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Top Gear Shouldn't Go on Without Jeremy Clarkson | WIRED

Jeremy Clarkson was fired from <em>Top Gear</em>. Here's what we think the BBC should do now that he's gone.

It's Remarkably Easy to Lock a Pilot Out of the Cockpit | WIRED

The cockpit door appears to have worked exactly as it was designed.

Emperor of all maladies: a Q&A with cancer documentary director Barak Goodman

Cancer: the Emperor of all Maladies is a thorough, touching look into the history and science of a family of diseases that most people consider unbeatable. Interviews with scientists, historians,...

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The power of vulnerability

Brené Brown studies human connection — our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity. A talk to share.

Adventure Time Minifigs Are the Best Legos You'll Never Buy | WIRED

The Land of Ooo, as navigated by Jake the dog and Finn the human, is an otherworldly playground of never-ending surreal adventures; in other words, it’s perfectly suited to the imaginative creativity of building with Lego. Kaleidoscopic colors and a vaguely medieval fantasy setting—with a cavalcade of extraordinarily weird characters in tow—makes Adventure Time a potent pipe dream for future Lego endeavors.

Productivity Advice I Learned From People Smarter Than Me

Like all people, I’d like to think I am a productive person. If I am, however, it’s because I’ve been ruthlessly efficient at one thing: stealing secrets and methods from people a lot smarter than me.

React Native Now Available, Build Native Apps In Javascript

React Native compiles apps written in Javascript into native views, providing the platform-specific look and feel on iOS and Android devices that users are accustomed to. This isn’t a web wrapper like you might be accustomed to; it’s real, native code that’s as performant as a fully native app.

8 diverse fairy tales worthy of Hollywood adaptations

Yeh-hsien's only friend is a fish, which her stepmother kills and eats. After saving the fish bones at the behest of a friendly old man, Yeh-hsien is magically gifted with beautiful clothes and slippers to wear to the popular Spring Festival, where young people go to find suitors. Like Cinderella, Yeh-hsien loses a slipper, which the king later finds and determines that he will find the girl to whom it belonged.

Periscope and live video are changing the internet forever

It’s unprecedented to get this kind of footage seconds after an event occurs, even before first responders arrived. As I watched the drama unfold in New York, streamers were replying to questions about what they could see and were experiencing.

Sources: Magic Is Raising $12M From Sequoia At A $40M Valuation

Almost all on-demand delivery services already charge a delivery fee, and that includes some of the biggest players like Postmates, WunWun, GrubHub, and Seamless. That puts Magic in the position of having to add its own markup to every order, meaning Magic users are paying two premiums (the first is for the convenience of using an on-demand service, and the second is for the convenience of doing that via text).

Stanford's Most Popular Class Isn't Computer Science--It's Something Much More Important

She went on to describe how she has followed through on that goal: each morning she meditates for 30 minutes; she eats lots of green smoothies and vegetables; she has gone gluten-free. "I’ve done experiments on my body, and that’s when I feel best." She tries to work out everyday, rotating between swimming, running, and yoga. She invests in relationships. "I have been really intentional in cultivating and maintaining close friendships, even when I’m really stressed." She tries to read at least a book a month. "At one point, this is kind of taking it to an extreme, but I had this chart on my wall with habits that I wanted to create. Did you eat healthy today? Did you not drink today? Did you see friends outside of work today? How do you feel, on a scale on 1-10? I try to track if the things that I thought would make me happy really worked, at the end of the day." She recognizes the importance of gratitude. "My boyfriend and I, before we go to bed, say at least three things that we’re grateful for." For her 25th birthday, she spent 25 days in the service of friends and family. It went so well, she extended the project to 50 days.

This Week On The TechCrunch Bitcoin Podcast: Poker, BitPay And Growth

NETELLER is a division of NEOVIA Financial PLC that provides e-wallet and consumer loyalty programs. NEOVIA operates the world's largest online independent money transfer business that is trusted by consumers and merchants to process payments for billions of dollars each year. Our NETBANX, NETELLER and Net+ financial services span 36 languages and 160 countries across a broad spectrum of industries …

David Cameron and Ed Miliband's big TV showdown in 12 tweets

LONDON — It may not have been the most riveting thing you’ve ever seen, but there were a few standout moments in the first major TV event of the UK election.

Physicists Describe New Class of Dyson Sphere | MIT Technology Review

There is one apparent disadvantage, however. Since white dwarfs emit less energy than Sun-like stars, a Dyson sphere around one would be much less luminous. And that would make it more difficult to detect. So if any civilizations in the Milky Way have reached this stage, it is going to be much harder for us to spot them.

Ethics Rules Keep DeCode Genetics From Revealing Cancer Risks | MIT Technology Review

DeCode has generated rough gene maps, called genotypes, on about 150,000 Icelanders. More recently, advances in DNA sequencing technology have allowed it to obtain complete genome sequences of about 10,000 people, Stefánsson says, or about one in 30 Icelanders. Results from the first 2,636 full genomes were reported by the company today in Nature Genetics .

Product Hunt Interviews Periscope On Where It Came From

There’s something serendipitous about the fact that a very similar product with a very similar purpose came out a few weeks before we did. We took a lot of comfort in it. We benefited from Meerkat introducing the concept to the world, which is awesome and we’re kind of trailblazing the space together.

Watch out Google: Delphi gives Ars a ride in its self-driving car

To demonstrate its progress in the self-driving car scene, Delphi asked Ars to come down and do a ride-along in its tricked out Audi SQ5—which the company will send on the world’s first autonomous-vehicle cross-country road trip next week. The trip is not a stunning announcement, but an indicator of just how far autonomous vehicles have come. Until just a few years ago, self-driving cars were the purview of science fiction. Even just last year, you could probably count the number of people who had been in a self driving car in a short tally, and automakers were heralding stop-and-go cruise control as the cutting edge of technology that would be coming to a wide range of cars in the next few years. Today, the self-driving technology is being fully realized in many labs, not just Google's, and tomorrow is just over the horizon.

Google Maps for Android Now Lets You View Custom Maps

Google’s My Maps tool — available on the Web and Android mobile devices — lets you create custom maps for your trips, add markers for notable locations and draw preferred routes.

Power-Up: The Bleeping Amazing History Of Nintendo In 4 Minutes

Watch this to see how the gaming giant rose while creating the most innovative games ever—and then fell. Also: Tetris music!

Delicious Overnight Oats

Like one of the other commenters, I soak my oats with water overnight (don't like milk). In the morning I grind up linseed in a coffee/herb grinder (maximises the amount you can absorb from it and means you can use much more - about 30g which I swear has helped to keep menopause symtoms under control; if you like you can add a few whole seeds to the bowl for the "crunch"), add hazels, walnuts, almonds, brazils, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, dried apricot, sultanas, chopped up fruit as per season, a huge dollop of my local honey and top it off with local sheeps milk yoghurt. I make this up in what is termed hereabouts a "salad" bowl - keeps me going for at least 12 hours. I have recently found rolled barley locally and add that to the oats which gives a lovely taste.

How To Leverage Web APIs In Your Business

Web APIs are much easier to debug and performance problems such as too high latency or unavailability can be noticed quicker via reporting. Second, APItools provides the possibility to modify API requests or responses. In essence, APItools is like a proxy where arbitrary modifications such as translating between data formats (eg, change from XML to JSON or vice versa) can be executed or where the granularity of an API can be changed.

Beyond The Maquiladora: A Look At Mexico’s Startup Scene

As part of an attempt to set Guadalajara apart as its most specialized tech hub, the Mexican government is investing millions in a new downtown tech district for the country’s second biggest city. Ongoing construction in the Ciudad Creativa Digital is budgeted at almost $20M this year, according to government figures. Once finished, the district will feature co-working spaces, development and research labs, and other facilities oriented toward bringing Jalisco’s growing community together.

EyeEm Lets Users Sell Photos in a New Market

EyeEm , the photo-sharing app that has built a creative user community and featureset that sets it apart from the ‘Instagram clone’ crowd, has today launched an easy way for its users to sell their images to individuals and businesses.

Longmont entrepreneur aims to cushion the blow with new bike helmet (audio)

"We need to protect the user's skull a little bit more than with what's out there," he said. "Both my brother and myself have experienced head trauma. I've had two major concussions while riding my bike."

When an Iceberg the Size of a Country Breaks Free, What Happens?

You never forget the first time you see an iceberg. The horizon of a ship at sea is a two dimensional space and to see a three dimensional piece of ice appear in the ocean is quite something. But, in truth, the first iceberg you see is likely to be small. Most icebergs that make it far enough north from Antarctica to where they are danger to shipping are sometimes many years old and at the end of their lives. They are small fragments of what once left the continent.

As Twitter launches Periscope, Meerkat announces $14 million in funding

Part of the Meerkat money, $14 million, comes from traditional tech players like Greylock, Comcast Ventures, and other Silicon Valley investors. But the list also includes Ashton Kutcher, Lorne Michaels' BroadWay Video Ventures, and talent agencies like William Morris Endeavor and CAA. Twitter reportedly paid $100 million for Periscope before it had even launched.

Caliber is the Business Messaging App LinkedIn Needs

If you’re like me and find LinkedIn a bit of an intimidating swamp, Caliber’s approach to contact requests is refreshing. They appear in the app but you’re not notified in real-time. You can respond to them at your own pace and will receive an email once a week with a ranked list of the people who contacted you. Requests you don’t get to will automatically disappear after two weeks.

Advanced Materials Could Offer a Single-Dose Cure for Malaria | MIT Technology Review

For 30 years researchers have investigated using special bioadhesives that could stick to the walls of the gastrointestinal tract, “but clinical success has been minimal,” Langer says. “There are some new approaches we are working on that hopefully will change that.” Langer and Traverso aren’t saying much about their new technology until they have patent protection. They’re focusing on super pills for malaria, with funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Traverso says that “the state of materials research is ripe for the development of such systems.”

The Galaxy S6 Edge Is Totally Beautiful—And Pointless | WIRED

On Wednesday morning, Samsung’s two new phones arrived at my desk. The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge are two of the most anticipated, most important devices of the year. They represent an entirely new design direction from Samsung, with glass and carefully machined aluminum where there was once dimpled plastic that looked a lot like a Band-Aid. They’re Samsung’s attempt to keep up with the iPhone, which has entered the big-phone market with no subtlety and lots of success. They’re almost certainly going to be enormously popular.

George R.R. Martin doesn't know why you care so much about spoilers

I thought Martin had made his point, but he was just warming up. "I read a lot of historical fiction, you know? I know who won the Civil War — it's not a spoiler to me. But I can still enjoy Gettysburg, even though I know how the battle came out. I can still enjoy historical fiction about the Wars of the Roses, even though I know who won the Wars of the Roses. And for that matter, I still enjoy watching Citizen Kane every few years even though I know 'Rosebud' is the sled. So there — I just gave a terrible spoiler to all the people who haven't seen Citizen Kane . Rosebud is the sled, but nonetheless, you should still watch Citizen Kane , because it's incredible!" Martin laughed a deep, satisfied laugh, and continued down the black carpet.

Watch this spooky music video shot with a thermal camera

What a pleasure to watch a director like Murai, an artist who challenges himself with each new project. On one hand, I can't wait to see what he does with a feature length film; on the other hand, I'll miss these short vignettes that arrive on the internet like an unexpected gift.

Apple acquires big data company to help improve iCloud

Given that Apple recently  suffered the worst outage in its history  — with a variety of its cloud-based services going down for an extended period of time, and with a forthcoming TV service and refreshed streaming music service on the books, Apple’s not yet dispelled all negative associations with iCloud. But hopefully these acquisitions help drive the company forward.

REVEALED: A Breakdown Of The Demographics For Each Of The Different Social Networks

BII The demographics of who's on what social network are shifting — older social networks are reaching maturity, while newer social messaging apps are gaining younger users fast.

Mail Out Reminders About American Inequality With The "Postcards From Ferguson" Project

When I met with Lowenstein at TED, he had already received plenty of encouragement from attendees. One TED Fellow said that just seeing the postcards—the reminders of Ferguson—made her feel more comfortable at the often techno-utopian conference. Another attendee told him his group planned to send the postcards to their local police department.

Amazon debuts new unlimited Cloud Drive plans, Beatport comes to iOS

There have been many cloud services that will advertise an unlimited plan at really to good to be true pricing. I sign up and a few months later they change there policy and raise there rates extensively. It is just a trick to get people to sign up and hope you will stick with them later when they raise those to good to be true rates a lot higher. Probably take away the unlimited status too. I have had to cancel many such plans that were advertised only to be disappointed later when they would do this to me. Stick with external hard drives where you have control of how much storage and so on. Cloud storage is also very slow to upload too. Create your own net drives if you need access anywhere is another option.

Reg Saddler on Twitter

MT @zaibatsu : National Bank of Abu Dhabi: Even at $10 per barrel, oil can’t match #solar on cost: … #wischist228

The Last Freeway

“Well, my friends Joe Donnelly and Laurie Ochoa had this great quarterly called Slake , and I wanted to write something for them, so we sat down and talked about it… I think maybe I pitched it to them, I can’t remember. I’d was just always fascinated by freeways, growing up in Los Angeles, and I loved that Reyner Banham book,  The Architecture of the Four Ecologies . When I was kid, I was completely enchanted by that 105 / 110 interchange, the carpool lane one, which towers above the city. It’s basically like a rollercoaster. Actually it kind of sucks—since I wrote the piece, they’ve turned that carpool lane into a “toll lane,” so normal carpoolers can’t use it anymore without one of those fast pass things. At any rate, I did some research and it turned out that (a) the 105 was the last freeway built in Los Angeles—the end of an era, really. And it was so tough to build that it basically set a precedent of not building freeways anymore. And (b), there was this nutty judge who turned the whole thing into a New Deal-style public works program to benefit the communities that were being bisected by this massive beast of a freeway.

Creepy Or Brilliant? This Dating App Is Like Tinder... For Strangers You See In Public

Think of it like Tinder meets Craigslist missed connections: You spot somebody out in the wild—or perhaps you didn't even realize that you were just across the street from the potential love of your life— and if you're both on Happn, you can tap the heart icon (akin to swiping right) to let them know you fancy them. Like Tinder and most other popular dating apps, Happn's functionality relies on your location, but instead of surveying the surrounding neighborhood or city, it zooms in much more closely, to a 275-yard radius. The app's purpose, according to the tag line that displays when you load the app, is to help you "find the people you've crossed paths with." When you tap the profile of a nearby user, the app shows you a map of where you nearly encountered each other.

Facebook Beefs Up Its Messenger App

Messenger users will soon be able to select from a list of services inside of the app. At launch, most of these apps help users create new content, like singing telegram app Ditty, GIF app Giphy, and voice app FlipLip Voice Changer. There's also a fun special effects app available from J.J. Abrams and an ESPN app that provides users with sports GIFs. Facebook says 40 apps will be available today or in the days to come.

These New Semiconductors Look Just Like Candy

This isn't a new kind of tooth rotter, but an exotic new breed of nanoribbon and nanoplate semiconductors. Made from silicon telluride, they may go on to be used in the batteries of the future.

Clips for iOS Video-Editing App Gives You Pro Results To-Go

If the popularity of Vine and Instagram Video taught us anything, it’s that no one wants to watch the full 15-minute version of your latest vacation, concert or brunch meetups.

Tinder hack pairs straight guys together, awkward flirting ensues

Tinder is sometimes hilarious. Tinder sometimes makes you despair for humanity. And would you believe it, Tinder sometimes leads to genuine, loving relationships. But back to the first point: what happens if you pit two unwitting heterosexual males against each other, when both think the other is a for-real woman? What do you think?

Here Is A Building Made From 3-D-Printed Cement Blocks That Is Also Beautiful

The pavilion, which has been named "Bloom," is about 12 feet by 12 feet and stands at 9 feet tall. It's made from 840 individual 3-D-printed cement blocks. Bloom is unique because it uses a new production method using powdered cement. Other 3-D-printed cement buildings made until now have used wet cement extruded through a nozzle.

Nuzzel's Time Saving App Arrives On Android

The app is now available for Android users and features all the great functionality found in the iOS counterpart. You can get the top news based on what your friends are sharing, view what friends of friends are sharing as well as receiving alerts when something is widely linked to.

We got drunk to test a crazy Vegas hangover cure

Hangover Heaven claims to be able to help cure hangovers unlike any other product or solution. We went to find out whether they are correct. Subscribe: Check out our full video catalog: Visit our playlists: Like The Verge on Facebook: Follow on Twitter: Follow on Instagram: Read More:

Want to make your own Toy Story? Get RenderMan for free

Although RenderMan is the secret sauce behind all of Pixar’s films, it isn’t a self-contained 3-D animation engine. Instead, it’s more of a lighting engine, which makes your existing animations pop by adding realistic light. That means you’ll need some other 3-D modeling software like Maya to make use of RenderMan.

This Is How OK Go Made That Optical-Illusion-Filled Chinese Furniture Commercial

The band just sent us an in-depth, behind-the-scenes video that explains EVERYTHING. Unsurprisingly, there's a lot of ambitious sets and physical effects involved. The only thing not covered is whether it was really the band members speaking impressively flawless Mandarin, or if it was dubbed.

Twitter's Periscope streams challenge to Meerkat

Twitter's Periscope streams challenge to Meerkat Meerkat better watch its back. The live-streaming video app that was all the rage at SXSW now faces big-time competition. It comes from the Twitter-owned Periscope app. Check out this story on

46 Peter Norvig: How Computers Learn

Vienna Gödel Lecture 2015 with Peter Norvig, Research Director at Google Inc. (talk starts at 10:56 )

Social Good Summit quotes to inspire you before Friday's +SocialGood UK

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 42 million unique visitors worldwide and 21 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Bored on Your Commute? Try These Mobile Brain-Twisters | WIRED

Life’s a cakewalk for a genius like you. Challenge your gray matter with these brain-racking puzzles.

We Heart It, An Image-Sharing App Used By 30M Young Women, Adds Messaging

In some respects, the service is a lot like a more youth-focused version of Pinterest. There’s a feed of image thumbnails, collections that are similar to Pinterest’s “boards,” user profiles, and the ability to favorite images by tapping on a heart, or adding them to your own collections. But while Pinterest is often focused on images that link back to a source – a product page where you can buy the item or a magazine article, for example, We Heart It is really just about the images itself.

New RPG Pillars of Eternity: Silly Name, Terrific Story | WIRED

Love it or leave it: That’s the disposition of this sort of fantasy world-building exercise. All I can tell you is that Pillars of Eternity is hitting all its marks with me so far—and as a guy who’s lost all interest in the entire D&D enterprise, that’s saying something.

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