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Even the founder of WhatsApp thinks you should delete Facebook

A former Facebook exec thinks it's time to #deletefacebook.

George R.R. Martin’s Nightflyers TV show promises ‘Psycho in space’ in its first trailer

"It’s a haunted house story on a starship."

I will delete Facebook, but you can pry Instagram from my cold, dead hands

Instagram has my memories, it's my photo album, and I'm not ready to part with it.

IBM’s smart assistant is called…Watson Assistant

You saw this one coming, right? This week at its Think 2018 Conference in Las Vegas, IBM showed off its own take on the growing smart assistant category, aimed firmly at enterprise applications. Naturally, the company’s using the Watson name for the offering, and tacking on “Assistant” for good mea…

Cambridge Analytica used self-destructing email to cover its tracks

The now-former CEO discussed his then firm's privacy strategy in a secretly recorded video.

People think this dog looks like Ivanka Trump, and they're not wrong

Today in dogs that look like people: Ivanka Trump dog.

Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir are suspiciously good at The Dating Game on 'Ellen'

Hm... interesting.

Google’s simple new app lets you draw white lines

Today, a bunch of app developers showed off their latest AR apps for Google’s augmented reality platform, but Google didn’t stay too still either. The team at Google released what could be one of its simplest apps ever, it’s called an “experiment,” and with good reason…

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US, UK investigating Facebook's role in Cambridge Analytica data breach

We’re laying out everything we know and don’t know about how Cambridge Analytica used Facebook to influence elections in the US and around the world, and what this means for the tech giant’s future. 

2 Exclusive: Salesforce in advanced talks to buy MuleSoft - sources

(Reuters) - Inc ( CRM.N ) is in advanced discussions to acquire U.S. software maker MuleSoft Inc ( MULE.N ), people familiar with the matter told Reuters on Tuesday, as it looks to expand its offerings beyond customer relationship management software.

Telegram told to give encryption keys to Russian authorities

Durov said in a tweet following the ruling: "Threats to block Telegram unless it gives up private data of its users won't bear fruit. Telegram will stand for freedom and privacy."

Jake Tapper on Twitter

"The Board of Cambridge Analytica has announced today that it has suspended CEO Alexander Nix with immediate effect, pending a full, independent investigation."

Amazon is now second most valuable U.S.-listed company, tops Alphabet

(Reuters) - ( AMZN.O ) became the second most valuable publicly listed U.S. company on Tuesday, surpassing Google parent Alphabet Inc ( GOOGL.O ) for the first time.

Hackers gain access to 880K credit cards from Orbitz customers

Another day, another breach. Today, online travel agency Orbitz disclosed that hackers managed to get both credit card data and personal information (though no Social Security numbers and passwords) from users who made their travel purchases on the site between January 1, 2016 and December 22, 2017. In total, the company says, that’s about 880,000 payment cards that were accessed from what the company calls a “legacy Orbitz platform.”

This Introvert’s Secret To Happiness: Be Less “Successful”

Even to this day, I don’t like to visit college campuses—and my husband is a professor! I can feel the echoes of anxiety and profound loneliness so strongly. And it’s not only me. A recent Duke study found that women who graduated in the 1970s were much happier than those graduating now, and had far more self-confidence. The report concluded that the women who graduated in the 70s cared less about what people thought of them, and were able to take risks—such as pursuing nontraditional careers or starting their own businesses. In fact, women seem to be increasingly less happy, even as they achieve more professionally.

Breakingviews - Cox: Dual-class buyers’ early remorse at Facebook

NEW YORK (Reuters Breakingviews) - Six years ago, when Facebook was going public, investors bent over backwards to grant Mark Zuckerberg near-totalitarian power over the social network he founded in his Harvard dorm room by letting him hold special super-voting stock. The reasoning was that the young chairman and chief executive needed “runway” to build Facebook, without the pesky distractions most public companies face from unwashed shareholder hordes.

Cambridge Analytica's History of Dubious Election Tricks

Uber drivers denied service to woman with cerebral palsy, new lawsuit claims

The plaintiff, D’Edra Steele, details a number of instances in which she was allegedly denied service by Uber drivers in the lawsuit. Many of the claims revolve around Uber drivers refusing her service and canceling rides only after finding out that she uses a service dog. Steele, the lawsuit states, relies on a service dog named Goodee in order to walk and maintain her balance.

5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Changing Your Routine

When you start your habit change, you might be adamant that you won’t let work, travel, and special occasions interfere with your goal. But let’s face it: At some point or another, this is bound to happen. In addition to knowing a clear “why,” it’s also important for you to be honest with how committed you are to making the change, and whether you’re okay with missing out on the opportunity cost. Let’s say that you want to start exercising after you get home from work. Are you willing to trade your Netflix time for an hour at the gym?

Lifehacker on Twitter

Here's what's coming and going from Netflix in April:

Email fraud warning: Now hackers want your data as well as your money | ZDNet

But while being a victim of email fraud and losing money as a result of transferring funds to criminals brings a huge financial hit to organisations, attackers are also increasing their interest in using this type of campaign to covertly gain access to data.

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The Dark Web: How much is your bank account worth? | ZDNet

According to the researchers, accounts with a balance of roughly $3,000 from Bank of America, JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo are being hawked for $300, while bank login information for accounts belonging to the same banks with balances of up to $15,000 is being sold for between $200 and $1,000.

Uber’s former head of self-driving cars put safety second

During the trial in February, lawyers for Waymo — the rebranded Google self-driving car project — painted a picture of a problem employee who clashed with his new boss over his slower, more cautious approach to self-driving cars. Waymo CEO John Krafcik said that Levandowski had vehemently held that redundant systems for steering and braking were unnecessary. “I think it’s fair to say we had different points of view on safety,” said Krafcik in court.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Newly sequenced cockroach genome explains why they are so goddamn hard to kill

Amazon Briefly Overtakes Alphabet in Market Value

Factbox: Who is Cambridge Analytica and what did it do?

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - British data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica is at the center of controversy in the United States and Britain after two newspapers reported on Sunday that the company harvested personal data about Facebook ( FB.O ) users beginning in 2014.

Facebook Warns Mexicans About Fake News in Presidential Campaign

The top 7 startups from Y Combinator’s W18 Demo Day 1

Autonomous cargo shipping, voice games and a camera that fits in a catheter were amongst the most impressive startups that launched yesterday at the Y Combinator Winter 2018 Demo Day 1. You can read about all 64 startups that launched in verticals like biotech and robotics, and our full coverage of all the companies from Day 2 . Based on investor buzz and what interested TechCrunch’s writers, click (web) or scroll (mobile) to see our picks for Day 1’s top seven startups.

Windows 10 Feature Update Disruption Cut to 30 Minutes

For the Windows 10 Creators Update last April, each PC was put in an offline phase for around 82 minutes as part of the install process. For the Fall Creator's Update in October, Microsoft managed to cut the offline time down to 51 minutes. That's still a long time, so Microsoft kept working on the problem. The next feature update will be by far the least disruptive as the offline phase averages just 30 minutes.

Windows Server 2019 will feature Linux and Kubernetes support

In addition, Microsoft said that it will improve the experience of running the popular Kubernetes open source container orchestration software on top of Windows Server with this new release. Right now, Windows Server’s support for it is in beta, and Microsoft plans to significantly improve compute, storage, and networking of clusters running on top of that software.

Microsoft readies new cloud SSD storage spec for the Open Compute Project | ZDNet

"Project Denali is a standardization and evolution of Open Channel that defines the roles of SSD vs. that of the host in a standard interface. Media management, error correction, mapping of bad blocks and other functionality specific to the flash generation stays on the device while the host receives random writes, transmits streams of sequential writes, maintains the address map, and performs garbage collection. Denali allows for support of FPGAs (field programmable gate arrays) or microcontrollers on the host side."

Gizmodo on Twitter

Amnesty International calls on Twitter to release its raw data on abuse

Facebook Besieged by Wall Street, Washington and Europe

Google Cloud, FogHorn partner to boost the Industrial Internet of Things | ZDNet

"Cloud IoT Core simply and securely brings the power of Google Cloud's world-class data infrastructure capabilities to the IIoT market," said Antony Passemard, Head of IoT Product Management at Google Cloud. "By combining industry-leading edge intelligence from FogHorn, we've created a fully-integrated edge and cloud solution that maximizes the insights gained from every IoT device. We think it's a very powerful combination at exactly the right time."

Here's a rugged coffee maker that runs off power tool batteries

Japanese power tools manufacturer Makita has released a new rugged coffee maker that runs on battery power. The CM501DZ uses the same lithium ion battery packs as various Makita tools; the company says the largest 18V BL1860 battery is good for brewing about 640ml, or 5.3 cups.

Theranos fraud duped billionaires but Silicon Valley culture blamed | ZDNet

The very public demise of Theranos momentarily satisfies the schadenfreude of Silicon Valley's critics, but it's a distraction that protects the reputations of rich and powerful men that financed and ran the company for years.

How Google aims to save journalism, thwart fake news and trump Facebook | ZDNet

Google's olive branch to news publishers is about capturing ad dollars from a weakened Facebook as much as it is saving the media industry.

Apple blocks bogus 'What's New' messages from App Store | Cult of Mac

Developers soon will need to get approval from Apple for the descriptions of software updates posted in the App Store. The goal seems to be to prevent unscrupulous devs from using this high-profile messaging area for nefarious purposes.

Report: The FTC is investigating Facebook—stock drops again

the FTC is now investigating whether Facebook violated a 2011 settlement in which it agreed to get user consent before making certain types of changes to its privacy settings

How to track your kids with your iPhone | Cult of Mac

To enable all of these features you have to make sure your kid’s iPhone is sharing its location. They’ll also need to be carrying an iPhone (or a cellular iPad), because their device requires a connection to the internet to actually do the sharing. The GPS part of the equation is strictly a private affair, done on the phone, by scanning then heavens for blips transmitted blindly from satellites. GPS alone cannot be used to track someone, despite what one million TV cop shows tell us.

How I Learned To Worry Productively

“When you can release the need for things to happen one way and accept however they happen, you’ll thrive and you’ll survive in that,” Parker says. “I like to think, ‘This can go really well or not so well, but I’m okay with both of those outcomes.’ And a lot of times when we worry, it turns out to be nothing or it was manageable. Whatever happens, we always come out of it on the other side.”

Microsoft delivers first test build of Windows Server 2019 | ZDNet

Microsoft is releasing to Insider testers its first test build of Windows Server 2019, due later this year, which will be its next Long-Term Servicing Channel release of its OS.

Lifehacker on Twitter

I had sex with an uncircumcised man and I'm never going back:

Apple, IBM add machine learning muscle to enterprise iOS pact | ZDNet

The companies said that the Coca-Cola Company is the first enterprise testing the advanced machine learning setup. The beverage brand is working on prototypes for how IBM Watson Services can be use to bring AI to field workers, including the use of visual recognition problem identification, cognitive diagnosis, and augmented repair.

Macy’s is using VR instead of AR to sell furniture

Macy’s is planning to use VR experiences to sell furniture to customers in 50 stores by this summer, becoming the latest company to jump on the bandwagon (brandwagon?) of using virtual reality to sell products, via VentureBeat .

How Not To Let All Those Blank Stares Derail Your Talk

First of all, don’t take blank stares personally. Sure, occasionally, it’s because the audience isn’t quite getting your presentation , but in most instances it’s probably got nothing to do with the substance of your talk. These days, we’re all constantly looking at screens–smartphones, tablets, computers, TVs. And how are we looking at them? With blank stares. Chances are, if you were the audience, you’d also be looking at the speaker with a blank stare, even if they were saying something really compelling. Consider it “resting listener face”–and try to brush it off.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Here's how Senators plan to protect US elections from hackers

You won't beat 'A Way Out' without help from a friend

A Way Out from Hazelight games is a dinosaur of a game and I mean that as a compliment. Set in the 1970s, A Way Out follows a pair of convicts -- Vincent, who is serving time for embezzlement, and Leo, a hardened jewel thief -- as they escape from a fictional California prison, go on the lam and attempt to rebuild their lives. But the disco era isn't the game's only throwback, the gameplay itself demands a decidedly old-school method of play: in-person co-op.

Ex-SoFi CEO Mike Cagney’s new startup, Figure, is out of stealth

SoFi cofounder Mike Cagney, who resigned as CEO last year, has been quietly working on a new project involving home improvement financing and home equity lines of credit (HELOCs) for the last several months. Now, that project is out of stealth, with a live website: . According to Cagney’s LinkedIn profile, the startup plans to leverage blockchain-based technology and AI “to unlock new access points for consumer credit products that can transform the financial lives of our customers.”

Facebook, Twitter, Snap: Social media stocks are in a free fall today

It seems investors are freaking out about the potential for regulatory oversight. For years, these platforms have operated essentially unfettered and unencumbered by government intervention. Perhaps this is the beginning of a  more  restricted era. CGW

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

FTC to probe Facebook over possible misuse of Facebook users' data

Cavium's ThunderX2 processor powers first 64-bit ARMv8 workstation | ZDNet

The ThunderXStation, built by Gigabyte, is the industry's first 64-bit ARMv8 workstation , built around Cavium's flagship ThunderX2 processor. The workstation is built around a single- or dual- socket ThunderX2 motherboard in a 4U tower format. On top of that it comes with up to 16 DDR4 channels, six PCIe 3.0 slots, and two OCP x16 slots, two 1/10 gigabit Ethernet QLogic network ports, as well as the capacity for four NVMe and two 2.5-inch U.2/SATA III drives.

Apple's mysterious self-driving car fleet just keeps growing | Cult of Mac

Apple hasn’t yet publicly announced its interests in building a self-driving car, but its research in this area is continuing to speed ahead — with Apple receiving now having more permits to test in California than both Tesla and Uber.

Gizmodo on Twitter

All the things the Star Wars: The Last Jedi novelization adds to the movie

Gizmodo on Twitter

New LSD research may help explain the brain chemistry of depression and schizophrenia

Raspberry Pi with a side of AI: These powerful new boards come with NPUs | ZDNet

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Uber's ex-chief executive officer Travis Kalanick has bought a real estate company and installed himself as CEO

51 Grown man Ben Carson blames his wife for the $31,000 dining room set
52 Orbitz says hacker stole two years' worth of customer data
53 iPhone X spells doom for pricey smartphones
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55 Windows 10: Movie-grade, real-time 3D graphics near with DirectX Raytracing API | ZDNet
56 IBM's cloud strategy revolves around multi-cloud support, grabbing new workloads | ZDNet
57 Wall Street Bitcoin Pioneer Quits Wedbush for Blockchain Startup
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59 Artificial empathy: Call center employees are using voice analytics to predict how you feel | ZDNet
60 Bloomberg Technology on Twitter
61 HelloFresh Buys Organic Rival in Bid to Overtake Blue Apron
62 FTC Probing Facebook for Use of Personal Data, Source Says
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64 Cambridge Analytica suspends its CEO after comments about bribery and entrapment
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66 Amazon Is Squeezing Suppliers to Curb Losses in Price Wars
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70 Toyota halts its self-driving car testing in wake of Uber crash
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72 Gizmodo on Twitter
73 Apple's self-driving car test fleet up to 45 vehicles navigating California roads
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75 UpGuard aims to automate breach discovery with new security tool | ZDNet
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77 Questions mount for Facebook — and Mark Zuckerberg isn't answering them
78 Arizona says not time to rein in self-driving cars after Uber fatality
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82 Why it’s so hard to quit Facebook
83 USA TODAY Tech on Twitter
84 Spotify CEO to sell up to $2 billion stake in public listing
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88 MIT Tech Review on Twitter
89 Google and Facebook can’t help publishers because they’re built to defeat publishers
90 Facebook investors sue the social media giant over voter-profile harvesting
91 TechRepublic on Twitter
92 A rite of passage for late life