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Ford Acquires Argo AI For $1 Billion To Meet Ambitious Self-Driving Goal

Ford has announced it will spend $1 billion to acquire Argo AI, in the hopes the expertise will advance its self-driving program.

Real YouTube people fall for real mockery of Chevy ads

Commentary: You know the ads. They show supposedly real people marveling at the hidden glories of Chevy. This mocking version may be more real.

Samsung Galaxy S8: What We Know

Samsung's Galaxy S8, which arrives on March 29, will be one of this year's hottest phones. Here's everything we know so far.

If Virgin Galactic ever gets going, Stephen Hawking is going to space

It's still not clear when Richard Branson's private spaceship company will begin taking passengers into the heavens. Mor

Google adds handy shortcuts to help with searching in Google app update

The latest update to the Google app adds an array of categories for quickly getting information about sports, weather, entertainment, and lots more.

Fibonacci and the Golden Ratio: Divine Geometry? - OpenMind

We analyze the origin of the Fibonacci spiral to assess if it is possible to speak of a divine geometry. What do you think?

A lifetime of elite VPN protection is just $39

If you want to protect your privacy while you’re out-and-about, it’s essential to use a VPN. You can lock in a great price on one of the world’s most reliable VPN providers with a lifetime subscription to VPN Unlimited, available for just $39 from TNW Deals. VPN Unlimited are great, but don’t just take out …

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Uber president Jeff Jones is quitting, citing differences over ‘beliefs and approach to leadership’

( U pdate : Uber confirmed the departure, saying in a statement: “We want to thank Jeff for his six months at the company and wish him all the best.” And, in a note to staff, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick said: “After we announced our intention to hire a COO, Jeff came to the tough decision that he doesn’t see his future at Uber. It is unfortunate that this was announced through the press but I thought it was important to send all of you an email before providing comment publicly.”)

iTunes movie rentals finally work across multiple devices

Somehow, Apple went until 2017 before adding one of the most basic features to iTunes. You see, for the past nine years , when you'd rent a movie via the app, you'd have to watch it on the device the rental originated from. So, if you rented Manchester by the Sea on your commute, watched a few minutes and then wanted to finish bumming yourself out on your big screen at home, you were out of luck. With the latest version of iTunes (12.6) and "rent once, watch anywhere," that's changed.

O-M-G, Google Releases Android O Developer Preview

The new mobile OS aims to improve battery life and device performance while offering new features like picture-in-picture display, Wi-Fi Aware support, and more.

Microsoft Hit With a Bunch of Service Outages, Again

According to several reports, Microsoft’s online services have been suffering through some pretty major outages this afternoon. Xbox Live, OneDrive,, Skype, Azure, and the Windows Store have all had issues letting users log into accounts.

Uber president quits in response to controversies (updated)

Uber wouldn't go into detail about the departure when we reached out, but did confirm it. "We want to thank Jeff for his six months at the company and wish him all the best," the company says. However, the tipsters claim that the search for a COO had nothing to do with Jones' exit.

Twitter shuts down more than 600K terrorist accounts

In a report published Tuesday, the social network said that in the last six months of 2016 it suspended 376,890 accounts for promoting terrorism. Nearly three quarters of those suspensions were caught by the company's own tools, Twitter said.

The Best Cheap Desktop Computers of 2017

You'll still find systems with 2GB of memory at the lowest end ($200 to $250), though today's entry-level desktops will come with 4GB or more. Storage will either be a 16GB to 64GB solid-state drive (SSD) or a standard hard drive with capacity up to about 1TB. Look for higher-capacity storage if you're a serial downloader, but note that even 16GB is sufficient for a Chromebox that is on the Internet 24/7. SSDs trade capacity for speed, especially in day-to-day tasks. If you ever need more storage space, USB 3.0 ports will let you attach a speedy external hard drive or SSD.

Gamers harass a woman online over Mass Effect: Andromeda

A woman identified as working on the animations for the video game Mass Effect: Andromeda became the target of an online harassment campaign Saturday that saw her online accounts flooded with misogynistic messages.

A new Samsung Galaxy S8 leak reveals three color options and price

We’ve already gotten a good look at the Samsung Galaxy S8 , but a new leaked image of the device shows off the colors that it will be available in when it ships to consumers in April .

Lucas Mearian on Twitter

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Should Apple Move Touch ID to the Back of the iPhone 8?

There are a lot of rumors regarding the iPhone 8 , and, the closer we get to September –or whenever Apple decides to show off their next flagship– the rumor mill is only going to keep piling on the expectations, hints, rumors, and speculation. This is the normal cycle for the iPhone, so nothing about any of this is all that surprising.

Shaq is a flat-Earther too, apparently

"I drive from Florida to California all the time, and it's flat to me. I do not go up and down at a 360-degree angle, and all that stuff about gravity. Have you looked outside Atlanta lately and seen all these buildings? You mean to tell me that China is under us? China is under us? It's not. The world is flat."

Why the Hell Does the James Webb Space Telescope Look Haunted?

One of the most powerful telescopes ever built—NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope—is set to make its big debut in 2018. But before it starts scouring distant galaxies, or searching for life around at TRAPPIST-1 , the telescope must undergo quite a bit of testing. Apparently, during “lights out inspections,” James Webb gets a little creepy.

LinkedIn Tries to Do Trending News in a Non-Disastrous Way

Trending Storylines works to bring together all related content into one coherent grouping. A team of news editors zeroes in on a topic or developing story and pins a “must read” at the top. Then they may, say, solicit editorials from important players—even Snap CEO Evan Spiegel himself. As more related stories roll in, LinkedIn’s algorithms can identify highly cited characters in the story (investors, Snap’s C-level execs) and let users decide whether they would like to follow these business figures. The tab will also suggest similar storylines: say, other IPOs or messaging apps.

Longer battery life and better notifications in Android O, Google's upcoming operating system

The search giant on Tuesday announced the next generation of its mobile software, which powers almost nine out of every 10 smartphones on the planet. For now, the software is just called Android O, and it's an unfinished version, meant to give software developers a leg up before Google officially releases it.

Twitter software helps find, ban users advocating violence

SAN FRANCISCO Twitter Inc ( TWTR.N ) said on Tuesday it had stepped up efforts to rid its social network of posts from users advocating political or religious violence, and was increasingly using software to find them rather than relying on reports from users or governments.

5 things you need to know about stock options - TechRepublic

Although there are a variety of ways to get equity as a startup employee, the most common way is through stock options. A stock option is the guarantee of an employee to be able to purchase a set amount of stock at a set price regardless of future increases in value. The price at which the shares are offered is referred to as the "strike price," and when you purchase the shares at that price, you are "exercising" your options.

A New Technique Captures Stunning Timelapse Footage of the Smallest Living Things

Microscopes let us observe some of the smallest objects in our universe, but with limitations when it comes to movements that can take hours, days, even weeks to play out. So a team of Austrian scientists developed new software that allows microscopes to not only track a slowly-moving object, but also capture incredible timelapse footage , speeding up the action.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

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Apple's iPad refresh: 4 things business users need to know - TechRepublic

Storage options are limited on the base model, with users only able to select between 32GB and 128GB. The 64-bit A9 processor (with embedded M9 coprocessor) powers the refreshed iPads, and it is the same processor that debuted with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus back in late 2015. So, if you need more power than the iPhone 6S is capable of, you may want to look elsewhere.

Your Favorite Music App Has Higher Quality Audio Than You Think

Chances are you’ve signed up to at least one streaming service —but are you making the most of the best-quality music on offer? A quick audit of your apps can boost both streaming and downloaded bit-rates, so you’re always assured of the highest fidelity audio flowing through your pricy headphones to your eardrums. Which means you hear more of the music and a little less of the noise that can accompany lower quality music files.

Can You Figure Out Why Lucasfilm Hates This Photo of Luke Skywalker?

How dare there be a photo of Hamill wearing only part of his costume! Although, if it was supposed to be an official portrait of Luke Skywalker, that does make a bit more sense. Either way, it’s out now and thank god Hamill is here to tell us fun facts about it.

Snap out of it, Facebook! Snapchat clones rile Messenger, WhatsApp users

Snap out of it, Facebook! Snapchat clones rile Messenger, WhatsApp users Some users are pushing back against new features Facebook copied from Snapchat. Check out this story on

All the details of Uber's 'PLEASE LOVE US AGAIN' phone call

Technical difficulties: After Uber board member Arianna Huffington was introduced, the line went silent for about 30 seconds. The team declared "technical difficulties" and put the hold music back on. Huffington then start speaking and was cut off by some man who then told the operator they were ready again. Oh, so, perfect. A woman leading the charge about workplace difficulties and sexism cut off by a man.

Transform into an 'experience business' or die: 4 tips from Adobe - TechRepublic

But, the most significant announcements for IT and business were Adobe's work to build a standard data model—a universal language for big data—and the deepening of its cloud partnership with Microsoft. The data model is key to bringing together disparate data sets from diverse systems talk to each and the Microsoft partnership is critical as Adobe crafts its future as a global enterprise cloud provider. On stage, Microsoft Azure chief Scott Guthrie told the crowd that 90% of the Fortune 500 now have solutions deployed on Azure, and Azure is in 38 data center regions around the world—more than Amazon and Google combined.

How to Clean Up Windows 10 With the Refresh Windows Tool

Of course, you'll have to reinstall any software or apps and restablish any customized settings to bring Windows back to the way you want it. That's why the best time to run the Refresh Windows tool, at least on a brand new PC, is as soon as you get it home and take it out of the box. That means less work for you and a PC unburdened by junkware.

3 female Uber leaders discuss sexual harassment investigation

“No woman should ever have to choose between her career and sexual harassment,” said Arianna Huffington, a director of the company, on a conference call with reporters. Liane Hornsey, the chief human resources officer who has been at the company just 11 weeks, and Rachel Holt, head of U.S. and Canada, also participated in the call. Appointing three women to address this issue seems like a calculated decision to send a strong message to the female rank and file at Uber. The only question is whether these efforts are too little too late.

The iPhone 7 goes red to help fight HIV/AIDS

Once again, a portion of each red device sold will go to help fund the group’s work to battle the disease in sub-Saharan Africa, a partnership that has already resulted in some $130 million donated to the cause — more than a quarter of the total $465 million the charity has raised. According to (RED)’s CEO, Apple is the largest corporate donor to the fund.

Harry Potter fans can scoop up magic with butterbeer ice cream

Buttercream and butterscotch ice creams come together, with a swirl of butterscotch added, making a dessert fit for a wizard.

We are giving away a Nintendo Switch console!

CNET and GameSpot are joining forces to give you a chance to win* a Nintendo Switch. This giveaway ends on March 30, 2017.

MIT Technology Review Events - Business of Blockchain

Jalak Jobanputra is founding partner of Future\Perfect Ventures, a venture capital fund in NYC focused on early-stage investments in next-generation technology including blockchain and machine learning. She previously served as director of mobile investments in emerging markets at Omidyar Network and senior vice president at the New York City Investment Fund, where she worked closely with the Bloomberg administration and the New York City Economic Development Corporation to help diversify the city’s economy through its growing tech and digital sectors. Before joining NYCIF, she was a principal at New Venture Partners, a $300 million early-stage venture fund where she incubated a range of technologies, including speech recognition/NLP, 3-D displays, video surveillance, 4G wireless broadband, and music recommendation software. Jobanputra began her career in media, telecom, and tech investment banking at Lehman Brothers and Broadview. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania with a BA in communications from the Annenberg School and a BSE in finance from the Wharton School, and she received an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management in 1999, after which she spent four months setting up microfinance programs and training women entrepreneurs in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

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7 Easy Ways to Make Your Android Phone Less Annoying

One of the coolest upgrades in Android 7.0 Nougat is the ability to choose which icons are included in the shade for easy access. Perhaps you're like me and don't really use things like Wi-Fi calling or NFC, but like having the ability to quickly set your phone to vibrate, toggle Location on/off, and access the flashlight—all with a single tap. In Nougat, you can rearrange which buttons appear in the shade by tapping the hamburger in the top-right corner of the shade > edit (or, conversely, your system may have a pencil "edit" icon in the top right). Don't have Nougat yet? Don't sweat it. You will. At some point. Maybe?

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Amazon's Legend of Master Legend Pilot Brings Real Life Superhero Down to Earth

The only problem is, Frank’s real life is far from super. He lives out of a storage unit, using a thrown-out coffee pot to heat water for his showers, and works as a tree trimmer and handyman. He’s divorced from his wife Tana (Dawnn Lewis), who struggles to make ends meet as a buffet host and parking lot operator since he’s clearly not helping with the bills. And he’s completely out of touch with his teenage daughter Cody (Anjelika Washington), who’s exploring her identity as a queer woman... and stealing money from strangers. Then there’s Frank’s brother, Peanut Head, who immediately starts stirring shit up after being released from prison. His final scene hints at the show taking some pretty dark and unpleasant turns.

This robot walks like an ostrich

Most stock quote data provided by BATS. Market indices are shown in real time, except for the DJIA, which is delayed by two minutes. All times are ET. Disclaimer . Morningstar: © Morningstar, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Factset: FactSet Research Systems Inc. . All rights reserved. Chicago Mercantile Association: Certain market data is the property of Chicago Mercantile Exchange Inc. and its licensors. All rights reserved. Dow Jones: The Dow Jones branded indices are proprietary to and are calculated, distributed and marketed by DJI Opco, a subsidiary of S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC and have been licensed for use to S&P Opco, LLC and CNN. Standard & Poor's and S&P are registered trademarks of Standard & Poor's Financial Services LLC and Dow Jones is a registered trademark of Dow Jones Trademark Holdings LLC. All content of the Dow Jones branded indices © S&P Dow Jones Indices LLC and/or its affiliates.

Experts Worry as Germany Tests Voice Recognition Software to Screen Refugees

Germany announced this week that it will begin testing voice recognition software in its screening of refugees seeking asylum. The approach may help speed up the processing of hundreds of thousands of migrants, but some experts fear that the imperfect technology could cause more harm than good.

Man dies while charging iPhone in bath

A British man plugged his iPhone into an outlet via an extension cord and appears to have rested the charger on his chest in the bath.

Apple's mysterious 'wireless device' has been revealed in FCC photos

2. The reader will indicate granted access by briefly changing color to green and playing a sound. Declined access is indicated by red color and a second sound.

Trump will make America stupid, tweet-rages DeGrasse Tyson

Commentary: In a series of tweets, the astrophysicist says that the president's budget proposals will make America more stupid.

AMD Ryzen 5 | ZDNet

AMD takes aim at the highly lucrative mainstream PC market with its new Ryzen 5 chips.

Chasing Slack and Cloud Sales, Microsoft's Teams Targets Big-Office Customers

Microsoft Corp. officially rolled out its Teams workplace-collaboration software, counting on integration with its ubiquitous Office and Outlook programs and partnerships with popular business software makers such as SAP to challenge Slack Technologies Inc. for big corporate customers.

Skull Island Director Originally Wanted to be a Total Dick to Previous Kongs

“So it’s World War II. A full squad comes to this beach. They’re killing each other – and then suddenly, this giant monkey [that looks a lot like the monkey from the last King Kong movie] comes out of the jungle. And they just kill it. It’s dead. And you’re sitting there going, ‘Wait, did they just kill King Kong? Did they kill the hero of this film?’ And then you’d hear a roar and see a much bigger creature – the real King Kong. That was the crazy version of me wanting to send a message that this isn’t like other King Kong movies that you’ve seen. The studio were like: ‘You can’t do that.’”

Shaq is a flat-Earther too, apparently

"I drive from Florida to California all the time, and it's flat to me. I do not go up and down at a 360-degree angle, and all that stuff about gravity. Have you looked outside Atlanta lately and seen all these buildings? You mean to tell me that China is under us? China is under us? It's not. The world is flat."

On mentorship and finding your way around

He knew a lot about computer science as he had been a computer engineer for so long that he first started developing with a pen and paper. His code would then be stored on punched cards and fed into giant computers.

Lockheed Martin Has a Laser for the Army

While everyone complains about the fact that they don’t have a jetpack or a flying car yet, the military has patiently waited for its killer laser beams. Lockheed Martin says that it will hand off exactly that to the Army in the next few months.

TAG Heuer made a modular $1,650 smartwatch

What's more, it's the watch's modular nature that makes this the "first Swiss-made connected watch." That's because the 45mm smartwatch module can be swapped out with a purely Swiss-made mechanical option that transforms it into an "ordinary" luxury timepiece. (Your options include either the Calibre 5 or the much more premium Heuer 02T Tourbillon, which TAG Heuer claims has "the most accurate mechanical movements around.") So even if the connected module part of it gets outdated eventually (as it likely will), you'll still be able to have a high-end TAG Heuer on your wrist just by swapping that module out. And who knows, maybe TAG Heuer will release future connected watch modules for the same system, making the whole thing wonderfully future-proof.

iOS 11 Lock Screen Concept Shows off a Bevy of Changes

With all the talk regarding the iPhone 8 , we’re yet to hear about the upcoming iOS version. The 10th year iPhone is set to debut with iOS 11, so it’s only fair that we get a brief idea of where Apple is headed. A fresh concept gives us a very good idea of what Apple might do with its new OS and the lock screen in particular.

Not everyone's thrilled Cheerios gave away 1.5 billion wildflower seeds to save the bees

Other Cheerios haters have said it's uncanny that General Mills is clamoring to "bring back the bees" while sourcing its oats from farms that use Monsanto's RoundUp. The herbicide, like other industrial chemicals, is suspected of contributing to bee population declines.

50 Microsoft Modifies Windows 10 for China’s Government

BEIJING—Microsoft Corp. has finished development of a Windows 10 version customized for Chinese government use, which could boost its China prospects after sales were hit by Beijing’s cybersecurity crackdown.

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63 The Earth is round. It's your problem if you believe it isn't.
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65 South Korea Netmarble Games says IPO to be worth up to $2.35 billion
66 ​Commonwealth to rid provider panels to make room for startups | ZDNet
67 MoneyGram offers to give Euronet confidential info to firm up bid: sources
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69 Amid turbulence at Uber, president resigns
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71 Uber president Jeff Jones just went full on #DeleteUber and resigned: Recode
72 Intel claims storage speed record with first large-capacity Optane SSD
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