I lost a weekend playing 'Miitomo,' Nintendo's first smartphone game Video Description

Perhaps the biggest sign that Nintendo is beginning to grasp the value of bringing its games and products to smartphones is the "Miifoto" feature. As you go about dressing your character (you'll need in-game currency to buy more things, or you can win certain pieces in mini-games), your character will suggest you take a photo of your new look. If you choose to tweak the picture, you can add up to four other Miis (either ones you've made or Miitomo friends), change the expressions, poses, body positioning, insert stamps or even layer the whole thing on top of a real photo you've taken yourself. It's addictive and smart: There's a row of share buttons to send the results to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Line (the WhatsApp of Japan.) To repeat, it's really, really, addictive.

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