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After Two Black Holes Collide, a Puzzling Flash

Is the flash just a cosmic coincidence, or will it force astrophysicists to rethink what black holes can do?

That 23 Jump Street-Men in Black crossover movie might actually happen

Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill buddy movie 23 Jump Street will, in fact, be a crossover film with Men in Black. The idea for combining the two franchises was first leaked as part of Sony's...

Snapchat Day is a real thing and it's all about baseball

If you're a fan of baseball and Snapchat then March 11 might be your favorite day of the year.

Japan's getting a $350 million Mario theme park attraction, but will it have a Rainbow Road?

The 2020 Olympics in Tokyo, Japan might feel a long way off - and, well, they are - but by the time the event starts, another of the country's major cities

How to measure video ROI: A beginner’s guide

Any modern age marketer worth his salt is under substantial pressure to prove the ROI (return on investment) behind his marketing activities and endeavors.

'The Division' will get plenty of extras in its first year

Ubisoft has outlined its DLC roadmap for the much-hyped disaster shooter.

Watch Google's robot 'Spot' play with Andy Rubin's real dog

The US military recently decided that Google's Alpha Dog and Spot robots weren't ready for active duty, leaving the four legged robots with nothing to do. In th...

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Forbes Welcome

5 countries that will welcome you if Trump becomes president

If the thought of being on the same continent as a President Trump is too much to stomach, there are plenty of other countries that also have a fairly easy immigration process, decent economies and English as a widely-spoken language.

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Boeing's self-cleaning bathroom uses UV light to zap 99.99% of germs in just three seconds 

My architectural philosophy? Bring the community into the process

When asked to build housing for 100 families in Chile ten years ago, Alejandro Aravena looked to an unusual inspiration: the wisdom of favelas and slums. Rather than building a large building with small units, he built flexible half-homes that each family could expand on. It was a complex problem, but with a simple solution — one that he arrived at by working with the families themselves. With a chalkboard and beautiful images of his designs, Aravena walks us through three projects where clever rethinking led to beautiful design with great benefit.

I helped eight people end their lives. By the time you read this, I'll have ended mine | Toronto Life

E urithe, Al and I agreed to conceal the true cause of Al’s death for an unspecified time; there was no intention to create a permanent falsehood. I favoured concealment for one reason only: I wanted to see our assisted death service continue for as many years as possible. Had my life’s work remained in my control, I would have continued to help people die. However, in 2002, Evelyn ­Martens was charged with two counts of assisted suicide involving women about whom I knew nothing. As a result of having our office located in Evelyn’s home, all of our initiatives collapsed. All records, including membership and mailing lists, correspondence, and all ­supplies—even postage stamps—were seized and never returned to me (I could hardly inquire about them without raising suspicion). A bequest of nearly $50,000 from a Right to Die member in Nova Scotia disappeared without any accounting. The service that provided great comfort to Al Purdy, a man sometimes called the Voice of the Land, was no longer available to the rest of the land.

This New Blackest Black Material Is Even Blacker Than What We Thought Was the Blackest Black Material

Surrey NanoSystems is famous for creating Vantablack , a material so black that it absorbs all but 0.035 percent of visible light. That’s a lot. Things basically disappear when coated with the Vantablack carbon nanotubes. And yet, they’ve somehow made the material even blacker. Yes, the blackest black material has become even blacker.

Stress-inducing photos set just before something breaks

The photos were made by taking "two everyday elements in each scenario and placing them in a paused point of time, just before they interact with each other and cause an accident, or trigger an event that would get your heart racing," Tilley told Mashable .

Email inventor Ray Tomlinson dies at 74 - TechRepublic

ARPAnet pioneer and networking legend Ray Tomlinson, who is best known for his contributions in developing email standards, has died.

These Photoshops of 'Little Marco' In a Giant Chair Are Brutal

Uh oh. Remember when Donald Trump called Marco Rubio “Little Marco” in the last debate? Well, now the internet is having a field day with this real photo of Marco Rubio sitting in a gigantic chair .

Amazon quietly disabled encryption in the latest version of Fire OS

Locally stored data on Amazon Fire devices is no longer encrypted. Anyone who upgrades their Kindle Fire, Fire Phone, Amazon Fire HD, or Amazon Fire TV Stick to Fire OS 5 will have local information left vulnerable to cyber attacks and stored in plain text. Amazon forum members first flagged the encryption removal and were later followed by Twitter user David Scovetta last night.

How the Sistine Chapel spawned a public relations nightmare

The unveiling took place against the backdrop of the Reformation, when Protestant reformers were lambasting the Vatican as a “den of iniquity.” Within the Papal Court, there was a group of austere clergymen known as the Theatines, who were quite sensitive to Protestant critiques. To them, Michelangelo’s nudes had the makings of a PR disaster. “They just see a wall of naked bodies,” Lev says. They were countered by avant-garde clergymen, such as cardinals Cunaro and Medici, who hailed the painting as the height of religious art. “So it’s like two different PR strategies,” Lev says. “One says: ‘We need the more austere, modest outlook,’ and the other one says, ‘No! We’ve got to make things look great and fun and beautiful and heroic. We’ve got to get people psyched.’” It was a debate too inflammatory to contain within the confines of the Vatican, Lev says. “What happened next is of course the reaction exploded, because the printing press allowed many people to see it instead of only a few.”

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The 8 Greatest Blizzard Games - IGN

For many people, Diablo II is the finest action RPG ever created. Hitting the scene at the turn of the millennium, Diablo II expanded on its predecessor by expanding character classes, increasing the game's length, and adding the sweet, sweet loot system Diablo II is perhaps most famous for. In fact, the loot system in Diablo II is so influential that its five-tiered loot rarity scale is now something taken for granted in basically any game where loot comes into play. While not the first game with a compelling loot mechanic, Diablo II did everything so well that it became the high-water mark for PC action RPGs and its influence even on games like Borderlands is still being felt to this day.

How to enable more emoticons on your iPhone or iPad

I foresee a future where the need for the alphabet will be a relic of the past. Emojis and emoticons have moved beyond their humble beginnings and have become a part of everyday communications between people and even brands. While we showed Star Trek fans how to get their Spock  emoji before its release in iOS 9 , there is one thing we did not show you guys just yet. There is a little known, keyboard that you can enable right now to get even more emoticons on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Let’s check it out.

The Best Gaming Headsets of 2016

Surround Sound? Most high-end gaming headsets claim to offer some form of surround sound, but this isn't accurate. With the exception of the Razer Tiamat 7.1, these surround sound headsets still use stereo drivers (often a single 40mm driver for each ear) to produce sound. The surround aspect comes from Dolby and DTS processing technologies that tweak how the headsets mix sound between the two ears to give an impression of 360-degree sound. This isn't very effective, and while you might get some subtle differences in noises coming from in front of or behind you through your headset, it won't provide much of a tactical advantage.

Office etiquette: Five rules for eating at your desk - BBC News

The five tips for successful workplace solo dining were suggested by office etiquette trainer Ann Marie Sabath.

Ranking the Mega Man Games - IGN

Outside of the notable in media res starting sequence, Mega Man 7 is probably the most by-the-numbers Mega Man game. It resembles an NES game with a shiny but clumsily-applied new coat of sixteen-bit paint. It’s mechanically solid, and the flat, rich matte sheen fits the material well, but there’s not a lot of things happening that we don't see better executed in other Mega Man games. Also, Mega Man’s sprite is just slightly oversized, throwing off the layout of the stages, slowing down the game, and rendering evasion just a tad too difficult.

Side effects of 340 days in space: burning skin and terrible basketball skills

When Kelly was in space, he had very little contact with chairs and other objects a person on Earth touches for long stretches of time, he now has something like a "burning feeling wherever I sit, or lie or walk," Kelly said.

Apple users targeted in first known Mac ransomware campaign

BOSTON Apple Inc ( AAPL.O ) customers were targeted by hackers over the weekend in the first campaign against Macintosh computers using a pernicious type of software known as ransomware, researchers with Palo Alto Networks Inc ( PANW.N ) told Reuters on Sunday.

How to promote a boring brand on social media

‘Boring’ products and services help make the world go around; but, unlike things people are clamouring to buy, they’re not so easy to market on social media. After all, how do you promote pesticide spray (or financial services, for that matter) on social, when the only thing your followers are liking and re-sharing are cute animal videos and the release date for the Apple watch?

Gregg Keizer on Twitter

ACLU: You can kiss trust in software updates goodbye if Apple's forced to help the FBI. …

How to Watch Tonight's Democratic Presidential Debate Online

Tonight's debate CNN will be livestreamed online. Here's how to watch it.

The Future of Wi-Fi Is 10,000 Times More Energy Efficient

Wi-Fi typically requires two radios to communicate back and forth, and it takes a lot of energy to discern the signal from the noise because there may be several devices using the same frequency (2.4 GHz or 5 GHz). Each device has an RF transmitter that creates a radio wave and a baseband chip that encodes that radio wave with data. With Passive Wi-Fi, instead of each device using an analog radio frequency to receive and transmit a signal, just one produces a radio frequency. That frequency is relayed to your Wi-Fi-enabled device via separate, passive sensors that have only the baseband chip and an antenna and require almost no power. Those sensors pick up the signal and mirror it in a way that sends readable Wi-Fi to any device that has a Wi-Fi chipset in it.

Panasonic makes the first countertop induction oven

Don't plan any summer meals around Panasonic's compact cooker -- the mini induction oven won't ship until October. There's also no mention of pricing so far, and it won't be alarming if this world-first model carries a premium. Regardless, it's nice to know that you don't have to forego the latest in culinary tech just because you're stuck with an old-school oven in your kitchen.

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See Inside the Office of The Muse

The Muse is your ultimate career destination, offering exciting job opportunities, quality coaching, expert advice, and a peek behind the scenes into fantastic companies and career paths. We believe that you can and should love your job--and be successful at it--and we want to help make that happen. Whether you're just starting out, changing career paths, or aiming for the C-suite, we've got everything you need to take charge of your career.

Apple seeds watchOS 2.2 beta 5 to developers

To download the new beta software, you’ll need to be running an iPhone with the new iOS 9.3 beta already installed. You’ll then open the dedicated Apple Watch app on the iPhone, head into General and tap on Software Update. The Apple Watch has to have at least 50 percent battery, has to be placed on the Apple Watch charger, and has to be in range of the iPhone equipped with iOS 9.3.

Internal Data Offers Glimpse At Uber Sex Assault Complaints

Additional screenshots provided to BuzzFeed News detail the way Uber’s Incident Response Teams are instructed to deal with customer support tickets, which range in severity from Level 1 to Level 4. “Non-consensual sexual contact (or attempts to commit same) fall under Level 3, and are supposed to prompt an investigation. According to Uber’s internal documentation, if an investigation into non-consensual sexual contact proves inconclusive, a driver receives a “Final Warning”; only if the investigation is conclusive or if the driver receives a second inconclusive strike is he or she deactivated.

India Welcomes Home Technology Talent

BANGALORE, India—Last year, Abhinandan Balasubramanian quit his job at a London-based financial-technology company. The startup scene in his native India was booming, and he wanted in.

30 Can you take the Internet out of the Internet of Things?

This logic is complex, and only gets more complicated when you add more data sources from sensors and context (time of day, sunlight, etc.). Again, you could host a server at home that processes this, but a server must exist for each IoT device or needs to host “apps” for each device in the home. One might argue this is precisely what smart hubs do (or should do), but as numerous hubs have cropped up, is it practical for every device maker to build an app for every hub just so that it can consume data from external data sources?

Bumble enters the friend zone with new BFF mode

In order to curb any misuse of the new feature, the company has decided that when you’re using the new BFF mode, you’ll only see people of the same sex. Users will be asked to specify whether they are looking for friends, dates or both when using the app so everyone shown in the BFF section will have selected friendship, rather than just dating.

How to make the most of SXSW

All the planning in the world can’t prepare you for how fun, exhausting, useful and inspiring SXSW can be. My main tip to any first-timer is to plan to come again the following year. Once you’ve learned how to ‘do’ the event your first time, you’ll find your own rhythm and make a lot more of it the next time you attend.

Intel Working on Augmented-Reality Headset

The chip giant is developing a wearable headset to deliver augmented-reality experiences, people briefed on the company’s plans said. Intel plans to exploit its 3-D camera technology called RealSense, these people said, a potentially distinguishing feature in a crowded field that includes Apple Inc., Microsoft Corp., Alphabet Inc.’s Google and a wave of startups.

Everything You Need to Know About Apple vs. the FBI, Explained

Not so this week. Kara Swisher and Lauren Goode devoted the full episode to the ongoing feud between Apple and the FBI over security, privacy and encryption, which stems from the San Bernardino shootings last year that left 14 people dead and 22 injured. It’s a complex topic, and we received more questions from our listeners in advance of this episode than we have for any episode of Too Embarrassed to Ask before it.

Security News This Week: WhatsApp Is Caught in Its Own Crypto War in Brazil

But as packed as that week sounds, there was more: Each Saturday we round up the news stories that we didn’t break or cover in depth at WIRED, but which deserve your attention nonetheless. As always, click on the headlines to read the full story in each link posted. And stay safe out there.

House of Cards: Season 4 Review - IGN

If one were looking for weak elements this season, they're to be found at the top. As the show picks things up right where we left off at the end of Season 3. With the fresh, bitter divide between Frank and Claire that bubbled up while stumping on the campaign trail. Frank and Claire continue their manipulative tug of war for a while as Frank's campaign finds itself in dire straits. Structurally though, if one were looking to break up a binge, the first six episodes almost tell a complete story. Making for a good resting point by the time it's done. And I think that's something I appreciated about Season 4. It all takes place on the 2016 campaign trail, but it can also be broken up into smaller, ingestible arcs.

Spotify is using 50,000 anonymous hipsters to find your next favorite song

Who are these prescient hipsters? Spotify isn’t saying, and the users don’t even know that their bleeding-edge taste is being used to create the playlist. But their favorite new songs—released within the last three weeks, with Beyoncé-level stars filtered out—are the raw material for Fresh Finds.

Meerkat Is Ditching the Livestream — And Chasing a Video Social Network Instead

Rubin brought the staff to his native Israel on a company retreat, decided that something had to change, and alerted his board in October that he wanted to pivot the business to build a new video social network instead. Around this time, some employees left the company for various reason, including Meerkat’s VP of engineering. But for the most part, Meerkat has been working on the social network idea ever since.

Inside Medium: an attempt to bring civility to the internet - BBC News

And yet Medium somehow manages to fend off this trend - encouraging the construction of a coherent argument via, primarily, long-form writing. The site is not built to reward clicks, but reads - and in doing so has fostered a different kind of community. It's almost… nice.

Do the leaked HTC 10 images look quite a lot like an old iPhone?

Is it just me or do the leaked HTC 10 images look quite a lot like an old iPhone?

Weekend Business Update: Mercari joins the unicorns, Snapchat data leaked, and more.

It’s the first weekend of March, and spring is around the corner. But if the weather where you live is anything like here in Amsterdam, you’re likely stuck inside hiding from freezing rain, sleet, or some other bothersome, moist form of precipitation. A perfect time to play catch up with the state of the tech industry, in other words.

Google Photos' Zootopia promo is resulting in some awesome animal selfies

When the Zootopia teaser trailer launched at the end of last month, the resulting tech-Pixar parody crossover of ‘Zoogle Photos’ was pretty entertaining but now Google has put cameras inside pens at the LA Zoo to capture selfies of the animals.


After Ronald Reagan's term in office, she devoted most of her time to caring for her him. He was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 1994, until his death at the age of 93 in 2004. Nancy remained active within the Reagan Library and in politics, particularly in support of embryonic stem cell research, until her death in 2016.

PC upgrades: Getting the biggest bang for your buck | ZDNet

PCs are lasting longer than ever, but it seems that people are interested in upgrading them so they last even longer. But to get the best bang for the buck from an upgrade you have to spend money wisely, because there are certain upgrades that will give you next to nothing in return for your money.

Bling - Movies & TV on Google Play

Free film worth a watch If you have children why not download this free movie go into Google Play movies and TV app search bling press add to wishlist and it becomes your free movie why not watch it is absolutely free Full Review

Amazon adds the $130 Tap and the $90 Dot to the Echo family

Amazon’s voice-operated command center Echo produces something close to modern-day magic within our homes: Get the latest news, order a pizza, turn off the lights or find out who killed Bruce Wayne’s parents in fewer than 1,200 milliseconds.

iPhone 6s holds up well in waterproof test against Galaxy S7 edge

Apple doesn’t market the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as water-resistant devices, and they aren’t IP-certified like rival smartphones are. However, previous water tests have shown that both handsets  are much better at withstanding liquids than their predecessors.

'Metal Gear Solid' fan remake bites the dust

When a fan remake of a popular game dies, it tends to die quickly. Either the effort required is too much for a group of part-time volunteers, or the original developer's lawyers shut it down over copyright issues . And unfortunately, the team behind the recently revealed Metal Gear Solid remake Shadow Moses is learning this first-hand -- the creators have abruptly shut down their project for "reasons beyond our control." It's not clear just what those reasons are (we've reached out to both sides for comment), but the phrasing suggests that copyright might play a role.

Why leaving the EU would put London’s booming fintech sector at risk

The stage has been set for a decision that will impact the U.K.’s business community for years to come. The EU referendum — confirmed for June 23rd — will determine whether Britain remains a member of one of the world’s most influential markets and whether it will continue to hold a seat at the table.


This is basically an implementation of this "Image Analogies" paper In our case, we use feature maps from VGG16. The patch matching and blending is done with a method described in "Combining Markov Random Fields and Convolutional Neural Networks for Image Synthesis" Effects similar to that paper can be achieved by turning off the analogy loss (or leave it on!) and turning on the B/B' content weighting via the --b-content-w parameter.

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56 5 ways to become a truly awesome blogger
57 Samsung partners with Six Flags to bring first virtual reality roller coasters to North America
58 Acceptable Ads Manifesto
59 France could fine Apple $1m for each iPhone it fails to unlock | ZDNet
60 First Audio Recordings From the Bottom of the Mariana Trench are Nightmare Fuel
61 iPhone 6 suddenly ran out of free storage space? Try this fix!
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63 Guys, your nose fur should not be a second mustache
64 Enter to Win & Enjoy Every Inch of This Top-of-the-Line 32GB Tablet
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68 Autodesk CEO Carl Bass on investing in the future
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