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Watch sensors track a full-court basketball game in real time Here's your cool sports hardware demo of the week: ShotTracker, the Kansas City-based startup whose..

Subaru puts a WRX STI on a bobsled run, crashy insanity occurs - Roadshow

Driving for Subaru sounds like an interesting job.

Pimp Your iPhone With A Case That Adds The Best Android Features

Have your iPhone and your Android, too.

Buzz Aldrin turns to VR to explain how we can get to Mars

Buzz Aldrin may not live to see it, but he thinks colonizing Mars is part of humanity's destiny.

Owners of bricked G4 and V10 phones sue LG

Their phones got caught in boot loops, and LG's "help" underwhelmed.

Tesla co-founder and CTO JB Straubel explains its new solar storage facility

Tesla's new solar energy storage facility on the Hawaiian island of Kauai does what most solar power plants cannot: it stores energy from the sun during peak..

Lemonade Is Using Behavioral Science To Onboard Customers And Keep Them Honest | Fast Company

Fintech startups like Lemonade are betting big that behavioral economics will give them an edge over incumbents.

Parody of BBC dad shows how woman would have handled it

Commentary: A comedy show in New Zealand shows that a woman would have handled Professor Robert Kelly's interview with the BBC very differently.

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FBI apprehends troll for seizure-inducing Twitter attack

Exactly what those will be aren't clear. The FBI hasn't issued a press release regarding the arrest as of publication time, and a spokesperson hasn't responded with additional information yet either. We will update this post when we receive a response. Combined with the recent arrest regarding a Twitter prank that brought the 911 emergency service to its knees, this is further proof that what you do and say on Twitter can have real-world consequences. Especially, in this case, where it was used to cause harm to a user. According to Newsweek , some 40 other trolls have sent strobing images to Eichenwald since December, and those accounts have been submitted to the FBI as well. "We're very gratified that the government has worked hard and promptly to make sure that the person who was responsible for this attack is held to account," Eichenwald's lawyer Steven Lieberman told the publication. "It sends an important message that there is no free shot against journalists in the country." Lieberman said that this tweet wasn't an effort to curb free speech, equating it to sending an envelope of Anthrax spores or a bomb to someone.

Apple paid Chance the Rapper $500,000 to put his album on Apple Music exclusively for 2 weeks

Apple Music paid Chance the Rapper a whopping $500,000 to put his album "Coloring Book" on the service for a two-week exclusive window, Chance said Friday.

Montblanc's Summit is its first luxury smartwatch

Like the recently announced TAG Heuer luxury wearable , money can't buy you more than a day's battery life from the Summit's 350mAh unit. And if you hadn't guessed by now, you're expected to pay significantly more for Montblanc's first smartwatch than Samsung or LG's latest. Pricing for all the stainless steel models starts at $890 if you can live with a plain leather strap, jumping to $930 for a colored rubber strap or hand-painted navy or brown leather band. The coveted alligator strap ups that price by $50 to bring the grand total to $980. This is the starting price for the titanium model, which increases to $1,020 and $1,070, respectively, as the bands get fancier. UK pricing starts at £765 for a steel body with standard black leather strap.

The ROI of user experience - TechRepublic

It's easy to ignore user experience as trivial discussions about colors and icons, and whether you put a button on the left or right of the screen. However, there is a very real cost to bad user experience that quickly manifests itself in training and adoption costs. While we as IT leaders may roll our eyes when someone from Apple or Google waxes poetic about some new interface element they spent months creating, consider for a moment what would happen if these companies had to train users on how to operate their devices. If a consumer can't figure out how to use Instagram in about 30 seconds, they'll likely download an alternative.

Why Oracle and Microsoft are obsessing over smaller tech competitors - TechRepublic

The clearest sign that you're losing to a particular competitor is when you obsess over them. This happens all the time with smaller startups fighting over scraps, but it's particularly interesting when big companies go after much smaller competitors. Two recent examples are Microsoft's targeting of MongoDB and Oracle's fetish for Amazon Web Services (AWS).

BMW plans to self-drive to Level 5 autonomy by 2021

German automaker BMW is confident it can field a car capable of Level 5 autonomy capabilities by 2021, the launch date for its first fully autonomous vehicle.

Why machine learning benefits the rich, and everyone else is toast - TechRepublic

Additionally, this pace of innovation isn't going to slow down. The opposite is true, according to Olson. He went on to explain that, as impressive the pace of innovation has been in machine learning and other big data software, "fasten your gravity belts" because it's about to get much faster given the investments from hardware vendors like Intel in optimizing chips and other hardware to improve computational speed, among other things.

AR could be coming to the iPhone 8 as VR and AR markets set to explode - TechRepublic

It's worth noting that Apple's iPhone 7 already makes use of 3D sensors, but an increased investment in the technology could see them take a more central role in the iPhone 8. And getting more mobile users interested in the technology could help boost AR and VR markets.

Zelda: Breath of the Wild is too big to worry about spoilers

I don’t think you should get mad. The new Zelda is far too expansive with way too many things to do for you to realistically expect to find them all on your own through natural exploration. Is it more magical for you to discover the stalhorse on your own? Probably. But I think it’s far more likely that you wouldn’t have discovered it at all. Or even if you did, I’m positive you have missed a dozen other tiny, incredible moments, characters, or items that you might never see before you put down Breath of the Wild for good. My suggestion then is to let down your spoiler guard and join the rest of us in collectively exploring Zelda. You don’t have to start Googling for secrets every time you’re stuck or encounter a new quest, and you don’t have to go out and buy the strategy guide. Instead, when a Twitter post comes across that shows you something you haven’t experienced personally, revel in the fact that this game is big enough to continue hiding things from you. And join us by sharing some of your own moments.

Netflix to Replace 5-Star Ratings With Thumbs Up or Down

In the not-so-distant future, the streaming giant will replace its current five-star ratings system with something a little easier: thumbs up or down. You either liked it or you didn't; no more internal debates over just how much or how little you enjoyed something.

Why Scientists Think This Silly-Ass Bird Can't Stop Looking at Its Reflection

We all like to admire ourselves in the mirror from time to time, but there’s a bird in Australia that seems to have developed a rather unhealthy fixation, gazing upon its reflection for hours on end while seemingly oblivious to its surroundings. It’s pretty funny, but should we be worried about this fine feathered fellow?

How to resize a virtual Red Hat Enterprise Linux partition - TechRepublic

Growing file systems is a common task in virtualized environments. While it's quite easy to do in Windows, it can be a bit harder in Linux. It's possible to expand a Linux file system via the command line, but this is tedious and sometimes unreliable, possibly leading to mangled partitions. It's better to streamline the process by booting a virtual machine using a utility called GParted which constitutes a bootable disc image in the form of an .iso file.

Watch out, Siri, Amazon Alexa is now available on the iPhone - TechRepublic

The amount of devices that include Alexa surprises even the Amazon team, Kindel said. "There's a lot of things we've seen over the last couple of years since Echo was first launched in November of 2014 that have delighted and surprised us. You build something with an idea of how it's going to materialize for customers and it just takes off. It's really a sign of a healthy platform when developers build things using the API you expose."

Amazon nabs 'Moonlight' streaming exclusive

The recent Best Picture winner is just one of several films coming to Prime Video.

Here are the 15 US cities where tech workers make (and save) the most money - TechRepublic

The math works. Zillow and LinkedIn teamed up to analyze data on salaries and housing costs for both renters and homeowners to figure out where workers in tech can make the most money while spending the least to keep a roof over their heads. In Seattle, a tech worker who rents will have $5,493 left each month after paying taxes and rental costs. In San Francisco, they only have about $3,964 at month's end.

Microsoft may be blocking Windows 7, 8.1 updates on new Intel Kaby Lake, AMD Ryzen systems - ExtremeTech

If you’ve purchased either a Kaby Lake or Ryzen system and loaded a pre-Windows 10 Microsoft OS, it may be in your best interest to patch it up completely, immediately, and create an updated installation image to ensure you’ll still have access to security and feature updates that exist today in the event that Microsoft shuts down access in the future. Meanwhile, please let us know if you’ve installed Ryzen to either Windows 7 or 8.1 and seen any of these messages.

Gmail Now Lets You Preview Video Attachments

But there's now a much smoother and quicker way to watch thanks to Google. The Web giant on Thursday announced that video attachements can be previewed in Gmail — no downloading necessary. Emails with a video attached will show a thumbnail of the video and you'll be able to stream it right from inside Gmail.

How to become a DevOps manager: 5 tips - TechRepublic

"A DevOps transformation is about helping your employees learn to change how they think, work, and relate to other people in the company," Sussna said. "Those are challenging things that have to happen over time. It's not like 'We bought new software and will send you to a training class.' It's on a much deeper, human level than that. Management becomes helping people learn to work differently. As a manager, you have to think about your team, or organization, as a service provider—not just a doer of things."

FBI Arrests Man for Allegedly Sending Journalist Seizure-Causing GIF

On Friday, the Dallas FBI confirmed to Gizmodo that it has made an arrest in a case involving Newsweek journalist Kurt Eichenwald, who claims a man sent him a GIF over Twitter that triggered his epilepsy, causing him to have a seizure. A Dallas FBI spokesperson told Gizmodo that a press release with more details on the arrest is forthcoming, and declined to comment further.

Amazon makes it even cheaper for Alexa developers to use AWS

“Developers already know that building for Alexa is free using AWS Free Tier with AWS Lambda, but what they can’t plan for is how successful their skill will be,” said A Cloud Guru founder, Ryan Kroonenburg. “This program not only allows developers to create robust skills that use AWS services like Amazon DynamoDB without worrying about costs, but also ensures that popular skills that hit more than 1 million calls per month are cost effective to maintain.”

French advertising group Havas denies it wants to pull ads from Google

(Reuters) — French advertising group Havas denied on Friday that it would pull advertising from Google platforms, contradicting comments attributed to the head of its British business after Britain raised concerns over government advertising on the U.S. company’s YouTube website.

Netflix's new button lets you skip your show's intro sequence

Netflix appears to be rolling out a button that allows you to skip a shows intro sequence, as spotted by The Verge . It turns out one of us at TNW has had the feature for a while as part of a test, but it seems to be rolling out globally now given widespread mention in social media.

Panicked Secret Service Says It Lost Encrypted Laptop But It's Fine, Everything's Fine

Today, a Brooklyn-based Secret Service agent learned what those of us without security clearance have known for years: Don’t leave a laptop in your car if you don’t want it to be stolen.

California DMV to authorize fully driverless vehicles on roads

The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has introduced new legislation to legalize fully driverless vehicles in the state. It follows similar legislation passed in Michigan late last year.

Nintendo is reportedly doubling Switch production up to 16 million for 2017

Good news if you are having trouble locating a Nintendo Switch at a reasonable price (which is basically every gamer who didn’t pre-order): Nintendo is planning on doubling production of the console for the year, according to report by the Wall Street Journal .

Apple plans to invest $500 million for new research centers in China

So it seems logical that Apple would go beyond partnering with local firms in China by creating its own research centers. This way, Apple has a foot on the ground and gets the best of both worlds.

This nonprofit is selling tiny $6 hijabs for children to put on their dolls

A new initiative called Hello Hijab wants to encourage wider acceptance of hijabs, creating tiny headscarves for children to put on their Barbies and similar dolls. The effort aims to make playtime more inclusive, while also getting children used to seeing headscarves in order to help fight stigma.

28 The internet picked a T. rex as one of the new 'Monopoly' tokens

Tasking the internet to pick something for you can go horribly awry. Just ask Boaty McBoatface . When board-game maker Hasbro asked for suggestions to update the Monopoly game pieces, it likely didn't expect that the hivemind would pick a trio of, well, rather tame new tokens to update the capitalism training simulator.

Swatch is building its own smartwatch OS because why not?

However, that introduces an entirely different problem: an all-new app ecosystem that’ll likely pale in comparison to those in Google and Apple’s OSes. It takes a lot to convince developers to build apps for a proprietary platform that has less reach than its rivals, and that means users will find fewer services to connect their phones and data with – at least initially.

Duke basketball debuts new SAP-powered statistics site, just in time for NCAA tournament - TechRepublic

The site's first version came out in 2014, and the most recent update is more streamlined. It is built on a SAP HANA database platform and it mirrors the offerings that SAP provides to its business customers. The key difference being instead of giving business data, it's aimed at fans who want to know, for example, how many field goals Christian Laettner made during the 1991-92 basketball season and post-season. The answer? He made 54 out of 99 attempts, including the infamous shot against the University of Kentucky Wildcats in the East Regional finals that put Duke in the 1992 NCAA Final Four. The result was a 25-year rivalry, with Kentucky fans still cringing at the thought of the game.

Facebook, Twitter, and Google must remove scams or risk legal action, says EU

Navigating your way around the internet may seem intuitive if you’ve grown up with access to it most of your life — but for those who are just beginning to use social media platforms, it can be hard to detect scam from the constant stream of information. The European Commission has taken a step to prevent these types of web-based consumer fraud, ordering companies like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ to address and prevent them from appearing on their sites.

Ugh, Facebook, don't give us even more tabs

We spotted a new feature Friday that threads comment replies into a new pop-up window, just like the separate conversation tabs used for chatting with friends on Messenger when you have your News Feed open. That type of instant access might be useful if you're deeply entrenched in a comment war, but in just about any other circumstance, it's intrusive and demanding.

5 big data trends that will shape AI in 2017 - TechRepublic

AI and machine learning are dependent on large amounts of data. But big data is hard to organize and analyze. Here's what experts are looking out for in the coming year, when it comes to data.

Disrupting insurance: data-driven customer value | ZDNet

Why hasn't the insurance business been disrupted yet, and how could data be used to do this? Atidot has a go at addressing those questions.

How to Optimize Social Ads for Every Stage of the Buying Funnel : Social Media Examiner

Again, this doesn’t mean you’ll end up with one final campaign. At the starter ad stage, you may find multiple combinations of winning ads that can be tested among all of your target audiences. Multiple target audiences may prove to be promising and turned into TACT campaigns.

Our long-term 2017 Chrysler Pacifica is ready for a year of hard work - Roadshow

This is all the iPhone 8 reports and rumors in one place. From a 5.8-inch OLED display, reports of wireless charging and even a 3D scanner for facial recognition, it's all here.

Get 'Game of Thrones' season 5 for free!

It's the SD version, but it looks absolutely fine on PCs, phones and tablets. Plus: an all-time low on the awesome Dobby drone!

Corporate brands, UK government pull ads from Google's YouTube over extremist hate group videos

A series of major brands have pulled ads from Google's YouTube following reports that their ads are being shown next to terrorist, hate group and other offensive or controversial videos. Source: Times of London: "Taxpayers are funding extremism" A series of recent reports have drawn attention to problems at Google related to false answers, fake news and offensive or illegal content. Advertisers are increasingly growing concerned about their brands being associated with hate groups, terrorists and religious extremists. Earlier this month, AppleInsider noted that ads for IBM and other major brands appeared on fake news clip that gained visibility after Google Home referenced fringe content on YouTube in an answer to whether "Obama was planning a coup." A new report by Bloomberg noted that the U.K. government and the Guardian newspaper have pulled their advertising from YouTube. "It is completely unacceptable that Google allows advertising for brands like the Guardian to appear next to extremist and hate-filled videos" - Guardian News "it is completely unacceptable that Google allows advertising for brands like the Guardian to appear next to extremist and hate-filled videos," wrote Guardian News & Media in a statement.

Why It’s So Hard to Build the Next Silicon Valley

In the years that Kansas City has been trying to make the most out of Fiber, Google has been doing the same. In early days, company executives talked it up, with executive chairman Eric Schmidt telling conference goers in late 2012 that of all the company’s current innovations, including self-driving cars, it was Google’s “most compelling on many levels,” something that “changes your life.” Shortly afterward, it started announcing more cities for the project, beginning with Austin, Texas, and Provo, Utah. In 2013, the company recruited Craig Barratt, a wireless chip industry veteran, to lead the group that included Fiber. In 2015, when Google became Alphabet, Barratt was given the title of CEO. Over time, Google Fiber announced it would expand into 21 cities. 

US nuclear test films rescued, declassified, put on YouTube

The team hopes to provide better data to the scientists who ensure the safety of US nuclear weapons. Spriggs believes showing the force of these weapons will encourage people to be reluctant to use them.

The Mini Cooper Countryman grows bigger, and that's not a bad thing - Roadshow

The Countryman's all-wheel-drive system puts up to 40 percent of torque to the rear wheels in low speed conditions, then shifts to front-wheel drive at higher speeds, improving fuel economy.

Scientists Found a New Window Into the Hellish Ancient Earth

Four and a half billion years ago, some dust from a cloud orbiting around a star coalesced into a rocky planet. But unlike most of the dusty balls in our solar system, this one was special—it was just the right distance away from the star that one day after the surface had cooled, water could exist as a liquid, rather than a solid or gas. The planet’s surface eventually fractured into plates that shifted around, becoming continents. All that shifting has rubbed away the details of that ancient Earth. Was the era as hellish as its name, “Hadean” implies, or was Earth always a water-rich orb with moving plates?

​Goodbye, YouTube annotations: Google ends support May 2

Annotations began back in 2008, before the mobile shift. According to Google's YouTube Creators blog post, 60 percent of all YouTube traffic is now mobile.

Armenia’s rising tech scene: The new Silicon Valley of the former Soviet Union

Armenia was once the center of IT innovation for the USSR. A turbulent history has stifled the economy, but things are starting to look up for the Caucasus republic. A highly-skilled, post-soviet engineering workforce and a diaspora of advocates, combined with new government initiatives, are igniting renewed growth in Armenia’s IT sector. These businesses are creating new technologies — from award-winning mobile apps to world-first presentation tools — recognized across the globe and many startups are making their way to the US.

TechCrunch on Twitter

Apple invests in R&D centers in China, Walmart acquires Modcloth and more on #CrunchReport with @titoyooo

Master Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere Pro in one $29 bundle

The Adobe Creative Cloud is a collection of ridiculously powerful design and digital artistry tools.  However, its features and programs are so massive that it’s easy to get overwhelmed by its sheer volume.

Miner Finds Enormous 706-Carat Diamond, Promptly Hands It Over to the Government

A pastor and independent miner in Sierra Leone has unearthed an uncut 706-carat diamond estimated to be worth tens of millions of dollars. The pastor turned the diamond over to the government in hopes that the proceeds from its sale will help the impoverished country. But given the history of this former “blood-diamond” nation, what happens from here is anyone’s guess.

Walmart buys indie online retailer Modcloth | ZDNet

"I am incredibly proud of my time at ModCloth," Koger wrote. "I'm also filled with regret. We did a lot of things right but also made tons of mistakes. No one, in life or business, is perfect. To those who are calling me a 'sell out', or worse, please know this: I'm not making any profit on this sale. I haven't had a controlling stake in the business for years. And this was the only way forward that allowed ModCloth to continue to exist. Trust me, it's a good thing."

Breaking into Facebook's UK headquarters is too damn easy

But at the end of the day, no matter how gilded it is and how many distractions it boasts, it’s still a place where people spend their limited time on this planet working, instead of doing other, more fulfilling things.

Peter Thiel’s Palantir Faces an Escalating Court Battle With an Early Investor

The battle between Palantir Technologies Inc. and a longtime investor just got nastier. KT4 Partners LLC, which first backed Palantir more than a decade ago, sued the privately held data analytics company, saying attempts to sell shares were thwarted and that financial information was withheld.

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56 Laying a trap for self-driving cars
57 Apple Music recruits new student ‘ambassadors’
58 Spotify will restrict some albums to its paid tier
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60 Secret Empire Is Giving Us a New Patriot to Fight Back Against Steve Rogers
61 Boaty McBoatface Prepares to Take a Swim
62 Rogue One Never Had a Scripted Opening Crawl
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64 H-1B cap won't drop in 2018, despite rhetoric from Trump administration - TechRepublic
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68 These Scientists Sent a Rocket to Mars for Less Than It Cost to Make “The Martian”
69 Apple extends AppleCare+ purchase deadline to one year after device purchase, report says
70 ABC News lets you watch multiple streams on your Apple TV
71 Google open-sources JPEG encoder that reduces file sizes by 35%
72 Spider-Man villain Venom will get his own movie in October next year
73 Trump kicked One Direction out of his hotel for the silliest reason ever
74 Sean Spicer Reportedly Apologizes to Britain For Talking Shit [Updated: White House Says It Wasn't a Formal Apology Because The Trump White House Can Never Apologize Why Would We Apologize When We Haven't Done Anything Wrong]
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83 Electric vehicle startup NIO unveils self-driving concept car at SXSW
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85 YouTube to discontinue video annotations because they never worked on mobile
86 Notes on Lock Free Programming (Part 1)
87 The Grassroots Campaign to Make Reddit Less Toxic
88 White House Cites Satire Story to Support Trump's Nightmare Budget [Update]
89 ​Google works to make JPEG graphics smaller but not sucky
90 Judge OKs warrant to reveal who searched a crime victim’s name on Google
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