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Watch an Amazon Prime drone make its first delivery in the U.S.

In a video uploaded to YouTube, the drone is seen delivering a small box containing a few bottles of sunscreen in southe

Artificial intelligence powers marketing | ZDNet

AI and machine learning can enable marketers to personalize customer experiences and engagement like never before. Learn what it means for you from two experts!

How iTunes built, and then broke, my meticulous music-listening system

The design has fallen out of fashion now, but a spreadsheet wasn’t the worst model for Apple to use in building iTunes. The more you obsess over your music, the more you appreciate iTunes’ rows and...

Major advertisers including AT&T and Verizon have stopped advertising on YouTube

Both companies have joined others, including Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, the Guardian, U.K. supermarket giant Sa

Baby got back! April the Giraffe's livestream has returned

Don't panic! Animal lovers' favorite maternity-suite cam is up and running again, as fans await the calf's birth.

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Apple Acquires Workflow, a Powerful Automation App for iPhone

Popular iOS automation tool Workflow has been acquired by Apple for an undisclosed sum. Despite the acquisition, the app will continue to be available on the iOS App Store and will even be made free later today.

(PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7, new iPad, iPhone SE on sale now

You can order the (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7 series, the new 9.7-inch iPad, and the refreshed iPhone SE with more storage right now!

Facebook Messenger gets reactions for individual messages and @ notifications

Facebook is adding two new features to Messenger: reactions and mentions. Reactions let you respond to any individual message in a chat with various emoji (just tap and hold to add a reaction, just like you would for a post on your Facebook feed); while mentions lets you @ someone in a group chat, which sends them a direct notification.

Instagram begins blurring some sensitive content, opens two-factor to all

Verizon, AT&T Pull Ads From YouTube Over Offensive Content

"We are deeply concerned that our ads may have appeared alongside YouTube content promoting terrorism and hate," AT&T said in a statement to PCMag. "Until Google can ensure this won't happen again, we are removing our ads from Google's non-search platforms."

Misfit’s Vapor fitness smartwatch will run Android Wear 2.0

Preston Moxcey, Fossil’s general manager of Misfit, says that Android Wear makes the product more customizable and allows for support of more third-party services than the homegrown platform that was originally planned for the device. Moxcey says that Misfit will still have its own unique touches in the software, including custom watchfaces and micro apps on the watch. The Vapor’s unique touch-sensitive bezel will also be supported by Android Wear 2.0.

He Will Not Divide Us art project moves overseas

The artists intended to make a statement about the resilience and decency of Americans only to find that it was impossible to do safely — the phrase “he will not divide us” scans pretty ironically now that they’ve been forced to literally cut themselves off from their fellow citizens.

These powerful London Underground signs are going viral

is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe.

Professional animators comment on weird faces in 'Mass Effect Andromeda'

Their talk also highlighted how often, on projects of this size, there is simply no way for lead animators or even anyone on the art team to get a good look at the small-time cut scenes. Those aspects of the game will only be experienced by a minority of players, so receive much less of a personal touch.

Apple denies hacking threat to millions of iPhones

In a statement to Fortune , an Apple spokesperson said that no systems, including iCloud and Apple ID, had been hacked and that the list of email addresses and passwords the group are claiming to have  “appears to have been obtained from previously compromised third-party services.“ 

Twitter Is Thinking About Paid Subscriptions

Twitter offers both its main web interface and Tweetdeck to access the service alongside mobile apps. According to The Verge , it's Tweetdeck where the paid subscriptions would come into play. A more advanced version of the Twitter client would be developed offering "marketers, journalists, professionals, and others" more insights into what is happening on Twitter.

Say Goodbye to Virgin America

Repainting Virgin America planes with the Alaska Airlines and completely merging the two brands makes total sense. For one, Alaska Airlines has been paying Branson royalties for using the Virgin brand since the acquisition, and retiring the brand makes good financial sense. The newly merged airline says that it plans to incorporate Virgin America’s “flair” into its entire fleet, albeit with some slight tweaks. The pink and purple mood lighting in the cabins will soon be blue, and all of the flight staff will get new uniforms. Free in-flight entertainment and fast wi-fi will be a permanent fixture on all Alaska Airlines flights in the near future, as well.

How to create users and groups in Linux from the command line - TechRepublic

If you administer a Linux server, you very likely will have to create users and groups. Without knowing how to create users, you will find yourself limited in a few crucial ways. First off, new users cannot be added to a system. Second, you might find yourself having to create a user in order to install a piece of software. As for groups: Beyond having to create groups for successful installation of certain software, this is a great way to control user permissions for directories.

Misfit Vapor with Android Wear could be one of the best fitness watches

The Misfit Vapor will also cost $199, which would make it one of the most affordable Android Wear smartwatches on the market. If its performance matches the features, it could end up being an Android Wear 2 standout. But based on these specs, it doesn't look like it has NFC or Android Pay.

Walmart’s Vudu app now converts your physical movies to digital for $2 each

Digitized movies are loaded into a user’s library automatically, and then made available wherever they can access the Vudu service. There’s a catch that prevents you from just running around scanning all the DVDs and Blu-rays you can find, however: The Disc-to-Digital option is only available when the app can determine via geolocation that it’s at the user’s home billing address, so kill that plan to hop over to Best Buy’s video section before it develops any further.

Ubuntu Server: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

Ubuntu Server is more popular than ever, thanks to containers and the cloud. This resource guide about Ubuntu Server covers why the platform matters, how to use it, and more.

World's largest artificial Sun rises in Germany

Germany isn't exactly famous for its sunshine, so to help with the country's commitment to investigating renewable energy, the German Space Center (DLR) has constructed the world's largest artificial Sun. Making its public debut today in Jülich, North Rhine-Westphalia, the three-storey "Synlight" electrically-powered sun lamp will be used for various research projects, including developing processes for producing hydrogen fuel using sunlight.

Master & Dynamic MW50 review: Superlative wireless headphones for anywhere

While M&D claims 16-hour battery life for this model, I got a couple of hours less than that. Still, it’s certainly not bad if you’ve got a long day on the road. As far as range is concerned, the MW50 fares pretty well across long corridors over a distance of several meters – a lot more than my smaller wireless earbuds managed – but you’ll encounter skips if there are many walls between the headphones and the audio source.

Watch the Tesla Model 3 release candidate take its first drive

Tesla’s hyping its Model 3 ahead of its launch later this year, when it’s set to start shipping to early pre-order customers. Company CEO Elon Musk posted the above to Twitter, showing the “release candidate” of the car taking its first drive. An RC candidate, in software terms, is the final version prior to public launch, which means that Tesla is probably very close to spinning up its production lines.

These 69 new emoji could be coming to your phone very soon

M ermaid, zombie and vampire emoji could be coming to your phone very soon if a new draft list of the colourful symbols is approved.

Instagram just announced a major change to how it deals with "sensitive" photos

It's not clear what types of "sensitive" content will earn your post the new treatment. It doesn't sound like the company is changing any of its policies but rather hoping to use the new "sensitive" filter as a kind of compromise when some users find something offensive even if it doesn't violate Instagram's guidelines.

Sia was all smiles as she went wig-less through LAX

The usually private singer shocked photographers as she walked through LAX Thursday, without wearing her usual, face-covering wig.  While she made her way to catch a flight to Dubai, the paparazzi were quick to take pictures of her seldom-seen punim.

THE IoT 101 REPORT: Your essential guide to the Internet of Things

A new report from BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, called  IoT 101: The Essential Guide to the Internet of Things , outlines the basics of the IoT and what this next wave of technology means to the everyday individual. The report dives into key IoT terms, predictions and trends for the IoT in the next five years, the industries that the IoT will affect the most, and the biggest challenges facing the IoT.

Apple dock could turn your iPhone into a MacBook

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Want to create digital transformation? Make a solid plan first | ZDNet

Next, a digital transformation plan should address operational and system cross-functionality throughout the enterprise -- because to get the most out of digitalization, you have to know how to use it fully. If sales wants data on customer satisfaction, it would be advantageous for customer service reports to be in their system so they can understand their clients' pain points with their products before they call them with a new pitch. And if customer service wants to be more proactive, it would help if it had visibility of all of the RMA (return material authorization) documents in manufacturing -- and which products were most often being returned and reworked.

This Magnetic Charging Cable Is Built To Last [Deals Hub]

The ARMOR-X Magnetic Charging Cables provide a clever solution to your charging woes. Packed with a magnetic clip, you can easily attach any type of adapter you need. It also provides the same protection as your MacBook’s MagSafe power adapter, preventing you from knocking your phone to the ground if you trip on the cable. And unlike most cables, this one is built to last thanks to its tough, fray-resistant nylon cord.

A Four-Year-Old Boy Used Siri to Save His Unconscious Mother’s Life

When a young boy identified only as Roman couldn’t wake up his unconscious mother, he did what any astute, technologically-adept four-year-old would do: He used his mother’s finger to unlock her phone, and then asked Siri to call emergency services. The boy’s actions saved his mother, but the incident exposes some dark and dangerous flaws in our increasingly landline-less world.


ZDNet obtained a set of 54 credentials from the hacker group for verification. All the 54 accounts were valid, based on a check using the site's password reset function. These accounts include "," dating back to 2011, and legacy "" and "" domains from as early as 2000. The list of credentials contained just email addresses and plain-text passwords, separated by a colon, which according to Troy Hunt, data breach expert and owner of notification site Have I Been Pwned, makes it likely that the data "could be aggregated from various sources." We started working to contact each person, one by one, to confirm their password. Most of the accounts are no longer registered with iMessage and could not be immediately reached. However, 10 people in total confirmed that their passwords were accurate, and as a result have now been changed.

Insane Light System Blasts the Energy of 10,000 Suns

The impressive light system is called Synlight , and it’s located in Juelich, about nine miles west of Cologne, Germany. The German Aerospace Center (DLR) scientists who developed the system assembled an array of 149 xenon short-arc lamps—the same kind used in large cinema projectors—to reproduce and focus as much energy as would be received from 10,000 suns like our own here on Earth.

Twitter hunts down trolls and cyberbullies with IBM Watson - TechRepublic

The social media platform says it will use IBM Watson's cognitive computing powers to detect harassment on Twitter before it's been reported.

Facebook’s new Collection ads help brands tell a more visual product story

Facebook has introduced a new ad format it calls Collection. Brands can use it to try to convince shoppers to make a purchase by showing an engaging video and displaying related products. This is perhaps one of the more immersive formats the company offers, and it’s rolling out globally today.

Singapore may be trying out 'flying taxis' in the near future

Taking to the skies on a drone to head home in the island state could be a thing in 2030, says Singapore's Ministry of Transport.

Excited for the imminent Windows 10 Creators Update? Don’t hold your breath…

That said, Microsoft may have learned valuable lessons from the Anniversary Update, and the system could be more streamlined now. But given exactly how long the AU took to fully deploy, as already stated, we wouldn’t be refraining from exhalation (you know...holding our breath) about the prospect of getting the Creators Update right after it’s made available.

Destiny 2 release date, news and rumors

Destiny’s environments looked great, but they often felt constrained because there simply wasn’t enough to do in them. In Destiny 2, we’re hoping Bungie inject more imagination into the mission types. There’s only so many bullet-sponge bosses you can defeat or hordes you can fend off before you get bored. We’d also like a dense hub bustling with shops, minigames, and perhaps even missions to occupy players that don’t want to venture out into the wild. Think the Citadel in Mass Effect, with players going about their business and impacting on the hub itself. The rumours bode well for this one.

Apple to start building iPhones in India within 6 weeks | ZDNet

India's federal government didn't accept most of Apple's demands for concessions, but manufacturing of the iPhone 6, iPhone 6S, and iPhone SE will start soon.

What It's Like to Watch Your Life's Work Blow Up on a Rocket

Now in her second year at the University of Chicago, Lindbergh is a member of a an exclusive group no one actually wants to be in: people who have seen their work destroyed in a failed rocket launch. Resupply missions to the International Space Station, like the one carrying Lindbergh’s experiment, are routine at this point. Cargo is launched every couple months, usually from Russia or the United States. The commercial spaceflight companies NASA uses to carry out these missions are, for the most part, good at it. But everyone knows that something could still go wrong, and sometimes it does. Orbital ATK, the company that owns the Antares rockets and Cygnus spacecrafts, eventually concluded that something—they couldn’t be sure exactly what—caused the main engine system to explode, and engineers were forced to hit the self-destruct button before the rocket fell to the ground.

Instagram begins blurring some sensitive content, opens two-factor to all

2 neuroscientists came up with a new way to predict whether a movie will be a box office hit

Forget focus groups: Looking at the brainwaves of people watching movie trailers can give “surprisingly accurate” information about how well it will do at the box office, according to a new study from Northwestern .

Congress could soon allow ISPs to sell your browsing history without your consent

Now, that ruling is under threat, as the Senate is set to vote on Thursday on whether to roll it back and once again allow ISPs like Comcast and AT&T to once again have their way with your data.

Executive's guide to implementing blockchain technology | ZDNet

Not every blockchain works the same way. For example, they can differ in their consensus mechanisms, which are the rules by which the technology will update the ledger. But broadly, a blockchain is a ledger on which new transactions are recorded in blocks, with each block identified by a cryptographic hash of that data. The same hash will always result from that data, but it is impossible to re-create the data from the hash. Similarly, if even the smallest detail of that transaction data is changed, it will create a wildly different hash, and since the hash of each block is included as a data point in the next block, subsequent blocks would also end up with different hashes. This is what makes the ledger tamper-proof. Finally, security also comes from the fact that multiple computers called nodes store the blockchain, and so to change the ledger, one would need to gain control of at least 50 percent of the computing power in order to change the record -- a difficult feat especially for a public blockchain such as bitcoin's.

Why is Apple afraid of forcing users to reset their passwords?

The hackers have presented the company with a Catch-22: either they pay up and risk public shaming – not to mention that doesn’t solve the real problem of Apple accounts being traded among people with nefarious goals. Or they don’t, and risk however large a number of accounts being wiped.

Does your right to keep (digital) secrets weigh up against any crime?

As if that isn’t tricky enough to come to terms with, things get especially complex when you think about how people might be compelled to divulge their digital secrets. If a hard drive is encrypted and the defendant says they don’t remember the password for it, as Rawls did, how do you get them to reveal what’s in their mind without throwing ethics out the window?

EpiPens Recalled For Failing to Work

People around the world depend on their EpiPen to work in the case of life-threatening allergic reactions. But two people recently found out the hard way that their EpiPens were faulty. As a result, the makers of EpiPen are recalling over 81,000 EpiPens in Norway, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, and Japan.

Exxon Probably 'Lost' Those Secret Rex Tillerson Emails, They're Figuring It Out

If the 2016 election taught us anything, we now know that proper handling of email is the most important thing in the world. Recently, it came to light that while Rex Tillerson was CEO of ExxonMobil, he used an email account with an alias for his communications. Following a court order to turn over those documents, Exxon’s lawyers say that they’ve misplaced them .

This mum's well-meaning WhatsApp fail may be the greatest of all time

This mum's well-meaning WhatsApp fail may be the greatest of all time

Slack's CSO calls for industry-wide security transparency | ZDNet

Speaking with ZDNet in Sydney, the CSO explained that his role as the company's security head sees him constantly think about both the customer and the end user when protecting the platform and how to securely store data. Belknap said being transparent is often difficult, however, as a lot of people do not comprehend the benefits in highlighting something like a security breach.

Apple reimagines the iPhone as a MacBook touchpad

The first shows an iPhone that docks into a laptop, taking the place of a trackpad. In this example, the laptop acts as a dumb terminal, with all the computational leg-work taking place in the iPhone.

BlackBerry's clever new Android app keeps people from peeping at your screen

Its new Privacy Shade app lets you black out your screen, save for a rectangular or circular area that you can resize and move around. While it’s activated, you can use your phone as normal to navigate to apps and individual messages. You can turn it on or off from a persistent notification or by tapping a dedicated Quick Settings tile.

This designer Samsung TV looks like a painting

The Frame by Samsung takes the concept of "TV as art" further than any we've seen before. Shown here with a wooden frame, this 55-inch 4K TV is currently displaying still art, complete with a white matte.

When you move to the cloud, don't fall asleep on cybersecurity: A 6-part checklist from IBM - TechRepublic

Some view cloud migration as a way of outsourcing cybersecurity. IBM recommends you chart out which security features are included in your cloud platform, and which have to be added.

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65 Minor iPhone bump turns the 7 and 7 Plus red, gives iPhone SE more storage
66 The Keystone Pipeline Is Approved, But There May Not Be Enough Demand To Build It | Fast Company
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