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Check out these excellent videos of the thundersnow (!) in action

Thunder! Snow! THUNDERSNOW!

People have a lot of opinions about this nor'easter's 'unofficial' name

Say hello to Quinn.

Upcoming 'Jurassic World Alive' for iPhone swaps Pokemon with dinosaurs

Best English teacher comes to work every day packing a corgi

It is what we need in these trying times

Bro responsible for Fyre Festival pleaded guilty to fraud

Just under a year from that fateful weekend, the business bro responsible is being held accountable.

What the hell is up with those bizarre Fox News Apple alerts?

Why read about the Mueller investigation when a foot has washed up on a beach?

Google is going all-in on smartphone notches for Android P

Google just released the first version of Android P for developers.

Stephen Colbert tried divine intervention to convince Oprah to run for president

If this won't convince her, nothing will.

The moment 'Silicon Valley' decided to split with TJ Miller

Kind of an ugly breakup.

China's Tiangong-1 space station is falling to Earth, but it probably won't crush you

Keep an eye on the sky.

Cancel All Your Plans Because You Have A Second Life To Live In VR

There’s been lots of talk of social virtual reality, but Sinespace could be the first metaverse that supports hundreds of people being together at once.

A new 'Series of Unfortunate Events' trailer is here to ruin your day

Give it a rest, Olaf!

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All of Oculus’s Rift headsets have stopped working due to an expired certificate

Someone at Oculus screwed up pretty badly today: An expired certificate appears to have soft-bricked all of the company’s Rift VR headsets, with users still unable to fire up software on the devices and no word of an incoming fix from the company yet.

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How To: Install Android P Developer Preview on Pixel and Pixel 2 phones

First, the software is nowhere near completion and you should expect wonkiness or occasional problems. Moreover, the build is not optimized for battery yet and isn’t indicative of what you’ll get out of the final release. Really, it’s for developers who have apps and want to take advantage of the upcoming goods. Early adopters aren’t necessarily discouraged from taking the plunge; Google makes the software readily available.

Former Uber CEO Travis Kalanick announces new investment fund focused on job creation

Former Uber CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick today announced a new investment fund he’s calling 10100, pronounced “ten-one-hundred,” that will focus on his “passions, investments, ideas, and big bets.” The theme of the fund, he says, will be large-scale job creation with a focus on real estate, e-commerce, and innovations from countries like China and India. “Our non-profit efforts will initially focus on education and the future of cities,” Kalanick writes. The announcement was made on Twitter this afternoon with a prefaced note from Kalanick that read simply, “Some news...”

The FBI Paid Geek Squad Employees as Informants

An FBI memo obtained by the nonprofit digital rights group reveals that Best Buy in September 2008 hosted a meeting of the law enforcement agency's Cyber Working Group at a Geek Squad repair facility in Kentucky. The memo indicates that the local FBI division "has maintained close liaison with the Geek Squad's management in an effort to glean case initiations and to support the division's Computer Intrusion and Cyber Crime programs."


Inside the lavish lifestyles of people who made a fortune off cryptocurrencies

While many cryptocurrency investors lie low and avoid flaunting their earnings out of fear of being targeted, there are a few displays of wealth and luxury on Instagram, revealing the newly acquired affluence of the crypto nouveau riche .

Snap reportedly laying off around 100 engineers

Snap is about to undergo another round of layoffs, with this one seeing a cut of around 100 engineers, according to Cheddar and CNBC . While that’s a small portion of Snap’s total headcount — around 3,000 people — it reportedly represents about 10 percent of the company’s engineering team. The cuts are expected to come within a week and will be the first focused on engineering. Snap hasn’t commented on the report.

Oculus Rift VR headsets everywhere get bricked for a silly reason

As it turns out, Oculus VR – and, by proxy, its owner Facebook – seems to have forgotten to renew a crucial app permission certificate within its Oculus Runtime Service for Windows 10 PCs. Oculus VR forum users the world over have cited the problem seen below in a thread that’s six pages long at the time of writing.

Microsoft: Switching out of Windows 10 S Mode will be free for all | ZDNet

Microsoft is officially acknowledging that Windows 10 S Mode will be coming 'soon' to all editions of Windows 10 -- and moving off it to a fully-featured version of the OS will be free for all users.


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Netflix slides after a Wall Street analyst says it 'may have sprinted ahead of fundamentals'

Google Lens rolls out to Google Photos users on Android - Video | ZDNet

Google Lens, an app that uses artificial intelligence to identify objects using a phone's camera, is now rolling out to all Google Photos users on Android. Read more:

Pepe the Frog creator goes after Alex Jones' Infowars

The artist behind the image argues Infowars is violating his copyright for Pepe.

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A top Microsoft exec confirms that it's killing the newest version of Windows 10 — but that's not the whole story

BlackBerry sues Facebook over messaging patents

( Reuters ) — BlackBerry on Tuesday filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Facebook and its WhatsApp and Instagram apps, arguing that they copied technology and features from BlackBerry Messenger.

Windows 10’s next major update will include Windows ML, a new AI platform

Developers will be able to get an early look at the AI platform on Windows with Visual Studio Preview 15.7, and they’ll be able to use the Windows ML API in standard desktops apps and Universal Windows Apps across all editions of Windows 10 this year. Microsoft is planning to reveal more about the platform at its Windows Developer day today and at the company’s Build conference in May . We’d expect to see Microsoft demonstrate some of the direct AI improvements for future versions of Windows at Build, to show consumers exactly how this new platform will improve apps.

20 SEC issues stern warning for potential cryptocurrency investors

It comes down to semantic wording. Whether or not these online trading platforms consider the 'digital asset' cryptocoins they're trafficking to be 'securities' under federal law, the SEC likely does. That means they satisfy the agency's definition of 'national security exchanges' and should register with the SEC. If they don't, they remain outside of government scrutiny and regulation, meaning the agency can't protect individuals from any manipulative or fraudulent practices.

Google ends major OS support for Nexus phones and Pixel tablet

For the Pixel 2, Google upgraded its update policy to three years for major OS updates and monthly security updates, but this still pales in comparison to what Apple is doing. The latest release, iOS 11, works all the way back to the iPhone 5S, which was released in 2013. While buying a phone from Google lets you sidestep Android's fragmented update mess, Google still can't compete with Apple's end-to-end control. Apple's control over the OS, phone manufacturing, and even the SoC allows it to support a device for as long as it wants. For now, that seems to be a whopping five years.

Samsung’s 2018 QLED 4K TVs can blend into your wall and control your smart home

All new QLEDs have an “Ambient Mode” that uses your phone to capture a photo of the environment behind it, and then creates a matching look on screen. This effect was previously seen on Samsung’s Frame TVs, but now it’s expanding to the QLED line. Aside from the nice look, Ambient Mode will also display temperature, news headlines, personal photos, and other information. It basically turns Samsung’s QLED into a smart display when not in use. You’re not looking at some transparent display; the TV just creates shadows and other effects to make it seem that way.

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Jessica Jones' new season starts with a slog, but it's a slog with potential

How To Talk About Getting Fired In A Job Interview

“For example, one friend was recently terminated by a cross-country manager who had barely ever met him and hadn’t formed a great relationship with him. In that situation, I would say, ‘It didn’t work out for me at XYZ Company, as I don’t believe our employee-manager relationship was as strong as it could be without ever being in the same place. In the future, knowing that I had a manager who wasn’t there on a day-to-day basis, I would structure my interactions differently to be sure that my manager feels more engaged in our team’s work and challenges,'” Santopietro-Panall shares.

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California lawmaker introduces 'right to repair' bill

The Act would require tech titans to release repair guides and make official repair parts available to consumers and third-party repair professionals. It would also put diagnostic info and tools into your hands or to the hands of independents repair shops. Doing so has quite a few benefits, including the reduction of e-waste. By giving people more repair options to choose from, after all, they're all less inclined to just throw out a broken device and buy a new model when the old one can still be salvaged. Also, it encourages people to be more adventurous when it comes fixing their own devices, which could give rise to new innovators and inventors.

Our first look at Samsung's 2018 QLED TVs

Samsung practically stole the show at CES with its massive 146-inch MicroLED TV, The Wall . But that's not something most people will be able to afford. That's where the company's mainstay QLED 4K lineup comes in. At a media event in New York City today, Samsung unveiled its next generation of QLED TVs, which not only look better, but feature some genuinely useful improvements. They're an even better option for consumers who want to get rid of the typical cable clutter around their home theater, as well as those looking for smarter sets.

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

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Thunder and a surprising resurrection change everything for Black Lightning

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1. Best sci-fi movie ever: 2001- A Space Odyssey. 2. Best horror movie ever: The Exorcist.(1) Cut class-Detroit-180 degree screen-reclining seats-didn't understand ending-chemicals involved!(2) Scared the HELL out of me-see a priest regularly-hate pea soup!

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An undisclosed flaw in Nike's  website for wholesale customers could be exploited with a few lines of code. 

Beverage buzz: Coca-Cola is launching its first alcoholic drink

The so-called alcopop will fuse Coke with hooch to deliver a sweet kick. There are few details on the plan, so it’s hard to say whether the result will be closer to a rum and Coke, a Jack and Coke, or that time you ill-advisedly put vodka in your Coke because it was the only thing in your parents’ liquor cabinet.

Stop Doing These Four Things That Sabotage Your Meetings

Meeting notes don’t have to read like a court transcript, but they also shouldn’t be random bullet points. “People will read meeting notes if they contain a few bullet points that say, ‘Here’s the decision. These are the three next steps, and here are two takeaways,'” says Kanfer Stewart. “When you don’t take notes, you’re forcing people to come because it’s the only way to know what’s going on.”

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More organizations cut ties with physicist Lawrence Krauss

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Watch this machine solve a Rubik's Cube faster than my jaw can drop

Top 17 Facebook Messenger Tips and Tricks for iPhone

You’ll see a little three dotted button at the end of the toolbar, right next to the Send button. Tap it and Facebook Messenger will show you a list of apps specifically made to interact with Messenger. You’ll find all sorts of crazy and fun apps here. For creating GIFs, videos and all sorts of fun stuff. Of course, you’ll need to download these apps to be able to use them. But once downloaded, they integrate seamlessly with Messenger.

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Watch a full deleted scene from Star Wars: The Last Jedi featuring a Finn Phasma showdown

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. @Apple Supplier Responsibility Report reveals uptick in violations, announces new women's health program …

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We guarantee this cute animated short will send you into a blind rage

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Many people might not realize that they’re making use of machine learning, but apps like @Google Maps and @Spotify are full of it. 

God of War Won't Have Microtransactions, Says Director - IGN

Some developers are navigating the murky waters of the subject by  ensuring that their loot boxes contain cosmetic items only , and can't be categorised as pay-to-win. Having a developer confirm that their title won't feature microtransactions of any kind is notable these days.

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MoviePass is great, but the fact that it tracks your location before and after the movie? Not so much. Luckily there's a fix for that.

All of your favorite black luminaries assembled for one powerful post-Oscars pic

Some of the best moments of the Academy Awards are not captured by television cameras or red carpet pics. They happen after the show is over, in the throes of various parties—like Elton John's annual post-Oscars celebration, or the mysterious Beyoncé and Jay-Z bash we keep hearing about.

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You can add location information to your Tweets, such as your city or precise location, from the web and via third-party applications. You always have the option to delete your Tweet location history. Learn more

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Samsung's best new TVs come with an invisibility cloak… sort of

Android P messaging notifications take some inspiration from the iPhone

The fear , of course, is that Android will lose the information density most users currently enjoy in favor of the big bubbles on iOS. That (thankfully) doesn’t appear to be the case here; instead, it’s just a subtle stylistic change that more clearly delineates the two parts of the drawer from each other and from the rest of the OS. It’s also not worth panicking yet because we’ve seen Google experiment with different visual treatments of these elements before, so things may change.

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Holy crap, that's a lot of money for some ugly ass goggles

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BlackBerry is suing Facebook and its subsidiaries, WhatsApp and Instagram, for infringing patents covering things like message notifications and image tagging. 

Rhode Island wants you to pay to watch sites like Pornhub

The bill, proposed by Democratic state senators Frank Ciccone and Hanna Gallo, is meant to shield minors from the wilds of the web by putting the responsibility for online porn on internet service providers (ISPs). It orders them to block sites that publish "sexual content and/or patently offensive material" unless an internet user pays a one-time fee of $20, provides proof they are at least 18 years of age, and makes the request to unblock the content in writing.

Friday Hack Chat: Everything About The ESP

When the ESP-8266 first arrived, it was a marvel. For two dollars, you could buy a simple module that could serve as a bridge between WiFi networks and microcontroller projects. It understood the Hayes command set, it didn’t use much power, and, as noted before, it only cost two dollars. The idea of cheap and accessible Internet of Things things was right there for the taking.

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76 Google's productivity suite now shows who viewed your files
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78 Bitcoin price drops 10% as hackers exploit Binance’s API keys
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80 Tesla Semi makes its first fully loaded trip, from Reno to Fremont
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83 Gary Oldman's son decries 'clickbait' stories about father's 2001 domestic abuse allegation
84 Netflix isn't chasing the competition into sports or live TV
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88 For the people in the back: Video games don't cause violence