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YouTube apologizes for hiding LGBTQ users’ videos in its Restricted Mode

YouTube has released a statement in response to accusations that it is discriminating against its LGBTQ users by hiding certain videos in its Restricted Mode. The company issued the statement on...

A surreal film explores loneliness through YouTube culture

It’s easy to read Like Me as a fatalistic commentary on social media. Kiya, the film’s star, is a teenage YouTuber who makes the antics of personalities like PewDiePie seem quaint. In the film’s...

'John Wick' kicks just as much butt when he's using Nerf guns

It's Nerf or nothin'.

Very brave leopards take on a giant python in an intense battle

Not today, snake.

Disney shows how you catch a real ball in VR

Virtual games could become that much more realistic.

Finally! Clothes for nursing that you can actually get pumped about

As a new mom, something as simple as getting dressed in the morning can be a massive chore. If you're nursing your ba

Tag Heuer announces second generation "connected" smartwatch

Luxury watchmaker Tag Heuer has announced its second generation ‘Connected’ smartwatch, a $1,600 device built in partnership with Intel.

Researchers develop a drone that swoops and lands like a bird

One day they may be able to help with fires or deliver packages.

The ballon house from Disney Pixar's 'Up' is in 'Battlefield 1'

Is that you, Carl?

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Samsung announces Bixby, new AI assistant for Galaxy S8 - TechRepublic

Samsung will also be including a dedicated Bixby button on the side of its "next device," that it said it believes will remove friction and clarify the process by which a user will call up the assistant. Samsung didn't explicitly say in the press release if the Galaxy S8 would be that next device, but it did note that some Bixby-enabled applications will be preinstalled on the Galaxy S8, and the company is planning on releasing an SDK so more apps can work with the assistant. After it comes to Samsung's smartphones, the release said, it will eventually be available on the company's appliances as well.

Electronics Banned From Some US-Bound Flights

The new rules surfaced in a now-deleted tweet on Monday from Royal Jordanian Airlines, which said that starting March 21, passengers are not allowed to bring any "electrical or electronic device" other than cell phones or medical devices on board the company's flights to the US. It would affect flights flying into New York, Chicago, Detroit, and Montreal, the tweet said.


Samsung is touting three main features of its new assistant. The first is "Completeness," which means that when an app is Bixby-enabled, the assistant will able to perform almost every task that the app normally supports using touch. The second Bixby property is "Context Awareness." This means that when Bixby is activated, it'l be able to understand the current context and the state of the app that you're in without interrupting the work that you're doing. Finally, there's "Cognitive Tolerance." Samsung says that Bixby is smart enough to understand commands with incomplete commands, meaning that you don't have to remember the exact phrase that you have to say to perform a task with an assistant. Bixby will also ask you for more information when performing a task and then execute it. A select number of apps on the Galaxy S8 will be Bixby-enabled at launch, and Samsung plans to add more over time. The company also intends to release an SDK so that third-party app developers can add Bixby support to their apps.

Super Mario Run comes to Android this week

Nintendo revealed that version 2.0 will be available for iOS players the same day (the same version is coming to Android). A tweet from the Japanese Mario Run account previewed some characters on the new version, including four different colored Yoshis. It's unknown whether more levels will be added as well.

Fictiv on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

FBI Director Forced to Fact-Check Trump's Twitter Bullshit in Real-Time

Imagine if your Twitter account was so trash that federal investigators were called before Congress to publicly dismantle your tweets. For President Trump, that nightmare scenario became a reality on Monday.

Sesame Street's First New Muppet In A Decade Is Julia, A 4-Year-Old Girl With Autism

"The challenge of creating a character with autism is that you do have to think about all the different kinds of autism that exist, that whole spectrum and pick a place. It's like picking one person to represent a whole race," says Brown Johnson, EVP and creative director of Sesame Workshop. "I do think that if you introduce ideas about kindness and acceptance early that kids will be much more aware of it and hopefully keep those messages in their lives."

A major Middle Eastern airline just banned the use of electronics after the US voiced security ‘concerns’

The Verge reached out to the Federal Aviation Administration for clarification, but was referred to the Department of Homeland Security. A spokesperson for DHS had only this to say: “We have no comment on potential security precautions, but will provide any update as appropriate.” Asked if Royal Jordanian is acting at the behest of DHS, the spokesperson said, “I’m not able to say anything more at this time.”


Cisco is warning that the software used in hundreds of its products are vulnerable to a "critical"-rated security flaw, which can be easily and remotely exploited with a simple command . The vulnerability can allow an attacker to remotely gain access and take over an affected device. More than 300 switches are affected by the vulnerability, Cisco said in an advisory. According to the advisory, the bug is found in the cluster management protocol code in Cisco's IOS and IOS XE software, which the company installs on the routers and switches it sells. An attacker can exploit the vulnerability by sending a malformed protocol-specific Telnet command while establishing a connection to the affected device, because of a flaw in how the protocol fails to properly process some commands. Cisco said that there are "no workarounds" to address the vulnerability, but it said that disabling Telnet would "eliminate" some risks.

You Can Now Save Instagram Live Videos

Instagram clearly intends the new feature as a bit of an afterthought: you won't see the option to save footage until after you've ended a live stream, and tapping "save" won't keep the video's comments, likes, or viewing statistics. In other words, saving Instagram videos will mostly be useful for people who accidentally stumble across something memorable while they're filming.

Google apologizes to ad clients for YouTube content fiasco

Google apologized on Monday for allowing ads to appear alongside offensive videos on YouTube as more high-profile firms such as Marks & Spencer ( MKS.L ) and HSBC ( HSBA.L ) pulled advertising for British markets from Google sites.


Apple is working on "digital spectacles" that could connect to an iPhone and beam content like movies and maps , Bloomberg's Mark Gurman reported on Monday. The Cupertino, Calif.- based company is also working on augmented reality features for the iPhone that are similar to Snapchat, Bloomberg said. To make its augmented reality push, Apple has acquired augmented reality start-ups FlyBy Media and Metaio, and hired major players from Amazon, Facebook's Oculus, Microsoft's HoloLens, and Dolby .

Magnet: Why the macOS window manager is a worthy upgrade - TechRepublic

Occasionally, well-crafted applications change the way we work. Magnet, an inexpensive and brilliant window management utility for Macs, is such a program.

Drake’s More Life has already broken two Spotify records

Drake’s newest release, More Life , has only been out since Saturday and it’s already broken two Spotify records. On its first full day of availability, More Life was streamed 61,302,082 times, surpassing Ed Sheeran’s Divide for first-day album streams. Drake also broke the record on Sunday for single-day artist streams, with 76,355,041 streams.

Uber president quits over 'beliefs' and 'leadership,' highlighting toxic company culture - TechRepublic

The news follows on the heels of several major controversies that have plagued the ride-sharing giant over the last several months. To name just a few: In February, former Uber employee Susan Fowler Rigetti reported a culture of sexism and harassment at the company, sparking an investigation led by former US Attorney General Eric Holder. A Twitter campaign to "#DeleteUber" was launched after news that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick would take a seat on President Trump's economic advisory council, prompting Kalanick to back down from the position. And just weeks ago, a story in The New York Times outed Uber for its "Greyball" program—a practice of deceiving authorities in areas where the company has been restricted.

Why top ISPs don't think your web history or app usage is 'sensitive information' - TechRepublic

"Web browsing and app usage data—a small subset of what is available to internet access providers like ISPs—is highly sensitive information; your web browsing history is just as sensitive as your library book reading records, but much more so as it applies to more and more of the information you consume on a daily basis, to the extent more of what we do happens through a fewer number of screens," said Joseph Lorenzo Hall, chief technologist at the Center for Democracy & Technology.

Facebook's secret team is working on hardware that can scan your brain and read your mind - TechRepublic

The secret hardware team, dubbed Building 8, is headed by former Google executive Regina Dugan , who had spearheaded projects at Google's Advanced Technology and Projects group. In the spirit of Google X, the company's driverless car lab, Building 8 is composed of an all-star tech team working on innovative projects. According to Business Insider, the team's current projects include AR glasses, which can allow wearers to perceive virtual objects as an overlay. There's also talk of a consumer drone, a mind-scanning device, and a medical device, as well.

Man electrocutes himself while charging iPhone in the bath

Police wrapped up an inquest into the death recently. Police constable Craig Pattinson told the inquest that Richard Bull, 32, ran an extension cable from the hallway into the bathroom and was a little careless with the position:

Get eBay Packages in 3 Days With 'Guaranteed Delivery'

With Guaranteed Delivery, shoppers can rest assured that their items will arrive in no more than three days. Sellers will guarantee delivery dates, letting buyers know exactly when their order will arrive. If an item doesn't make it on time, eBay will refund the cost of shipping or give you a coupon that can be used towards your next purchase if the shipping was free. If the item arrived late and you no longer need or want it, you'll be able to return it at no cost.

20 The 2017 Hackaday Prize •

Tiles for nurses, helpers, teachers and anyone else who needs to leave small notes for the few people who read moon, but can't read braille.


With the advent of smartphones, feature phones have been losing their appeal. However, new arrivals like the Nokia 3310 have shown that people wouldn’t say no to a sleek feature phone. Although the Nokia 3310 does have an advantage over other models – it appeals to customers’ nostalgia.

AT&T offers a year of free HBO to new DirecTV Now subs

But there's a catch: You'll have to dish out the big bucks for one of the company's most expensive streaming TV bundles to get it. The promotion, which was announced Monday and ends March 30, will deliver free access to HBO if you subscribe to either the 100-channel Go Big package for $60 a month or the 120-channel Gotta Have It $70 a month plan.

The Verge on Twitter

Drake’s More Life shatters streaming records with 89.9 million streams on Apple Music in 24 hours …

The Samsung Galaxy S8 will come in three colors

It’s hard to see the differences without any shot of the back of the phone, but the three colors should be black, grey and silver (or black sky, orchid grey and arctic silver in marketing lingo). There won’t be any gold option, just three different shades of grey.

Apple's 'iPhone 8' to use 'water drop design' with curved, 3D glass back - report

This year's "iPhone 8" will sport a "water drop design" referencing the original iPhone, a Korean report claimed on Monday, with Apple employing "3D glass" to mimic the 2007 device's heavily-rounded edges.

WeWork is raising $3 billion from SoftBank and its massive tech fund

Back in January, it was reported that SoftBank's Vision Fund was mulling a $1 billion investment in WeWork . At that time, the Wall Street Journal reported that some SoftBank executives were concerned about investing in a startup with such a rich valuation, especially a real estate startup that some see as far afield from the Vision Fund's tech focus.

Google Maps lets you record your parking location, time left at the meter

Google Maps has just added a handy feature that will help users remember where they parked. This appears as a new menu option when you tap the blue dot, and will place a “P” icon on the map so you can find your way back to your spot. While remembering your parking location is something Apple Maps has done since the launch of iOS 10, Google’s implementation is a bit more robust.

28 Samsung unveils Bixby, its Siri competitor

Yes, that all reads a bit like a buzzword salad, but there's definitely a need for a different sort of virtual assistant. Siri has mostly been a disappointment, and Google Assistant is still getting off the ground. The big problem for Samsung is that, historically, it hasn't been known for innovating with software as much as it has with hardware. Just look at how disappointing S Voice has been for the past few years.

Foursquare is launching an analytics platform to help retailers understand foot traffic

While Foursquare started as a social check-in app, the company has always said there is a bigger picture — mainly related to unique ways of leveraging its database of check-ins at nearly 100 million public places.

GlobalDevLab on Twitter

Congratulations to Securing Water for Food for being a 2017 finalist for the World Changing Ideas Award! #WCIAwards   @FastCompany …

Apple sold $4.2 billion of product in New Zealand, paid $0 local taxes

"Apple aims to be a force for good, and we're proud of the contributions we've made in New Zealand over the past decade," an Apple Australia representative told the newspaper. "Because our products and services are created, designed and engineered in the US. That's where the vast majority of our tax is paid."

Bill Gates again is the world's richest man

Bill Gates, co-founder and former CEO of Microsoft, was the world's richest person in 2016, the fourth year in a row he has headed the list, Forbes said today.

Instagram now lets you save livestreamed videos to your phone

With the introduction of live video, perhaps the idea was to highlight things and events not necessarily worth memorable, at least in the long term. Maybe you wanted to record a parade, animals hanging out, you’re just bored one afternoon, or perhaps you’re a creative person and just want to show how you design something. With the proliferation of live video and stories into all Facebook properties, including WhatsApp, Messenger, and even the core Facebook app, the ephemeral functionality is intended to not only rip off more of Snapchat, but to appeal to users in different settings.

Uber scales back Oakland expansion plans

Uber scales back Oakland expansion plans The ride-hailing company is focused on shiny new digs in San Francisco instead. Check out this story on

35 TNW on Twitter

Tesla's P100D sets new real-world quarter-mile record. [Update]: And then sets it again later that day!

What makes a good life? Lessons from the longest study on happiness

What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it's fame and money, you're not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you're mistaken. As the director of a 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to data on true happiness and satisfaction. In this talk, he shares three important lessons learned from the study as well as some practical, old-as-the-hills wisdom on how to build a fulfilling, long life.

Get your retro Pokémon fix with this Gameboy emulator for Apple Watch

Shown in the emulator’s screenshots is Pokémon Yellow , a game you can play in its entirety if you’re nimble enough to handle the tiny controls. The game itself was apparently a favorite of O’Flaherty-Chan’s, who’s such a big fan he named the emulator after the  Yellow  villain.

Watch Kate McKinnon Transform From Jeff Sessions Into a Mermaid in Just Three Minutes

Saturday Night Live is remarkable because so much of it still happens live. In fact, the final four episodes of this season will be completely live in all four US timezones. That commitment to the craft is what makes this video of a Kate McKinnon character change so damn impressive.

Why Complexity is Different

One of the hardest things to explain is why complex systems are actually different from simple systems. The problem is rooted in a set of ideas that work together and reinforce each other so that they appear seamless: Given a set of properties that a system has, we can study those properties with experiments and model what those properties do over time. Everything that is needed should be found in the data and the model we write down. The flaw in this seemingly obvious statement is that what is missing is realizing that one may be starting from the wrong properties. One might have missed one of the key properties that we need to include, or the set of properties that one has to describe might change over time. Then why don’t we add more properties until we include enough? The problem is that we will be overwhelemed by too many of them, the process never ends. The key, it turns out, is figuring out how to identify which properties are important, which itself is a dynamic property of the system.

Maryland man uses Twitter to cause epileptic writer to have a seizure, leading to FBI arrest - TechRepublic

The FBI also found that Rivello's iCloud account contained a screenshot of Eichenwald's Wikipedia page, which had been altered to show a fake obituary with the date of death listed as December 16, 2016—the day after he allegedly sent the strobe. The iCloud account also contained screenshots from, with a list of commonly reported epilepsy seizure triggers, and a story from that detailed the victim's report to the Dallas Police Department and his attempt to identify the Twitter user.

Here's What the Original, Far Less Tragic Ending of Rogue One Would Have Been

By now, it’s common knowledge that Rogue One does not end happily for any of the main characters. Sure, they accomplish their goal, and that goal makes many major things possible, but they never get to see the fruits of their labor. In early versions of the script, however, that was not the case.

Woody Harrelson has apparently quit smoking weed

But even without lighting up, Harrelson still has an appreciation for marijuana. "I don’t have a problem at all with smoking. I think it’s great," he said.

Rapping Robots Prove at Least One Job Is Safe From the Coming Android Apocalypse

Every day there’s a new robot with improved capabilities that promises to eventually take over yet another job. But if you’re heading off to college soon, and want to ensure you’ve selected a career path that’s safe from robo-replacement, this agonizingly awkward video seems to confirm that rapping is not something robots will be good at for a long time. Probably ever, actually.

Google Maps now makes sure you never forget where you parked

If you've ever found yourself going, "Dude, where's my car?" one too many times in a crowded parking lot, Google Maps' latest feature may be of use to you.

How to Clean Up Windows 10 With the Refresh Windows Tool

Of course, you'll have to reinstall any software or apps and restablish any customized settings to bring Windows back to the way you want it. That's why the best time to run the Refresh Windows tool, at least on a brand new PC, is as soon as you get it home and take it out of the box. That means less work for you and a PC unburdened by junkware.

A Doomed Statistician Spends His Last Moments Crunching Some Very Odd Numbers

This quirky short from Campbell Hooper follows the inner monologue of a statistician who’s ejected from an airplane at what would obviously be a fatal altitude. Panic doesn’t factor in at all—in fact, Forty Three Thousand Feet is mostly a rumination on the past and the future, complete with an extended tangent about a time machine. It’s weirdly thought-provoking.

The Moments That Made Us Fall in Love With the Mass Effect Video Games

I always play Mass Effect as a virtuous Paragon, making the best and noblest choices I can in the game’s patented morality system (inspired by the light and dark side of the force morality of Bioware’s Star Wars RPG series, Knights of the Old Republic ). I’ve tried Renegade—the option of being an uncompromising asshole/badass—but I always end up feeling guilty about all the shitty things I’m saying and doing to my friends. However, there’s one character who always brings out the villain in me: Khalisah al-Jilani, a bitchy reporter fond of harassing Commander Shepard and embellishing her stories on them. She’s one of those side characters who shows up in every single game, like Conrad Verner the crazy Commander Shepard superfan, but al-Jilani is no fan of yours. She’s always out to get you, even if you’re doing every goddamn thing you can to save the galaxy. You can try and plead your case, show your true colors, but she’ll always find a way to twist your words in her favor. She’s not just a bad person, she’s a terrible reporter. That’s why I punch her lights out. Every. Single. Time.

eBay takes on Amazon with guaranteed 3-day shipping

On top of that, eBay has launched a new home page that gives consumers a more, well, Amazon-like buying experience. Rather than forcing customers to follow sellers they like to see preferred products, it will feature stacked horizontal image carousels. Rows will be arranged by items that you've viewed recently and put on watch lists curated by eBay's algorithms. That works much the same way as content on Netflix, and eBay compared its new offering specifically to that service's home page.

Company offers $10k to employees willing to ditch the Bay Area

Zapier CEO Wade Foster says the offer is an experimental one. After moving to the Bay Area five years ago, Foster is aware of all the benefits of living there: great weather, beaches, wine country, skiing, and a location that puts you in the heart of tech-central. These perks don’t come for free. In recent years, San Francisco and the surrounding area has become one of the most expensive places in the United States to live, and is facing a severe housing shortage that should only worsen the problem.

Wal-Mart Unveils ‘Store No. 8’ Tech Incubator in Silicon Valley

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is creating a technology-startup incubator in Silicon Valley to identify changes that will reshape the retail experience, including virtual reality, autonomous vehicle and drone delivery and personalized shopping.

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87 NASA has essentially stopped tweeting about the #JourneyToMars
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