloud -- the two largest and most well-known dwarf galaxies in orbit around the Milky Way.

What NOT to share on LinkedIn

LinkedIn constantly encourages its users to share more about themselves, but more isn't always best. It pays to keep in mind that posting about your personality, beliefs and hobbies can potentially hurt your career.

Hands-on with the 'crazy-thin' new Apple Macbook

The new Macbook comes with a Retina Display, and it's a vision into the future of what laptops can and should be: untethered from power cables, devices whose battery life just lasts and lasts. Subscribe: Check out our full video catalog: Visit our playlists: Like The Verge on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Read More:

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'Minecraft' might get banned in Turkey for being too violent

Ericsson’s CEO on How the Company Bounced Back

Mr. Vestberg:  It’s a brutal reality, and I had to do it myself. I reduced staff in Mexico by two-thirds. I think we were some 2,000 employees in Mexico, and I took it down to 800 in two weeks. You feel bad. When I came into the CEO office I basically changed the entire management team. We knew that we had to change the company, so we needed a new set of leaders. You need to remember that up until 2009 Ericsson had been run by only Swedish males, and one Swedish female. That’s in 130 years. That’s what I had in front of me. Today, of the 14 members of the executive team there are 5 females; four are non-Swedes, and more than half of them don’t even sit in Sweden anymore. That’s a dramatic change.

34 MIT Technology Review

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Math class needs a makeover

Today's math curriculum is teaching students to expect — and excel at — paint-by-numbers classwork, robbing kids of a skill more important than solving problems: formulating them. In his talk, Dan Meyer shows classroom-tested math exercises that prompt students to stop and think. (Filmed at TEDxNYED.)

Should you live for your résumé ... or your eulogy?

Within each of us are two selves, suggests David Brooks in this meditative short talk: the self who craves success, who builds a résumé, and the self who seeks connection, community, love — the values that make for a great eulogy. (Joseph Soloveitchik has called these selves "Adam I" and "Adam II.") Brooks asks: Can we balance these two selves?

Why you should watch 'Empire,' if you're not already obsessed

You really only need one reason to watch this show: Taraji P. Henson. Despite an Oscar nomination and years of acting success, her portrayal of Cookie Lyon is something of a breakout role. She's a complex diva, who barks out lines like, "The streets ain't made for everybody — that's why they made sidewalks." Her flashy wardrobe of skin-tight mini dresses and plush fur coats are just show-stopping accents for the compelling woman underneath the getup.

3 rules to spark learning

It took a life-threatening condition to jolt chemistry teacher Ramsey Musallam out of ten years of “pseudo-teaching” to understand the true role of the educator: to cultivate curiosity. In a fun and personal talk, Musallam gives 3 rules to spark imagination and learning, and get students excited about how the world works.

Gallery: 10 buildings showing the future of architecture

Metropol Parasol in Seville, Spain. When Seville officials decided to replace the parking lot and bus station in the city center, they were surprised to discover Roman ruins beneath the surface. What to do? This structure, by J. Mayer H. Architects, was the winning scheme in an international competition. Its design protects the ruins, provides space for shopping and cafés and creates a grand public square for the still-vibrant city. The six mushroom-like shading devices provide relief from the intense Andalusian sun, and visitors can climb to the top to take in a panoramic view of the walled city. Yet the craziest part of this swoopy landmark isn’t its form but that it’s made mostly of wood. It is the largest glued structure on Earth. Watch my virtual tour of this building below. Photo by Fernando Alda / David Franck.

The poor kids of Silicon Valley

Help CNN bring change to places that need it most. Columnist John D. Sutter is tackling five topics that readers selected in an online vote. This story, on child poverty in Silicon Valley, is fifth in the series. To navigate the interactive story, click the arrow buttons at the bottom of the screen, press the arrow keys on your keyboard, or swipe left and right.

Kafka’s Remarkable Letter to His Abusive and Narcissistic Father

To you the matter always seemed very simple, at least in so far as you talked about it in front of me, and indiscriminately in front of many other people. It looked to you more or less as follows: you have worked hard all your life, have sacrificed everything for your children, above all for me, consequently I have lived high and handsome, have been completely at liberty to learn whatever I wanted, and have had no cause for material worries, which means worries of any kind at all. You have not expected any gratitude for this, knowing what “children’s gratitude” is like, but have expected at least some sort of obligingness, some sign of sympathy. Instead I have always hidden from you, in my room, among my books, with crazy friends, or with extravagant ideas… If you sum up your judgment of me, the result you get is that, although you don’t charge me with anything downright improper or wicked (with the exception perhaps of my latest marriage plan), you do charge me with coldness, estrangement, and ingratitude. And, what is more, you charge me with it in such a way as to make it seem my fault, as though I might have been able, with something like a touch on the steering wheel, to make everything quite different, while you aren’t in the slightest to blame, unless it be for having been too good to me.

In praise of slowness

Journalist Carl Honore believes the Western world's emphasis on speed erodes health, productivity and quality of life. But there's a backlash brewing, as everyday people start putting the brakes on their all-too-modern lives.

How To Make $225 An Hour Writing Poetry

The idea for a poetry-writing business came about entirely by accident. In June 2013, college buddies Szentmiklosy and Zaltsman were playing with the idea of doing an interview series about entrepreneurship. They set up a little booth on a street corner in Williamsburg—which has the highest density of entrepreneurs per capita anywhere in the world—hoping to have focus-group-like conversations with anyone passing by. Since the two guys had a bit of a poetic streak, they thought they could write people haiku as a gimmick to draw them in. Little did they know that they had, in fact, landed on their own business idea. Within a week, they were asked to write haiku at a yoga festival. They agreed, and when they attended the event, they met Markuson, a performance artist who used typewriters and poetry in all her pieces. "It was amazing, like a unicorn bumping into another unicorn," Markuson recalls.

Is the obesity crisis hiding a bigger problem?

As a young surgeon, Peter Attia felt contempt for a patient with diabetes. She was overweight, he thought, and thus responsible for the fact that she needed a foot amputation. But years later, Attia received an unpleasant medical surprise that led him to wonder: is our understanding of diabetes right? Could the precursors to diabetes cause obesity, and not the other way around? A look at how assumptions may be leading us to wage the wrong medical war.

How to save the world (or at least yourself) from bad meetings

An epidemic of bad, inefficient, overcrowded meetings is plaguing the world’s businesses — and making workers miserable. David Grady has some ideas on how to stop it.

CRM and Cloud Computing To Grow Your Business -

Customer relationship management (CRM) is all about managing the relationships you have with your customers. CRM combines business processes, people, and technology to achieve this single goal: getting and keeping customers. It's an overall strategy to help you learn more about their behavior so you can develop stronger, lasting relationships that will benefit both of you. It’s very hard to run a successful business without a strong focus on CRM, as well as adding elements of social media and making the transition to a social enterprise to connect with customers in new ways.

At 95, Lawrence Ferlinghetti Recounts More Than Six Decades of Life in San Francisco

But 64 years after arriving in San Francisco, despite his status as a literary legend, the 95-year-old co-owner of the renowned City Lights bookshop and publishing house says he doesn’t feel so at home in the city by the bay anymore. He complains of a “soulless group of people” too busy with their phones to “be here” in the moment.

TweetSmarter on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

A TED speaker's worst nightmare

Colin Robertson had 3 minutes on the TED stage to tell the world about his solar-powered crowdsourced health care solution. And then...

Germ Line Engineering with CRISPR Leads to Designer Human Embryos | MIT Technology Review

But Feng told me he approves of the idea of germ-line engineering. Isn’t the goal of medicine to reduce suffering? Considering the state of the technology, however, he thinks actual gene-edited humans are “10 to 20 years away.” Among other problems, CRISPR can introduce off-target effects or change bits of the genome far from where scientists had intended. Any human embryo altered with CRISPR today would carry the risk that its genome had been changed in unexpected ways. But, Feng said, such problems may eventually be ironed out and edited people will be born. “To me, it’s possible in the long run to dramatically improve health, lower costs. It’s a kind of prevention,” he said. “It’s hard to predict the future, but correcting disease risks is definitely a possibility and should be supported. I think it will be a reality.”

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