The myth of the ‘harmless’ volcano and other thoughts on yesterday's Mt. Etna explosion Video Description

If you compare it to Hawaii, for example, Mount Etna is a volcano that has a much more variable activity. In Hawaii, there are always very fluid and steady lava eruptions. But Etna has all kinds of eruptions — from effusive eruptions, like in Hawaii, and explosive ones to phreatic eruptions, like the one we saw yesterday. This volcano is peculiar because it’s easy to study it and observe it. We can easily get basically to the top of the volcano by car, especially in the summer. In the winter the situation is a bit different because there’s lots of snow, but even then you just need to have a good pair of legs and you can basically get anywhere. So it’s a good laboratory because it has a very diversified activity — it shows us different types of eruptions — and it’s easily accessible from all of its sides. So we can install a lot of instruments, and even invent and test new instruments on the often-erupting Mount Etna.

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