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Resident of Exploded NYC Building: Gas Leak Started Last Month

Fire Commissioner Salvatore Cassano, however, said the first indication of a gas leak came from a call into Con Edison at 9:13 a.m. ET on Wednesday, roughly 15 minutes before the explosion. Teams were dispatched to the scene at 9:15 a.m. ET. Mayor Bill de Blasio backed Cassano's statement this afternoon during a press conference in East Harlem; Officials said Con Edison gets hundreds of gas leak reports daily.

How NASA Sold Us The Moon

But they likely didn’t fully appreciate that in the decade that followed, NASA would also marshal all its marketing and public relations know-how to ensure that the court of public opinion would continue to give the space agency’s lunar efforts a hearty thumbs-up.

3 Google Needs To Double Down On HTML5, And Soon

Given Google's dominance of the mobile operating system market, it's easy to forget that  Google sits atop a $50 billion advertising business that depends upon its ability to index content and advertise against that content. In a mobile world that is more fixated on apps than the web, however, Google has a problem, as The Wall Street Journal's Rolfe Winkler highlights:

Talk Smack on ESPN, Yoda Does: 'This is Madness' Returns

Talk Smack on ESPN, Yoda Does: 'This Is Madness' Returns

Mozilla levels up its browser gaming plan

"Unreal Engine 4 has been re-architected for the next generation of games. We removed our proprietary UnrealScript object-oriented code and built a pure C++ engine with clean, extensible code," an Epic spokesperson said in a statement. "The wide range of integrated systems and tools developers use remain intact (with improvements), so it's still a familiar development path for folks who've used Unreal Engine 3."

6 Minutes of Nothing Is the Most Meta 'Seinfeld' Supercut Ever [VIDEO]

For six minutes, watch establishing location shots, silent scenes from George's Yankee Stadium office and quiet moments in Jerry's apartment. Though the clip opens with the show's bass-heavy theme, Frezza's clip eventually gives way to total silence, balancing on the line between eerie and uncomfortably hilarious.

'This Is Just the Beginning': Turkish Protesters Met With Tear Gas, Water Cannons

Berkin Elvan, 15, died on Tuesday after spending 269 days in a coma, the result of injuries sustained when he was caught in the crossfire between protesters and police during anti-government protests last summer. He had been hit in the head with a tear gas canister.

Web firms face a strict new set of privacy rules in Europe -- here's what to expect

The European Parliament has passed the EU’s first major overhaul of data protection legislation since 1995, taking into account today’s online landscape. Meanwhile, parliamentarians also approved a resolution calling for the suspension of a key deal affecting U.S. web firms.

Massive LeBron James Tattoo Proves You Are Not His Biggest Fan [PIC]

Well, it's time for a news flash, chief: You don't love LeBron James like this fan loves LeBron James.

Inside the Nearly Impossible Task of Finding an Airplane in the Ocean | Autopia |

Kidd says that if the plane had hit the water in one piece, there would most likely would be a lot of debris in a concentrated area. However, if it broke up at altitude, pieces could be scattered far and wide, making it hard to identify any single item from the air. This, combined with the challenge of seeing debris of any kind in the water, can make finding things difficult. Early in the search it was widely reported that an airplane door had been spotted, but authorities didn’t conclusively identify what it was and it hasn’t been spotted again. What was thought to be debris in another area turned out to be a coral reef.

NSA Has Been Hijacking the Botnets of Other Hackers | Threat Level |

The NSA doesn’t just hack foreign computers. It also piggybacks on the work of professional for-profit hackers, taking over entire networks of already-hacked machines and using them for their own purposes.

Yahoo Search Now Shows Yelp Listings and Reviews in the US

The integration looks seamless. Yelp listings are positioned at the top of the page with a gallery of relevant photos, while its average star rating and address are tucked underneath. While the Yelp logo is featured fairly prominently, the rest of the design is still consistent with the Yahoo aesthetic.

No, Twitter Has Not Been Hit by a Massive Spam Botnet

After a bit of study, I was able to trace the creation of the botnet back to March first, and I decided to get some idea of the scale of the botnet, I pulled 33 such spam tweets into a spreadsheet, and counted unique handles. The number I got was in excess of 34,000, from only that small sample. There are literally thousands of spam tweets from this botnet. The botnet could easily involve hundreds of thousands, or millions of unique handles.

25 years after inventing the web, Tim Berners-Lee invites users to help draft global "bill of rights"

The World Wide Web Foundation has set up a campaign called Web We Want, which it hopes to see draft a Magna Carta for the digital world as a way of pushing back against malign corporate and government intrusions on web freedom.

Titanfall Review - IGN

After my first few rounds of Titanfall , hearing the “Your titan is now ready” notification began to induce a Pavlovian adrenaline-rush response. I still catch myself looking up to the sky as I press down on the D-pad to call it in, because watching my 20-foot-tall robot exosuit fall onto the battlefield, seemingly from Heaven, is a glorious sight that I still see replaying when I close my eyes at night. It’s a signal that I’m about to transition from the liberating mobility of a jetpack-powered, wall-running soldier (called a pilot) to the ego-swelling walking tank that punches enemy players midair as they try to leap on its back and squashes AI-controlled minions with heavy metal feet. It’s more than a “Call of Duty with mechs” gimmick – Titanfall turns out to be an invigorating multiplayer first-person shooter that melds fresh mechanics with familiar ones, creating a new watercooler moment almost every time I play. I only wish there was more of it, and that it was easier to fight my friends.

Sen. Feinstein: CIA illegally searched Senate computers

The computers were on a closed network created to investigate claims of CIA abuse related to detention and interrogation programs that began in 2002. Feinstein explained her concerns in a 38-minute speech this morning on the Senate floor. "I have grave concerns that the CIA's search may well have violated the separation of powers principles embodied in the United States Constitution," she said.

Volkswagen: 'The Car Must Not Become A Data Monster'

The Walmart brand is fundamentally built on trust. It’s a place people have gone for many years, where they know they’ll save money. Our philosophy is pretty simple: When we use data, be transparent to the customers so that they can know what’s going on. There’s a clear opt-out mechanism. And, more important, the value equation has to be there. If we save them money or remind them of something they might need, no one says, “Wait, how did you get that data?” or “Why are you using that data?” They say, “Thank you!” I think we all know where the creep factor comes in, intuitively. Do unto others as you want to be done to you, right?

Craig Venter Wants to Build the World’s Biggest Database of Genome and Physiological Information | MIT Technology Review

Metabolon uses mass spectrometry to identify small molecules in a sample. In a human blood sample, there are around 1,200 different types; Metabolon’s process can also determine the amount of each one present. While genome sequencing can provide information about inherited risk of disease and some hints of the likelihood that a person will have a long life, metabolic data provides information on how environment, diet, and other features of an individual’s life affect health.

19 11 Fundraising Ideas for Entrepreneurs Who Don't Want VC Money

I have worked with and mentored so many entrepreneurs who tell me they feel there are no financing options out there for their businesses, yet they have zero revenue or aren't even trying to earn revenue. Here's the thing: Most businesses never get VC funding, and many can't even get bank loans when they are starting out. Often, the only way to "make it" is through cash flow.

New Jersey Bans Tesla to Ensure Buying a Car Will Always Suck | Wired Business |

This isn’t the only place where Tesla is battling such bans. Across the country, powerful car-dealer lobbies with their hands in politicians’ pockets are fighting the Silicon Valley company, trying to hold on to monopolies protected by outdated laws. But there is some solace to be taken in the New Jersey decision: It calls attention to the hypocrisy of supposed free-market politicians propping up an unloved industry at the expense of real competition.

Chelsea Clinton To Silicon Valley: Hey, You're Supposed To Be Changing The World

"Technology has the potential to revolutionize the way development measures, reports and analyzes the success and failures of its work,” Clinton said. “I know that the work we’re doing [at the Clinton Foundation] has impact because we’re obsessed with tracking data and results."

The Best Typefaces from February 2014

February may have been a short month, but with it came a slew of new typefaces that we just had to share. Let’s take a look.

Capturing the Collapse: 21 Images After the Explosion in NYC

"Can you go to East Harlem to photograph an explosion?," an editor asked, not long after I arrived at our Midtown Manhattan office. A massive blast, believed to be due to a gas leak, had leveled two apartment buildings, killing three people and injuring scores more. The explosion, which could be felt from more than a mile away, blew out windows on surrounding buildings and sent debris tumbling down onto nearby streets.

Popcorn Time, The Free App That Makes Streaming Torrents As Easy As Netflix

Depending on your geography and how to use it, Popcorn Time might not be exactly legal. (Let's face it: It probably isn't.) In fact, the free platform's FAQ and Terms of Service is couched in all sorts of legalese intended to distance itself from the activities of its users. "We're using torrents," they write, "so if you really care, you'd better Google what the legal situation around these protocol is where you live." Still undeterred? You can check out Popcorn Time for yourself here .

A Beautiful Poster Packed With a Year of Global Weather Data | Wired Design |

Kekeritz says that the poster also gave his team a more global perspective on weather. As a Berliner, he’d always felt like the difference between his city and Paris was huge, “but if you look at the viz,” he says, “it is negligible”–especially compared to Mumbai or Reykjavik. Some greater trends also came to light. “2013 was a really dry year in many regions,” Kekeritz says. “While we noted only a few ‘wettest months ever,’ we saw ‘driest or hottest year ever’ for multiple cities. When we first rendered the chart for California, we thought that the data set was missing the typical November rain in San Francisco. Unfortunately it was not a glitch in the data, but a very dry California autumn.”

Hucksters and hustlers: inside the hidden brand orgy of SXSW

Half a decade ago, some of the brightest minds at South By Southwest Interactive came together to create the worst website in the world. Jeffrey Bennett proposed online image search for the blind. David Friedman pitched PeopleIPO, allowing anyone to buy shares in you. The winner, though, was Merlin Mann’s FlockdUp , an incomprehensible social network for “thought leaders” that seem to be constructed entirely of buzzwords. “FlockdUp is really uniquely positioned at this juncture to suction all of the oxygen out of this vertical, vis-a-vis an incredibly sticky, almost uncomfortably sticky, humid-weather-seated-on-a-vinyl-seat kind of approach to an accretive social network,” Mann told a rapt audience in Austin.

The Confessions of David Remnick: An Interview

DR: Again, as far as The New Yorker is concerned, I hope that we pay well and fairly. And I think that certainly goes for Jane Mayer, who has an office and who has now been on book leave for a year. I think Jane would say she is fairly treated by me. But yes, I do not want to create cultural serfdom, on the Web or in print. All I can do is make every effort to be fair and not just market fair. But fair.

Crave giveaway: Philips Fidelio SoundRing wireless speaker


'Soft Electronics' Makes Wearable Computing Something You'd Actually Wear

Neidlinger designed a series of Mood Sweaters for the Wearable Technology Fashion Show, which are designed to help people with sensory processing disorders wear their feelings on the outside; the sweater is designed to change color to reflect the wearer’s mood. But since they’re netted with LED lights and conductive thread, they are currently dry-clean only. 

'Candy Crush' maker sees up to $7.6 billion IPO valuation

(Reuters) - King Digital Entertainment Plc, maker of hit mobile phone game "Candy Crush Saga", expects to be worth up to $7.6 billion when it goes public this month in the United States, amid concerns about its over reliance on the game.

Yahoo Taps Yelp to Boost Search Results

Content from Yelp, including reviews, business information and pictures, will be prominently displayed, particularly when users search for local businesses. The move is the execution of a partnership that was first reported in early February .

Google Launches Add-ons to Supercharge Google Docs and Sheets

Google has announced new add-ons for Google Docs and Sheets—tools to help you do more in your documents and spreadsheets. For example, you can now print address labels with the Avery Label Merge add-on or create customized mailing list emails with Merge by Mailchimp.

George Takei Takes On SXSW, LGBT Rights And...Broadway?

George Takei is one awesome dude. While most people his age think social media means reading the newspaper out loud, the 76-year-old Japanese-American actor who played Sulu on the original Star Trek  has developed a canny high-low approach to sharing content, building a fan base of 6.5 million on Facebook .

Fascinating Old Maps of Both Real and Ridiculous NYC Transit Projects - Wired Science

Imagine a bigger Manhattan jutting out into New York Harbor. A triple-decker boulevard running through its heart would accommodate trains on its lower deck, cars in the middle, and planes landing on top. It’s a crazy-sounding futuristic vision, for sure. But it originated more than a century in the past. It was first proposed in 1911 by Dr. T. Kennard Thomson, a New York City engineer and urban planner.

Facebook to revive f8 after three-year hiatus

The one-day conference will be even more developer-focused than in years past, meaning it will be highly technical in nature and not likely to include any bombshell consumer-product reveals. Attendees can expect the company to pay extra attention to mobile-app development, an area of supreme significance for the company, especially following last year's acquisition of Parse.

Sergey Brin and Amanda Rosenberg: Inside the Google Co-Founder’s Romance with the Google Glass Marketing Manager

Wojcicki began to help Brin informally on Google Glass, says the friend. Rosenberg wanted to get the product into the hands of moms, so she came over to Wojcicki’s home to discuss reaching out to the many kid-oriented services in Los Altos. At the time, Rosenberg’s boyfriend was Hugo Barra, a high-ranking executive on Google’s Android team. A Brazilian educated at M.I.T., he was essentially the face of their new mini-tablet, the Nexus 7, and a well-regarded, creative product manager. Rosenberg posted internal videos of the two of them together and was “so proud when she started dating him,” says a co-worker. Over the holiday season in 2012–13, says the couple’s friend, Wojcicki and Rosenberg became close enough that Wojcicki bought Rosenberg a Christmas present. The two of them went to a birthday dinner for Russian investor Yuri Milner, with Barra, Brin, and both Wojcicki’s and Brin’s parents. Rosenberg was smoking cigarettes, and Barra wanted her to stop. Wojcicki lectured her about the health risks.

Windows XP users should ditch Internet Explorer, says US Dept. of Homeland Security

The United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) say that Windows XP and Internet Explorer are a bad combination. CERT doesn’t really think you should be using XP at all, but if you have to, they want you to at least switch to a more secure third-party browser.

Google's Sundar Pichai On Wearable Tech: 'We Are Just Scratching The Surface'

Wearable gadgets aren't just smart versions of glasses or watches, but also anything that embeds sensors that can collect data and deliver it to devices that can then better serve their users, said Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Chrome, Android and apps at Google. And where that broader wearables market is concerned, "we are just scratching the surface," he said.

Kissing YouTube video goes viral (oh, no, it's an ad)

A video showing many pairs of strangers kissing for the first time fascinates millions -- 25 million, in fact. If only they knew the clip was flogging fashion.

How The Oculus Rift Can Help NASA Find Life On Other Planets

Here in Austin, NASA’s booth is stationed about 15 feet into SXSW 2014’s gaming expo—a cacophony of cosplay and virtual assault rifles—and that’s no coincidence. Given the increasing grandeur, intricacy and expense of the agency’s deep space missions, NASA's big dreams now intersect with the gaming industry’s expansive imagination at myriad points. (Beyond VR, NASA has partnered with the makers of the Kerbal Space Program , a space simulation game, to fire up interest in its [real] Asteroid Redirect Mission.)

SoftBank's CEO Wants U.S. Mobile Industry to Follow Japan's Lead. Um, No Thanks.

Still smarting from early indications that U.S. regulators are skeptical of a possible merger of SoftBank’s Sprint subsidiary with Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile USA, the real purpose of the trip is to make the case that combining the #3 and #4 U.S. mobile networks would help rather than harm competition in the U.S. market.

The Intelligent Hardware Explosion May Finally Free Us From Our Screens

“I think an abundance of intelligent hardware in our environment could mediate our interaction with software in a positive way,” he said. “Right now, we’re glued to screens and keyboards. That will be less and less necessary in an intelligent environment. The technology will fade into the background. Take the driverless car . It’s here now, and it’ll ultimately become the standard. You won’t be fixated on the traffic, or the GPS screen on the dashboard. You’ll get in, you’ll say ‘take me to work,’ and then you can get on with the business of being human — maybe even have a stimulating conversation with other people in the car. Our choices will have been enhanced tremendously. On the other hand — people being people — they may simply choose to use their free time in the driverless car to get on to their iPads.”

Raspberry Pi Gets A Sound Card: 3 Ways To Use It

The audio add-on board fits directly onto the Raspberry Pi’s P5 pins. It features an onboard microphone and a Wolfson audio processor that supports high-res audio up to 24-bit / 192KHz. The board also hosts four 3.5 mm jacks—one for a headset/boom mic combination, one for mic input, one for connecting to devices like iPods and phones, and one for connection to amps or speakers. 

Apple drops its 30 day return policy on iPhones down to 14 days

In the recent past, customers who purchased an iPhone directly from the Apple Online Store and in Apple Retail Stores have had 30 days to return the device for any reason. The only stipulation was that it had to be undamaged and include all of the original accessories. According to an internal document provided by one of our retail sources, Apple plans to change its iPhone return policy to just 14 days beginning on March 13th. However the return policy currently published on already

Can I Be Funny at Work Without Ruining My Reputation?

Dear Lifehacker, I like telling jokes and making people laugh. I want to be able to use this skill in my career to network and get along better with my coworkers, but I don't want to get labeled unprofessional—I still want people to take me seriously. Can I strike a balance without shooting myself in the foot?

Starting Today, Jealous Lovers Can Buy NSA-Like Monitoring Powers

Imagine this happy occasion. On his girlfriend’s birthday a man announces he has a special gift. She unwraps the box to find a sleek new Android phone. She throws her arms around him and lands a warm kiss for his kindness.

Apple Keeps Turning Bluetooth On When You Update Your iPhone

“This extends their whole ecosystem. If iBeacon becomes dominant or standard, it expands their reach and reinforces Apple and iOS usage,” says Sterling. “There’s also the idea that they may get into payments, which we’re seeing with Passbook. With their hundreds of millions of users, and iTunes having credit cards, they could turn all that on, and iBeacon could be used for payment in stores rather than swiping credit cards. I don’t think there’s necessarily a massive plan or conspiracy, but I do think they have a number of ideas about how the technology could be used and they see advantages in getting the technology out there and people using it.”

Bid on a solid-gold Flappy Bird while you still can

The bird is currently up for auction, hovering at a high bid price of $1,500. The description reads, "To honor this world changing bird and demonstrate the craftsmanship of Vietnamese people. We want to introduce to you the Golden Flappy bird." It says profits will go to help people in difficult situations in Vietnam, but doesn't elaborate on this.

The Ultimate Python Programming Course For Beginners | Cult of Mac Deals

Forget owning a book for reference. Purchasing this course is like having an expert Python consultant for the rest of your life. If you need any brushing up, Mike is just a few clicks away. All the lessons are organized for easy access just like a chapter in a book.

50 4 Speed-Reading Apps To Give You Lightning Fast Eyes

As its name suggests, Velocity ($3) wants to push your reading time to superhuman levels. The app, specifically made for the iOS 7 interface, also uses a one-word-at-a-time approach, but it's the integration into the iPhone ecosystem that we love. Avid users of Instapaper and Pocket can speed read the articles saved in those services through Velocity, so you can perfect this habit with materials that'll captivate you.

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