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The 'Final Fantasy XV Platinum Demo' is available now

Gamers on PS4 and Xbox One can try out the new 'Final Fantasy' right now.

Walk on Mars With Microsoft's HoloLens

A HoloLens-enhanced augmented reality Mars exhibit comes to the Kennedy Space Center this summer.

The Google app got a vocal makeover for more human-like response

If you've ever tried voice search on Google's mobile app you've probably become quite familiar with the robotic voice answering your queries. While it gets

Get to know Bill Murray’s Baloo the Bear in the latest clip from The Jungle Book

The latest clip from Walt Disney Pictures' live-action adaptation of The Jungle Book features Bill Murray as the voice of Baloo the Bear.

ACLU says feds asked Apple and Google to crack 63 phones

The ACLU says it's identified 63 cases where the government tried to use the All Writs Act to compel Apple or Google to

'World of Warcraft' to get a book series aimed at kids

That's one way to recruit new players.

Review: 12 Ways the 9.7-inch iPad Pro Is Different

Considering upgrading to a new iPad Pro so you can use it as your only computer and kiss your laptop goodbye? Here's what you really need to know.

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Forbes Welcome

"The world belongs to those who think and act with it, who keep a finger on its pulse."

Channel 9: Videos about the people building Microsoft Products and Services

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Microsoft Build Developer Conference

Build is underway, watch it live at Channel 9 Microsoft continues to focus on enabling developers to do amazing work as businesses and industries transform in support of the shift to a cloud-first, mobile-first world. At Build 2016 we will present the latest tools and technologies and how they can help today’s developers be their most creative and productive. As always, Build is filled with strong technical sessions as well as opportunities to meet and learn from others in the industry. We’ll make sure the schedule is filled with solid content, and will strive to deliver some fun surprises along the way.

5 Live from Microsoft's Build 2016 event - The Verge

Live from Microsoft's Build 2016 event

Batman v Superman: Spoiler FAQ of Justice

But it’s still been marketed to children; look at the Batman and Superman merchandise flooding any department store. But also Marvel’s movies are all PG-13 and they don’t have this problem, nor do parents expect them to. And that’s why Marvel/Hasbro/Disney sells toys based on Captain America and Avengers and all that other shit to kids, because they want kids to interested in Marvel characters. WB/DC wants the same, they just failed to make a movie that they can watch without having nightmares or being bored to tears. You can blame the MPAA’s outdated rating system, the superhero movie industry, or modern society, but I guarantee that this poor woman was not the only adult who had to take their kid out of BvS this weekend.

What to expect from Microsoft’s Build 2016 conference

It’s not clear what Microsoft is planning for its mobile future, but Build would be a good time for the company to explain its plans for the rest of the year. Microsoft appears to be focused on cross-platform and app opportunities on iOS and Android, but the ability for its universal apps to run across PC and phone is one of its key selling points for Windows 10. Without a strong mobile footprint, questions remain over the entire Windows 10 universal app strategy. Developers will be keen to hear more about Microsoft’s mobile efforts, so we’re hoping to hear a lot more this week.

Microsoft starts shipping HoloLens to devs today

HoloLens is working steady on releasing to the public, beginning in particular with enterprise companies. Partners on the HoloLens include Lowe’s, Stryker, Audi and NASA – the latter of which will offer a Destination Mars program for devs to explore outer space via HoloLens.

Shut Up About Harvard

It’s college admissions season, which means it’s time once again for the annual flood of stories that badly misrepresent what higher education looks like for most American students — and skew the public debate over everything from student debt to the purpose of college in the process.

Live from Microsoft's Build 2016 keynote!

Get ready for the latest news on all things Windows. And maybe a bit of HoloLens too.

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Facebook, Apple, Google, other tech CEOs demand North Carolina repeal anti-LGBT law

The letter (pasted below) includes signatures from more than 80 CEOs, including Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Twitter and Square CEO Jack Dorsey, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Google CEO Sundar Pichai and Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff. Chad Griffin, president of the HRC and Chris Sgro, executive director of Equality NC, will deliver the letter to McCrory’s office on Thursday morning. They’ve also requested a meeting with Governor McCrory on Thursday.

Apple launches Safari Technology Preview for developers

Apple also says it will look to WebKit nightlies for inspiration for Safari Technology Preview, but that it won’t necessarily work the tech found in those nightlies into the new browser. It’s meant for Web developers who want to build for incoming standard technology, not as a stable version of WebKit nightlies.

Microsoft is bringing the Bash shell to Windows 10

The idea here is clearly to position Windows as a better operating system for developers who want to target other platforms besides Microsoft’s own. Under its new CEO Satya Nadella, the company has quickly embraced the idea that it wants to target all developers and platforms — not just its own. While seeing Microsoft doing anything even remotely associated with a rival operating system like Linux was unthinkable only a few years ago, the company now offers support for Linux on Azure, has open sourced numerous of its technologies and even plans to bring its flagship database product SQL Server to Linux in the near future.

15 Watch the live 'Final Fantasy XV' event right here

Watch the live 'Final Fantasy XV' event right here

Final Fantasy XV is launching on September 30th

Of course, there are special editions for the game, each including additional items. The Deluxe Edition will feature the game, the new CG movie Kingsglaive on Blu-ray, some bonus in-game content, and a steelbook for housing the discs. The Ultimate Collector's Edition, meanwhile, will have all that plus an art book, a Play Arts figure, and more (see the full offerings below). Only 30,000 units of that ultra-premium edition will be shipped worldwide. The Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Collector's Edition will be available for pre-order from  Square Enix's online store tonight at midnight ET / 9PM PT.

FBI agrees to help Arkansas prosecutors open iPhone after hack of San Bernardino device

The FBI has agreed to help prosecutors gain access to an iPhone 6 and an iPod that might hold evidence in an Arkansas murder trial, just days after the agency managed to hack an iPhone linked to the San Bernardino terror attacks, a local prosecutor said Wednesday.

18 'Final Fantasy XV' lands September 30th, ten years in the making

"Unfortunately we weren't able to do simultaneous development on a PC and console version for XV," he said. "We had to focus on the console version and our goal was to maximize, optimize everything for the HD consoles. Once that's done, then we will definitely take a good, hard look at PC and what we need to do, and consider all our options. But right now we aren't decided, we're still considering a lot of things." For Xbox One and PS4 players, there is a Deluxe Edition and Ultimate Collector's Edition available to purchase on the official Square Enix online store.

Facebook U-turn sees it return to BlackBerry

How so? Well the native Facebook app is still dead - seems there's no going back there - but BlackBerry has worked closely with the social network to update the web-app for both BlackBerry 10 and the aging BB OS.

Domino's Pizza on Twitter

The home of Domino's Pizza on Twitter. Hosted by the crew at Domino's HQ.

Google Also Has Been Ordered to Help Unlock Phones, Records Show

This issue will come up again, and again, and again. People have a right to privacy, unless there is a reasonable suspicion that they have done something wrong.  Then law enforcement can get a warrant.  The problem is, law enforcement has repeatedly abused this protocol as NSA and FBI and CIA records have shown, especially from Snowden.  So while we all want the bad guys caught and punished, it's difficult to trust law enforcement because of their history of abuse of their surveillance powers.  They have said repeatedly in the past they weren't spying on Americans and that the FISA court protected US citizens.  But that was shown to be patently false by Snowden - even the head of the CIA lied to Congress when asked this question.

Microsoft's Tay chatbot returns briefly, swears a lot and brags about smoking weed

Tay was created as an AI-based experiment in the ways teenagers talk. In an apology for Tay's behavior, posted Friday, Microsoft claimed the chatbot is based on a similar project in China, where 40 million people happily conversed with a bot called XiaoIce. However, Corporate VP of Microsoft Research Peter Lee said that Tay met with a different set of challenges, and that the company is "deeply sorry" for the bot's offensive tweets.

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Christopher Walken. As a child. Dressed like a clown.

Ronald Walken was born in 1943 to German and Scottish immigrants in Queens, New York. The middle child of three brothers, young Ronnie’s first paid gig in show business came when he was 14 months old and posed for a nude calendar shoot with a pair of fluffy kittens.

The Next Web on Twitter

Microsoft makes it painfully simple to develop apps for its massive Surface Hub #Build2016

NYTimes Bits on Twitter

Facebook’s live video effort is attracting interest, but a big question is unanswered

NYTimes Bits on Twitter

Windows 10 reaches 270 million devices in 8 months, and an update is coming

KLM airlines using Facebook Messenger for boarding passes, customer service

Digital boarding passes aren’t revolutionary – they’ve been around for a while now. But interacting with the airline in real-time – from start to finish – through a single channel is novel. In a scenario where all airlines would utilize Messenger, it would eliminate the need to download multiple apps and connect you with customer service reps immediately, instead of direct messaging via Twitter or – gasp – making a phone call.

Pelé sues Samsung for $30 million over 'lookalike' ad

Soccer star Pelé is suing Samsung for $30 million. The 75-year-old Brazilian athlete claims that the company used a lookalike of him in a full-page ad for its UHD TVs last year. According to a report  from Reuters , Pelé filed the lawsuit in Chicago earlier this month, with the complaint noting that the ad used a large portrait photograph of a model that "very closely resembles" Pelé. Next to this was an image of a Samsung TV showing a soccer player in the middle of a "modified bicycle or scissors-kick, perfected and famously used by Pelé."

Building Highways Through Cities Was a Huge Mistake—But We Can Fix It

The US interstate highway system was once a marvel of modern engineering, allowing the movement of goods and ideas that ushered in an era of unprecedented prosperity. But when those highways reached the cities they connected, they plowed through the lowest-income areas, physically dividing neighborhoods and financially devastating communities.


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Behind The Scenes At Karlie Kloss's New Coding Camp For Girls

This year's expansion into multiple dedicated Kode with Klossy camps was very much inspired by last year's Kode with Karlie experience at Flatiron. "We had an incredible experience last summer. The girls that I got to take classes with and got to FaceTime with and got to know in person were just brilliant," Kloss says. "One girl, I sat in on a class with her for the two-week period last summer and she was amazing, she is probably going to run for president and I will very much be her campaign manager [laughs]. She was really bright but never had much of a focus on computer science, she was very socially and philanthropically minded, always has had this passion for social good and not really sure what she wants to do with her profession. It was amazing to me to watch her go from not being able to write any lines of code to being able to build her own web app," Kloss says. "She's applying to college and wants to focus on computer science now because she recognizes that the kind of social impact and social good she wants to make in the world, she can use technology to actually build tools, to build whatever she wants and very much use that for social good.

FBI's secret method of unlocking iPhone may never reach Apple

Apple Inc has said it would like the government to share how it cracked the iPhone security protections. But the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which has been frustrated by its inability to access data on encrypted phones belonging to criminal suspects, might prefer to keep secret the technique it used to gain access to gunman Syed Farook's phone.

First look: The last ever interview with Dr Oliver Sacks

“It’s unlike any project we’ve ever worked on,” says documentary filmmaker Ric Burns, who still sounds a little taken aback at how his latest project came to be. It all started with a late-night phone call in January 2015, when a friend called to ask Burns if he’d be interested in making a film with Dr. Oliver Sacks. The two had never met, but Burns says he jumped at the chance, not least because he knew that this was truly a one-off opportunity: Sacks had just received a diagnosis of metastasized cancer, and had only months left to live. (He died in August 2015.)

Apple iPhone SE teardown reveals mashup of iPhone 5 & 6 series chips, few new parts

The first teardown of Apple's iPhone SE was posted to the Web on Wednesday, and as expected the handset's logic board is an amalgamation of parts mostly borrowed from iPhone 5s and iPhone 6/6s, with a few new chips thrown in to keep the platform fresh.

iPad Pro 9.7 review: damn the torpedoes

So said Tim Cook at the introduction of the new iPad Pro 9.7 last week. It’s exactly the kind of phrase you expect from Cook’s Apple: spoken humbly, but revealing a huge ambition. It mixes a thing that’s familiar (the good ol’ iPad) with an idealistic goal. And Apple likes to workshop these phrases until they have a fine, chamfered edge — it’s not "the iPad," it’s just "iPad." It’s a little confusing, but it’s definitely compelling, and when you first hear it you really want to buy in.

Your best look yet at the mind-blowing Microsoft HoloLens video

[MUSIC] Hey, I'm Kudo, I work on the experiences for the Microsoft [UNKNOWN] development edition. Here it is, the world's first untethered holographic computer. [MUSIC] Puts on really easily and you can see fits on your head, no other cables, no markers in the room. Everything you need to see holograms right here in this device. Since obviously a lot of what you're doing is looking forward, most of the cameras and sensors are gonna be in this front part right here. So we've designed this nice protective shield that keeps all the sensors and cameras super safe But right in here you can see the cameras ans the sensors that help us with our environmental understanding and things that keep holograms pinned to you real world. Under that you can see all of our optics, obviously a big part as well of seeing the holograms. A lot of the processing that goes on also in this top band up here And then because you want to have a nice center of gravity, so something that feels balanced and comfortable on your head, a lot of the batteries, and the stuff that powers Hall Lens coming here in the back.

Quora’s first acquisition is Arab Spring instigator’s Q&A site Parlio

“Ex-con” isn’t normally something you find on a founder’s resume. But Google employee Wael Ghonim went to jail for sparking the Egyptian Revolution. Now he might be wearing some golden handcuffs instead, as his startup Parlio just became Quora ‘s first acquisition .

Live from Microsoft's Build 2016 keynote!

Get ready for the latest news on all things Windows. And maybe a bit of HoloLens too.

Microsoft introduces the Desktop App Converter for bringing Win32 apps to the Windows Store

In an announcement met by hoots and hollers from the developers at Build, Microsoft introduced the “Centennial” desktop app converter. With this, developers can convert their Win32 and .NET apps into the AppX app format for use in the Windows store, turning legacy apps into current-gen applications.

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Channel 9: Videos about the people building Microsoft Products and Services

Submit it below. If you're lucky, the host will queue up your question for the panel.

U.S. State Department apologizes for implying you're not a '10'

The State Department is learning that there's a big difference between thinking you're being funny on Twitter and actually being funny.

The Next Web on Twitter

Google rolls out carousel ads in search results, starting with car shopping

Kim Kardashian teaches Emily Ratajkowski the art of the DGAF topless selfie

Kim took model and actress Emily Ratajkwoski under her wing and taught her the important lesson that if you find yourself in a public restroom without a shirt, it's totally fine — the tears of your haters are the only coverage you need.

Why Microsoft just made a big bet on bots

Shane Mac, co-founder of Assist, told me Microsoft’s entry into bots was to be expected. "It’s no surprise that they’re gonna play in it — the space is so massive that obviously they’re gonna be here," he said. Mac said that he expected big tech companies like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon would all build powerful artificial intelligence tools that other companies can tap into to power their bots. "That’s the website builder of the future," Mac said. "If Microsoft owns that and every business in the world uses them to build their messaging infrastructure, that’s massive."

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Adele invited her doppelgänger onstage for the selfie of a lifetime

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58 Two tiny kickboxers made a much better 'Batman v Superman' than Zack Snyder
59 Woman meets a Florida panther during her morning nature walk
61 9-year-old girl fights bullying by completing a 24-hour, 36-mile race
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67 Why Singapore is the next big name at the forefront of cancer research and early detection
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71 Despite its attempt at cool, Microsoft's Build keynote was full of khaki-wearing cringe
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73 Apple, Google routinely asked to help government access devices: ACLU
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77 This Artist Is Using 3D Printers To Revive Artifacts Destroyed By ISIS
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80 Want to Sleep in a Shark Aquarium? Enter Airbnb's Contest
81 After iPhone unlocking, Americans should still expect privacy: White House
82 Hitting the Same Block Billions of Times Is the Weirdest Way to Crash Paper Mario 64
83 This is the news that got the biggest applause at Microsoft's big event today
84 The Feds are demanding that Google unlock phones as well
85 Daily Deals: Xbox One With Free Controller, Cities: Skyline, Complete Hunger Games - IGN
86 Satya Nadella says Microsoft's rogue racist chatbot failed by its own standards
87 Apple's latest Safari browser is built for developers
88 Apple strikes a deal with MLB to put iPads in dugouts
89 Apple Supplier Responsibility 2016 Progress Report reveals 97% work-hour compliance, carbon emissions reductions
90 A rant about why Snapchat 2.0 is no disappearing teen fad
91 Those insane Reebok Stompers from 'Aliens' are making a comeback