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BaDoink! Watch Porn in Virtual Reality

Pornhub, in partnership with BaDoinkVR, is the first free X-rated website to feature 360-degree adult content.

Todoist adds new intelligent input features and shortcuts

The latest update for Todoist on Android adds a host of new features and shortcuts.

100 years of engagement rings celebrates truly stunning craftsmanship

Do you fancy a European cut or a princess cut?

Toyota's Prius Prime plug-in hybrid touts 120MPGe

It's the most efficient plug-in hybrid, but don't expect to go far on electricity alone.

Chill dog friends enjoy each other's company on their favorite swing

There's nothing like a tranquil day at the park with your best dog friend.

Child doesn’t appreciate your dancing in the car

"You guys are all so lame."

Live updates: 34 dead in Brussels attacks, suspect on the run

At least 34 people are dead and 270 injured in attacks on the airport and metro in Brussels, Belgium. The latest on the aftermath and victims.

'The Banner Saga 2' comes to PC and Mac on April 19th

The long-awaited sequel to 'The Banner Saga' hits PC and Mac next month.

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Forbes Welcome

“There is no such thing as a failed test. You will learn every time you challenge yourself.”

2 What do you think when you look at me?

When you look at Muslim scholar Dalia Mogahed, what do you see: a woman of faith? a scholar, a mom, a sister? or an oppressed, brainwashed, potential terrorist? In this personal, powerful talk, Mogahed asks us, in this polarizing time, to fight negative perceptions of her faith in the media — and to choose empathy over prejudice.

The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site

In this tutorial, you’ll create a simple web app using ASP.NET 5. The app stores data in a SQL database using Entity Framework (EF) and uses ASP.NET MVC to support the basic CRUD operations (create...

Starbucks will start donating 100% of its unused food to those in need

If you’ve ever wondered where all those Starbucks bagels and bistro boxes go after closing time, here's an answer you can get behind.

Why we need gender-neutral bathrooms

There are a few things that we all need: fresh air, water, food, shelter, love ... and a safe place to pee. For trans people who don't fit neatly into the gender binary, public restrooms are a major source of anxiety and the place where they are most likely to be questioned or harassed. In this poetically rhythmic talk, Ivan Coyote grapples with complex and intensely personal issues of gender identity and highlights the need for gender-neutral bathrooms in all public places.

Nintendo will reportedly cease production of Wii U by end of year

A 2016 end for the Wii U would align with the launch of Nintendo’s latest hardware, tentatively named Nintendo NX. Nintendo struggled to popularize the Wii U, which launched in 2012, a year before the Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One. The Wii U lacked the graphical capability, online functionality, and third-party software support of its competitors, while the Wii U tablet wasn’t as mobile or intuitive as Android or iOS devices.

The Company Helping Unlock the San Bernardino iPhone Has a Long History of Selling Gear to US Police

The company reportedly helping the FBI access the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone data isn’t a household name in the US, but its data-extraction tools are all over the country. Cellebrite has been quietly helping US law enforcement bulk up its arsenal of surveillance gear for years.

This American teen has seen 3 major terror attacks in 3 years

Mason Wells, 19, of Sandy, Utah, was one of a group of Mormon missionaries who were injured by the explosion at the Brussels airport on Tuesday morning. Wells was at the airport with Richard Norby, 66, and Joseph Empey, 20, as they were dropping off a fourth missionary, Fanny Rachel Clain, of Montelimar, France, who was on her way to an assignment in Cleveland.

Microsoft made a chatbot that tweets like a teen

While it's hard to see Tay's forward-facing functions as particularly useful, as a research project it could be quite valuable. Natural-language assistants (like Siri and Cortana) are increasingly important parts of smartphones and computers, but none of them are truly skilled at responding to natural, complex language — for the most part, they can only handle some straightforward phrases. By learning how different groups of people actually talk, Microsoft may eventually be able to better tailor its own assistant to deliver a helpful response. And as  messenger bots begin to look more and more like a critical interface for getting stuff done in the future, the ability to tweet like a teen starts to sound a lot more valuable.

Perennial badass Martha Stewart drunkenly borrows a hoverboard

Perennial badass Martha Stewart drunkenly borrows a hoverboard

Facebook is reportedly testing a tool for detecting profile imposters

Online harassment continues to be a plague on social media, and companies still fumble when developing responses. Mashable reports that Facebook is working on other anti-harassment features to ensure women feel safe using the service. The company has started to automatically offer outside resources for users who flag a nude photo of themselves on the site, and has been providing a photo privacy checkup feature to give users more information about who can view their photos.

Pebble is laying off 25 percent of its staff

Pebble entered the spotlight in 2012 after a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign for the initial Pebble watch. At the time, there were no compelling smartwatches on the market; but by the time Pebble launched its second generation watch last year, it was entering a much more crowded field. There were a few watches running Android Wear, some strange inventions from Samsung, and the impending launch of the Apple Watch, which had been unveiled months earlier — not to mention a saturated market of increasingly stylish fitness bands.

Google opens access to its speech recognition API, going head to head with Nuance

Google is planning to compete with Nuance and other voice recognition companies head on, by opening up its speech recognition API to third-party developers. To attract developers, the app will be free at launch with pricing to be introduced at a later date.

Apple Pay Coming to Mobile Websites Before Holiday Shopping Season

The pitch to retailers and e-commerce sites was straightforward: Apple Pay will help you convert more mobile visitors into purchasers. Apple’s fingerprint sensor eliminates the need to enter payment and shipping information, which can be a cumbersome task on small devices and cause shoppers to end a shopping session without completing a purchase.

Forensics expert says FBI to use NAND mirroring to crack terrorist's iPhone

An outside contractor with established ties to the FBI has most likely shown investigators how to circumvent the iPhone’s security measures by copying the contents of the device’s flash storage, a forensics expert said today.

Tinder will help you match with the right presidential candidate

Tinder and Rock the Vote worked together to design a 10-question policy-based survey that users can respond to by swiping right to agree and left to disagree. The questions concern issues like keeping same-sex marriage legal and drilling for oil and gas, and tapping on the questions will give more data on the issue itself. After giving a swipe on each issue, the user will be matched with a candidate they'd be most happy with.

Google launches Cloud Machine Learning Platform in limited preview

Still, Google is a machine learning company at its core, so it makes sense for the Google Cloud Platform to have a core machine learning service. This should help Google do a better job of competing with AWS and other clouds.

Pornhub Just Launched a Free VR Channel and It Is Wild

Have you ever wanted to try porn in virtual reality? Secretly, we all have, and Pornhub just made it insanely easy. The world’s biggest adult site partnered with established VR porn store BaDoink to offer free 360-degree content. It is obviously NFSW.

Gamers put their heads together to solve the case of the rumored NX controller

Today, the sleuths of the Web have come together to figure out the legitimacy of an image that allegedly features a prototype controller for Nintendo’s upcoming NX console. I don’t know if this is real, and Nintendo’s not saying. My gut reaction is that it’s a hoax, but that’s not based on a lot of concrete proof. But if it’s evidence you want, well, oh boy, the Internet has your back. Gamers from around the Internet have taken to forums and message boards to share their theories and jokes (mostly jokes) about this purported leak.

20 Google is building YouTube Connect, a livestreaming app to take on Periscope

Google has quietly been building a new livestreaming app called YouTube Connect, VentureBeat has learned. This service highlights the company’s efforts to double down on live video while also placing it in a position to compete directly against Twitter’s Periscope and Facebook Live. YouTube Connect will be available on both iOS and Android devices.

21 Automatron Pip Boy Minigame - Fallout 4 Wiki Guide - IGN

The Automatron Pip Boy Minigame is a minigame located beneath the Fort Hagen Satellite Array in the Headhunting mission of Fallout 4: Automatron.

Here are the 59 startups that demoed at Y Combinator Winter ’16 Demo Day 2

“Food, housing, healthcare, transportation. Life essentials made better and more affordable.” These are the types of startups that partner Paul Buchheit said were demoing today at Y Combinator’s Winter 2016 Demo Day 2. Yesterday, we covered the first 60 startups from the batch, and picked our 7 favorites .

Google Maps for iOS gets more ridesharing options

These new options are: Gett for the UK, Israel, Russia and NYC; 99Taxis for Brazil; Ola Cabs for India; Hailo for the UK, Ireland, Spain and Singapore; and MyTaxi for Germany, Spain, Austria, Switzerland and Poland. Similar to Uber's integration, you'll need to install these apps if you want to see their pricing on Google Maps. Once you do, you can easily compare their prices with Uber's fares (whenever both are available) and decide which service to hail.

Buy Xbox 360 Games on Xbox One

Heads up, Xbox One owners: Microsoft on Wednesday started rolling out its latest system update, which includes all the features that hit preview earlier this month, including the ability to buy vintage Xbox 360 games on your latest-gen console .

Pirated ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ copy already hit 250,000 downloads after 12 hours

After an uber-successful theater run, ‘ Star Wars: The Force Awakens ‘ is just two short weeks away from Blu-ray and DVD release on April 5. But, as usual, waiting is hard, and pirating is… well… not.

NYTimes Bits on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Google Maps now has a tab just for taxis on iOS too

More importantly, it’s a sign Google is looking to branch out from just offering Uber, and that it sees taxi apps playing a much more prominent role in people’s lives in the years to come; giving ridesharing its own tab put its on the same same visual plane as driving or public transport.

Trolls Are Savaging Critics Over 'Batman v Superman' Reviews

"It does frustrate me that I’m sometimes branded as a killjoy, when I believe so heartily in the idea of movies as a communal art form -- as something that, ideally, people should enjoy together, in a theater," Zacharek added. "But I have no control over what other people think, especially when they haven’t actually bothered to read what I’ve written, which is so often the case."


Pre-order the $400 PlayStation VR 'core' bundle March 29th

If you already have Move controllers and a PS Camera, this is the one you want as it contains the headset, cabling, a few other bits and bobs and nothing redundant. It's just weird that Sony announced this SKU first, then the Launch bundle for pre-orders, said that the $400 core wouldn't be available for pre-order and then reversed that stance. But the comments on the PS Blog post crying out for a core bundle pre-order probably have something to do with the weird timeline.

Smartwatch company Pebble is laying off 25% of its staff

PebblePebble CEO Eric Migicovsky. Pebble, the buzzy startup credited for being one of the first companies to launch a modern smartwatch, is laying off 40 employees this week, CEO Eric Migicovsky told Tech Insider in an interview. That's about 25% of its total staff.

CNET on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Six-part Vice video documentary 'The Score' premieres on Apple Music

Apple Music is this week launching an exclusive six-part Vice documentary, The Score, bolstering the amount of video content on the fledgling streaming service.

Why You Should Try That Crazy Virtual Reality Headset

Down on the ice, Madison Square Garden doesn’t feel as gigantic. But the Rangers’ goal seems really big when you’re trying to defend it. I skate out in front of the net to where—I know from virtual practice—I’ll have better luck blocking shots. Looking out at the empty seats, I have that déjà vu again. This time, at least, real Rangers aren’t taking 100 mph slap shots at me.

'Minecraft' gets its first live concert

Minecraft has had its share of real-world crossovers , but nothing quite like this. Norway's annual The Gathering tech conference is hosting a live concert both in real life and in Minecraft tonight at 9PM local time (4PM Eastern), with volunteers mimicking the artists in Minecraft as they parade around the stage. And this isn't a small production, either -- AlunaGeorge, Broiler and Lemaitre are on deck, so you should be in for a good time whether you're looking at the real artists or their blocky avatars.

Pebble is laying off 25 percent of its staff

Pebble is in this for the long haul. We have a vision where wearables will take us in five to 10 years, and this is setting us up for success.

Lethal ingredient ISIS uses in bombs is easy to get and hard to track

Scriven King, who served for a decade with the Air Force’s law enforcement arm and now works as a security consultant, said the effectiveness of the bombs used in Paris and Brussels was noteworthy, since TATP can be tricky to work with.

AT&T adds Wi-Fi calling internationally for iPhone users thanks to iOS 9.3 | ZDNet

AT&T will not charge you for your calls placed while you're out of the country, as long as you're on a Wi-Fi network.

Silicon Valley's Stars Guess What Real Startups Do

Just as Mike Judge savaged corporate life with his movie Office Space , his TV series Silicon Valley takes no prisoners in lampooning startup culture. Now, as the show gets ready to head into its third season, its stars (Thomas Middleditch, T.J. Miller, Kumail Nanjiani, Martin Starr, and Zach Woods) are also making their first WIRED cover appearances. We sat down with the five to see just how much Silicon Valley taught them about Silicon Valley—by asking them to identify what various tech companies do. Turns out there’s not a whole lot you can learn from a name like Tubbbr or Kabbage … unless you’ve got some serious improv chops.

Gecko Robotics Does The Heavy Inspecting At Power Plants To Prevent Human Fatalities

A human would normally be the checker, but that presents an often dangerous situation. According to Gecko, most plants must shut down at least once a year to check for damage to the boiler. To do these inspections crews install 150-foot scaffolds and climb up the walls in search of areas in need of repair. On top of that, inspections can take up to seven days, with plants losing up to $1 million per day, says Gecko.

Kepler Catches the Shock Breakout of a Supernova

Facebook is testing a feature that alerts you if someone is impersonating your account

When Facebook detects that another user may be impersonating you, it will send an alert notifying you about the profile. You'll then be prompted to identify if the profile in question is impersonating you by using your personal information, or if it belongs to someone else who is not impersonating you.

Best iPhone SE and iPhone 5S cases

Incipio calls its offGrid Pro a "removable battery case." All cases are removable, of course, but removable here is a reference to the battery inside the case which is indeed removable. In fact, you get two thin removable batteries, so if you need even more juice, you can carry that extra battery around and swap it in when you need to. One battery will charge the iPhone 100 percent (doubling the iPhone's battery life), so this battery case is rated to triple the battery life of your phone when you count that second removable battery. You can charge your phone and battery in the case with a micro USB cable or use the separate battery charger, which can charge both removable batteries at once. Like other battery cases, you may have some trouble accessing the headphone port on your phone, particularly if your headphone jack is superslim. Incipio, like Mophie, provides a short headphone dongle that works with any headphone jack. Price: $27 on Amazon. See more info and pricing for Incipio offGrid Pro.

Social Media Evolution: What Does the Future of Social Marketing Look Like? : Social Media Examiner

Brian says Digital Darwinism , the notion that technology and society are going to evolve, is a common theme in all of his books. You have a choice: do nothing, compete for the moment (keep up with trends) or compete for the future. Businesses who want to survive need to look at how these trends are playing out over time, how people’s expectations and behaviors are evolving and get in front of it.

Chloë Grace Moretz makes Taylor Swift's squad sound like a terrifying cult

But what we talk about when we're talking about squads is obviously Taylor Swift, so whether or not Moretz knows her and is therefore a person who matters in pop culture is the next line of questioning.

Thrift store had enough copies of 'Fifty Shades of Grey' to build a fort

is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 45 million monthly unique visitors and 27 million social followers.

David Letterman and his cool Santa Claus beard are enjoying retirement

David Letterman and his cool Santa Claus beard are enjoying retirement

Record Bird helps you to be the smartest music fan you know

New albums used to be announced weeks or months in advance, but big artists increasingly spring new releases on the world with little or no notice. Keeping up can be difficult, and that’s a problem Record Bird wants to solve.

Atlanta traffic report honors Phife Dawg with A Tribe Called Quest lyrics

is a leading global media company that informs, inspires and entertains the digital generation. Mashable is redefining storytelling by documenting and shaping the digital revolution in a new voice, new formats and cutting-edge technologies to a uniquely dedicated audience of 45 million monthly unique visitors and 27 million social followers.

Tara the chatbot hires freelancers so you don't have to

Tara is a Web-based chatbot designed to help small businesses get jobs done that require freelance contractors; maybe building an app or a website, designing a new logo, or even writing blog posts and marketing copy.

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60 Uber accuses Indian rival Ola of booking 400,000 fake rides
61 Boyfriend makes 50 cheesecakes for his girlfriend's birthday, cares nothing about dental bills
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65 Papasan Convertible Is LA's New Laid-Back Approach to Fighting Traffic
66 We're all couch potatoes: 70% of Americans 'binge-watch' TV
67 The US is set to charge Iranian hackers for 2012 cyber attacks on New York City dam
68 Xbox One March System Update Rolls Out Today - IGN
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70 NYTimes Bits on Twitter
71 Mac owners unable to log in to Messages, FaceTime after OS X 10.11.4 El Capitan update
72 How to save a life: Lebanese startups bring Big Data and IoT to HealthTech
73 Australian shepherd takes newborn cheetah cubs into its care
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75 Julio Ojeda-Zapata on Twitter
76 Log In - The New York Times
77 You Can Now Torrent a Blu-ray Version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens (If You Dare)
78 What Happens When You Finger the LG G5’s Magic Slot
79 #MuslimNeighborhood hashtag shows solidarity against Trump, Cruz police patrols
80 Alicia Keys performs at incredibly popular Starbucks shareholder meeting
81 The mobile games industry is kept afloat by less than 1% of users
82 Your couch needs these dreamy planet-inspired throw pillows
83 Silicon Valley's Stars Guess What Real Startups Do
84 Massive new aircraft the Airlander 10 is unveiled
85 Why Brussels mattered and Istanbul didn't: The double standard on terror
86 5 Ways Batman Could Beat Superman - IGN
87 'Kids Are The Worst' Instagram Account Gets Totally Honest About Parenting
88 Is this the real life? Is this just virtual reality? (It’s virtual reality.)
89 Samsung Chases The Surface With Galaxy TabPro S
90 Eye-tracking virtual reality startup FOVE raises $11M Series A
91 Lifelong Learning and Technology
92 Backstage with the winners of the IGF and GDC Awards