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Ray William Johnson Retires From YouTube [VIDEO]

After five years on YouTube, and ten million subscribers, Ray William Johnson has decided to retire.

This Old Spice Ad Will Make You Empathize With Stubble

In Old Spice's latest ad, NFL player and brand spokesman Terry Crews struggles with the hardships of shaving.

White House to 20-Somethings: Sign Up for Healthcare Because YOLO

Hey, uninsured 20-somethings, the White House wants you to sign up for healthcare because YOLO. Join the ACA Bracket.

Rule-Breaking Dog Is Happier Than You'll Ever Be [VIDEO]

This dog's desire to roll around on his owner's comfy bed is too great to resist, even with potential for punishment.

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This Open Source Coder Wants to be a Congressman | Wired Enterprise |

The patent system. Online privacy law. Bitcoin regulations. Net neutrality rules. In the coming years, policy makers may have as much influence on technology as the world’s hackers do — if not more. So it should come as little surprise that a hacker is running for Congress.

'Queen of GitHub' who quit over gender harassment offers details of alleged bullying

She also says the general culture at GitHub grew increasingly hostile toward women even as the company hired more females. The final straw was when a female coworker and a friend were hula hooping to music in the office, and male coworkers lined up on a bench to stare. "It looked like something out of a strip club," Horvath says. "When I brought this up to male coworkers, they didn’t see a problem with it. But for me it felt unsafe and to be honest, really embarrassing. That was the moment I decided to finally leave GitHub."

Growth vs. Profit: What Should Rising Startups Focus On First?

And, although slower movers can achieve success, their road will be littered with many competitors in their way, making it a much harder journey. So, where you can, focus on growth up until the point you are comfortable you can “lift off the accelerator” without sacrificing your long term market leadership position.

Is The Supreme Court About To Rule That Software Is Ineligible For Patent Protection?

Anyone with an iPhone loves how easy it is to use one.  Zooming into their pictures by using their fingers, or tapping the screen twice to zoom in on a picture or page.  At present, these tools are protected by patents .  But things could change dramatically.  On March 31, 2014, the Supreme Court will hear the case Alice Corp. v. CLS Bank , to determine when, if ever, computer software is eligible for patent protection.  If the Court decides that software is not eligible, the Court will destroy numerous patents in the software field.  Given the Supreme Court’s recent patent activity, it makes many wonder, no matter its intentions, is the Supreme Court actually hurting innovation by its judicial decisions in patent law.

ClearView Audio Clio, a transparent Bluetooth speaker - Hands-on with the ClearView Audio Clio, a transparent Bluetooth speaker (pictures)

Hands-on with the ClearView Audio Clio, a transparent Bluetooth speaker (pictures)

The Mashable Community's Best SXSW Photos

Last week's photo challenge garnered submissions ranging from Grumpy Cat selfies to beautiful pictures of Austin landmarks and portraits of the characters roaming 6th Street at night. We've selected a few of our favorites below, but you can view the whole #MySXSW stream here .

Move Over Hackers, Biohackers Are Here

The creators of FOX’s new science-fiction buddy-cop show, Almost Human  focuses the uncontrollable evolution of emerging tech. The solution is real cops need robot cop partners to help control crime. Bio-3D printers, DNA swipes, machines that prick your finger and dispense a pill with the nutrients your body needs, robotic policemen with synthetic souls. Stuff good science fiction is made of and that Hollywood knows how to exploit, usually in the wrong way.


SAAS: stands for Software As A Service. Technically, lots of different kinds of software fit this definition -- even the software that sits on the servers at those companies that allow you to make your own photo books from photos you upload is SAAS. It just means that the software that runs and the server it runs on are inseparable. In this infographic, I'm referring to SAAS solutions for building web sites, where you pay for hosting that comes with a built-in CMS. That CMS is owned, developed, and locked down by the web host.

Google Encrypts Search, Aims To Foil China, NSA

Its latest step is to start automatically encrypting searches made in China, in an effort to counter the censorship system known as the Great Firewall of China. Using this, the Chinese government intercepts searches to check for prohibited phrases such as ‘ Dalai Lama’ and ‘Falun Gong’, using its findings to target possible malcontents. That should no longer be possible.

Enthusiasts Go Back to the Future in a Virtual Reality Boom | MIT Technology Review

Lanier, who worked with Microsoft on its Kinect motion cameras, agrees that the technology is far cheaper today, but he can perceive few “profound differences” to ease the difficulties he and his team experienced in the 1980s. “All of the current [head-mounted display] makers face the same challenges that we did in 1985,” he says. “It’s relatively straightforward to create a great demo and unbelievably hard to do a great product.” Lanier also predicts a sense of user ennui after the initial wonder fades. “I found in the old days that looking into a virtual world becomes a little tiring at some point,” he says. “It’s a little like Google Glass, where the notion that this technology is on your head all the time is too much and people start to reject it. Your first time playing a game in a virtual world is incredible, but the 20th time is wearying. The gaming modality is self-limiting. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with it, but you can’t limit your strategic thinking to that one style of use.”

Mike Judge thinks we're doomed

Oh yeah. Office Space especially, because it was the first live-action thing I’d done, and I really had to fight hard to get that cast, and to get that music. A lot of the big choices in that movie, I had to battle the studio — and even my own producers and editors. No one believed in that. And then it came out and wasn’t a big hit right away, so it was a lot of people going, "Well, see, you should have listened to us. You shouldn’t have cast those people, you shouldn’t have put all that gangster rap in there. Maybe next time you’ll listen."

Eating food off the floor may be OK, scientist says

A microbiologist experiments with dropping food on various surfaces to see how much bacteria they pick up. Carpet is, apparently, not bad at all. And the five-second rule might be just right.

5 Reasons You Need Marketing Skills (and How to Get Them)

I hate Facebook braggers as much as anyone, but I’ve got to admit that the world looks a lot more like a marketplace than it used to. A certain amount of branding and curation goes into our online personas, which inform others on our opinions, ideas, careers, and how we see the world. Given that reality, we’re all unofficially marketers.

Amazon is making a box for your living room, and this is what its game controller looks like

It's suggested that the unnamed box will run a fork of the Android OS, just like Amazon's Kindle Fire line of tablets. Those tablets act very much as a storefront for Amazon, offering a wide selection of games, movies, and books. It's likely that Amazon will attempt to leverage its large content offerings with the launch of a set-top box. The recent acquisition of Killer Instinct / Strider developer Double Helix cemented rumors that Amazon had higher hopes for its TV box than just a media streamer, with gaming also said to be a focus. The Amazon TV box was apparently planned for a holiday 2013 release, but that date was reportedly pushed back , and the most recent rumors suggest an official announcement is imminent .

US Government Cedes Control Of The Internet

I've been writing about technology for more than twenty years, focusing mainly on legal and regulatory issues. I write for a wide range of publications: credits include the Times, Daily Telegraph and Financial Times newspapers, as well as BBC radio and numerous technology titles. Here, I'll be covering the ways content is controlled on the internet, from censorship to online piracy and copyright. You can follow my posts by clicking the '+ Follow' button under my name.

Forget Demographics, News Consumption Is Dictated by Topic

A new survey has shown why — the topic and speed of news stories are the biggest drivers in how people consume media, outshining demographics or ideology.

Were Malaysia Flight MH370 Passengers Connected?

If cell service failed the passengers, what about GPS? Unfortunately, GPS is not a two-way communication system. The GPS chip in your phone communicates with satellites, each of which tells you where it is, so your phone can figure out — based on how long it takes the signals to travel back and forth between your phone and the satellites — where it is. The satellite knows nothing about you or where you are .

Google Play Games Service Gets Gifts, Multiplayer Invites

At the Game Developers Conference (GDC) today, Google announced a slew of improvements for Google Play Games, its cross-platform game service and SDK for Android, iOS, and the Web. New features include game gifts, multiplayer invites, and cross-platform multiplayer with newly added support for iOS.

Viral Video Recap: Your Chance to Crush Stuff With Schwarzenegger and More

Lastly, if you’ve ever wanted to crush things with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the wait is finally over. Schwarzenegger’s latest video invites anyone to crush stuff with him in a tank, all to support After-School All-Stars, an organization that provides programs for kids after school.

Israel Has The World's Safest Airline — And It's About To Get Even Safer

So states the television news magazine  60 Minutes , in an unequivocal endorsement of Israel's national airline. There are many factors that make El Al the No. 1 airline to fly if you don't want to worry about terrorism -- stringent security measures for all passengers, sky marshals aboard every plane, steel doors securing the cockpit. All of these reduce the risk that terrorists will make mischief inside a plane.

America Has a Black-Market Problem, Not a Drug Problem

Kelly ... said he would be able to interdict more drugs if he had 16 ships that could be used as the base for helicopters. Generally, law enforcement officials use the helicopters to quickly go after traffickers operating small boats, forcing them to stop and surrender. Currently, Kelly said he has one U.S. Navy ship and two Coast Guard vessels that can be used for the drug operations. The overall goal has been to reduce the amount of drugs coming into the U.S. from Latin America by 40 percent, which officials believe would cut into the profits of the cartels and perhaps turn them against each other.

22 Report: 95 Percent of the ATMs in the World Still Run Windows XP

Meanwhile, most of the roughly 440,000 ATMs in the United States will also keep running XP for a while after Microsoft officially ends support. They will be on extended contracts, and many will use the switch as an impetus to upgrade their ATMs with microchip readers, increased data encryption, and/or other improvements.

Radioactive Fukushima Waters Arrive At West Coast Of America

Measured in atomic disintegrations per second (Becquerels or Bq) of cesium-134,137 in a cubic meter of water (Bq/m3), the background level of Cs radionuclides in seawater varies around the world. The primary source of Cs-137 is historic above-ground nuclear weapons testing from the 1950s and 60s, but some regions have experienced additional inputs. The Irish Sea shows elevated levels compared to large ocean basins as a result of radioactive releases from the Sellafield reprocessing facility at Seacastle, U.K., and levels in the Baltic and Black Seas are elevated from the 1986 Chernobyl fallout. By comparison, the EPA drinking water standard for Cs-137 is 3,700 Bq/m3. The amount of Cs-134 from Fukushima found off the west coast of Canada was less than 1 Bq/m3. Fukushima will not result in any global increase in radioactivity outside its local region. It takes water radioactivity levels from all sources of over a million Bq/m3 to cause concern. Image courtesy of the Center for Marine and Environmental Radioactivity and Jack Cook (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) and the MARIS data base from the International Atomic Energy Agency.

Flickr to Redesign Its Redesign and Other News You Need to Know

Flickr is set to unveil yet another redesign for the app and web in the coming weeks, according to a report in Re/code .

WATCH: Astronomers Find Cosmic 'Smoking Gun'

An image released on October 3, 2011 show the Antennae Galaxies (also known as NGC 4038 and 4039) are a pair of distorted colliding spiral galaxies about 70 million light-years away, in the constellation of Corvus (The Crow). This view combines Atacama large milllimetre/submillimetre array (ALMA) observations, made in three different wavelength ranges during the observatory's early testing phase, with visible-light observations from the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope. Most of the ALMA test observations used to create this image were made using only twelve antennas working together -- far fewer than will be used for the first science observations. The first phase of operations at the ALMA complex in Chile's Atacama desert are underway on October 3, 2011 following ten years of construction. Alma's purpose is to study processes occurring a few hundred million years after the formation of the Universe when the first stars began to shine. Alma consists of an array of linked giant antennas on top of the highest plateau in the Atacama desert. AFP PHOTO/ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO) (Photo credi

Google Games Store Now Lets You Send Gifts to Other Players

Google will be expanding multiplayer support to include iOS, making it possible for Android users to play turn-based games in real-time with iOS users. Users will also see 18 new game categories in the Play Store. Meanwhile the new "game gifts" feature will allow users to send virtual objects to other players during a game.

Wyoming rejects science education standards over climate change

The Casper Star Tribune is reporting that Wyoming became the first state to block the use of the Next Generation Science Standards through the use of a last-minute budget provision authored in part by State Representative Matt Teeters. It quotes him as saying "[The standards] handle global warming as settled science. There's all kind of social implications involved in that that I don't think would be good for Wyoming." Specifically, Teeters seems to think that having citizens of the state accept climate science would "wreck Wyoming's economy," which relies heavily on fossil fuel production.

Apple Wins With Hedge Funds While Google Is Top Choice For Mutual Funds

Breaking the list of holdings down into a sector-by-sector basis, Citi found that healthcare stocks took the top spot at mutual funds, with a 23% weighting, followed by information technology with a 20% weighting and financials coming in third with a 17% weighting. In the hedge fund world, however, the consumer discretionary and information technology sectors tied for the top spot with weights of 27% apiece, while healthcare sector was the third-most common hedge fund holding in 2013′s fourth quarter, whose weighting increased 10% from the prior quarter to 23% in the fourth quarter.

Mozilla Science Lab, GitHub and Figshare Fix Code Citation in Academia

Academia has a problem. Research is becoming increasingly computational and data-driven, but the traditional paper and scientific journal has barely changed to accommodate this growing form of analysis. The current referencing structure makes it difficult for anyone to reproduce the results in a paper, either to check findings or build upon their results. In addition, scientists that generate code for middle-author contributions struggle to get the credit they deserve.

GChat Is Back!

Google's instant messaging service Hangouts, commonly referred to as GChat, is back after suffering an outage that lasted several hours today. 

Venice Organizes Online Vote to Become Independent From Italy

Despite its lofty ambitions, the referendum won't be legally binding, as it's not recognized by either the national government in Rome or the local regional government. The main goal of the unofficial referendum is to rally popular support for a bill calling for a legally binding referendum, according to the AFP .

A Third Person Dies of Injuries Sustained by SXSW Crash

Sandy Thuy Le, 26, became the third person to die from injuries sustained during a car crash outside of several nightclubs in Austin, Texas, during SXSW when she passed away Monday. She was hit outside The Mohawk music club early in wee hours of March 13.

Uber Expands Its Insurance for a Future Where Private Cars Are Public Transit | Wired Business |

Uber has always positioned itself as an app-based platform for ride-sharing, not a transportation company, and that has fueled some of the uncertainty around the insurance issue. The company vets drivers before allowing them on its system, and drivers carrying passengers are covered by a $1 million liability policy when they’re working for the company. But just having the Uber app open creates an ambiguous situation. Maybe drivers are actively looking for a fare — which looks a lot like working for Uber. But maybe they’re just checking in to see how busy it is that day. Or perhaps they just keep it open all the time in case they feel like accepting a fare every now and then, even if they’re really on the road just to go to the grocery store.

The rise of mobile-first infrastructure

While all three are interesting and profound (and not mutually exclusive), I find myself continuously coming back to the real implications of “mobile-ification.” We often think about the implications of building these new mobile apps all the time — new user-experiences, app store-based delivery, new development and testing needs, and more. However, I see less thought going into the implications the mobile-first world will have on the back-end infrastructure needed to deliver, support and manage them. What are the traits of the truly mobile-first infrastructure that will permeate the private data centers and public clouds of the future?

The 10 Most-Pirated Movies

Copyright infringers never lack for fresh material to duplicate and distribute to the non-paying Internet audience. In fact, one of the movies is a direct-to-video release that hasn't even hit retail outlets. Movie bootlegging is so commonplace that the MPAA (Motion Picture Association of America) has stated that this illegal copying and distributing results in a Hollywood loss of roughly $20 billion dollars per year. Although some have debated the legitimacy of that number, many analysts agree that there's quite a bit of illegal downloading and streaming happening online.

YouTube Offers 90,000 Glimpses Into Ukraine's Turmoil

But YouTube has grown increasingly instrumental to documenting the events. More than 90,000 videos related to the Ukrainian crisis have been uploaded since Feb. 1, representing 82% more videos than were shared to the service over the previous two months, according to data provided by YouTube.

Einstein's Gravitational Waves Discovered

Cosmic inflation, meanwhile, was proposed by MIT’s Alan Guth (who attended the CfA press conference) in 1979 and explains why the universe appears to be bigger than its age suggests. Guth theorised that when the universe went through a phase change – akin to the change when a liquid becomes a solid – it released huge amounts of energy, enough to cause it to swell faster than the speed of light for a violent instant, at a time when the entire universe was lest than the size of a single proton.

Russia Could ‘Turn the U.S. Into Radioactive Ash,' News Anchor Says

He then spoke of the country's "dead hand" defense system, saying, "Even if people in all our command posts after an enemy atomic attack cannot be contacted, the system will automatically fire our missiles from mines and submarines in the right direction," he said as an image of a Russian missile headed to the United States appeared on the screen.

Frozen Underground for 1,500 Years, a Moss Comes Back to Life - Wired Science

Scientists have an awesome word for things that look like they’re dead but aren’t really dead: cryptobiosis. Crypto for hidden, and biosis for life. Lots of organisms can do this. Scientists have previously revived microbes stuck in permafrost for tens of thousands of years. But for multicellular organisms like plants and animals, the record for suspended animation has been a decade or two at most.

Vodafone agrees $10 billion deal to buy Spain's Ono

The deal for private equity-owned Ono is Vodafone's third purchase of a European fixed-broadband asset in two years, following similar moves in Britain and Germany, enabling it to offer fixed-line and mobile services, pay-TV and broadband, while saving money on building and operating its networks.

Westboro Baptist Church Founder 'On the Edge of Death'

Church officials told the Topeka Capital-Journal that Phelps, 84, has been suffering "unspecified health problems," at Midland Care Hospice in Topeka, Kan., for "not too long," but would not verify whether he had been ex-communicated. They also maintained that the church has no official head other than Jesus Christ. Additionally, the newspaper reported that Mark Phelps, one of the pastor's other sons, wrote in an email that both of his brother's claim are accurate.


METRICS, as the new laboratory is to be known for short, will connect enthusiasts of the nascent field in such corners of academia as medicine, statistics and epidemiology, with the aim of solidifying the young discipline. Dr Ioannidis and the lab’s co-founder, Steven Goodman, will (for this is, after all, science) organise conferences at which acolytes can meet in the world of atoms, rather than just online. They will create a “journal watch” to monitor scientific publishers’ work and to shame laggards into better behaviour. And they will spread the message to policymakers, governments and other interested parties, in an effort to stop them making decisions on the basis of flaky studies. All this in the name of the centre’s nerdishly valiant mission statement: “Identifying and minimising persistent threats to medical-research quality.”

Twitter Testers Gain Access To A New Timeline Called “Fave People” For Tracking Favorite Twitter Accounts | TechCrunch

Twitter is experimenting with a new feature called “Fave People,” which allows you to keep track of your favorite Twitter users and accounts in a separate timeline. This feature, essentially a more user-friendly version of Twitter’s “Lists,” recently appeared in the alpha version of Twitter’s Android application – the app where the company tests new features and changes before rolling them out to beta testers, and then, finally, to the general public.

44 Alibaba is a mix of, eBay, PayPal, with a dash of Google thrown in

Mr. Ma and 17 other founding members created, a trading website that connected Chinese manufacturers with overseas clients. Shortly after, eBay entered China by buying a stake in a domestic e-commerce company. Alibaba created Taobao in 2003 to enter a consumer e-commerce business, as China's Internet-user population was growing rapidly.

Attorney General's new war on encrypted web services

iTnews' Brett Winterford gives attendees of the first 'Touch Tomorrow' event in Brisbane a brief look at his research into enterprise mobility. What are the use cases and how can they be quantified? What price should you expect to pay for securing mobile access to corporate applications? What's coming around the corner?

Ken's Programming Blog: I Knew a Programmer that Went Completely Insane

Colour blind artist unveils world's first 'eyeborg' device - Telegraph

Neil Harbisson, who sees only in black and white, claims he can now 'hear' colours after attaching a camera to an electronic chip was implanted in his skull

Who Needs Kickstarter? Exercise Sensor Moov Raises $1 Million In 15 Days

When Meng Li and Nikola Hu stopped by the FORBES office to demonstrate their wearable sensors last month, Hu spent much of the interview punching the air and running in place. A laptop placed on the table graphed the speed and form of his punches, benchmarking his performance against that of a professional trainer who yelled out encouragement from the screen. (The training video was prerecorded.)

SXSW Crash Victim Treated to Private Concert in Her Hospital Room

Mason Endres, 18, lies in a hospital bed after being seriously injured when a car drove through a barricade in downtown Austin during the 2014 SXSW Festival. Jared & the Mill, one of Endres favorite bands performs in her hospital room after hearing about her injuries.

Weather Service Poncho Offering Coupons on High-Allergy Days

The coupons, from New York-based drug chain Duane Reade (a unit of Walgreens) will be sent out on days with high allergy indexes, and can be redeemed for over-the-counter remedies. Negotiated by OMD Ignition Factory, the promotion will run from now until June 7. It is only available in New York City, which is also the only area that Poncho serves.

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