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'Overwatch's' new hero is a badass robot centaur

Orisa has four legs and a gatling gun.

Why I Preordered a Nintendo Switch

Preordering is dumb, but I must experience the Nintendo Switch on day one. Here's why.

Google Assistant starts rolling out to Android M and N devices

US users will get it first, followed by Canada, Australia and Germany.

Tom Hanks just sent a coffee machine to the White House press corps with this amazing note

The Oscar-winning actor sent the caffeine-refueling apparatus with a note that included an etching of American soldiers

Alec Baldwin joins the parade of comical Trump-related books with “sharp, fantastic” parody

Fake Trump Alec Baldwin and longtime Trump watcher Kurt Anderson will pen a parody book channeling the president's inner

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Uber changes its mind and decides to apply for a California self-driving car permit

The company originally looked like it was going to sit it out and wait for California regulations to turn in its favor. It's clear now that Uber has changed its mind and decided to apply anyways so it can restart its self-driving car pilot.

'Breath of the Wild' is the best 'Zelda' game in years

The second layer of complexity comes from points of articulation within the dungeon. Once you've downloaded its map onto your tablet, you're able to transform the layout slightly with the press of a key. In one example, this might be to change the flow of water to get wheels spinning in motion, while in others, you're able to rotate the entire dungeon on its side. The level of challenge offered isn't off the charts -- although I did get stuck for an hour by missing something blindingly obvious -- but the puzzles really encourage lateral thinking, and required me to use all the tools at my disposal to progress.

To Snap Or Not To Snap: Will Investors Jump At Today’s IPO? | Fast Company | The Future Of Business

“I’m very bullish,” says Stiefel, who just got back from a trip to Israel, where he met with film companies. “The way the world is growing—the trend is toward images and not text—Snapchat is an innovator in that space. It’s at the edge of the next wave of social media.” He says that he’s not too concerned about competition from Instagram since “we’re very early in this trend” and Snapchat has proven to be an innovator and investors will “give it time to continue to prove that.”

The Internet Trolls 'This is the Future that Liberals Want' Tweet with Memes

In this case, however, the picture was not so undesirable. It showed a snapshot of a New York City subway car, in which a veiled Muslim woman and man in drag are sitting next to each other. Both are minding their own business and quiet in thought — as most tend to be on the subway. Considering the typical toxic attitudes that come out of 4chan, it’s likely that the “the future that liberals want” was intended to make a world where different kinds of people can simply exist with one another as undesirable. But the jab quickly backfired, with people on Twitter soon trolling the phrase.

Snap Opens at $24 a Share, Well Above the $17 Offer Price

Snap Inc. , the first technology company to go public in the U.S. this year, jumped in its debut after the disappearing-photo app maker priced its initial public offering above the marketed range.

Snap is about to make its big stock market debut — and its 20-something founders are now multibillionaires

Shares of Snapchat's parent company opened for trading at $24, up about 41% from the IPO price of $17 apiece. At the opening price, Snap had a valuation of about $33 billion. Snap's cofounders, Evan Spiegel, 26, and Robert Murphy, 28, rang the opening bell on the exchange earlier Thursday. At the IPO price, Spiegel's stake in the company is worth at least $4.5 billion. Murphy's stake in Snap is valued at closer to $3.9 billion. The shares opened for trading after a period of "price discovery" during which traders on the floor of the exchange try to corral demand for the stock. Snap's is the first tech IPO of the year, the first offering from a social network since Twitter went public, and the largest tech deal since Alibaba went public in 2014.

As Supreme Court case nears, tech takes a stand for transgender rights

“These companies are sending a powerful message to transgender children and their families that America’s leading businesses have their backs,” HRC President Chad Griffin said in a statement on the brief. “Across the country, corporate leaders are speaking out because they know attacking transgender youth isn’t just shameful — it also puts the families of their employees and customers at risk. Transgender students like Gavin are entitled to the full protection of the law, and must be affirmed, respected and protected in the classroom and beyond.”

Snapchat stock finishes up 44% on first day

The debut draws more similarities to Twitter’s , which went public in 2013. The company saw a solid first day of trading, but then saw a lot of volatility in the following months. Facebook, on the other hand, had a rough first day as a public company, with the share price closing exactly where it opened (companies normally try to price it so it goes up about 20% on the first day). But then the company flourished on the stock market over time.

Electronic Teddy Bears The Latest Target For Hackers

“Additionally, if you’re going to trust a company with your sensitive data – be it email, files, web traffic or in this case, highly personal content – doing so without checking the security credentials and practices of the cloud provider in question is simply asking for trouble.”

Dear children: please stop swallowing hand sanitizer

There were over 70,000 cases of children who were exposed to hand sanitizer from 2011 to 2014, and most of them swallowed it, according to a new study by the the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Most kids, especially those below the age of 6, did so by mistake, but some children ages 6 to 12 actually drank the alcohol-based sanitizers on purpose — possibly to get drunk.

Gmail now lets you receive 50MB attachments

Google’s still very much wedded to the idea of people using Google Drive for large files, but it recognizes that many workplaces and individuals are yet to make the switch to Gmail and Gsuite. This move simply makes it easier for Gmail users to receive large attachments – like high-resolution photos, presentations, and photoshop files – from those holdouts.

Nintendo Switch still uses friend codes for some reason

There's a silver lining, though. Friend codes are one way to add friends on the Switch, but not the only way. After the Switch's day-one software update, players have four ways of managing their friends list: search for local users, search for users you've played with, search with friend code and sent friend requests.

Scientists Are Standing Up to Trump Because They've Always Stood Up to Bullshit

There’s this pervasive idea that science is somehow exempt from the ugly political world in which the rest of us wallow. But even a perfunctory look at the history of American science shows that this hasn’t always been the case—and the circumstances that pushed scientists into the public sphere in the past aren’t that different from those scientists are facing today.

Spotify boasts more than double the subscribers of Apple Music | Cult of Mac

Apple Music’s batch of exclusives haven’t been able to stop Spotify’s impressive growth of paid subscribers over the last year.

So Is Snapchat's Logo a Dick in a Tissue or What?

Nevertheless, people are excited, though Snap’s $17 a share pales in comparison to Facebook’s IPO, where shares were priced at $38 a pop . The company’s fate on Wall Street also stands to serve as a litmus test of sorts that will help us understand if the age of overhyped social media companies is coming to a close. Even Snap itself has tried to distance itself from its app-based roots by declaring that it’s now a camera company from the future, whatever that means.

Dr. Fate Is Very Tired of Superman's Fascist Crap in Injustice 2

One of the best things about the rolling character reveals for Injustice 2 is in seeing just how deep into the DC Comics character stable the game is going to delve. Having the wielder of the Helmet of Nabu in a big-budget video game is a pretty deep cut.

These Bumble Bees Are Basically Tiny Soccer Players

An experiment at Queen Mary University of London trained bumble bees to roll mini-balls into different goals. Their learning capabilities suggest they can adapt to new environments and fight against decreasing bee populations.

Forbes Welcome

The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant.

Why Are These Turkeys Doing This?

If you’re interested in attending a Thanksgiving seance, one Twitter user has filmed the creepiest bird video you’ll see today: a gang of turkeys circling clockwise around a seemingly dead cat.

What You Need to Know About Ryzen, AMD's Shot at an Intel-Killing Chip

The APUs and other mobile friendly chips are certainly on the horizon—AMD has promised as much, but right now what AMD has delivered is incredible speeds that will benefit only a small portion of computer users. Which is a damn shame. Ryzen runs cooler than Kaby Lake or Skylake, and it sucks up less power, and it’s faster. In nearly every way that counts Ryzen seems superior to what Intel is currently offering. But it’s going to need more than raw speed if it ever wants to truly win. The 1800X’s price to power ratio has me nearly convinced AMD has a contender—now stick this in a laptop that goes for less than the Intel version and we might have a winner.

Snap's shares crackle and pop

That's why Snap has drawn the ire and envy of Silicon Valley's biggest companies. Most notably, Facebook is trying to duplicate its product mojo, with a near-identical clone of Snapchat Stories, which lets people post strings of videos and photos that self-detonate after 24 hours.

Spotify now has 50 million paid subscribers

No matter how you slice it, it’s a firm lead for Spotify when compared to its competitors. Apple Music, as of the last official update in December, is at a comparatively small 20 million — still impressive, given Spotify’s head start, but there’s still a ways to go for Apple before it catches up. Meanwhile, Tidal is even farther behind, with a reported 1.1 million subscribers as of last October, although there are also claims that Tidal may have been inflating its numbers .

One Bitcoin is now worth more than one ounce of gold

While today’s swap can be attributed to a good day for bitcoin (up ~3%) and a bad day for gold (down ~1.3%), the big picture is that bitcoin has more than doubled in the last year (up ~185% from a year ago) while gold is essentially trading exactly at the price it was a year ago.

Chevrolet to offer unlimited data plan with cars - BBC News

The deal, for a 4G LTE data plan, applies to cars sold in the US from 3 March and will cost $20 (£16) a month.


Artificial intelligence boosters predict a brave new world of flying cars and cancer cures. Detractors worry about a future where humans are enslaved to an evil race of robot overlords. Veteran AI scientist Eric Horvitz and Doomsday Clock guru Lawrence Krauss, seeking a middle ground, gathered a group of experts in the Arizona desert to discuss the worst that could possibly happen -- and how to stop it . Their workshop took place last weekend at Arizona State University with funding from Tesla co-founder Elon Musk and Skype co-founder Jaan Tallinn. Officially dubbed "Envisioning and Addressing Adverse AI Outcomes," it was a kind of AI doomsday games that organized some 40 scientists, cyber-security experts and policy wonks into groups of attackers -- the red team -- and defenders -- blue team -- playing out AI-gone-very-wrong scenarios, ranging from stock-market manipulation to global warfare.

A typo blew up part of the internet Tuesday

According to a postmortem Amazon's cloud services business published Thursday , around 9:37 a.m. PT Tuesday an Amazon worker incorrectly punched in a command while trying to debug an issue. That command shut down a large set of servers at the company's Amazon Web Services Northern Virginia site, causing a domino effect of problems.

2017 iPhones won't ditch Lightning for USB-C after all | Cult of Mac

In his note, Kuo says that while Apple will keep the Lightning port, important upgrades are coming to the way iPhones will charge. Users can expect faster charging this year, thanks to the addition of new battery technology.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks In Live Photos

Just a day after a clear Galaxy S8 press render leaked ,  BGR  has posted photos of a live Galaxy S8 unit. The photos show the thin bezels at the top and bottom of the device, the on-screen navigation buttons, and the slim form factor which also seems to confirm that the device will lack any kind of camera bump.

macOS malware on the rise as Apple silently patches a mysterious new threat called Proton - TechRepublic

No one is safe from malware these days, even macOS users. 2017 has been a banner year for malware on Apple computers, including a new threat that allows total remote control from a web console.

Here’s How I Landed My Dream Job Working With IBM Watson | Fast Company | The Future Of Business

With the EMR job, we launched a brand-new product. It went to many different markets, including government-sponsored hospitals, private hospitals, and international markets. It was great experience to launch and kick-start and figure out how to get the product out. I got this IBM job because a friend reached out to me and said that IBM was starting a technical team that’s built around the partnership program for Watson. I always loved technology–even at the EMR job I used it to create the new program. So I put my resume together and shot it out to him.

Exhibit at TNW Conference for free – courtesy of Startup League

For the past five years, our Boost program at TNW Conference in Amsterdam has helped young startups secure the opportunities they need to accelerate their growth. The companies that have pitched on stage, exhibited on our business floor and taken advantage of investor matchmaking have gone on to raise a combined total of $2 billion from top-tier VC funds.

Microsoft now lets anyone create and publish Xbox games

The program isn’t free. There’s a one-time fee to that ranges from $20 to $100, and it’s unclear right now how Microsoft plans on charging some developers more or less than others. Even then, unless a developer joins the ID@Xbox program, they won’t be able to enable online multiplayer for the Xbox version of the game or access the Xbox achievements feature. The Creators Program does let you still access Xbox’s leaderboards and party chat features. In one potential downside, games listed through the program will be kept in a separate section of the Xbox Store, which could limit their exposure to reach as wide an audience as ID@Xbox titles.

Kristen Stewart says text messages are kinda ghosts and who are we to argue?

Kristen Stewart says text messages are kinda ghosts and who are we to argue?

Survios' 'Sprint Vector' lets you run in VR without getting sick

Still, it might be the most dangerous standing VR experience I've ever played -- not because I feel like i'm going to get sick or fall down but because the movement system largely amounts to frantically flailing your arms in multiple directions. In the state the game is now, I'd be afraid to play it in my house for fear of hitting my wife or punching a bookshelf. The game is just so fast-paced that it's easy to lose track of how much you've drifted in the real world from your starting point.

Yahoo confirms 32M accounts breached in 2015-2016 forged cookies attack - TechRepublic

In a recent annual report filed with the SEC, Yahoo confirmed that forged cookies were used to hack 32 million accounts. Here's what it means and why your company should be aware of such attacks.

This smart watch is actually a Raspberry Pi computer running Windows 98

Running Windows 98 from your browser  is pretty rad, but did you know you can boot the legendary operation system straight from your self-made smart watch? One recreational inventor has managed to do precisely that and now you can too – all you need is a Raspberry Pi .

Restaurant owner won't let scathing Yelp review get away with 'alternative facts'

While business review services like Yelp and Trip Advisor can offer valuable insight and influence your night out on the town, anyone with a computer can write a negative review. There's bound to be some inaccurate accounts from both patrons and restaurant owners defending their establishment. Regardless, there's no greater internet drama than when an owner goes shows up on Yelp to duke it out with a reviewer.

3 public cloud myths highlighted by the Amazon S3 outage - TechRepublic

The availability of public cloud versus private infrastructure is relative. Cloud providers such as AWS invest an incredible amount of money in the design and build of Tier 4 data centers to host services such as S3, and customers inherit the physical attributes of the Tier 4 data center such as highly redundant power, cooling, and network connectivity. While physically redundant, services such as S3 and EC2 are incredibly complex due to the scale of the services.

Turkeys ritualistically circling a dead cat is as beautiful as it is frightening

Twitter user J... saw a group wild turkeys circling a dead cat in the street, as if they were performing some kind of death ritual, and we are so lucky he documented it.

A Brief History of Filmmakers Explaining Why Video Game Movies Suck

I think there comes a point where you stop with the game. You put it in a drawer and it stays there because you have to make a movie. There are apparently 11 million players of the game world-wide and that is, of course, a huge fan-base. So make them happy? Yes! But also give them something that’s not just ticking off what’s in the game. Plus, you have to make a movie that people want to go and see. You can’t afford to be that specialist. Video games have such a patchy history. They’re very hit and miss in terms of being turned into movies. So, that hangs over you as well.

Apple may not be switching to USB-C on the iPhone 8 after all

The hardware tweaks will ultimately enable Apple to replicate some of the power benefits that come with USB Type-C and still maintain its signature Lightning connector. As 9to5Mac remarks, it remains unclear whether this rumor has any relation to previous reports about wireless charging .

Cisco Jasper's empire goes from strength to strength

“We’re now announcing the fact that we’re live we’re available for launch and so we’re really excited about some of the work there I think the Korean market has been arguably one of the most sophisticated and advanced markets in telecommunications KT has long been deeply interested in and investing in IoT and has been a presence in IoT events or things like mobile world congress. So to be able to pair us with some of the work that they’re doing I think is a fantastic result and will yield and open up the Korean market to international players who are coming in and making it just that much easier. So we’re we’re really excited about the relationship that we have with these guys and that puts us now at covering yet another market around the world. Every major market is now is now covered which is which is fantastic. I remember it didn’t seem that long ago that we had one and two but since then we made some big strides.”

The best fitness gadgets

Fitbit Blaze  This "smart fitness watch" records all the standard parameters, including steps, heart rate, sleep and floors climbed. It also has a multi-sport function designed to track specifics related to types of workout, a range of 7 to 10 minute workouts, and it automatically recognises when you're exercising versus just walking.   • Buy Now from Amazon

Amazon begins large-scale rooftop solar installation across its warehouses

The initial 15 solar projects will generate a combined output of around 41 megawatts. Individually, one facility’s solar array could provide it with around 80 percent of its energy needs annually, Amazon says, depending on how much sun exposure it receives, what kind of installation Amazon’s able to do, and what operations the facility manages. One concrete example Amazon provides is of its Patterson, CA fulfillment center, where over 75 percent of the building’s 1.1 million square feet of roof will be blanketed in solar panels, which will then help power the hundreds of Amazon sorting robotics within.

All of Apple's 2017 iPhones will include fast charging via Lightning port, not USB-C

While the underlying technology behind the charging may change, the Lightning port will remain on all of Apple's three new iPhones coming later this year —including the flagship "iPhone 8"— according to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities.

Finally, A Hands-On VR Experience Featuring Your Actual Hands | Fast Company | The Future Of Business

Intel’s coming Project Alloy headset offers merged reality so real you can reach out and touch it.

You Can Now Put Windows 98 on Your Wrist, Thank God

The “smartwatch” runs on a Raspberry Pi A+ and is operated via the touchscreen and 5 buttons mounted to the top of the device (you can see them at the top of the image above). According to Lord_of_Bone, it’s not exactly an enjoyable experience, and everything runs at a crawl—though it probably runs better than a real 80s wrist computer like the Seiko UC-2000 .

10 bad habits to break if you want to become a great developer - TechRepublic

Failure to be detail-oriented can be detrimental to the entire workplace, said Mark Tuchscherer, president of Geeks Chicago . "We run across so many developers, or people that want to become developers, that think all they need to do is write code," Tuchscherer said. "They don't want to deal with documenting the code they worked on and pushed to the server. This can turn any project into a nightmare. We had to let go of a lot of great developers that made everyone else's job three times as hard because they couldn't break these bad habits."

Tested: Knockoff Apple Watch bands for $20 or less

Too bad, because this is a nice band. It’s just as soft and supple as Apple’s Sport Band, and identically sized, with the holes in the same place. I don’t mind only having one size—Apple’s Sport Band comes with both S/M and M/L sizes in the box, but unless you’re sharing Apple Watch bands with someone with a differently sized wrist, you really only need one. One weird bonus: This silicone FanTEK band doesn’t make my wrist smell as weird after a day of wear as Apple’s fluroelastomer Sport Band does.

How a typo took down S3, the backbone of the internet

Earlier this week, much of the internet ground to a halt when the servers that power them suddenly vanished . The servers were part of S3, Amazon’s popular web hosting service, and when they went down they took several big services with them. Quora, Trello, and IFTTT were among the sites affected by the disruption. The servers came back online more than four hours later , but not before totally ruining the UK celebration of AWSome Day .

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78 The technology of people versus the people of technology - TechRepublic
80 Windows 'Mixed Reality' VR headsets will hit the Xbox One and Project Scorpio next year
81 Watch a Large Hadron Collider Experiment Get a Major Upgrade
82 Why Apple shouldn't force two-factor authentication on iPhone users - TechRepublic
83 Virginia is the first state to legalize delivery robots
84 Snap's shares pop after $3.4 billion IPO
85 Docker’s new enterprise edition gives containers an out-of-the-box experience
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87 Create a website or blog
88 Daimler leads ChargePoint’s new $82M round for EV charging network growth
89 Bitcoin’s “creator” races to patent technology with gambling tycoon
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91 Five winning plays for digital transformation | ZDNet
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