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Google asks judge to halt Uber's self-driving program

Google’s self-driving unit Waymo has filed a preliminary injunction against Uber, a few weeks after filing a trade secrets lawsuit.

New 'Wonder Woman' trailer full of weapon-wielding action

See new footage of Diana Prince's childhood and warrior training on Themyscira, as well as her adult battle skills, for the standalone "Wonder Woman" movie opening in June.

After BBC dad goes viral, the parodies (and the backlash)

Commentary: Once millions have seen your kids interrupt a live Skype interview, everyone has an opinion. And a joke.

Nintendo: Switch Screen Dead Pixels Are Not a Defect

If your Switch suffers from one or more dead pixels, Nintendo may not see it as a defect, but as a consumer you have rights.

Atomic Blonde's trailer shows Charlize Theron going full John Wick

Judging from the first full trailer for Atomic Blonde, the single-take brawls seen in The Raid, Daredevil, and John Wick have become a staple in Hollywood actioners. Here, we meet MI6 operative...

Within 3 Years, We Could Have Private Space Stations Orbiting the Moon

Robert Bigelow talks about lunar stations with

Google and Levi’s connected smart jacket will come out this fall and costs around $350

The connected denim smart jacket made in partnership between Levi’s and Google’s ATAP division now has a price tag, but its release date has been pushed from this spring to the fall. The jacket,...

Volkswagen unveils your new self-driving "bar car" lounge concept

Volkswagen has introduced its own self-driving concept at the Geneva Motor Show, a blend of ride-hailing and ride-sharing in a mini-shuttle pod.

PayPal's Venmo is the super-secret, hip social payments network you've never heard of

The PayPal-owned app has unexpectedly created a social culture, and many of the thorny problems that come with one.

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Why many major American companies have struggled in China: Fitbit

Every American company thinking about going to China should take notes from Fitbit’s ability to learn and pivot. Seeing Misfit’s success, Fitbit worked hard to find the right partnership and develop guanxi with another major player in China. It did this by partnering with a subsidiary of Alibaba, Tmall (discussed in the sixth installment of this series). The reason this move was so incredibly clever is that Alibaba is a natural competitor of Misfit’s investor, Xiaomi. And the purpose of Tmall is to provide a channel for luxury brand items that are verified to be legitimate and sold directly to the Chinese consumer. This, of course, is very helpful to Fitbit.

What will be the primary IoT device connected in your future?

But as everything is connected, which device will be the one we cannot do without? Which item will we never be caught without? What will keep us connected yet in control of our daily interaction?

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San Diego gets its smart city on with GE Current hookup

The City of San Diego announced a major Internet of Things (IoT) deployment this week in collaboration with Current, powered by GE. The deployment will include 3,200 “intelligent nodes” that enhance parking, alleviate traffic and improve liveability in the city.

Facebook's mimicry of Snapchat has become a confusing mess

“The stories format has been widely adopted, and it’s one of the ways people share updates in a lightweight way throughout their day," the Facebook spokesperson said. "We’ve added this feature to WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and have started to test it on Facebook too because we’ve learned that people like to use stories in different contexts and we want to give them the option to share this way across all of our apps.”

From Avantis to Triumphs: Check out the incredible cars of LA's Automobile Driving Museum - Roadshow

Lots of MGs were raced. This MGA was owned and raced by one of the museum's docents. He named it "Lucille." It started life as one of the last factory-built and supported race cars, and was raced by private teams until 1985. It had an interesting history after that too .

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California’s Finally Ready to Embrace Truly Driverless Cars

These new rules would expand on that mission by prohibiting a manufacturer from advertising a vehicle as “autonomous” unless it meets certain standards. Clarity has been lacking here: Tesla has faced criticism that its Autopilot system isn’t as capable as drivers think; Uber based its initial refusal to apply for a self-driving permit on the argument that because it’s cars need human backups, they don’t meet the state’s definition of autonomous. That fudginess presents a problem as car buyers and passengers figure out whether to trust the new technology.

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Using iOS 10's Magnifier app | ZDNet

This feature transforms your iPhone into a portable magnifying glass and telescope.

Become an educated, certified currency trader for just $25

After completing your course, you’ll not only be ready to bolster your own net worth through savvy currency trades, but you’ll have a certification to help get you employed with an investment firm and start a whole new career.

The SXSW Music Torrent is the best way to catch every band playing this week in Austin

I first stumbled upon this as a teen, and although I haven’t downloaded it religiously every year, it has been responsible for me discovering some unique, interesting, and even dangerous artists. It’s a magical musical mystery tour that drags you out of your Spotify safe space, and introduces you to stuff you wouldn’t have listened to otherwise.

New 'Wonder Woman' trailer, poster show calm before combat

Fans get a fresh glimpse of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince in the new "Wonder Woman" standalone movie, which opens in June.

Kids judge start-ups at #SXSW, and they are brutal

The founders pitched their ideas, including a fitness app and a legal website. Some of the ideas, you’d think, would be hard for kids to digest, but each managed to break it down for their young audience.

Daylight Saving Time Is Like Sex in the Spring

Do you remember your first time? You were probably mostly grown up by then, old enough to know who you were but not who you wanted to be. Leaving basketball practice at dusk, looking past the horizon and wondering what was next. And then, a day later, it was sunshine.

Lamborghini Huracan Performante looks fast sitting still - Roadshow

It's a souped-up version of the Huracan, which is normally Lamborghini's most attainable car.

Who Really Controls What You See in Your Facebook Feed—and Why They Keep Changing It   

Mosseri deputized product manager Max Eulenstein and user experience researcher Lauren Scissors to oversee the feed quality panel and ask it just those sorts of questions. For instance, Eulenstein used the panel to test the hypothesis that the time a user spends looking at a story in her news feed might be a good indicator that she likes it, even if she didn’t actually click like. “We speculated that it might be, but you could think of reasons why it wouldn’t be, too,” Eulenstein tells me. “It might be that there are scary or shocking stories that you stare at, but don’t want to see.” The feed quality panelists’ ratings allowed Eulenstein and Scissors to not only confirm their hunch, but to examine the subtleties in the correlation, and to begin to quantify it. “It’s not as simple as, ‘5 seconds is good, 2 seconds is bad,’ ” Eulenstein explains. “It has more to do with the amount of time you spend on a story relative to the other stories in your news feed.” The research also revealed the need to control for the speed of users’ Internet connections, which can make it seem like they’re spending a long time on a given story when they’re actually just waiting for the page to load.

10 Games Every Nintendo Wii U Player Needs

Nintendo's next console, the mysterious NX, may be approaching faster than we think. But buying a Wii U right now will give you access to free online multiplayer, Wii backwards compatibility, and most importantly a slowly growing library of modern Nintendo classics like the 10 games featured on this list. From old favorites like Mario and Donkey Kong, to sexy witches, to trigger-happy squid kids, this console is full of pleasant surprises.

19 The Mashable Show at SXSW 2017

No Tweets for The Mashable Show at SXSW 2017 just yet. Come back once the live video starts.

These IRL 'Handmaids' are creeping people out

Hulu's 10-episode series, based on the best-selling book, follows people in a dystopia called Gilead — a totalitarian society, once part of the U.S., rooted in twisted religious fundamentalism. It's a place where a class of women are subjugated and used only for reproduction.

Web inventor Berners-Lee warns of fake-news threat

Of these, it's fake news that's making headlines around the world at the moment. A problem as old as the internet itself, the debate about the quick spread of fake news rose to prominence following the US presidential election last year. Many claimed that fake news reports influenced the outcome of the election, and since coming to power, President Donald Trump has used the phrase in attacks on mainstream media.

Word of the Day: Cory Booker explains 'freedom' to Bert

After his eventful panel , Booker stopped by Day Two of "The Mashable Show" – an exclusive 90-minute Twitter live stream of all things SXSW – to chat with Co-host Bert about the Word of the Day: freedom.


My system posts to twitter accounts automatically. I don't know if these are considered "bots" - they just post community alerts (weather and stuff), and that's all. However, I have noticed that within seconds of when my system tweets a URL, that URL is hit by upwards of 20 times (not by twitter) within a couple seconds. I presume these are the "bots" in question. Further, that happens to accounts that I just set up that don't even have any followers yet.

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Toyota takes a chance with bold design for new C-HR - Roadshow

Standard camera and radar sensors give the C-HR a set of safety and convenience features, including pedestrian detection with precollision braking, and adaptive cruise control that can bring the car to a complete stop when traffic is backed up ahead.

'Buffy' at 20: Felicia Day on Joss Whedon's creative world

As "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" turns 20, the actor talks about her role as Vi, her friendship with Joss Whedon and her sense of the show's originality.

Satellites and AI will bring real-time, real-world data to your phone

In the end, Machalek says that he’d like to cover the whole world with Spaceknow’s system, allowing anyone with a smartphone to do real-time queries about real-world data – meaning you could check from space how long the line is for the bar you want to go to, I guess.

​Congress to Trump: Your tweet deletes might break the law

Members of the House Oversight Committee warn that the president's habit of deleting tweets may violate the Presidential Records Act.

Manjaro Linux 17.0 has arrived: An excellent time to give it a spin | ZDNet

To summarize, I would just say that if you haven't tried Manjaro until now, this would be an excellent time to give it a spin. There are a lot of different desktops to choose from, ranging from the all-singing, all-dancing, bells-and-whistles galore (Gnome and KDE) down to the absolute minimalist shut-up-and-get-out-of-my-way (i3), and a number of interesting choices in the middle (Cinnamon, Xfce, LXQt).

CNET on Twitter

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New and improved Samba file server released | ZDNet

Samba is also often used in Linux and Unix servers to provide Server Message Block (SMB) and Common Internet File System (CIFS) file access to Windows and macOS computers. With its support for Active Directory (AD), it's often used in enterprise networks as well as home and small businesses.

The Renault Trezor is the retro-future concept car of my childhood dreams

Renault has decided to be absolutist with the materials used in the Trezor (which you can be when you’re talking about a concept car that’s in no danger of going on sale anytime soon), opting for only aluminum, carbon, leather, and wood on the outside. I’m partial to all of those from my experience reviewing headphones, so I approve of Renault’s commitment, even if it never comes to fruition in a mass-market car. Also of only academic importance: this car can go from 0 to 100kmh in less than 4 seconds, and its range is rated somewhere between 160km and 200km.

The chicken-and-egg problem of establishing if you’re a dog online

If you think about it, it’s incredibly weird that we haven’t been able to crack this nut yet. When asked who had more than 50 online accounts, almost everyone in the audience raised their hands. That’s at least 50 online identities you have to manage, and at least 50 passwords to remember – if you want to be safe – nuts, right?

Netflix could hold the key to ending Facebook's echo chamber

By now, we’re all familiar with the term echo chamber — the phenomenon of being shown only content that matches our pre-conceived notions — but the solution is evasive. Netflix, as it turns out, might hold the key the exit door of each of our echo chamber’s. But is Facebook willing to build on lessons learned by another platform? Is it even capable of a bold solution at this point?

The Best Unlocked Phones of 2017

Our most recent Editors' Choice picks for unlocked devices include the Apple iPhone 7 Plus, the Google Pixel XL, the ZTE Axon 7, and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. The iPhone 7 Plus has a blazingly fast processor and dual rear cameras that may become more powerful with software updates as time goes on. The Pixel also has an excellent camera, and it'll be the first phone to get new Google software innovations. The ZTE Axon 7 has flagship performance and an all-metal body for only $399. And the Galaxy S7 Edge's screen stands out for its brilliant color and sharpness.

Google Has Finally Killed the CAPTCHA

CAPTCHA’s are an irritating but necessary evil. The system that is used to verify whether or not a user is human has been around a while and it had to evolve because machines were getting better at reading the text than humans. With its latest iteration, Google says you’ll no longer have to input anything at all.

Flippy the robot uses AI to cook burgers | ZDNet

"Flippy will initially only focus on flipping burgers and placing them on buns," David Zito, CEO of Miso Robotics tells ZDNet. He adds, "But since Flippy is powered by our own cooking AI software, it will continuously learn from its experiences to improve and adapt over time. This means Flippy will learn to take on additional tasks including grilling chicken, bacon, onions, and buns in addition to frying, prepping, and finishing plates. Eventually, Flippy will support CaliBurger's entire menu."

A chat with the directors of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Fujibayashi : Yes, sort of. That’s actually the first thing that we really considered. When I first started looking at this game, I had Link in an empty game field and I would just walk around and try to map out and get a feel for the distance and where landmarks should be. What helped me with this was my hometown Kyoto. I took a map of Kyoto and overlaid it on the game world and I tried to imagine going to places that I know in Kyoto. I’d think it takes this much time to get from point A to point B, so how does that translate to the game? And that’s how we started mapping out the world in Breath of the Wild .

Baidu's Billionaire CEO Envisions a Spinoff of Robot Cars Arm

Baidu Inc. ’s billionaire founder has shed more light on the Chinese search giant’s plans to sell robot cars around the world, revealing his intention to spin off its driver-less car division once it reaches maturity to attract funding and partners.

We’ve Seen At Least One Very Grim Secret at the Heart of Alien: Covenant

The first clip began on the spaceship Covenant, showing the crew as they prepared to send a lander down to the surface of a newly discovered planet. The scene highlighted the different personalities of the crew members, with bawdy banter and clipped snippiness meant to communicate camaraderie and tension. For example, one character grumbled “I hate space,” prompting another to quip “This is why you need yoga.” As mentioned in the most recent trailer, the crew on the mission is made up of couples and flirty jokes across different pairings drove home the closeness of the Covenant explorers. After the launch sequence for the lander finished, momentary panic set in when the mothership lost contact with the lander crew during descent to the planet. Radio contact was re-established, everyone breathed a sigh of relief, and the smaller craft touched down in a rough landing.

SXSW and the oddly unchanging art of waiting in line

If there’s one defining characteristic of SXSW , apart from the talks, drunken tech geeks, grackles and sore feet, it might be lines. SXSW is rife with lines: there are lines for talks, lines for experiences, lines for food, lines for coffee, even fucking lines for escalators. It’s enough to drive a sane person mad – except if you’re British, of course.

Take a Look at the Most Difficult Places to Travel to in the World

Modern travel has made life so convenient that it’s easy to imagine pretty much anywhere on Earth should be accessible within 24 hours. That’s not the case. In fact, there are many places that would take far longer and several others where no one has ever stepped foot at all.

​How to keep your smart TV from spying on you | ZDNet

Opinion: You could worry about Windows 10 spying on you, or you could worry about something a bit more serious -- like your TV listening in on you and passing on the information to intelligence agencies.

Logan Almost Featured a Nod to Jean Grey

“I sketched out different conversations for that dinner scene and one of them went to a much darker place. Mrs Munson asks Logan if he’s married, and Charles says he was – but he killed her. Of course, he wasn’t really married, but what that then spawns is Charles waxing poetic about Jean Grey, and it’s a really cool moment. Both Hugh and Patrick were amazing. The problem was, it created an incredibly powerful lead brick in the middle of the only moment in the movie where there was a breather. Even I, with my taste for the dark, felt that it was one too many.”

Linux Foundation chief: Businesses that don't use open source 'will fail' - TechRepublic

Still, that begs the question of how an organization should approach open source. Eric Brewer, vice president of infrastructure at Google, said that it doesn't matter when your company starts with open source, "what matters is your rate of innovation." Linux, Brewer said, won some of the early internet wars because it was open, but also because it was the most innovative of its time. He also said that companies should work with open source for the value of the ecosystem and community, not just the value of the code.

46 The World Wide Web's inventor warns it's in peril on 28th anniversary

The World Wide Web's inventor warns it's in peril on 28th anniversary 'Watching everyone, all the time is simply going too far," says Tim Berners-Lee. Check out this story on

Great Reminder That You Need a Malware Scanner On Your Android Phone

Cyber Security firm Check Point has found malware on 38 Android devices from two separate corporate clients. That wouldn’t be a huge surprise but what they found worthy of note was that the malware was preinstalled “somewhere along the supply chain,” according to a blog post by the company.

Make Your Windows App for the 1% – User Camp

You have to go to some trouble to prevent your app from being exposed to a new class of users who would welcome you with open arms, as we’ll cover next. There’s also evidence that apps that work on mobile and desktop receive a boost in Store rankings. So do the right thing, and test your app on all the devices you say it works on.

How Nintendo Switch wins back this Game Boy lover

The Switch also does something else I have always dreamt about: it's a handheld gaming device powerful enough to double as a living room console. Nintendo figured a way to do this that is seamless. It's so much fun switching from a handheld console to a tablet with Wii-like controls to a living room console on a large-screen television. This versatility will appeal to both kids and adults.

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