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Equifax exec who sold nearly $1 million in shares charged with insider trading

The former CIO is the first exec to face criminal charges.

Broadcom abandons plans to buy Qualcomm after Trump blocks the deal

The war for 5G is really on now.

Google is opening up Maps so game developers can create the next Pokémon Go

The first wave of games includes Jurassic World and The Walking Dead

'Star Trek' to 'Simpsons,' Hawking was our pop culture physicist

The late scientist punched out Bart Simpson's principal and played his own hologram on "Star Trek: TNG."

Now we know why Siri was so dumb for so long

Siri could have been a lot smarter apparently.

Stephen Hawking’s Astronomic Impact On Pop Culture

The irreplaceable theoretical physicist has passed away at the age of 76. Here’s a look at his non-academic legacy in movies, TV shows, and comedy.

The best signs from the National School Walkout

The Patrick meme definitely made an appearance.

Little Caesars patents a pizza-making robot

Pizza does not compute...yet.

Cambridge University shares an affecting tribute to Stephen Hawking

The theoretical physicist spent much of his career working at the university.

Now we know why Siri was so dumb for so long

Siri could have been a lot smarter apparently.

'Avengers: Infinity War' trailer zooms past 150 million views

Fans are hoping the Avengers will assemble for a second trailer sometime this week.

Stormy Daniels is crowdfunding her lawsuit against Donald Trump because 2018 is wild

Now anyone can get involved in Stormy's feud with Trump. ◆ Cloud Security & Compliance

The 2018 Tomb Raider movie dials down the franchise’s tackiness

Alicia Vikander stars in the latest cinematic incarnation of the long-running game franchise

Blok.Party unveils blockchain-based game console called PlayTable

Blok.Party is using the transparent record keeping of blockchain to create unique creatures for a tabletop game console called PlayTable. It combines a large 24-inch touchscreen game console with t…

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Theranos and its founder Elizabeth Holmes have been charged with fraud by the SEC

"Investors are entitled to nothing less than complete truth and candor from companies and their executives," SEC's Enforcement Division co-director Steven Peikin said in a release. "The charges against Theranos, Holmes, and Balwani make clear that there is no exemption from the anti-fraud provisions of the federal securities laws simply because a company is non-public, development-stage, or the subject of exuberant media attention."

Stephen Hawking, who unlocked the secrets of space and time, dies...

LONDON (Reuters) - Stephen Hawking, who sought to explain the origins of the universe, the mysteries of black holes and the prospect of time travel, died on Wednesday aged 76.

Lyft is building a self-driving platform with auto supplier Magna

Lyft is partnering with Magna, one of the largest tier one automotive industry suppliers in the world, on autonomous vehicle technology. Lyft CEO and co-founder Logan Green explained that this will help them get their self-driving tech into various automaker vehicles around the world. Lyft will be working directly with Magna on “co-developing” an autonomous driving system, with collaborative teams from both companies working on the project.

YouTube didn’t tell Wikipedia about its plans for Wikipedia

Wikimedia added that its content is possible because of the millions of people who make donations, as well as those who edit and contribute to the site. In a series of follow-up tweets, Wikimedia notes that it has thousands of editors monitoring content and that those tracking conspiracy theories specifically have sometimes spent years doing so. “Wikipedia’s content is also freely licensed for reuse by anyone, and that’s part of our mission: that every single person can share in free knowledge,” Wikimedia says. “We want people all over the world to use, share, add to, and remix Wikipedia ... At the same time, we encourage companies who use Wikimedia’s content to give back in the spirit of sustainability.”

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6 - Microsoft free personal email

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more


Samsung is making it easier to get official same-day repairs for its phones

Certain Best Buy stores already offer official Samsung same-day repairs, but few stores participate; none in the state of New York offer repairs. Clearly, Samsung wants to be able to provide quality hardware service without users having to worry about faulty, third-party parts. Apple Stores across the country offer this kind of service, which puts it far ahead of other companies in terms of phone maintenance and service availability. Samsung seemingly wants to be able to compete at this level.

Amazon and Twitch are giving free games to Prime members every month

Starting Thursday, Twitch Prime, included with Amazon's $13 a month Prime membership, will make a handful of PC video games free each month for members to download and keep forever. That supplements existing membership perks such as in-game loot, exclusive content and ad-free viewing.


Sega Genesis Collection for PC, PS4 and Xbox One Announced - IGN

Sega previously released a similar collection for PS3 and Xbox 360 back in 2009 (as well as an even earlier PSP/PS2 version in 2006), which contained 48 classics including Golden Axe, Ecco the Dolphin and most of the Genesis/Mega Drive era Sonic the Hedgehog games. Although there has been no official word from Sega as of yet, judging by the characters featured in the trailer above we can expect a similar mix when this latest collection arrives.

Snapchat offers special filter to unite kids across the country on National Walkout Day

These Snapchat filters are not just exclusive to Florida schools. Students across the country are posting videos and pictures with this filter to unite for their common cause of ending gun violence.

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WhatsApp agrees not to share EU users’ personal info with Facebook, for now

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Student speaks in front of the U.S. Capitol on #NationalWalkoutDay : “Their right to own an assault rifle does not outweigh our right to live. The adults have failed us. This is in our hands now, and if any elected official gets in our way, we will vote them out.”

Nest Hello video doorbell and Nest-Yale smart lock now available

Google-owned Nest today announced its Nest Hello video doorbell and a smart lock created with Yale are now available for purchase. A Nest Temperature Sensor for tracking and changing the temperature in specific rooms in your home makes it debut today and will begin to ship in April.

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Physically Fit Women Were Almost 90% Less Likely to Get #Dementia in 44-Year-Study cc: @ @LEAD_Coalition  #Exercise #Health

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This AR Street Fighter II lets you brawl in the real world

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So @YouTube is going to lean on Wikipedia to annotate conspiracy theory videos. How poor is YouTube’s grasp of corporate communications, or even common courtesy, that Wikimedia had ‘no notice of this announcement’? …

Wikipedia wasn’t aware of YouTube’s conspiracy video plan

YouTube has a plan to combat the abundant conspiracy theories that feature in credulous videos on its platform; not a very good plan, but a plan just the same. It’s using information drawn from Wikipedia relevant to some of the more popular conspiracy theories, and putting that info front and center on videos that dabble in… creative historical re-imaginings.

Reddit set to begin rolling out promoted post ads in their native apps

Few user bases are more vocal or hesitant to change than the hundreds of million of monthly active Redditors, and advertisers are likely similarly hesitant to get involved with a platform that has churned out controversy at a steady pace over the past few years. Nevertheless, Reddit has already set its course towards building out a better ads product and native promoted ads represent a big step towards that.

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Google has open sourced the semantic image segmentation model that powers the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL's portrait mode ( @jjvincent / The Verge) … …


Hawking, second from left, makes a guest appearance on "Star Trek; The Next Generation" in Los Angeles on April 8, 1993. The episode featured a scene in which the character Data, back to camera, participates in a poker game with a group of scientific figures consisting of Hawking, Einstein, and Newton.

Why you should swap your old iPhone for a Pixel 2

In lieu of a home button, Apple added on-screen actions. During my first few days with the phone, I found these new gestures frustrating, but now they're like second nature. Apple replaced the fingerprint sensor (previously built into the home button) with FaceID. The phone unlocks as soon as you look at the screen. It works like a charm for me, but if you think you'll miss unlocking your phone with a fingerprint, the Pixel 2 is a better fit.

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ arrives: Faster CPU, Wi-Fi, 300Mbps Ethernet | ZDNet

The Pi 3 Model B+ has a 1.4GHz 64-bit quad-core Broadcom Arm Cortex A53-architecture processor compared with the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B's 1.2GHz CPU. It doesn't seem like much of a change but it does amount to a 15 percent performance improvement.

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Stephen Hawking was right to worry about our impending doom

Microsoft rolls out Meltdown and Spectre fixes for Windows 7 and 8.1

The software giant did say there are still some known issues when it comes to antivirus driver compatibility, so a small number of devices may remain blocked. However, the majority of Windows users will now be able to benefit from the Meltdown and Spectre fixes.

The Bitcoin Fad Is Fading—for Now

It might be hard to believe. But after the 1,400 percent rally of 2017, with wild swings along the way, the great crypto craze has cooled, at least for now. For the past month, Bitcoin’s price has stalled between $8,500 and $11,300 -- a minuscule range by its standards. And internet searches for “Bitcoin” have plunged, suggesting public interest has, too.

You Can Hack Almost Any Smart Device With A Google Search

Which brings us to a very basic question: Couldn’t this all be solved with a simple user experience design change? If the main security hole in thousands of millions of devices is the fact people leave the default user and password unchanged, couldn’t companies force buyers to set their own, making them create 16-character (or more) pass-phrases and full user names? It would only take one single screen at the beginning of the smart device’s setup process. People will not think this is weird. It’s just like when we create a user and a password the first time we turn on a new computer. Of course, changing the default user and password is not going to solve bad security architecture, like leaving backdoors open for remote administration or poor firewall design, but it will help with these more basic security breaches. It’s time companies take this kind of measure, even if they sacrifice convenience in the process. Short of that, we, as consumers, would be wise to consider this advice from the Ben-Gurion team: “Carefully consider the benefits and risks of connecting a device to the internet.

5 iPhone and iPad charging myths debunked

We’ve all heard a lot of charging myths. “Don’t keep your iPhone plugged in throughout the night,” “Don’t talk on the phone while it’s charging,” “Let the phone completely discharge, and only then put it back on charging” and so on. But how many of these are valid points, and how many are just myths? Let’s find out.

Billionaire Alan Howard Makes a Bet on Cryptocurrencies

Hedge fund billionaire Alan Howard made sizable personal investments in cryptocurrencies last year and plans to put more of his own money into digital assets and the blockchain technology behind them, according to people with knowledge of the matter.

Adidas sold a million shoes made out of ocean plastic last year

The German sportswear giant teamed up with environmental group Parley for the Oceans to help clear plastic from the world’s oceans and also put that plastic to good use, reports CNBC . The resulting plastic went into Adidas’s UltraBoost shoe line, with three UltraBoost models being made out of ocean plastic. Eleven plastic bottles were used to make every pair of those UltraBoost shoes. MG

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Walmart to Bring Online Grocery Delivery to 100 Cities

Currently available in just six markets, the service, which lets people order groceries online and have them delivered the same day, is slated to reach 100 metro areas across the country by the end of the year, Walmart announced Wednesday. Following the expansion, the service will cover 40 percent of US households.

John McAfee Resurfaces With a Bang as Adviser to Crypto Startup

The decision was “totally amicable,” MGT Chief Executive Officer Robert Ladd said in an interview at the time, though he added that the company, which had its shares delisted from the New York Stock Exchange in October 2016, was “getting some feedback that in order to get uplisted etc. it might be easier to not have John McAfee be an officer or director of the company.” McAfee had said the decision was mutual.

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Dark Mask Studio's Come Into Me is a haunting body-horror comic for the age of oversharing

The LG G7 notch will be optional

Google's 2018 operating system software is embracing the notch with this move, and it appears as if the LG G7 is too – if you want. That's different from other Android notch phones, like the Asus Zenfone 5 , which lock you in with a hardware notch. 

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

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The chances of predicting a perfect March Madness bracket, which no one has ever done, could be as remote as 1 in 9.2 quintillion. Now machine learning is taking a shot. 

Spotify is Testing an In-App Voice Assistant

The publication has confirmed that Spotify is currently testing an in-app voice assistant with a small number of its users. Spotify itself has already confirmed the existence of the feature, too, but wouldn’t provide anything other than saying it is “just a test for now”. So there isn’t any word on when the voice assistant within Spotify might see the light of day for the public.

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My family died of dysentery in the palm of my hands—and I loved every minute of it

France takes legal action against Apple and Google for their app stores

“I’m going to take legal action against Google and Apple with the Paris Commercial Court for abusive business practices,” Le Maire said. Google and Apple shouldn’t really be worried as he expects a fine of a few million euros. But it’s an interesting case anyway.

43 Walmart says its grocery delivery will hit 100 new cities this year

Walmart and Amazon's rivalry is alive and well. The former announced today that it plans to expand its Online Grocery Delivery service -- currently available in six markets -- to over 100 metro areas across the US this year. Additionally, Walmart's Online Grocery Pickup service, which is available in 1,200 stores as of now, will reach 1,000 additional stores throughout 2018. The company says that with its planned delivery expansion, that service would then be available to over 40 percent of US households.

How to watch March Madness online and on TV

The tournament is 67 basketball games played over a 21-day period, culminating with the national championship on April 2. The games will be happening at all times of the day, meaning you might need to watch the games on your tablet, phone, or computer at work.

45 Congress trying to pass a new bill that would hand police extreme spying powers | Hacker News

From that article; "The bill starts by giving the executive branch dramatically more power than it has today. It would allow Attorney General Sessions to enter into agreements with foreign governments that bypass current law, without any approval from Congress. Under these agreements, foreign governments would be able to get emails and other electronic information without any additional scrutiny by a U.S. judge or official. And, while the attorney general would need to consider a country’s human rights record, he is not prohibited from entering into an agreement with a country that has committed human rights abuses." "That level of discretion alone is concerning. Even more, however, the bill would for the first time allow these foreign governments to wiretap in the U.S. — even in cases where they do not meet Wiretap Act standards. Paradoxically, that would give foreign governments the power to engage in surveillance — which could sweep in the information of Americans communicating with foreigners — that the U.S. itself would not be able to engage in. The bill also provides broad discretion to funnel this information back to the U.

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Scientists create a way for people with amputations to feel their prosthetic hands

The student walkout at Columbine High School carries a special meaning

But while the shootings at Columbine and Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School are separated by nearly two decades, the students at both schools stood united on Wednesday — along with thousands of other students across the land — in the fight against the gun violence that continues to plague the country.

This hangry girl who had her leftovers stolen is extremely relatable

she was showering and imagining what couch she was going to eat the left overs on, she even had a vision about what Netflix special she would watch while eating that food, she was ready to start a food blog about how good left overs are. Then someone eats it, I would be mad too

Elon Musk’s ‘media empire’ staffed by ex-Onion writers might be called ‘Thud!’

If you can believe anything Elon Musk tweets, then ‘Thud!’ is the name of the media venture that the multi-CEO and space person is starting up, staffed by former Onion writers he’s poached and doing something with comedy.

What is 5G? Everything you need to know

Once launched however, implementing 5G may be a slower process. Much like the gradual takeover of 4G networks from the previous generation, existing network infrastructure may need to be upgraded or even replaced in order to deal with the new technology, and homes and businesses may also need to get new services installed.

51 China’s ‘Fun Headlines’ App Considers IPO at $3 Billion Value
52 Someone is making a multiplayer trash robot you steer through an actual river
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56 A brief history of Stephen Hawking: A legacy of paradox
57 Duolingo's Klingon course has finally arrived
58 ​Linus Torvalds slams CTS Labs over AMD vulnerability report | ZDNet
59 Facebook bans far-right hate group Britain First
60 Google, Apple face EU law on business practices
61 Apple Adds New 'Families' Section to Its Website Highlighting Information about Parental Control Tools
62 Remember That Time Stephen Hawking Was on Star Trek? - IGN
63 Toys 'R' Us will close all 900 US and UK stores
64 Microsoft’s new AI translates Chinese-to-English as well as a human translator
65 There's No Better Metaphor For SXSW Than Westworld
66 Amazon recalls 260k power banks over fire risk - Video | ZDNet
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68 I still hate email, but I love Canary
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74 Samsung Electronics says to start building new China memory chip...
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79 Winklevoss twins have a plan to police cryptocurrency trading
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