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Can IoT reduce unnecessary road sanding in the UK?

A new deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) weather sensors may reduce the amount of unnecessary gritting of roads in Winchester, UK.

(PRODUCT) RED iPhone 7 Unboxing: Hands on with the red iPhone | Cult of Mac

Earlier this week Apple unsurprisingly announced the (PRODUCT) RED iPhone 7 along with a new iPad, Apple Watch bands and more. We managed to get our hands

World Economic Forum opens "Industry 4.0" center in San Francisco's Presidio

The World Economic Forum opened its Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in San Francisco, a new space for accelerating technology adoption.

How Samsung’s Galaxy S8 measures up to Galaxy S7 and iPhone 7

We practically know everything about Samsung's upcoming Galaxy S8, but now we can also see how it sizes up against its Galay S7 sibling and the iPhone 7.

Aquaman is already the Justice League’s MVP

Today brought us a brand new Justice League trailer, and I’m going go out on a limb and say that I’m cautiously optimistic about where the film is heading. Now, let me be frank and say that I don’t...

I fixed Apple’s red iPhone with a $14 screen protector

It’s not perfect, but it’s way better than a white front.

10 things to look out for in the brand new 'Justice League' trailer

Including our first looks at J.K. Simmons, Billy Crudup and Amber Heard.

Baby got back! April the Giraffe's livestream has returned

Don't panic! Animal lovers' favorite maternity-suite cam is up and running again, as fans await the calf's birth.

Amazon successfully lands its first drone delivery on US soil in new video

Amazon has its sights set on bringing its delivery services to the next level as it completed its very first drone-powered delivery on US soil

Samuel L. Jackson has one NSFW message for moviegoers

The actor delivers an unmistakable warning to those who think their phone call takes precedence over the film.

Gorillaz return with an album date, a video, and creepy CGI portraits

Nearly a year has passed since the hype cycle began for the next Gorillaz album. Today, the record finally has a name and a release date. Humanz, the band’s fifth full-length album, will be...

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Uber Self-Driving Vehicle Involved in Arizona Crash

The photo, showing the Uber SUV on its side, suggests a relatively high-impact crash. That would be a contrast to the incidents involving self-driving cars tested by Waymo. In more than two million miles of testing on public roads, Waymo’s vehicles were mostly minor incidents, often when other cars drove into the back of their vehicles in busy areas. 

Justice League - Official Trailer #1 - IGN Video

The DC superheroes unite to save the planet from an assault of catastrophic proportions.

Lucas Mearian on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Dark Web: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

What is the Dark Web? Much like the internet—or clearnet—that billions of people access every day from mobile and desktop devices, the Dark Web is a network of websites, forums, and communication tools like email. What differentiates the Dark Web from the clearnet is that users are required to run a suite of security tools that help anonymize web traffic. The Dark Web is used for both nefarious and reputable purposes. Criminals exploit the network's anonymity to sell guns, drugs, and humans, while organizations like the UN and Facebook use encryption to protect dissidents in oppressive countries.

Elon Musk shows off first 'release candidate' Model 3 - Roadshow

He then showed off this quick video of a Model 3 doing what looks to be a bit of a launch. It's short and in a dark car park, but while the acceleration is a little short of Ludicrous, it does look plenty brisk for a car in this price category. Musk called this specific car a "release candidate," which in software development terms means a version that's nearly production-ready. Hopefully that means Tesla is close to wrapping up its testing.

The best free alternative to iTunes 2017

MusicBee is more than just a music player; it gives you the changes to better organize and manage your music collection. It will import your existing iTunes library to get you started, but you can also specify other folders to include. In terms of looks, it is not entirely dissimilar to iTunes, but it's also highly customizable – both in terms of screen layout, and through the use of skins. Sound levels can be tweaked using a 15-band equalizer, and you can also sync your music with mobile devices.

The Nissan GT-R Track Edition is a Nismo-lite - Roadshow

For $127,990, you'll be getting a special flavor of the GT-R, offering most of the flavor of the full-fat $150,000 Nismo edition, just minus the Nismo motor.

This smart flood sensor drowns the competition

The Roost is a solid device for only $50 (that's about £40 or AU$65). If you don't have a smart hub such as SmartThings or Wink, it's one of the best sensor options out there.

How to manage Docker containers from the command line - TechRepublic

Docker adoption has skyrocketed. In 2015 alone, Docker adoption rose 30% . That translates to the likelihood of your company employing Docker in the near future significantly higher. What does that mean to you, as an administrator? need to understand the technology. I've covered the installation of Docker as well as the installation of a containerized version of Wordpress. But what about managing your Docker containers and images? How do you tackle that particular task? One of the more reliable methods is via command line. Thanks to the Docker developers, you have everything you need, to help manage your containers, built in.

This T-Mobile digital transformation win led to 6x increase in online sales - TechRepublic

See how a T-Mobile digital transformation project for its website took out 60% of the clicks to purchase, generated 3x shopping behavior, and a 500% increase in web orders.

Conjure VR objects with your voice, using new IBM Watson service - TechRepublic

IBM Watson Labs has created a module using the Unity SDK and two IBM Watson services to bring the power of voice to VR and AR. And, IBM is open sourcing it for developers.

Everything you need to know about the Dark Web

Have questions about the Dark Web and how it’s accessed? We’ve got answers! The term essentially refers to heavily-encrypted sites that cannot be accessed via the average browser. As such, these sites are often used as an international black market and as a source for hacked data. They can have a number of other purposes as well, but, without the right software, you may never know they exist. Check out the FAQ below to learn more about the gnarly, hidden parts of the internet, and how you can access it with the right set of tools.

Streaming Music Services, From Most Screwed to Least Screwed

You didn’t misread that. Napster—or at least its brand name—is still around. Of course, the only thing that remains of the original peer-to-peer music app is the logo— everything else is actually just Rhapsody, one of the very first streaming music services. (The two merged back in 2011.) In many ways, the Spotifys and Apple Musics of the world owe a huge debt to Rhapsody/Napster. Rhapsody was the first subscription service that licensed streaming music from all of the major label groups. But being early isn’t always a good thing, and the company has struggled over the years. As of 2015, it had just 3.5 million paying subscribers. We’re more and more amazed that Napster/Rhapsody is still alive with every year that passes.

Uber Group’s Visit to Seoul Escort Bar Sparked HR Complaint

A woman who dated Uber CEO Travis Kalanick for three years, Gabi Holzwarth, says she was with Mr. Kalanick when he and a team of five Uber employees visited an escort-karaoke bar in Seoul in mid-2014. At the bar, women sat in a circle, identified by numbered tags. Four male Uber managers picked women out of the group, calling out their numbers, and sat with them, she says. About an hour later, she and Mr. Kalanick left.

Project management certifications from PMI: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

Moira Alexander is the author of "LEAD or LAG: Linking Strategic Project Management & Thought Leadership" and Founder & President of Lead-Her-Ship Group. She's also a project management and IT freelance columnist for various publications and a former contributor for the Price of Business Talk Radio 1110 KTEK (Home of Bloomberg Radio), Houston, TX. She has 20+ years in business (IS&T) and project management for small to large businesses in the US and Canada. To find out more about Moira, go to

The Best Video Editing Software of 2017

Video editing is one of the most computing-intensive activities around, so you'll want the best laptop or desktop you can afford if you're serious about cutting your own movies. Most applications help speed up the editing process by creating a proxy file of lower resolution, so that normal editing and previewing aren't slowed down by the huge full-resolution files. Particularly intensive is the process of rendering your finished product into a standard video file that will by playable on the target device of choice, be that an HDTV, a laptop, or a smartphone. Most of the software can take advantage of your computer's graphics processor to speed this up. Be sure to check the performance section in each review linked here to see how speedy or slow the application is.

3D printing hands on: Understanding the difference between Delta and Cartesian printers | ZDNet

Since a Cartesian printer's heads move linearly, the largest object a typical Cartesian printer can build is usually in the shape of a rectangle. In other words, there are corners, including the 0,0 origin point. A Delta printer does not move linearly, so its natural shape is a circle. This means that, in terms of what can be fit on a build plate, rectangular objects tend to be rather small.

How a connected foosball table shows what's possible in IoT - TechRepublic

PointSource has a pair of IoT concepts-a connected foosball table and an inventory tracker for office snacks-that used Raspberry Pi, Arduino, Watson, and IBM cloud services for rapid deployment.

What makes a speaker sound great?

My job as a reviewer is to describe sound the best I can in context for the speaker's price and size. There's no such thing as a speaker that does everything well and works in every situation. It's impossible to recommend speakers that would be ideal for everyone. One reader might have a 1,000-square-foot (92 square meters) loft, where they sit 25 feet (7.6 meters) from the speakers and mostly listens to hip hop, and another reader might live in a tiny apartment and only listen to chamber music. They both want great speakers, but they need very different speakers.

Users complain of sensitive files found on Microsoft's document sharing site

It's clear that Microsoft hasn't suffered a data breach, though its users have inadvertently had their data exposed. Who's to blame depends on how you look at it. All of the documents would have been uploaded by the owner, but may not have realized that each document could be made public, which is's default uploading setting, say compared to files created or edited with Word and Excel Online, which are private until set otherwise.

'Ghost in the Shell' takes on its critics

Technology makes our lives easier, touching everything we do at work, at home and even in our cars. CNET Magazine looks at tech from every angle: from its impact on society, to the people and companies who think up the next big thing, and the gadgets and services that really matter. We invite you to explore, share and -- most of all -- enjoy the stories brought to you by the reporters and photojournalists of the world's biggest tech news site. Here's just a sampling of what you'll find in our quarterly magazine. To get all the stories, head to to subscribe.

We got our grubby hands on the RED iPhone, Android O, and Mass Effect: Andromeda

The Vergecast returns to New York! Nilay, Dieter, Natt, and Megan are here to update you with the news of the week. Apple has a new iPhone... kinda! And a new iPad... kinda! Natt got a look at the Android O developer preview, and Megan played Mass Effect: Andromeda . There’s a lot of stuff in between that so listen!

Amazon will collect state sales taxes nationwide April 1st

While Amazon has resisted collecting state sales taxes, over the last few years it has bent, state by state . Now CNBC reports that as of April 1st, it will collect sales taxes in every state that imposes one, as Hawaii, Idaho, Maine and New Mexico join the list. Even if Amazon (or another online retailer) doesn't collect sales tax, consumers may be on the hook to pay via a "use tax."

Hide the Content of iOS 10 Notifications on a Per-App Basis with This Jailbreak Tweak

There are jailbreak tweaks that allow you to secure apps with Touch ID and passcode to prevent unauthorized access, but what about some notifications that pop up on the Lock screen and reveal sensitive information that you may want to hide? Some apps allow you to hide the content of their notifications, but not all apps have this option.  NotifyCensored is a new jailbreak tweak that aims to solve this issue.

Why you should think about the cloud like the electric grid

When businesses first began building their own data centers — in some cases more than 20 years ago — cloud providers were not yet in existence, particularly at scale. Much like the electric grid coming online, cloud providers have become increasingly available over the last 10-15 years, and leveraging them to manage and support business workloads is akin to powering down your on-site power plant and plugging into a utility company’s power source.

Tencent Plans E-Book IPO as Ma Boosts Spending on Services

Chairman Ma Huateng is prepared to wear the hit to profit margins that comes from investing in areas such as video and mobile payments, which he sees as critical to retaining users for WeChat and QQ. Keeping customers engaged underpins its strategy to grow advertising and game sales, with the company recently unveiling “mini programs” that provide access to everything from ride-hailing to food delivery without leaving China’s most popular instant message service.

Apple Announces (PRODUCT)RED iPhone 7; Available from March 24

Apple today launched a special (PRODUCT)RED edition of the iPhone 7. The handset features the same specs and features as the regular iPhone 7 except that it now comes with a striking new red color.

People want to know: Why are there no good bots?

The power of these bots is easy to misunderstand when you don’t have a bot yourself to monitor and analyze usage. One of the main reasons for this is the exact same reason why these things work well. They are private communications. External parties can’t listen in on the conversations or the usage of the bots. Which means from the outside, you have no idea how successful they are. It’s “dark social,” it’s 1-1 communications. This is one of the many powerful things about these bots.

Perform some Spring cleaning on your office space with 4 life-improving deals

Work just isn’t fun. Between deadlines, meetings, phone calls, projects and all the rest, it’s a miracle you can stay focused on anything. So to help streamline your office and keep you centered on what pays the bills, check out a few of these cool offers from TNW Deals that should make your work life that tiny bit easier.

China win for Apple as court overturns iPhone ruling

Beijing Court quashes city’s intellectual property bureau’s ruling that US tech giant had violated defunct Shenzhen firm’s design patent

Tesla Will Take Orders for Its Solar Roof in April

The roof tiles are made of textured glass. From most viewing angles, they look just like ordinary shingles, but they allow light to pass through from above onto a standard flat solar cell. The plan is for Panasonic Corp. to produce the solar cells at Tesla’s factory in Buffalo and for Tesla to put together the glass tiles and everything that goes along with them. 

Report: Uber CEO's Group Trip to Escort Bar Made Female Employee 'Feel Horrible'

Yesterday, the Information published a new story that recounts the time, in 2014, that Uber CEO Travis Kalanick allegedly visited an escort-karaoke bar in Seoul along with five Uber employees. According to the report, four of the employees were male managers who proceeded to participate in the bar’s system of calling out women by their designated number to accompany them for the evening. The fifth employee was a female marketing manager who felt uncomfortable in the situation. Reportedly, Kalanick left with his girlfriend, Gabi Holzwarth, about 45 minutes later. Holzwarth confirms the story.

Industry split on when first commercial self-driving vehicle will be ready

Industry opinion on when we will have the first commercial self-driving car is divided, with some, mostly automakers, gunning for 2020, while others expect it to take more than 10 years.

Google's bad week: YouTube loses millions as advertising row reaches US

Major brands including Verizon and Walmart pulled their ads after they were found to be appearing next to videos promoting extremist views or hate speech

What's the Difference between the New 9.7-Inch iPad and iPad Air 2?

A lower price point but with more storage, better battery life, and faster internals? The new 9.7-inch iPad is better than the iPad Air 2 in almost every way. The increase in weight and size are a bit of a bummer but they are not exactly a deal breaker.

Technology vcs have a $1 billion obsession with car startups

In Silicon Valley’s eagerness to invest in all things automotive, venture capitalists put $100 million into a Boston startup that makes an alternative to shock absorbers.

Where to place home security cameras, according to the data

When placing cameras around windows and doors, place the camera above the door or window frame, facing downward so that it covers the window area and a few feet in front of the window. Another option would be to put the camera inside the home, on the window seal of easily accessible windows so that it has a view of the yard in front of the window.

How the filthy rich live: A $65,000 LED bed is the norm

In a corner, Steve Marchese, CEO of LightStim, presented me with his company's bed that houses 18,240 therapeutic, glowing LED lights. Bathed in the nearby bed's red light, he regaled me with the product's medicinal values. It's been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration to treat muscle aches and pains. It helps with arthritic pain, improves the effects of Viagra and promotes blood flow. The facial panels can help reduce wrinkles.

I got drunk and agreed to review a $99 'smart' dog toilet

The idea behind the BrilliantPad is actually pretty genius. Plenty of people have dogs, but are forced to leave them alone for hours during the day, when they go to work. This is pretty shitty on the dogs (no pun intended), who often have long waits between bathroom breaks.

Critics have it all wrong about the new 'Mass Effect' game

It feels like "Andromeda" is the same kind of launching point for a similar trilogy. While the gameplay mechanics make "Andromeda" feel like just another "Mass Effect" game, the new beginning in a new galaxy is clearly setting the stage for something bigger. I think the initial reviews lost sight of that and gave too much weight to the games flaws instead of looking at the bigger picture.

How to combine the power of Device Manager and Driverquery to manage your Windows 10 driver updates - TechRepublic

To accomplish this task, you'll want to use two tools built into Windows 10: Device Manager and a command-line tool called Driverquery. Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages, but by combining the two, you'll be able to overcome the disadvantages and have everything that you need to manage your own driver updates. While using Device Manager is easy, Driverquery is a bit more involved. Let's take a closer look.

Forbes Tech News on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Google, sister company Jigsaw offer cybersecurity to election groups | ZDNet

"Free and fair elections depend on people having access to the information they need, and around the world the sources of that information are increasingly under attack," said Anne-Gabrielle Dauba-Pantanacce of Google France and Jigsaw's Jamie Albers in a blog post .

How T-Mobile app humanized customer service in one simple move - TechRepublic

Learn how T-Mobile improved their app from 1.2 stars to 4.5 by implementing an asynchronous chat feature that adapted to the way people normally send text messages.

Top tools for IT technicians | ZDNet

If you're in the business of repairing PCs, smartphones, or tablets, then you need the tools to help you get the job done in a fast, efficient, and safe way.

The 2018 Toyota Sienna refreshes the swagger wagon - Roadshow

This is all the iPhone 8 reports and rumors in one place. From a 5.8-inch OLED display, reports of wireless charging and even a 3D scanner for facial recognition, it's all here.

Get a crazy low price on a lifetime of VPN protection with this TNW Deals exclusive

With so many VPN providers out there, coupled with so many VPN deals, it’s tough for the security-minded customer to arrive at a concrete conclusion. However, we’d like to suggest a lifetime of PureVPN’s industry-leading service at an exclusive rate you’ll only find from TNW Deals.

Industrial IoT all set to turbocharge lean manufacturing

Companies in the manufacturing sector for years have been striving for lean production or processes to create more efficient operations. One of the latest trends in technology, the emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT), could give lean efforts a major boost.

Treasury secretary ‘not at all’ worried about robots taking jobs

When pressed, Mnuchin said that he wasn’t talking about things like self-driving cars, which he believes could run from coast to coast in the not-so-distant future. “That to me isn't artificial intelligence, that's computers and using real technology we have today,” he said. “But those types of things are very real. That's very different from artificial [intelligence], you know, R2-D2 taking over your job.”

Star Wars Rebels: "Zero Hour" Review - IGN

The Star Wars Rebels season finale delivered a lot of exciting space action and a satisfying and emotional escape for Agent Kallus, whose days with the Empire are now over. On the other hand, Thrawn’s inability to successfully deliver a crippling blow to the Ghost crew – even as we saw how intelligent and strategic he is – does weaken his status a bit given the season-long build up. We’ll see if that changes next season though, given he still very much looks to be in play as an active villain on this show.

51 CEOs have a problem with the truth: How data scientists can help - TechRepublic
52 Digital downloads killed 150 GameStop stores
53 FedEx will pay you $5 to use Adobe Flash on your browser
54 A visit to a Seoul escort-karaoke bar by a party of Uber execs in 2014 led to a HR complaint from a female employee
55 Crazy shoulder wearable wants to help you attract a mate
56 Apple launches 'special' new red iPhone and revamped iPad
57 2017 BMW 530i sedan: Bimmer's baby 7 Series - Roadshow
58 U.S. colleges see drop in foreign student applications survey finds
59 China’s Baidu expands in Silicon Valley
60 Apple Wins iPhone 6 Patent Infringement Case Against Patent Troll in China
61 Here's how to wipe your old iPad/iPhone/iPod touch ready for resale | ZDNet
62 German coal mine may be prime for pumped storage
63 Codependent Spiral Galaxies Dunno Who They Are Anymore
64 'Feud' star Alfred Molina says 'very little has changed' for women in Hollywood
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67 5 Alexa skills to try this week
68 Drake’s More Life was streamed 300 million times on Apple Music in its first week
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75 Facebook to start testing GIFs in comments
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77 Astronauts complete spacewalk to retrofit space station
78 Facebook demographics analysis reveals several startling truths
79 Please forgive Ed Sheeran for forgetting the words to his own song in front of the entire world
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81 Google shuttering Talk, removing SMS support from Hangouts in new messaging shakeup
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85 My son was a Columbine shooter. This is my story
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