Owners of bricked G4 and V10 phones sue LG Video Description

As mentioned, this lawsuit has multiple plaintiffs, each with a unique story of getting screwed. One person bought a V10 that fell prey to the boot loop issue, sent it off for repair at an LG service center, and received a "fixed" phone that boot looped right out of the box. (The carrier in this case, T-Mobile, eventually swapped that V10 for a refurb.) Another plaintiff bought two G4s prior to LG's admission -- AT&T replaced one G4 twice, and LG refused to repair the other when it failed this year because it was out of warranty. One more: a plaintiff received two G4 replacements from Verizon, contacted LG about it, and was told she would receive neither a refund nor a fully functional phone. More than a year had elapsed since the sale of the original, defective phone, but refusal to handle a known issue is really something.

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