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Apple’s brilliant new HomePod ad brings the Spike Jonze magic | Cult of Mac

Spike Jonze's surreal new short film about the HomePod is likely to go down as one of the year's best Apple ads. The Oscar-winning director's four-minute creation is unabashedly joyful, which is a feeling that sometimes can get lost in all the Apple minimalism. Check out Jonze's playful and creative HomePod ad below.

There's only one good name for the next iPhone

It's obvious, if you think about it.

Take a tour of Akita with two floofy boys on Google Street View

All tours should be like this

Tinder really doesn't like commenting on Bumble's gun photo ban

Tinder can't seem to swipe one way.

Janelle Monáe And Belvedere Team Up To Create “A Beautiful Future” Of Inclusivity

The Grammy-nominated singer and acclaimed actress has teamed up with the vodka brand for “A Beautiful Future,” a digital series aimed at empowering creative women.

Jaguar's electric SUV is actually reasonably priced, cheaper than Tesla Model X

The luxury car maker offers an electric SUV without eye-popping prices.

Jimmy Kimmel shoves Trump's trash talkin' tweet back in his face

Maybe President Trump shouldn't criticize anyone over ratings.

Comcast is increasing Xfinity internet speeds in the northeast

Download away, kids.

Now you can virtually explore Disney parks without spending a buck

It's as close to the real thing as you're gonna get.

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BlackBerry sues Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram over messaging patents

BlackBerry Limited, the Canadian enterprise software company that used to sell smartphones, filed a lawsuit today against Facebook, alleging that the social network and its WhatsApp and Instagram subsidiaries infringe on BlackBerry messaging app patents. The core of BlackBerry’s complaint, which is a sprawling 117 pages , is that the company’s proprietary and patent-protected messaging product BlackBerry Messenger, known colloquially as BBM, was a cornerstone of modern mobile communications.

Uber's self-driving trucks hit the highway, but don't expect them on city streets

Another goal: beat out its trucking rival, Tesla, for the shipping industry’s business. Tesla’s autonomous electric truck is capable of 300 miles before refueling, whereas gas-powered trucks can usually go three times further before stopping. But this brings up an important concern: we don’t know how (and if) Uber’s trucks can handle refueling without a human to do it. 

Coinbase announces launch of cryptocurrency index fund

NEW YORK (Reuters) - Digital asset exchange Coinbase announced on Tuesday the launch of its first-ever index fund, marking the company’s foray into asset management.

Broadcom's Qualcomm takeover plans pose national security risk, US Treasury says

The U.S. government considers there to be possible national security risks in Broadcom's proposed $117 billion acquistion of Qualcomm, enough to warrant a full-scale investigation, the U.S. Treasury's deputy assistant secretary for investment security said in a letter to the two Apple suppliers.

Google is using its AI skills to help the Pentagon learn to analyze drone footage

Details regarding what Google is actually providing to the DOD are not clear, but we know the work is part of Project Maven — a Pentagon research initiative to develop computer vision that can better understand video footage. Such technology could have a range of uses in the military, including helping to surveil and track targets using drones and providing the brains for static CCTV cameras in military camps and bases. Technology of this sort can be used to recognize basic objects, like cars and people, but has trouble analyzing complex scenes.

Now you can visit Disney Parks in the US through Google Street View

Special for kids — and importantly parents of kids — now you can get designs on visiting Disney — and without dropping a small fortune in the process — thanks to Google Maps after it added Street View images for 11 Disney Parks .

Fyre Fest organizer pleads guilty to two counts of wire fraud

Billy McFarland, the organizer behind disastrous music festival Fyre Fest, pleaded guilty today to two counts of wire fraud. In court, he told a judge he lied to investors and “grossly underestimated the resources that would be necessary to hold an event of this magnitude,” as reported by Bloomberg .

What Microsoft understands about open source that your company does not

This is true of vendors, but it's also true for any company—and that's pretty much every company—that depends on open source components to run critical aspects of their business. If you don't contribute to the projects you use, you're a passenger on a plane with someone else setting the destination. That's not a good situation, and it's not necessary, given the opportunities for influence that open source affords. Be smart: Contribute more open source code, just like Microsoft.

How to make sure your Android device is using the strongest network signal

The latest OnePlus Oxygen comes with a number of handy improvements, many of which did an outstanding job of making the usage of those mobile devices more efficient. One of those improvements is the addition of the Smart Wi-Fi switcher. What this feature does is automatically switch between wireless and mobile data, depending upon which has the best connectivity and signal strength. In other words, you might be bouncing between mobile data and wireless networks, but your device will always (automatically) remain on the strongest network. This is very handy when you're constantly on the go and bouncing between consulting gigs and clients. And the good news is that with later builds of Oxygen the feature is built in, so there's no third-party app to installed.

The top 10 programming languages and skills you need to work in open source

Open source has become the industry model for practical software development, and its commercial success has been driven in part by adoption from large tech companies such as IBM and Oracle. Walmart and Verizon also rely on open source programs, and host their own open source projects, the post noted.

Google Lens is coming to all Android phones running Google Photos

Google is officially rolling its Lens out to Android phones that have Google Photos installed. This means users will be able to scan things through the app to receive information, like a dog’s breed or a flower type. Users can also create a contact from a business card or identify a landmark. Certain phones will eventually be able to access Lens through the Google Assistant, too, including flagships from Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony, and HMD / Nokia. Google says Lens is rolling out in batches, so you might not get the update right away — sorry!

Facebook and Instagram have a new thorn in their sides: BlackBerry

BlackBerry, which nearly a decade ago was one of the world's largest smartphone makers, has in the past several years retreated into supplying software and services for corporate and government clients. In addition, its QNX software also powers many in-car systems, and the company is placing a bet on smart cars with partner and mobile chip giant Qualcomm .

Brian Malkiewicz on Twitter

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FBI's use of paid Best Buy informants goes deeper than we knew

Google vs AT&T: Who is winning the fiber internet war in Louisville?

Google Fiber's popularity seems to extend beyond the survey. An informal poll in the Nextdoor neighborhood discussion forum for one of the neighborhoods where Google Fiber is available asked how the provider compared to Spectrum and AT&T. Almost half of the respondents said Google is better than Spectrum, and another 26% said it was better than AT&T. A total of 15% said it was worse than AT&T or Spectrum.

Apple reportedly killing iTunes LPs in March, pulling them throughout 2018

While Apple’s decision to pull the feature was apparently shared with industry partners two weeks ago, Metro today shared details of a letter titled “The End of iTunes LPs,” originating from “The iTunes Store” and signed by “The Apple Music Team.” According to the letter, while iTunes LP content will no longer be accepted after March 2018 and will be “deprecated from the store during the remainder of 2018,” Apple will preserve some access to iTunes LPs: “Customers who have previously purchased an album containing an iTunes LP will still be able to download the additional content using iTunes Match.”

WeWork acquires SEO and marketing company Conductor

There’s a lot that make WeWork and Conductor a natural fit. Seth and his team built Conductor to provide the insights, education, and resources their customers need to succeed — in other words, Conductor helps their customers do what they love, and do it better. Conductor has made it easier for us to reach potential WeWork members who are looking for workspace. It’s also helped us get the word out about the services and amenities that we offer to companies of all sizes.

BlackBerry sues Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram for patent infringement

In the lawsuit, BlackBerry alleges it invented features currently being used by Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. The features in question include messages with timestamps, tagging friends and family in social media photographs, and an icon that displays the number of unread messages, the lawsuit says.

FDA greenlights 23andMe's direct-to-consumer cancer risk test

The company is quick to warn that this test doesn't rule out cancer, and won't diagnose you if you already have it. You'll want to turn to health care providers if you're going to take any action, 23andMe said. And the cancer it's looking for isn't very common. There's a 2 percent risk of it for Askhenazi Jewish women, but less than 0.1 percent for everyone else. It's the first approved test of its kind, however, and it hints at a future where those who aren't willing to wait for formal screenings (or are denied access) can take action early enough to potentially prevent cancer.

Dyson is done with corded vacuums as the powerful new Cyclone V10 looks to clean up

Equipped with a new, more energy-dense battery, the Dyson Cyclone V10 is said to last up to 60 minutes, sans that frustrating step down in power many vacuums run into when they're about to shut down. Outdoing its predecessor once again, the Cyclone V10's maximum run time is 20 minutes longer than the Dyson V8.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Apple and Lenovo are caught in the crossfire as a U.S.-China trade war looms

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Tesla is no longer no. 1 in residential solar

These Are The Five Times You Should Say No To An Opportunity

Saying no to opportunities can be difficult, particularly when you feel like there is a risk of disappointing the person offering you the opportunity. But as Grothaus reported, any “fallout” probably is not going to be as bad as you make it to be. He wrote, “The sky won’t fall, your family won’t stop loving you, and your boss won’t fire you–heck, everyone will probably respect you and your time more if you say ‘no’ more often.”

Xiaomi’s copycats could invade the U.S. this year

We’ve been waiting years for the Chinese company to make its most popular gadgets available outside of Asia. Now Xiaomi has confirmed that it plans to enter the U.S. market in late 2018 or early 2019.

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Game of Thrones' Mountain beat a world record by basically lifting a mountain

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

The gap between the best and worst performing tech giants is widening

Amazon expands Whole Foods deliveries to Prime Now users in San Francisco and Atlanta

Amazon has announced that it’s expanding its Whole Foods delivery service to Prime members in San Francisco and Atlanta.

20 more US banks and credit unions added to Apple Pay payment providers list

Apple has once again updated its roster of banks and credit unions supporting Apple Pay, this time adding 20 more U.S. entities. As has become standard, the new card issuers are regional rather than national. Most national U.S. institutions were onboard with a year of Apple Pay's Oct. 2014 launch, ushered in by the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The full list of additions includes Anahuac National Bank, ASI Federal Credit Union, Auburn State Bank, BankSouth, Burbank City Federal Credit Union, CentralAlliance Credit Union, Columbine Federal Credit Union, Connections Bank, DCH Credit Union, Hastings Federal Credit Union, Iowa-Nebraska State Bank, Lea County State Bank, LegacyTexas, McCook National Bank, Minnesota Valley Federal Credit Union, Peoples Bank [Okla.], St. Francis X. Federal Credit Union, TS Bank, West Suburban Bank, and Winchester Savings Bank. The bigger obstacle for Apple stateside has been merchant adoption, since chains have been slow to upgrade their payment infrastructure. Big-box retailers Walmart and Target have actively refused to embrace Apple Pay, favoring their own in-house standards instead.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

Pentagon says it was caught off-guard by $950 million cloud deal

Volvo’s hybrid Polestar 1 available for pre-order next week

Volvo turned its race-tuning sub brand Polestar into its own company with a focus on electric performance last year, and at the Geneva Motor Show this week it revealed the Polestar 1 GT, a hybrid electric car that’s designed to go toe-to-toe with Tesla for performance-loving customers eager for alternative powertrain options.

How to run your business from your smartphone: 11 tips

With stronger compute power, smartphones are becoming a more adept enterprise tool. Here's how to leverage the power of a mobile device to keep your business running smoothly.

LG could copy iPhone X notch next | Cult of Mac

Although the notch at the top of the iPhone X display drew quite a bit of criticism, many Android makers like the idea. LG might become the next to release a device that resembles Apple’s flagship phone.

Lifehacker on Twitter

Investing is just one piece of your financial puzzle

Microsoft Surface Pro with LTE Advanced: Is built-in mobile networking worth the price? | ZDNet

Microsoft's latest Surface Pro is made for mobile computing, with an embedded eSIM, an external SIM tray, and software support for fast cellular connectivity. But is built-in mobile networking worth the $150 price tag?

How to use iCloud Drive to free up storage on your Mac | Cult of Mac

Using Store in iCloud , you can choose to have your Mac keep your Documents and Desktop folders on your iCloud Drive. Then, when your Mac gets too full, it will delete the local copies. If you need that file in future, it will be downloaded on demand. This works exactly like the iCloud Photo Library’s optimized storage, where the Mac (or iPhone) stores your photos in iCloud, and only keeps thumbnails locally, downloading the full-sized versions as you need them.

Bloomberg Technology on Twitter

China creates tech billionaires who want to protect Xi Jinping. @sbanjo explains

How To Land Your Dream Job When You Feel “Overpriced” For It

When you’re thinking about making a career change, especially one that requires switching industries, it’s easy to assume you’ll have to lower your standards in order to get your foot in the door. This can quickly become a self-fulfilling prophecy. So your next step really is just changing your own mind-set: Take “overqualified,” “affordable,” and “too expensive” out of your vocabulary–and realize that appraising your value is fundamentally an employer’s job, not yours.

James Dyson promises 15-year battery life for the Cyclone V10 cordless vacuum

As for those old, corded vacuums, these aren't going away just yet. So, if you’re not comfortable with the idea of a wireless vacuum, Dyson still has you covered. The company claims that its new Cyclone V10 is just as powerful as any wired model, though, and its founder is confident that consumers will make the leap with him.

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The avatars of Ready Player One invade classic movie posters of the past

World record DDoS attack hits 1.7 Tbps, thanks to Memcached flaw

A massive reflection/amplification DDoS attack hit an undisclosed US-based company, setting a new record just days after a similar attack took down GitHub.

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Senator Wyden questions top voting machine manufacturer over reported security gaps

New satirical 'beer for girls' becomes what it's trying to mock

Pink IPA is the same as the company's Punk IPA simply with a different label, made to be a satirical illustration of lazy marketing efforts by other companies.

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131-year-old message in a bottle discovered on a beach in Australia

Gizmodo on Twitter

US aircraft carrier sunk in historic WW2 battle finally found off Australian coast

Gizmodo on Twitter

Lego had a bad year because it made too many dang bricks

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

Washington Governor Jay Inslee signed into law rules banning ISPs from blocking content, throttling traffic, or accepting payment for prioritization. 

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This cheap, playable smartphone case is triggering my eternal love for the Game Boy

TechRepublic launches the 'Smart Home Office'

And now, we're adding another dimension: the home office. In a recent survey, 74% of workers said they'd be willing quit their job to work for a company that allowed them to work from home. As the number of people who work out of their home grows, it's important to make your home work space as productive as possible. So we're going to look at the technologies and products that can make your home office smarter than ever.

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Winnie the Pooh comes to life in the lovely first trailer for Disney's Christopher Robin

Amazon is losing its head of Prime to Airbnb

"Words can't express how excited I am to join the Airbnb team," Greeley said in a prepared statement. "I've used Airbnb for years, and the chance to work here and expand the positive impact its community is having around the world is a once in a lifetime opportunity."

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60 These Stanford computer science students protested smartphone addiction at Apple headquarters
61 White House Wants Agents to Be Able to Down Civilian Drones
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65 The $80 Billion Train Project Caught in Scandal
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80 Chloe Kim, Patty Jenkins, and more get their own Barbie dolls for International Women's Day
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84 FBI paid Geek Squad staff to be informants, documents show
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86 New cars from Fiat Chrysler and VW will come with up to 6 months of free Apple Music
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