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Sad Ben Affleck just heard that everyone hates 'Batman v Superman'

We are so sorry, Ben.

James Corden explains the things you should never do in a British person's home

Don't touch James Corden's fridge.

Pranksters scammed Nintendo fans with 3D printing and Photoshop

It's actually pretty easy to fool the internet with a 3D printer and black spray paint.

Microsoft's giant Surface whiteboard is finally shipping after numerous delays

After a whole series of delays, Microsoft is finally ready to release its up to $22,000 Surface Hub to the businesses. If  you're not familiar, the Surface

You'll soon be able to 'holoport' anywhere in the world

Microsoft shows of a new 3D capture concept using HoloLens to appear in real-time anywhere in the world.

Baby has epic dance-off with her Easter Bunny toy

No one out-dances this baby. Not even the Easter Bunny himself.

The iPhone SE Is Not Carrier Agnostic

There are two models of the iPhone SE sold in the U.S., and none of them work well on all four U.S. carriers.

Smart doorbell wants to be your crime-fighting sidekick

Video-equipped Ring doorbells are being utilized by the Los Angeles Police Department to fight off burglaries.

You can now play 100 classic Atari 2600 games on PC

Atari Vault, a collection of 100 classic Atari 2600 games including Asteroids, Centipede, and Tempest, is now available for download on Steam. The bundle, first announced back in January, is only...

The Enduring Mystery Of 'Jawn', Philadelphia's All-Purpose Noun

According to experts, it's unlike any word, in any language.

This addictive browser game will make you finally write a novel

If you've ever tried and failed to write a book, Eveline is for you.

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2 - home

Technology is infused into the world of as an essential element.  It powers everything that he does. As the Director of Creative Innovation for Intel, conceptualizes the next frontier of interactive technology by acting as an idea generator.  Earlier this year, debuted the first song on another planet, premiering his song, “Reach for the Stars” from Mars to mark the successful landing of NASA’s Curiosity rover.  His interest in the interplay between digital photography and augmented technology, also created the foto.soho, an iPhone case that dramatically improves the quality and social aspects of the built-in camera.    

What the Dalai Lama can teach us about living well

He may seem a surprising source for such guidance. People around the world admire his wisdom and compassion and are drawn by his charisma. But few realize his value as a futurist who ponders our problems and their solutions globally and over centuries, a visionary who senses what we will need to meet the demands of our coming reality.

Why medicine often has dangerous side effects for women

You might not know this: Many of the medicines we take — common drugs like Ambien and everyday aspirin — were only ever tested on men. And the unknown side effects for women can be dangerous, even deadly. Alyson McGregor studies the differences between male and female patients; in this fascinating talk she explains how the male model became our framework for medical research ... and what women and men need to ask their doctors to get the right care for their bodies.

It Really Sucks to Be Named Jennifer Null

Once upon a time, the worst names to be named were things like Hugh Jass and I.P. Freely. But that all changed when we started living our lives on the internet.

The victims of the Brussels attacks

Adelma Tapia Ruiz, 36, was the mother of 3-year-old twin daughters. Originally from Peru, she had lived in Brussels for nine years and was traveling to New York to see family when a bomb exploded at the airport. "It’s very complicated to describe this pain that we’re feeling at home," her brother wrote on Facebook after her death.

7 For me, traditional publishing means poverty. But self-publish? No way

Imagine we have just met. I invite you into my house and the first thing you do is show me the advertising blurb for your book and press me to check it out on Amazon. Then you read me the blurb for someone else whose book you’ve agreed to promote if they’ll do the same with yours. Then you tell me how many friends you’ve lost today, and that I can find out how many friends I’ve lost by using this app. Then you poke a reader review of your book under my nose. All within the first 10 minutes. Does this lead me to conclude you are a successful author, whose books I might like to buy? Or a desperate egomaniac with no thought for other people? One who may not be able to string a decent sentence together, since your sentences come out as semi-literate strings of hashtags:

iPhone SE review: today’s tech, yesterday’s design

It’s a little trite to describe the new phone as an "iPhone 6s in the body of an iPhone 5s," because that’s not exactly true. There are feature differences between Apple’s flagship phone and this one. For example, the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus support 3D Touch, which means content "pops out" on the screen when you press on it a certain way; the iPhone SE doesn’t have this feature. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus also have better front-facing cameras, but the iPhone SE is stuck with a 1.2-megapixel sensor. The iPhone SE doesn’t have a barometer — if you care about elevation tracking. And, technically, the flagship phones have a newer fingerprint sensor, though I didn’t notice any latency with the iPhone SE’s fingerprint sensor.

Amazon shows you how to make an Echo with Raspberry Pi

If you're into messing with hardware and have some basic programming skills, you can put together an Amazon Alexa device of your very own. Amazon has even put together an official guide to do so on GitHub, Lifehacker reports . You'll need to snag a Raspberry Pi 2 and a USB microphone to make it happen, but you've probably got the other required hardware (a micro-SD card for storage, for example) lying around. Unfortunately, due to limitations with Amazon's Voice Services, your creation can't listen for trigger words like Echo and Echo Dot. Instead, you'll have to hit a button to issue commands.

Man arrested for failing to return VHS 14 years ago

James Meyers of Concord, North Carolina, learned that lesson the hard way on Tuesday when local police pulled him over with an arrest warrant. Fourteen years ago, Meyers failed to return his VHS copy of Freddy Got Fingered  to J&J's video store in nearby Kannapolis. Though the store has since closed, Meyers was accused of "failing to return rental property," a misdemeanor punishable with a fine of up to $200.

Woman's hilariously edited travel photos just won her a dream vacation

Seve Gat wanted to visit China, so she Photoshopped herself there. Now, she gets to go for real.

This man packed a lawn mower with explosives, shot it with a rifle, then lost his leg

A Georgia man lost his leg this week after he packed a lawn mower full of explosives and repeatedly shot at it with a rifle until it blew up, according to local media reports.

Angola’s Wikipedia Pirates Are Exposing the Problems With Digital Colonialism

I spoke with experts at three different digital rights groups that have all weighed in on international zero rating in one way or another. None of them were willing to say on the record whether they thought what’s going on with Angola and Wikipedia Zero was a good or a bad thing. But one line of reasoning came up in one of the conversations that made a lot of sense: In many ways, this debate is about what Wikimedia—a community and organization that prides itself on the free transfer of information—fundamentally wants to be.

14 See How Apple Demolishes And Recycles Old iPhones

Apple does not disclose how many of its devices are turned in for recycling every year. Under its existing program, the company offers customers store credit for recycling certain devices and will recycle old products for free.

Yes, you can do that with Facebook Messenger

Who’s using Facebook Messenger? Facebook’s stats department will tell you that every month, more than 800 million people use it and 9.5 billion photos are sent through it. But on the rare occasions I use Messenger, I chat briefly with old college friends or random people I know through work. They don’t know my phone number to send me a text, so they reach me through Facebook.

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey hand-delivers first Rift VR headset to customer

“I’ve been working on this thing for so long, and you’re the first person to actually get one,” Luckey said in the video. “So it’s kind of like me taking all of this work and handing it off to you so you’ve got to make sure you have fun with it or something.”

Microsoft apologizes for offensive tirade by its 'chatbot'

Microsoft has enjoyed better success with a chatbot called XiaoIce that the company launched in China in 2014. XiaoIce is used by about 40 million people and is known for "delighting with its stories and conversations," according to Microsoft.

The View Across the Ocean Is Not What You Think

As a kid I spent a lot of time on the Maryland shore. Squinting out across the endless blue expanse, I could have sworn I saw the edge of Portugal once or twice. I was shocked recently to learn that my childhood imagination had it all wrong. (Truly, a first.) With telescopic vision, I wouldn’t see the coast of Europe. I’d see South America.

MashTalk by Mashable on iTunes

On this episode of MashTalk, it's all Apple, all day. We discuss Apple's recent event (1:00), its new recycling robot Liam (8:30), the iPhone SE (17:00), updates to the Apple Watch (29:30) and the smaller iPad Pro (35:30). Then, Six Colors Editor-In-Chief and Apple expert Jason Snell joins us to offer his insight on Apple's new products and the event itself (46:15). Congrats to Jason for becoming MashTalk's first repeat guest!

jonny evans on Twitter

Don't miss!! 14 privacy and security settings every iOS user should use … via @computerworld

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Meet the largest science project in US government history—the James Webb Telescope

...but obviously, we can't. As such, researchers can do the next best thing. By 1990, we had years of experience putting machines into orbit around the Earth, outside of the troublesome atmosphere. Some of these machines were even telescopes of a sort, but they pointed toward the Earth in the service of intelligence agencies rather than science. Putting an astronomical telescope in space was a natural solution, and it followed directly—and, according to some, very directly—from the spy satellite program.

The top 7 startups from Y Combinator Winter ’16 Demo Day 1

Y Combinator is a startup accelerator based in Mountain View, CA. In 2005, Y Combinator developed a new model of startup funding. Twice a year they invest a small amount of money ($120K) in a large number of startups (most recently 68). The startups move to Silicon Valley for 3 months. The YC partners work closely with each company to get them into the best possible shape and refine their pitch …

A Nightmarish Timeline of What Would Happen to the Earth After a Massive Solar Flare

But the worst thing would be our ozone layer. Some simulations predict that the 1859 solar storm (the Carrington event) was associated with a 5% reduction of the ozone layer. Though these simulations have been criticised, it is still safe to assume that a superflare would cause a much larger reduction of the ozone layer… 5-10-50%. Our ozone layer protect us from 99% of the UV radiation from the Sun, so skin cancer could wipe out a significant fraction of the population and it is not clear what the increased UV radiation would do to animals and plants. The ozone layer would likely take more than 5 years to rebuild, and after that things should be back to normal.

The Next Web on Twitter

Twitter is better than Facebook because it let's me have a life offline

Amazon had a secret invitation-only conference, where Jeff Bezos showed up in a robotic suit

he Parker Palm Springs resort in California, had hundreds of guests from the business, entertainment, and robotics sectors.

Flag Stories

What do flag colours say about a country?

Google's Nik Collection of Photo Plugins Now Free

If you're an avid photo editor, you probably already have a pretty decent workflow for transforming so-so shots into lovely digital images. Those who want a little bit more of a helping hand, or just a few new tools in their bag of tricks, will welcome Google's latest announcement. The company's Nik Collection of plugins and apps is now completely free—a $150 discount from the collection's normal price. And this isn't just a time-sensitive deal. The tools will be free for all to download forevermore (and refunds will go out to those who already purchased the collection at any point in 2016).

ICYMI: Brain injury gadget, DARPA future plane and more

ICYMI: Brain injury gadget, DARPA future plane and more

Opera’s $1.2B sale: Shocking underdog victory or cruel twist of fate 21 years in the making?

Whether or not the deal is officially consummated, the fact that Opera, a company founded in the Internet’s paleolithic era, has reached this point means they have beaten some fairly long odds. Even web browser pioneer Netscape, which so famously went public the same year Opera was founded, didn’t last more than a few years before being crushed by Microsoft.

What Is the Difference between 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro?

Surprising almost no one, Apple today unveiled a new smaller 9.7-inch iPad Pro . While this new ‘Pro’ tablet from Apple is essentially a smaller version of the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, the company has made some improvements that makes its newest ‘Pro’ tablet better.

HTC teases a release date for the HTC 10

If we’re being honest, HTC needs a win. The company has faced backlash for continuing to incrementally update its flagship, while competitors like Samsung and LG are innovating. HTC tried to start the ultra-pixel revolution with the HTC One M8’s 4MP camera that was supposed to let in a ton of light for great low light pictures. It wasn’t a great camera, and neither was the camera in last year’s One M9. It would make sense that HTC focusses on cameras this year, and if I had to guess, the picture in the teaser was taken with the One M10 (pure speculation).

The 12 best hidden features in the new iPhone update

After a week of using iOS 9.3, I went through the change log and forums to find the best new hidden features.

NSA wanted Hillary Clinton to use this secure Windows phone | ZDNet

The nearest "BlackBerry-like" solution supported by the NSA at the time was costly -- each device would cost the government about $4,750 and the secure server infrastructure (and associated costs) would add another $30,000 to the bill. But the phone itself wasn't very "BlackBerry-like" in design or ease-of-use, according to the State Department's security director at the time .

Advertising's hottest surveillance software is surprisingly legal

If you're online and come across a SilverPush advertiser, while the ad drops its tracking cookie on your computer, it also emits an (inaudible) Audio Beacon sound. If your phone or tablet has any app that uses the SilverPush software development kit on it, your device will be "listening" for the advertiser's Audio Beacon. If you're watching TV, commercials from SilverPush's ad partners will also emit their own identifying tones for your devices to hear.

Peeps Are Out of Control

One of the first Peeps dioramas you probably ever saw—potentially the first-ever Peeps diorama—was this depiction of a strip club. The dancers wear tiny pasties and g-strings. One Bunny clings expertly to the pole using the sticky marshmallow of its inner thighs. (This is one of the better qualities of using the candy for crafting—Peeps can be affixed to almost anything.) Smoking Chicks are making it rain with tiny dollar bills. (Also, I can’t tell for certain but I’m pretty sure that furniture is made from Starbursts). The execution is perfect, but the theme itself is simply poetic. It is a Peep Show, you guys. A Peep Show .

Fibonic Bluetooth Speaker Review

I’m constantly listening to music. On a typical day, I’ve got music either playing from my computer while I work, or in my headphones when I leave the house. That usually means stock listening equipment, like my computer or Apple’s stock EarPods, but I recently decided to shake things up a bit.

Microsoft shows what it learned from its Tay AI's racist tirade

If it wasn't already clear that Microsoft learned a few hard lessons after its Tay AI went off the deep end with racist and sexist remarks, it is now. The folks in Redmond have posted reflections on the incident that shed a little more light on both what happened and what the company learned. Believe it or not, Microsoft did stress-test its youth-like code to make sure you had a "positive experience." However, it also admits that it wasn't prepared for what would happen when it exposed Tay to a wider audience. It made a "critical oversight" that didn't account for a dedicated group exploiting a vulnerability in Tay's behavior that would make her repeat all kinds of vile statements.

Apple pulls back iOS 9.3 for older devices

Updating some iOS devices (iPhone 5s and earlier and iPad Air and earlier ) to iOS 9.3 can require entering the Apple ID and password used to set up the device in order to complete the software update. In some cases, if customers do not recall their password, their device will remain in an inactivated state until they can recover or reset their password. For these older devices, we have temporarily pulled back the update and will release an updated version of iOS 9.3 in the next few days that does not require this step.

This is how artificial intelligence 'sees' your schedule

The folks over at – creators of Amy, the artificial intelligence answer to scheduling meetings – have had a shot at showing exactly what it looks like inside their bot’s brain, using AI, of course.

The question is not 'Can the iPad Pro replace 600 million PCs?' but 'Are businesses ready to replace Windows with iOS?' | ZDNet

My guess would be that asking IT departments to throw out Windows machines and replace them with iOS tablets is going to be a pretty tough sell. Shifting platforms is a far bigger undertaking than unplugging an old PC from the power outlet, sweeping off the desk, and replacing it with a new one. And IT decision makers might also be worried that if Apple thinks that a PC that's over five years old is a bit "sad," then it might equally feel the same way about iPads that are more than five years old, and decide to pull the plug on them, forcing a premature upgrade cycle.

Native HLS Playback

This extension is a wrapper around the awesome hlsjs library: Note that this is not playing video m3u8 yet. It only plays m3u8 links that you click and any m3u8 link you paste in the address bar.

Linux best bets: There's a desktop distro just right for you | ZDNet

For those of you who haven't met me before. I've been using Linux as a desktop operating system since 1993, two years after Linux was created. Since then I've used dozens of different Linux distribution and I used to run a website called Desktop Linux. Today, I use three different Linux desktops on a regular basis. In short, I know the Linux desktop.

DT Giveaway: X-Doria Apple Watch & Watch Band

In addition to a gorgeous 42mm Apple Watch Sport, you’ll get a cool strap and a special case from fashionable tech accessory brand X-Doria, so you can upgrade the Watch Sport’s looks instantly. Slide off the white band, and slip on X-Doria’s real leather Lux Band. It comes in black, so it goes with everything. We’ll also throw in X-Doria’s Defense Edge Case for you, which is designed to provide the Watch’s body with some impact and scratch protection.

45 Patent that cost Microsoft millions gets invalidated

It was Uniloc's lawsuit against Microsoft that provided the company with its original headlines. Uniloc said that Microsoft's system of checking software licenses—in other words, type in a key number and have your software validated—violated the patent. That case led to a $388 million jury verdict against Microsoft. The nation's top patent appeals court upheld Uniloc's win, but it said that damages should be re-calculated. Microsoft settled for an undisclosed sum after that.

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Tesla Is Discontinuing Its 10 Kilowatt Powerwall

Earlier this week, Tesla pulled their listing for the 10 kilowatt Powerwall device, leaving only its 6.4 kwh battery listed for sale. In a statement to GreenTechMedia , the company confirmed that the option has been discontinued.

New Bill targets Anonymous Prepaid 'Burner' phones by requiring Registration

So, to deal with this issue, Lawmakers in California have proposed a new bill that would force prepaid "burner phone" retailers to record and verify the personal identification of buyers upon purchase of prepaid phones or similar mobile devices, as well as SIM cards.


The CakeML project ( ). A verified implementation of a significant subset of Standard ML in the HOL4 theorem prover ( ). We build CakeML using the latest development version of HOL4. We build HOL on PolyML 5.6 ( ). Example build instructions can be found in This branch (master) contains the latest development version of CakeML. See the version1 branch for the previous version. Directory structure: - semantics The definition of CakeML, including - its concrete syntax - its abstract syntax - small step semantics - big step semantics (both functional and relational) - semantics of FFI calls - a type system The definition is (mostly) expressed in Lem ( ), but the generated HOL is also included. - semantics/proofs Metatheory of CakeML and other proofs about the semantics - a verified, clocked interpreter - determinism - type soundness - equivalence of the big and small step semantics - equivalence of functional and relational semantics - compiler A verified compiler for CakeML, including: - parsing: lexer and PEG parser - inference: type inferencer - backend: compilation to ASM assembly language - targets: code generation to x86, ARM, and more - translator A proof-producing translator from HOL functions to CakeML.

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78 Why thinking you're ugly is bad for you
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80 The US needs paid family leave -- for the sake of its future
81 My dad killed himself when I was 13. He hid his depression. I won’t hide mine.
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83 Tiger peeking out of the water emerges as another great Photoshop battle
84 CIA-armed militias are shooting at Pentagon-armed ones in Syria
85 Four Sets of Identical Twins Staged a Time Travel Prank on an NYC Subway
86 Scientists push a record 57Gbps through fiber optic lines (update)
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