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Chevy's Bolt electric car is gearing up for production

Chevy just released a few images and a quick teaser video of its Bolt EV going through pre-production on its Michigan assembly line, one of the final steps before actual production. The Bolt is...

Sony kicks off 'Makers & Gamers' docu-series with 'Journey'

The emotional game helps a girl deal with her father's death.

Say hello to the Airlander 10 — The world's largest aircraft, set to hit the skies this summer

Designed to be the world's largest aircraft, the Airlander 10 measures 302 feet long and is capable of staying afloat for three weeks sans humans.

Samsung wants you to stop checking your phone while on motorbikes

Samsung has released a prototype smart windshield for motorbikes.

Nintendo's Miitomo app racks up 1 million users in Japan

Nintendo's Miitomo app is off to a strong start.

Mike Masnick Explains: Apple Versus The FBI | Techdirt

Support our crowdfunding campaign to help us keep making content like this! While the DOJ may be thinking about ways to weasel out of the San Bernardino fight with Apple, the underlying fight about backdooring encryption remains. The DOJ...

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2 What do you think when you look at me?

When you look at Muslim scholar Dalia Mogahed, what do you see: a woman of faith? a scholar, a mom, a sister? or an oppressed, brainwashed, potential terrorist? In this personal, powerful talk, Mogahed asks us, in this polarizing time, to fight negative perceptions of her faith in the media — and to choose empathy over prejudice.

Live updates: Terror attacks at Brussels airport and metro

People ran away from the Brussels airport as smoke rose from a terminal.

Lifelong Learning and Technology

These findings offer a cautionary note to digital technology enthusiasts who believe that the internet and other tools will automatically democratize education and access to knowledge. The survey clearly shows that information technology plays a role for many as they learn things that are personally or professionally helpful. Still, those who already have high levels of education and easy access to technology are the most likely to take advantage of the internet. For significant minorities of Americans with less education and lower incomes, the internet is more on the periphery of their learning activities. Fewer of the people in those groups are professional or personal learners, and fewer of them use the internet for these purposes. Overall, the internet does not seem to exert as strong a pull toward adult learning among those who are poorer or less educated as it does for those in other groups.

How to Make Instagram Ads That Stand Out : Social Media Examiner

These formats allow you to make your images taller or wider than the square format allows. This gives you more cropping options to ensure your images show everything you want in them. Plus, the unusual formats help your posts stand out in Instagram’s feed.

6 iPhone SE: All About Apple's Tiny New Phone

After a few years of big phone mania, Apple’s finally giving us a phone that will fit comfortably in a woman’s pocket. It’s got the same guts as an iPhone 6s, minus the size, and it looks an awful lot like the iPhone 5s—to the point that all the comparisons in the announcement were to the 5s and not the 6s.

Apple's smaller iPad Pro is the 9.7-inch iPad we've always wanted

Then there's the screen, which matches the original Pro in terms of how nicely saturated it is. Sadly, because the demo room Apple set up was well-lit, I couldn't get a feel for how its auto-color-temperature-adjusting TrueTone feature works. The other potential upside to pairing the existing (and already very fast) A9X chip with a smaller screen is a bump in performance -- the silicon doesn't need to light up as many pixels. It's tough to get a feel for the performance difference between these two devices, but either way, the 9.7 absolutely flies. With any luck, I'll get to put one of these things side-by-side with a full-size Pro and see exactly how the performance stacks up. Oh, and there are are some visual differences here too -- Apple dumped the plastic panels that help with connectivity from the cellular models, instead going with a more subtle antenna band. Meanwhile, that 12-megapixel camera was plucked out of the iPhone 6s, signature lump and all.

My five foreign policy questions for Donald Trump

I think the distribution of costs has to be changed. I think NATO as a concept is good, but it is not as good as it was when it first evolved. And I think we bear the, you know, not only financially, we bear the biggest brunt of it. Obama has been stronger on the Ukraine than all the other countries put together, and those other countries right next door to the Ukraine. And I just say we have, I’m not even knocking it, I’m just saying I don’t think it’s fair, we’re not treated fair. I don’t think we’re treated fair, Charles, anywhere. If you look everything we have. You know, South Korea is very rich. Great industrial country. And yet we’re not reimbursed fairly for what we do. We’re constantly, you know, sending our ships, sending our planes, doing our war games, doing other. We’re reimbursed a fraction of what this is all costing.

Former Intel CEO Andy Grove has died at 79

Andrew Grove, Intel’s former CEO and Chairman passed away today at the age of 79. He was the company’s first hire when it was founded in 1968 and went on to become its CEO in 1987.

Report Says Nintendo Is Ceasing Wii U Production This Year - IGN

While this would signal the end of the Wii U's production run, back-stock means the Wii U will be around for some time. As for Nintendo's next rumored console, analysts point to a 2016 Nintendo NX portable release , with a home console arriving sometime in 2017.

Which iPad Pro should you buy? 12.9-inch iPad Pro vs. 9.7-inch iPad Pro

While some Apple events result in hardware changes as well as design changes, this is not always the case. The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is nearly identical to the 12.9-inch model Apple released in November, aside from the obvious sizing difference. It’s also slightly lighter, given it weighs less than a pound compared to the 1.57-pound build of the larger iPad Pro. It’s smaller on all other accounts — including length, width, and thickness — which is to be expected with the smaller frame. Both Pros showcase beveled edges and a brushed aluminum body, along with edge-to-edge glass, and a physical home button with Touch ID. The new Pro will be available in rose gold, however, whereas the older model is restricted to gold, silver, and space grey.

Facebook turns on Safety Check for Brussels attacks

The feature, available here , lets you check on your Facebook friends in or near Brussels, and see whether they're safe, or mark them as safe if you know where they are and how they're doing.

5 remarkable inventions improving water quality across the globe

But various entrepreneurs, innovators and organizations are working hard to create devices with the potential to change that number. From the LifeStraw, which allows users to sip water through a simple, straw-shaped filtration tool, to the LUV Water system, which purifies water using weight and gravity, there are various ideas that offer hope in this dire situation.

Apple is rumored to be working on two new 'ultra-thin' MacBooks

Apple introduced a new iPhone and iPad at its big event on Monday, but we didn't see any updates to the Mac lineup. Apple may be saving new "ultra-thin" 13 and 15-inch laptops for later this year, according to a new report in DigiTimes .

Everything that Apple announced on March 21

Catch up on everything right here: The iPhone SE, 9.7-inch iPad Pro, new Apple Watch bands, even the FBI case.

Yahoo just announced it will suspend Daily Fantasy Sports in New York

(Reuters) - Yahoo Inc will suspend offering paid Daily Fantasy Sports contests in New York from Wednesday, a Yahoo spokesman said on Tuesday.

Sony closes Driveclub developer Evolution Studios

"Where possible we will try to reallocate people onto other projects. If appropriate opportunities are not possible within the company, we will assist staff in any way we can, including speaking with local employers and with other development companies."

If these headphones are real, Apple actually could be massively changing the iPhone

The Lightning port at the bottom of the iPhone has been able to chuck out audio since launch and it looks like that's going to be Apple's main way to get sound into the ears of those that don't want to fork out for wireless Bluetooth headphones.

Google Photos Now Builds Perfect Vacation Albums on Its Own

While recognizing faces in photos and grouping them together in the “People” section of the app is as impressive as it is creepy, Google says its machine learning stops short of assigning real-world identities to those faces. Users can tag a person as “Mom” or “Grandpa,” for example, but they’re private tags for sorting and organizational purposes within your own photo roll. The Assistant recognizes if a person is important to you based on the frequency of their appearance in your pictures.

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The immediate aftermath of Brussels airport and metro station explosions

Explosions rocked the airport and a metro station in Brussels, Belgium, during rush hour on Tuesday morning. Officials called them terror attacks. At least one airport explosion was reportedly a suicide attack. Read more: Live updates:

How Vizio and Google radically reinvented the TV

It’s particularly awful if you have to hunt and peck with cursor keys on a regular remote, but no other solution is that much better. It doesn’t matter if you ship a full-size keyboard with a trackpad, like Sony and Logitech have done in the past. It doesn’t matter if you stick a bunch of QWERTY keys on a regular remote to make typing easier, like TiVo and Vizio have each tried. It doesn’t matter if you build the world’s sleekest touch remote and ask people to use apps on the screen, like the new Apple TV. It doesn’t matter if you go all-in on voice search and let people just ask for what they want, like Roku and Amazon and a host of others are doing. None of these ideas have ever cracked the fundamental problem: TVs are for watching things, not doing them.

LG G5: Five things you should know (hands-on)

Now I'm back in San Francisco and a G5 preview unit has followed me to my doorstep. We're still getting to know each other and there are still some things LG has yet to reveal about the phone (namely, how much it'll cost across different countries and carriers). Because it's a pre-production model I can't justifiably give it a rating or a buying recommendation yet. But after spending a few days with it, and knowing that it's close enough to a final product, I'm going to divulge the five most important things I learned about LG's new flagship phone.

Uber Will Pay $10,000 ‘Bug Bounties’ to Friendly Hackers

The idea, says Uber head of product security Collin Greene, is to incentivize security researchers to “go deep” in Uber’s code, instead of flitting between different companies’ bug bounty programs searching for low-hanging fruit. And the “treasure map” is designed to share with external hackers the same systems architecture information that internal staff have access to, a move that can save bug hunters weeks of recon time and help them start uncovering serious vulnerabilities in the company’s code. “We’re saying ‘here are the different portions of the website, the mobile apps and how they work, and the technologies underneath them. If I were a security researcher, here’s where I’d look,'” says Greene. “By giving them a treasure map of the structure of our system, they can spend their time instead looking for really subtle bugs.”

'Rocket League' maker has 'figured out' PS4/Xbox One cross-play

"The only thing we have to do now is sort of find out where we stand politically with everyone, and then it's full steam ahead to finish the solution that we've already started," Dunham told GameSpot in an interview . "Technologically everything works, we've got it figured out, just a little bit of time to get everything up and running."

The next big thing in phones may not be a phone

The next big device also needs more flexible screens capable of working in different lighting conditions. That’s a decades-old dream of gadget enthusiasts that has eluded recognized market leaders Samsung and LG of Korea, which have struggled for years to mass-produce flexible screens at anything close to mass-market prices.

Apple confirms it considered buying Imagination Technologies, no plans to buy now

It’s pretty rare for Apple to comment on acquisitions — let alone discussions that didn’t result in an acquisition — but as Imagination is a public company in the UK, and the speculation was market-moving, Imagination had to issue a statement.

How to create secure Notes with Touch ID in Apple's iOS 9.3

The ability to password-protect items in Notes is one of the key features of iOS 9.3. It may not be immediately obvious how to go about doing this, but ultimately, the process is a simple one. The first step is simply to create or select a regular, unsecured note in the app, since notes can only be secured after the fact. Once this is done, tap the Share icon in the upper-right corner of the screen — it should be in roughly the same place regardless of whether you're using an iPhone or an iPad. This is where the "Lock Note" option is hidden, alongside other choices like Copy and Print. Selecting it brings up a panel asking you to create a password and retype it to verify. For the best security, avoid reusing an existing password, and make the new one either a phrase or a complex assortment of characters. Optionally you can enter a hint in case you forget, and/or use Touch ID to make logins faster. At this point, a note's contents will still be visible to anyone able to unlock your device. Protection only takes effect once you tap the padlock icon, again in the upper-right corner.

Obama says Google has a deal in place to bring Wi-Fi and broadband internet access to Cuba

The President said Google would build out broadband and Wi-Fi infrastructure on the island, which he said was “necessary for Cuba to enter the 21st century economically.”

David Chang Wants To Fuku You Up

For Chang, the goal of all this growth is simple: "to win." But his idea of victory is different from that of many other budding moguls. Though he says he’s had lots of opportunities to sell Momofuku, he is more interested in creating something big and sustainable that can improve not just his life, but that of all his employees. "I derive pleasure and enjoyment by building a place where a lot of people can benefit," Chang said. "And I mean that. My goal is a utopian work environment where we can pay top dollar to our cooks, to our servers, to our dishwashers, everyone." Chang likes to think about what happens when Momofuku employees head out after their shift. "When you have drinks with your friends, particularly in this business, you talk shit about your workplace," he said. "I want this to be a place where people aren’t talking shit. They’re like, ‘Sorry, guys, I know you’re all unhappy with your jobs, but I love mine.’ "

Log In - The New York Times

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BlackBerry cries foul as Facebook plans to end BB OS 10 support

BlackBerry has put a lot of effort and some cash into attracting BlackBerry OS 10 developers. The company has held a number of "port-a-thons" in the past to get developers to create versions of their existing mobile apps for the BlackBerry marketplace in exchange for cash bounties. And for applications that BlackBerry's executives have determined are critical to their user base, the company has underwritten development of BB OS versions. Gazzola wrote that the company is "continuing whenever we can to invest in apps important to users, such as the update to the Twitter app released today with important fixes and another update coming in a month with new features."

The Apple we love and the Apple we hate

After the first 20 minutes of Apple’s iPhone SE and iPad Pro launch event yesterday, I was enamored with the world’s most valuable company for the courage it was showing. Starting off his presentation with talk of privacy, environmentalism, and health, CEO Tim Cook was addressing real, substantive issues that the tech industry often disregards or pays mere lip service to. He used Apple’s big stage to ask pointed questions about government intrusion into private lives, the polluting effects of tech manufacturing, and how the future of medicine might be shaped by the quantification of health metrics. It was beautiful and important. It was mature.

The Xiaomi Mi 5 is the best Chinese smartphone on the market

You've never seen a Chinese smartphone with this much polish before. Xiaomi's latest flagship phone, the Mi 5, is a cheap, high-quality phone available only in China. Read our full review:

Amazon starts selling Comcast cable TV and internet

No matter what, it can't be worse than pawing through most cable provider's websites. Comcast's service is already rated just two stars on the retailer's site, but comparing packages is easier and faster than I've ever seen before, with easy jumping between ZIP codes, options and even contract terms.

Intel co-founder Andy Grove is dead at 79, leaving an indelible legacy in Silicon Valley

Specifically, Intel’s rise began with the 386 microprocessor and extended through the Pentium—which, though marred by a notorious floating-point flaw, helped put Intel’s name on the map. Grove was also CEO during the time when Intel began marketing itself as “Intel Inside,” and the company rose into a leadership position as competitors like Cyrix and Via Technologies were pushed out of the market. After Grove stepped down in 1997, he served as a special advisor to the company.

90% of people would opt for a faster phone over a secure one

A Reuters and Ipsos poll conducted this month found that just one in 10 Americans say security is the most important feature for them when buying a phone, while performance or price both top the list for a third of people each.

Composer Reveals the Original Ending of Halo 2 - IGN

According to O’Donnell, the original ending of Halo 2 had a much cleaner resolution, ending with Master Chief finding the Ark of the Covenant on Earth, then working with the Arbiter (then known as the Dervish) to stop the Prophet of Truth.

Amazon's new NFL reality series follows one team for an entire season

In All or Nothing: A Season with the Arizona Cardinals , NFL Films takes viewers inside the locker room, on the sidelines, and to the homes of Cardinals players and team personnel for an extraordinary view into the NFL’s regular season, one that would ultimately result in the best regular season in franchise history. The inaugural installment of the series picks up with the Cardinals following the season-ending injury to quarterback Carson Palmer in 2014. It follows the team’s brain trust of Bidwill, general manager Steve Keim and head coach Bruce Arians starting with the 2015 NFL Draft and continuing throughout the season. Along the way the series chronicles the on and off-field events in the lives of Arizona players, including Pro Bowlers Palmer, wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, cornerback Patrick Peterson, and safety Tyrann Mathieu.

ID Verification Startup Jumio Files For Bankruptcy

The once-hyped identity verification startup Jumio has voluntarily begun Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings, reports TechCrunch . Jumio was launched in 2010 and got early backing from Facebook cofounder Eduardo Saverin, among others. The company created an innovative way to check and verify the authenticity of photographic identification by allowing a user to simply hold that ID up to a webcam or mobile phone’s camera. Some of its major clients include United Airlines, Airbnb, and EasyJet.

All the Best, New Features in iOS 9.3

Apple’s iOS 9.3 is available today and introduces several new useful, interesting features, including a F.lux-like screen temperature changer based on time of day, password locks for notes, new shortcuts, and more. Apple rarely does anything big with its incremental updates, but this time it’s different.

New York has just opened a massive public spying network

New York City and CityBridge have created a customer-first privacy policy and will never sell any user’s personal information. LinkNYC does not collect or store any data on users’ personal web browsing on their own devices. CityBridge would require a subpoena or similar lawful request before sharing any data with the NYPD or law enforcement, and we will make every effort to communicate government requests to impacted users. Link cameras are currently inactive and are not designed to feed into any NYPD systems.

The Brussels attacks highlight technology's importance but we could do so much more

If necessity is the mother of all invention, then disaster, be it man-made or natural provides a necessity that Silicon Valley, despite its location on a major fault line, will ever have to grapple with. While social networks have, thanks to their sheer numbers become a vital tool in these instances, they were invented to scratch a far more self-centered itch.

44 Everything you need to know from Apple's 'Loop You In' event

What's that? You've got more than two minutes to spare after all? Never fear: We've also trimmed the fat from the press conference as a whole, so you can plow through the most important bits in less than 10 minutes. And if you've got even more time than that, you may as well just check out our hands-on impressions of Apple's new iPhone SE and smaller iPad Pro too. As an enormous faux-stone face with glowing eyes once said, the choices are yours and yours alone .

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is slightly slower than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro

When it comes to RAM, it’s a bit of a surprise as the 9.7-inch iPad Pro only has 2GB of RAM compared to 4GB for the bigger iPad Pro. The iPad Air 2 already had 2GB of RAM and you could feel it when you were multitasking a lot and using multiple Safari tabs. Another detail, the 9.7-inch iPad Pro’s lightning port doesn’t support USB 3 speeds. Standard lightning cables are USB 2 cables, but if you wanted to transfer large videos over lightning using a camera adaptor, the 12.9-inch iPad Pro is a better option.

Hands-on: Sizing up the 4-inch iPhone SE and the 9.7-inch iPad Pro

The Apple Pencil support is another thing entirely. I’m not an artist, but I have found myself needing to sketch out things, whether it’s a map for a D&D campaign I’m running or a rough mock-up of a logo or design I’d like a contractor to work from. The larger iPad Pro is overkill for this kind of quick-and-dirty work, but the 9.7-inch iPad seems like it would be an ideal sketchpad. Palm rejection, pressure sensitivity, and tilt support all work exactly the way as they do in the larger iPad Pro (and yes, that means the Pencil still sticks out awkwardly from the bottom of the iPad as it charges).

FBI to Apple: We don't need your iPhone hack

Apple and the Justice Department disagree over how many iPhones the court order would affect. The agency has argued that this is only about Farook's iPhone, but Cook and cybersecurity experts say that creating the code to let the FBI break into this one phone could let make all iPhones vulnerable. What's more, Apple has said the judge's order could aid the FBI in opening iPhones around the country. "Law enforcement agents around the country have already said they have hundreds of iPhones they want Apple to unlock if the FBI wins this case," said a previous Apple statement.

Four Steps For Salvaging A Wasted Day

If you follow it to a T, this "five before eleven" model makes sure you’ll get five tasks accomplished in 100 minutes, or by around 11 a.m. But, Lewis says, "Even if you just get one thing done after that terrible day, the brain secretes dopamine and epinephrine into your bloodstream." And that’s arguably more important because it gives you the cognitive push you need in order to bounce back.

4 Theories About How the FBI Is Cracking the San Bernardino Shooter's iPhone

Most of the tech experts I’ve heard from believe the same as I do – that NAND mirroring is likely being used to some degree to brute force the pin on the device. This is where the NAND chip is typically desoldered, dumped into a file (likely by a chip reader/programmer, which is like a cd burner for chips), and then copied so that if the device begins to wipe or delay after five or ten tries, they can just re-write the original image back to the chip. This technique is kind of like cheating at Super Mario Bros. with a save-game, allowing you to play the same level over and over after you keep dying. Only instead of playing a game, they’re trying different pin combinations. It’s possible they’ve also made hardware modifications to their test devices to add a socket, allowing them to quickly switch chips out, or that they’re using hardware to simulate this chip so that they don’t have to.

HTC's next flagship phone will be unveiled on April 12th

HTC will unveil its next flagship phone three weeks from today, on April 12th. The new phone is believed to be called the HTC 10 and is supposed to be a continuation of the One line, featuring a similar design with improved specs.

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75 Watch Orbital ATK launch a resupply mission to the International Space Station tonight
76 Apple patches 56 vulnerabilities in OS X El Capitan, improves Live Photo sharing
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78 Perfectly Chop an Onion Every Time Using a Hair Pick as a Guide
79 How Vizio and Google radically reinvented the TV
80 Google and Airbnb expand in Cuba with Obama's historic visit
81 What Happens When You Smoosh a Hockey Puck With a Hydraulic Press
82 'Star Fox 64' lands on the Wii U Virtual Console this week
83 Google rebrands its Chromecast app to Google Cast to reflect expansion to more devices, including speakers
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87 The world's biggest aircraft is floating but not yet flying
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89 Rob Ford, Toronto's ex-mayor and celebrity drug user, is dead at 46
90 ResearchKit Apps Now Allow Users To Upload Genetic Data
91 Independent staff to take huge pay cuts in online-only move
92 NFL Films and Amazon Video to release ‘All or Nothing’ NFL reality show this summer
93 What do you think when you look at me?
94 China's ZTE says temporary U.S. export license could be extended