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Mozilla creates Firefox extension to prevent Facebook from tracking you

The nonprofit also paused Facebook ads.

iPad makes homework a blast in Apple's fun new ad | Cult of Mac

Apple's new ad for the iPad show how learning can be fun when combined with technology.

Snapchat is testing 'Connected Apps' for sharing information

Let Snapchat be your log-in.

Waymo's adding an all-electric self-driving Jaguar SUV to its autonomous fleet


In search of a scientific definition of wisdom

Is it possible to define, measure, and even increase how wise a person is? Psychiatrist Dilip Jeste is trying to answer those questions.

Moog brings world's first portable synth to iPad | Cult of Mac

Moog's amazing Model D synth is a perfect reproduction of the seminal Minimoog hardware, with some added iOS-only extras.

Anamorphic lens brings Hollywood look to iPhone video

Moment is bringing a Hollywood moment to your iPhone videos with an anamorphic lens on Kickstarter that lets you shoot wide, sweeping footage.

'Emergency Contact' is a YA novel about falling in love in the age of texting

"'Emergency Contact' is about the anxiousness that is inherent in meat space interactions."

Next-gen Apple Watch might come with a 15 percent larger screen

Sounds good to us!

Mark Zuckerberg should have listened to Steve Jobs’ privacy advice | Cult of Mac

Right now, Facebook and CEO Mark Zuckerberg are wrapped up in controversy over its link to data analytics firm Cambridge Analytica. The alleged data abuse has caused an outcry among both the public and fellow Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, including one of the co-founders of WhatsApp, and Space X and Tesla founder

Craigslist ad seeking attorney for 'difficult client' in D.C. is the ultimate Trump troll

It's a tough market out there

Today in optical illusions: There's no need to worry about this corgi

This is merely an optical illusion.

Nvidia just unveiled a terrifying AI supercomputer

Get ready for smarter computers.

NASA delays the launch of its flagship space telescope again — this time until May 2020

The James Webb Space Telescope still has some more time left on Earth

See a roboticist boogie with his robots at a Paris dance contest

French roboticist Audrick Fausta struts his stuff alongside his robots for the World of Dance competition.

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Macworld on Twitter

Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad brings Pencil support for the same low price

Nvidia suspends self-driving car tests as it announces a new virtual testing system

At the same time it's announcing the cessation of real-world testing, Nvidia also unveiled a new system for testing self-driving cars, one that takes place in virtual rather than real-world environments.

Gizmodo on Twitter

All the new education software Apple's bringing to iPads and Macs in school

Apple is finally selling a space gray keyboard and mouse | Cult of Mac

You still can’t get a regular iMac in space gray for now, but hopefully Apple will bring that color choice to the lineup later this year.

iPad with Apple Pencil support, $299 for schools, aimed at Chromebook | ZDNet

Part of Cook's opening missive seemed to be aimed at convincing his audience that Apple still takes education seriously. There's a reason for that. Google's Chromebook has nearly 60 percent market share in education now, according to FutureSource Consulting. "We had a unique insight into how technology could inspire kids to unleash their creative genius. And we believed that technology could help teachers deliver a unique and personalized learning experience to all kids. We've never stopped believe this, and we've never stopped working on it," said Cook.

Microsoft delivers first Windows 10 'Redstone 4' test build for HoloLens | ZDNet

Microsoft is readying a Windows 10 'Redstone 4' update for the HoloLens, which will be its first new feature update for the device since 2016.

Reuters Tech News on Twitter

MORE: Uber's authority to test self-driving vehicles on California public roads will end March 31 under current permit terms, company indicated it suspended self-driving vehicle testing indefinitely in Arizona, California, Pennsylvania and Toronto - California DMV

Report: Mark Zuckerberg will testify before Congress

Citing anonymous sources, CNNMoney reports that the Facebook CEO is “currently planning the strategy for his testimony.” The news comes amid an ongoing data-privacy scandal and follows revelations earlier this month about how the social network handled users’ data.

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

Apple's new student iPad vs. $300 Chromebooks and Windows rivals

Google buys Tenor, a.k.a. brand-friendly Giphy, to help you never type words again

Google has acquired Tenor, a GIF search engine and database famous for launching the first GIF Keyboard on iOS about three and a half years ago. Tenor now claims to be the "leading GIF-sharing app on mobile," according to its blog post about the acquisition. Tenor is available on Facebook and other platforms and reaches more than 300 million users.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Microsoft comes for the trolls with "offensive language" ban on XBox

12 Techmeme on Twitter

Uber will pay $10M to settle a discrimination and hostile workplace class action lawsuit filed last year on behalf of 420 women and minority engineers ( @imkialikethecar / Axios) … …

Apple event: See the new iPad (pictures) | ZDNet

At its March 27 event, Apple is introducing new iPads for students and teachers. Here's a closer look at what Apple plans for schools and education...

Facebook reportedly pauses smart speaker plans for obvious reasons

Even though it seems like everyone is selling some sort of smart speaker, Bloomberg reports that Facebook will not be the next company joining in and has scuttled plans for a reveal at its F8 developer event. Despite earlier rumors of a device that would compete with the likes of Echo, Home, and HomePod, it seems that the company has considered its current privacy debacle and decided this isn't the right time to try and sell customers (and, likely regulators) on an always-listening assistant/video chat device with built-in facial recognition .

Mozilla launches Firefox Facebook container extension to isolate browsing data | ZDNet

The browser maker said the Facebook Container add-on is based on technology it's been working on for the last couple of years, and that its release was accelerated in response to the controversy surrounding the misuse of Facebook user data.

Watch Apple's educational March 27 'Let's Take a Field Trip' keynote

The March 27 keynote video was just added to Apple’s Events app on Apple TV. You can also watch it from your internet browswer on Apple’s website .

Engadget on Twitter

Here are the biggest announcements from Apple's education event

Uber’s use of fewer safety sensors prompts questions after Arizona...

TEMPE, Ariz./PITTSBURGH (Reuters) - When Uber decided in 2016 to retire its fleet of self-driving Ford Fusion cars in favor of Volvo sport utility vehicles, it also chose to scale back on one notable piece of technology: the safety sensors used to detect objects in the road.

Google is blocking apps from uncertified Android devices

Google makes money by licensing its apps (including Gmail, Google Maps, Google Play Music and the Google Play Store) to manufacturers, letting them pre-install them on devices on the condition that they meet a set of stringent compatibility requirements. However, the apps are often distributed illegally on third-party sites – an activity the company wants to stop.

Logitech Crayon is an Apple Pencil on a budget | Cult of Mac

The Apple Pencil is a great accessory, but it’s prohibitively pricey for some users. To give younger iPad owners the chance to use a stylus without breaking the bank, Apple has announced a new, more affordable stylus called the Crayon, made by Logitech.

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

Cambridge Analytica whistleblower says his predecessor was found dead

Introducing Cloud Text-to-Speech powered by DeepMind WaveNet technology

By Dan Aharon, Product Manager, Cloud AI Many Google products (e.g., the Google Assistant, Search, Maps) come with built-in high-quality text-to-speech synthesis that produces natural sounding speech. Developers have been telling us they’d like to add text-to-speech to their own applications, so today we’re bringing this technology to Google Cloud Platform with Cloud Text-to-Speech . You can use Cloud Text-to-Speech in a variety of ways, for example: To power voice response systems for call centers (IVRs) and enabling real-time natural language conversations  To enable IoT devices (e.g., TVs, cars, robots) to talk back to you   To convert text-based media (e.g., news articles, books) into spoken format (e.g., podcast or audiobook) Cloud Text-to-Speech lets you choose from 32 different voices from 12 languages and variants. Cloud Text-to-Speech correctly pronounces complex text such as names, dates, times and addresses for authentic sounding speech right out of the gate. Cloud Text-to-Speech also allows you to customize pitch, speaking rate, and volume gain, and supports a variety of audio formats, including MP3 and WAV.

Coinbase announces support for ERC20 Ethereum tokens | ZDNet

Support for ERC20 will first have to appear on GDAX. Coinbase is being very cautious and says the firm will wait for "additional regulatory clarity" before deciding which assets based on the standard will be supported.

Apple store goes down ahead of today’s big education event

Downtime is an indication that Apple is preparing to add new products to its lineup, which could be available to purchase or pre-order later today. Recent rumors have hinted at the arrival of a new MacBook Air and an even more affordable iPad.

CNET on Twitter

At Apple's event in Chicago, we got our first look at the $329 entry-level iPad. It has a familiar look.

Spotify could finally come to Apple Watch at WWDC

“The app will supposedly be a lead example of Apple’s tentatively named StreamKit framework that will enable cellular Apple Watch models to receive push notifications from third-party apps like Facebook and Twitter, completely independent from a paired iPhone, on watchOS 5,” reads  the report .

​Happy 25th birthday Red Hat Linux! | ZDNet

25 years ago, in Bob Young wife's sewing room, the most successful of all Linux and open-source software companies got its start. Young and current Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst share their thoughts on Red Hat's journey.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Here is FEMA's plan if the falling Chinese satellite takes aim at a US city

Lifehacker on Twitter

What kitchen tools do you buy at the hardware store?

Free iCloud storage for teachers and students boosted from 5GB to 200GB

In another part of Apple's big education push, teachers and students will get a fourty-fold increase in free iCloud storage to better utilize today's software offerings in the future. Apple said during its event Tuesday in Chicago that teachers and students will receive 200GB of free iCloud storage —a huge increase over the 5GB typically offered for the free tier of iCloud. "iCloud safely stores students' documents and creative projects, keeping them up to date, secure and accessible from any device," the company said in a statement after the event. "And starting today, any teacher or student with a Managed Apple ID has access to 200GB of free iCloud storage." The addition of the storage will greatly assist in the future release of Schoolwork, and Classroom, a pair of features expanding from the iPad to the Mac later in 2018. The cloud-based Schoolwork app lets teachers digitally pass handouts to students and set up assignments for them to complete. Notes, PDF documents, and web links can be sent to students using the iPad app, with teachers able to monitor their progress and receive assignments back once they are completed.

2018 Apple Watch might be plus-size, with bigger battery | Cult of Mac

Apple Watch isn’t just growing in sales — it’s about to grow in size, too. At least, that’s the prediction of an analyst with long track record for accuracy.

Dossier: The leaders in self-driving cars | ZDNet

When it comes to self-driving car manufacturers, people are quick to name companies like Tesla, Apple, and Waymo as the leaders in the space. But this perception doesn't match up to the reality of who is making the greatest strides developing and deploying autonomous driving technologies, according to a recent study from Navigant Research .

Marshall Mid ANC

On the left earcup, there's an easy-to-operate button/multi-directional switch that controls power/pairing, playback, call management, track navigation, and volume. Every time I use one of these controls on Marshall headphones, I wonder why it isn't the default on-ear control system for all Bluetooth headphones—it's far simpler than most, and it does everything you need it to. The right earcup houses connections for the included cables—a micro USB port for charging and a 3.5mm jack for the detachable headphone cable. The ANC switch is also located on the right earcup. Internally, each earcup houses a 40mm dynamic driver.

Atlanta, hit by ransomware attack, also fell victim to leaked NSA exploits

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Logitech coming out with $49 'Crayon' stylus for iPad, new case & keyboard combo

Though the focus at its press event was on a new budget iPad and education-oriented software updates, Apple on Tuesday also teased two new Logitech iPad accessories, meant for schools only: the "Crayon" stylus, and the Rugged Combo 2 case and keyboard. [Updated with more details, pricing, and launch info]

Louisiana family uses a giant alligator to reveal their baby's gender and it does not go well

Louisiana family uses a giant alligator to reveal their baby's gender and it does not go well

Walmart makes sad attempt to join the #MeToo movement by removing 'Cosmo' from its checkouts

Despite the fact that NCOSE seems to be obsessed with shielding people from a magazine that works to empower women and encourage them to embrace their sexuality, the group is exceptionally proud of itself and Walmart for making ~such an impactful change~ to today's #MeToo culture, and is calling on other corporations to take action against Cosmo.

AVCrypt ransomware attempts to eradicate your antivirus | ZDNet

The true purpose of the malware -- which appears to be ransomware due to its capabilities -- is also in question, as some elements appear unfinished. There are elements of encryption, but no true ransom note, and together with AVCrypt's process deleting, it is possible the malware may also be utilized as a wiper.

Gizmodo on Twitter

I've been waiting my entire life for a superhero movie like Fast Color

Hackaday : Los Angeles Live - YouTube

Multistreaming with Hackaday LA features talks from... 2017 Hackaday Prize winner Alex Williams : Childhood with the Open Source Hardware Movement Shah Selbe & Jacob Lewallen : Wild Technology - Adventures with Open Source Sensors, Drones & National Geographic

How to replace a paper notebook with your iPad | Cult of Mac

The iPad has replaced many things — it’s a TV, it’s a games console, it’s a book, it’s a (huge) camera, and it’s even a typewriter. But until recently, it hasn’t made a very good alternative to paper. But thanks to the Apple Pencil, and to iOS 11, that has changed. Now you can write and draw a note without even unlocking your iPad, and you can search for anything you write, just as if it were text. Let’s check out lock-screen notes.

Judy Blume fundamentalists need to chillax about this book cover

One thing I'm a little concerned about is that fact that Margaret doesn't seem to have God's phone number saved to her phonebook. If Margaret doesn't have the time to call God, cool, but show some respect and at least store their phone number. And why is she identifying herself in this text? My mother signs all of her texts as well, but she's 68, not a pre-tween.

​Without the US market, Huawei's challenge to Apple and Samsung is an uphill battle | ZDNet

"But [to] displace Samsung and Apple is a long shot. I'd say they can get closer to Apple and Samsung in Europe. But the US market is a big issue and if US retailers now start to dismiss Huawei and carriers are not even a question, this is a lost market. Huawei does have strong volumes also in emerging markets like Latin America and EMEA so they should focus on Europe and those regions," she said.

Gizmodo on Twitter

Supposedly empty Egyptian coffin actually contains a mummy

Lifehacker on Twitter

We're not proud of it, but here's how everyone can use Apple's educator discount:

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

. @Baidu_Inc handheld language translation device was specifically designed to help tourists more easily navigate foreign cities. #EmTechDigital 

Uber Will Let California Autonomous-Vehicle License Expire

Windows 10 Spring Creators Update reportedly set for April 10 release

With all this in mind, we’ll be waiting with bated breath to hear from Microsoft shortly so as to get our hands on the final build of the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update in time for this purported April 10 release date.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

Europe's potential to create new technologies in the age of AI might never be fulfilled as the US and China race ahead. 

How the iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard totally replaced my Macbook | ZDNet

Last September I wondered if an iPad - with iOS 11 and the Files app - might replace my MacBook. Since then I've acquired a 10.5-inch iPad Pro and Apple's Smart Keyboard. Any trade-offs? I was surprised.

51 Today in Apple history: Radius kicks off clone Mac era in style | Cult of Mac
52 TechCrunch on Twitter
53 Nvidia’s Jensen Huang cautions patience in judging Uber AV engineers
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56 Bloomberg Technology on Twitter
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58 Gizmodo on Twitter
59 USA TODAY Tech on Twitter
60 Google Maps gets support for 39 new languages
61 Data is not the new oil
62 Iron Ox - Cloud Robotics Engineer
63 Foxconn is buying a renowned Apple accessory maker for $866 million | Cult of Mac
64 Apple debuts iPhone and iPad cases in seasonal colors
65 How Amazon Helped Cambridge Analytica Harvest Americans’ Facebook Data
66 FBI had no way to access locked iPhone after terror attack, watchdog finds | ZDNet
67 Assessing the Impact of Bias in Artificial Intelligence
68 Huawei's triple-lens P20 Pro uses AI to make your photos better | ZDNet
69 Comparing Apple, Google and Microsoft’s education plays
70 Facebook Vowed to End Discriminatory Housing Ads. Suit Says It Didn’t.
71 Watch the Apple education event in 11 minutes
73 Apple introduces Schoolwork iOS app, ClassKit API, Classroom for macOS
74 Everything Apple revealed at its 'field trip' event | Cult of Mac
75 Lyft commits to closing wage gaps across race and gender
76 Launch of NASA’s ambitious Webb space telescope delayed until 2020
77 Foxconn buys Belkin, Linksys and Wemo for $866 million | ZDNet
78 Apple’s new, cheaper iPad is very, very familiar
79 Google’s Play Movies app for Android now shows where you can stream everything
80 Apple Watch launching this fall with larger display, says analyst | ZDNet
81 ​Nvidia wants GPUs reserved for those who need it, not those mining ether | ZDNet
82 Google's Clips camera now takes high-res photos on demand
83 Louise Matsakis on Twitter
84 Google unveils Chrome OS tablet for students, goes to war with iPad in education market
85 CNET on Twitter