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Let us know who you think belongs on the 2014 list of Innovators Under 35. All nominations remain confidential. We will contact the nominee directly to participate in our selection process.

This Map Shows Why The Plan To Split Up California Would Be A Dystopian Nightmare

Draper told HuffPost that he initially dreamed up the proposal because California is so large that it has become "ungovernable." He said that his plan would help poor parts of the state because their unique needs would be better heard by smaller, local governments. He has until mid-July to collect the 807,615 signatures needed to get his proposal on the state's 2014 ballot. He hasn't started gathering signatures yet.

Crazed College Hoops Fan Storms Court to Confront Coach [VIDEO]

UC Santa Barbara hosted the University of Hawaii in college basketball on Thursday night. UCSB won, but the most talked about highlight of the game came midway through the first half when a Santa Barbara bro rushed the court to confront Hawaii coach Gib Arnold.

Live Updates: Venezuela's March 8 Demonstrations

Venezuelans on Saturday are inviting the world to join them in a global day of protest in an effort to raise awareness around human rights violations in their country.

Cool! Real train arrives, woman's hair blows onscreen

The video screens showed a woman with long flowing hair. When the sensors detected the approaching train they triggered the video image to show the woman's hair flying around her face as if it were being blown by the wind from the tunnel. Simple, but effective. So effective, in fact, that the company left the ad for Apotek Hjärtat's Apolosophy products up for five days even though it had originally only planned it as a day-long stunt.

Lively App Brings Back Your Favorite SXSW Music Performances

AUSTIN, Texas — Every year, hundreds of bands play live shows at South By Southwest. The music is good and memorable though when the conference is over, memories are pretty much all we have left. This year, however, might be a little different. Lively, a multi-platform, music app, plans on recording more than 100 performances (video and audio) and then offering them for in-app playback after the show. Launched last year, Lively has had something of a slow burn. Catering to live-music fans who are willing to pay to hear and see their favorite performances on iOS, Windows and Android devices, the app has roughly 20,000 users. That could change, however, if any of the bands and their performances become must-see-and-hear events.

World's Most Advanced Diving Suit Could Lead to a Cure for Cancer

The 12-person team of researchers this summer will use the Exosuit to explore an area called the Canyons, an underwater gully, about 100 miles off the coast of New England, that drops down to more than 10,000 feet at its deepest point. The suit will allow divers to conduct studies at 1,000 feet underwater — an area, referred to as the mid-water or mesopelagic zone, where many bioluminescent animals migrate after nightfall.

How the Mig-31 repelled the SR-71 Blackbird from Soviet skies

That is a bit off to me. A simple intercept calculation would show that the Mig would need to be very close to the SR-71 to get a missile shot. Say the R-33 has about a 120 mile range. Moving at Mach 4.5, which is about 57 miles per minute. So it would have 2 minutes to go to full range assuming that it didn’t have any loss of speed after the fuel burn. The SR-71 at Mach 3.5 is moving 44 miles per minute. Without going into deep intercept calculations it looks like that Mig would need to be very close to have the slightest chance of a hit. Radar lock is one thing, a kill quite another.

Physics by hand

In one recent meeting, physics professor John Paul Chou of Rutgers University (pictured above) presented to a full room holding a single page of handwritten notes and a marker. The talk became more dialogue than monologue as members of the audience, freed from their usual need to follow a series of information-stuffed slides flying by at top speed, managed to interrupt with questions and comments.

Where Apple design is headed in 2014 | Macworld

So how would this hardware-meets-software approach to human interface design work on the Mac? OS X is a very different platform from iOS, visually. Not just in terms of screen real estate, but the way applications coexist. On iOS, only one app is open and in use at a time, whereas the Mac not only allows for but encourages multiple apps sharing the same visual space. An argument could be made that designing for the desktop is a trickier proposition than for mobile, where the device becomes the app. Perhaps full-screen mode is still waiting for its moment, but as it stands today the Mac is still visually a multitasking environment.

This Incredible iWatch Concept Is Unapologetically Classy [Gallery] | Cult of Mac


6 Totally Strange But Effective Productivity Hacks

In fact, some of these hacks, whether it’s looking at baby animals or grabbing some Z’s, might actually seem counterintuitive. After all, these aren’t your grandpa’s productivity hacks; they’re a little more strange than “go for a walk” or “prioritize your to-do list” – but all of these methods can help you stay refreshed, get refocused, and do your best work.

Startup Employees Think They Are Going To Get Rich — Then A Horror Story Like This Happens

So, if our example company is worth $20 million at the time of the VC investment, and then triples in value, the company is worth $60 million. So, you would think that the employees would get half of that, i.e. $30 million. However, the VC has a 2x liquidation preference, so the first $20 million goes to the VC (i.e. 2x their original investment.) Only after that $20 million is paid out, do the remaining proceeds get split 50/50. Therefore the VC will get every dollar up to $20 million and will split the remaining $40 million with the employees. In this example the VC would get $40 million and the employees get $20 million. So the VC quadrupled their investment despite the company's value only tripling. Meanwhile, the employees only saw a doubling of the value of their shares, despite the company's value tripling.

Here's a peek at the new Cosmos series, hosted by Neil deGrasse Tyson

Yup, that is Neil deGrasse Tyson standing amidst a virtualization of the universe, which can only mean one thing: the astrophysicist has ascended beyond our mortal coil into a higher plane of being! ...Or that we've got our first look at the updated Cosmos series , which was originally helmed by Carl Sagan. The first trailer is just below, and it looks and sounds just as grandiose as you'd hope from the pedigree behind the franchise.

If You Want To Avoid Being Replaced By A Robot, Here's What You Need To Know

Another way to look at it is that humans are not being paid for their work anymore as much as they are being paid to solve problems.  So if you’re a travel agent, you can forget about being paid to book flights, you better learn how to plan the one-of-a-kind vacation that your clients always dreamed of.  Better yet, learn how to suggest one they never thought of.

Why You Need To Rip The Mailing Label Off Magazines As Soon As They Arrive

She did not have a tape recorder? And she pretends to be a seasoned investigative journalist? That’s total crap. There are all sorts of ways of recording interviews. She should know that. The fact that she misrepresented herself to him in emails about his model train hobby shows she understands deception. At the old Newsweek, she would have been fired for that. But the fact that she now says she cannot produce a recording of her conversation is, I believe, because it would not corroborate what she is now saying. Furthermore, she is now, suddenly, for the first time, 24 hours later, saying, “I was prepared up until the day I spoke to him for him to laugh and say it was a ridiculous coincidence. But he didn’t; he acknowledged it. I told him, ‘You’re acknowledging Bitcoin and if you weren’t involved you need to tell me now.’ He said, ‘I cannot do that.’” If she had truly said that, she would have put it in her article to support the two quotes she used, flagrantly, out of context. That, in fact, is the most damaging quote she’s got… “I told him, ‘You’re acknowledging Bitcoin and if you weren’t involved you need to tell me now.

6 Helpful Sleeping Tips to Make Daylight Savings a Dream

"Think of it this way — it’s easier to wait to eat at 8 p.m. than it is to force yourself to eat at 4 p.m. when you’re not hungry," Winter says. "The same goes for sleep. If you wait until you’re actually sleepy, you’ll get a more quality night of sleep — even if it’s only five hours."

Leo-Loving Instagrammer Takes '90s Heartthrob on NYC Adventure

Amazingly, the photos seamlessly insert baby Leo right into our modern context. There's no place in New York that the anachronistic Leo looks unwelcome. But then again, we can't think of a place where even modern Leo would be unwelcome.

How We Got From 0 to 500,000 Downloads On A Budget

How do you approach this daunting task? Here are some tips and tricks that helped me grow the downloads for our app Bazaart from 0 to 500,000 organically, spending very little to no money at all.

Lomography's $35 DIY Camera: Fun to Build, a Pain to Use [REVIEW]

The first issue involves a faulty film counter wheel and film-advance knob located on the top right of the camera. The film counter wheel is supposed to move together with the film-advance knob so you know which frame you're on. But since the two parts aren't permanently attached together in any way, you'll almost certainly have no idea how many shots you have left on a roll of film, unless you keep count yourself. This design oversight is also problematic for other reasons: It's easy to create unwanted double exposures and waste lots of shots because of overwinding.

Julian Assange at SXSW: All Talk but Nothing to Say

While Assange may not have shared anything new or enlightening with the audience, the fact that he chose SXSW as a platform to share his views speaks volumes about the level of gravitas the conference has earned. Next time, we'd just like to have more discussion — and better audio.

The World's Most Insane Air Race Has Finally Returned | Autopia |

After a four-year hold, the Red Bull Air Race is back on tour starting in Abu Dhabi, with pilots hitting 200 mph at less than 70 feet above the Persian Gulf.

This Free Mac App Is Like Netflix For Streaming Torrents | Cult of Mac

Popcorn Time is an open source app for Mac, Windows, and Linux that acts essentially like Netflix for streaming video torrents. The project is “the result of many developers and designers putting a bunch of APIs together to make the experience of watching torrent movies as simple as possible.”

An 8-Step Process to Writing Blog Posts That Don't Suck

In the last few months, I’ve written 20 pieces that have been viewed over two million times. But every time I write, there are still moments where I want to punch myself in the face.

Tomorrow's Apps Will Come From Brilliant (And Risky) Bitcoin Code | Wired Opinion |

Users’ data (including personal data) are not stored locally into users’ devices. They subsist “in the cloud”, in the sense that they are hosted in a distributed database — the blockchain in this case — that is shared amongst all users in the network. This means that data is ubiquitous: It can be accessed at anytime and from anywhere, regardless of the user’s device. But the data is also more transparent: All actions or transactions performed by users are recorded on the blockchain and thus publicly available to everyone (although the identity of users can be kept secret and the content of such transactions can of course be encrypted).

The Best Upcoming Cell Phones

Samsung W750 "Huron" With Microsoft's Windows Phone 8.1 announcement coming up in early April, what phones will carry the banner for the new OS? We've heard precious little about what might be coming from Nokia to U.S. carriers. The best option we've heard about is the upcoming Samsung W750 "Huron," which sounds like a Windows Phone based on the Samsung Galaxy S4 hardware platform. That will make it an interesting alternative to our Editors' Choice Nokia Lumia Icon   on Verizon, and another high-end option for a Windows Phone community that often seems starved of them.

What The World's Wealthiest Can Buy With Their Billions: Hair Dye And Hermès For Everyone!

I track billionaires’ fortunes and cover the comeback of America’s Heartland. Born and raised in Ohio, I went to Brown University, where I majored in history but spent most of my time writing for the Brown Daily Herald and the Associated Press. I interned for two summers on Forbes' SportsMoney team, then switched over to the Reinventing America section, which focuses on the hands-dirty businesses between the coasts that make up the bulk of the American economy yet get relatively little national attention. Now I’m on my third beat, digging through regulatory findings to figure out how much dough is in the hands of the world’s richest people. Find me on Twitter @DanAlexander21.

Punching virtual sharks for points with the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion

Chaotic Moon's proper Oculus Rift education demo begins by placing a user within a virtual classroom. At the front of this room is an interactive periodic table that the "student," acting on instructions from a nearby teacher, uses to pull elements together and create a molecule of H2O, also known as water. Once that goal's been achieved, the molecules begin to multiply in a chain filling the room and, eventually, transforming into water; water which then floods the classroom. It's at this point the student finds him/herself immersed in an undersea environment populated by swimming fish. Chance told us that it was this tempting virtual environment that prompted a multitude of users to wonder aloud, "Can I punch those fish?" If you've ever submerged yourself in the Oculus Rift's VR world, you'd understand the impulse.

Astronauts Will Take Your Questions Now, SXSW. From Space.

Space Station on May 29, 2011 S134-E-010590 (29 May 2011) --- Backdropped by Earth's horizon and the blackness of space, the International Space Station is featured in this image photographed by an STS-134 crew member on the space shuttle Endeavour after the station and shuttle began their post-undocking relative separation. Undocking of the two spacecraft occurred at 11:55 p.m. (EDT) on May 29, 2011. Endeavour spent 11 days, 17 hours and 41 minutes attached to the orbiting laboratory. Photo credit: NASA

Of Bitcoin and doxxing: Is revealing Satoshi Nakamoto's identity okay because it was Newsweek and not Reddit?

Newsweek has identified a man it believes is the creator of Bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, and published details about his personal life. How is this different from what Reddit users and others have been widely criticized for doing with the Boston bombers?

After Taxpayer-Funded Flops, Tesla's 'Dangerously Ambitious' Gigafactory Could Save U.S. Battery Business

It wasn’t too long ago that the Obama Administration was handing out money by the fistful to anyone who wanted to get into the advanced battery business . His 2009 economic stimulus plan was packed with green initiatives, including $2.4 billion in grants – not loans — to 48 recipients to set up U.S. manufacturing facilities that would produce the high-tech lithium-ion batteries and related components needed to fulfill his dream of 1 million plug-in hybrid vehicles on the roads by 2015.

9 Stunning Images From the First Two Episodes of Cosmos | Underwire |

This Sunday, Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey debuts on Fox. Somehow, it’s been 34 years since Carl Sagan and his turtleneck first piloted his Spaceship of the Imagination through the original Cosmos miniseries on PBS. Since the new series was first announced with astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson taking over as narrator for the late Sagan, we’ve been wondering about the difference that three decades of special-effects technology could have—and now, with this early look at the new series’ visual development, we finally get our answer.

Power Brick battery charges phones, clicks with Lego pieces

The 4,200 mAh power pack comes with four slanted official Lego bricks that can be attached to turn the device into a stand for your phone. Chances are, if you're interested in buying this, you already have a Lego stash of your own to add onto it. You could build a little throne and set your iPhone in it, or turn it into a landing pad for your "Star Wars" Lego ships.

Did You Invent Bitcoin? Take Our Simple Quiz to Find Out.

Newsweek  reintroduced itself to the world this week with  a fascinating and meticulously researched cover story that definitively proves that the mysterious creator of bitcoin is in fact … well, might be … er, at least has several things in common with a 64-year-old Los Angeles-area man whose birth name was Satoshi Nakamoto. But is that Satoshi Nakamoto  the  Satoshi Nakamoto? Or does the real Satoshi Nakamoto still lurk among us, chortling to himself or herself or themselves as he/she/they  post(s) laconic denials on obscure social networks ?

Why Bitcoin Doesn't Want a Real Satoshi Nakamoto | Wired Enterprise |

What’s more, if Satoshi is identified, it could cause extreme personal problems for this individual — as the events of yesterday and today have shown. Reporters are still camped out on Dorian Nakamoto’s lawn this morning. A publicly identified Satoshi could be the subject of civil lawsuits or regulatory inquiries. “It’s very easy to get sued once people know who to sue. Whether there’s merit to the suit is another question,” Cabou says. And with the real Satoshi controlling an apparent $400 million in online currency, he could also be targeted by criminals here in the real world.

18 Inspirational Quotes to Celebrate International Women's Day

In honor of the ladies who have inspired, paved the way and given hope to so many of us, we rounded up powerful quotes from the female heroines who have helped women persevere and prosper throughout the years. Whether their words make us laugh, uplifted us or commiserated with us, these women have had profound impacts on our lives.

Short people may be short on brains, study says

This Sunday morning, our clocks spring forward one hour to mark the beginning of daylight saving time. While it might be nice for some to have more light at the end of the day, it can be tough for bodies to adjust to darker mornings. In this Tech Minute, CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on some ways technology can help ease the transition.

Drone Hire

Watch a man get stunned by the Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone (stun copter!)

You're gonna want to steer clear of this CUPID. The Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, or "stun copter," can deliver 80,000 volts of pure projectile terror directly into the skin of an ill-intentioned hoodlum. This is serious business for Chaotic Moon, the folks behind SharkPunch and the Pizza Hut touch table . The Austin-based design studio created the flying machine as a tech demo, but CUPID could be quickly brought to production whenever a personal security or law enforcement client sees fit. This prototype unit is based on a Tarot Hexacopter, originally designed to carry a digital SLR for video and aerial photo shoots. With a Phazzer Dragon on board, however, a few modifications made this an entirely different beast. Stun-gun drone at SXSW See all photos 19 Photos

The Best iPad Games

iPad games are so much more than casual games that task you with slinging birds at swine. This surprisingly deep category caters to casual and hardcore gamers alike. Here are our 80 of our favorite titles.

LIDAR-Lite by PulsedLight

“PulsedLight takes distance range finding from the expensive, closed solution that it is today to small, cheap and open. This is tremendously appealing to us at 3D Robotics, as is the potential this has for getting us to truly autonomous UAVs without relying solely on GPS.” - Chris Anderson , CEO of 3D Robotics

Why We Crave Shared Experiences

There’s been a lot of research that supports the existence of these “Communitas,” but you already know that they are real. They’re experienced all the time. High-fiving the stranger next to you at your team’s sporting event. Soldiers returning from war that feel closer than brothers. The entire Breakfast Club for God’s sake!

Execute Your App Marketing Plan Effectively

Execution is often one of the most difficult aspects for businesses, since anyone can have compelling ideas on how to grow a company but making those ideas come to life is a completely different story.

Which Top-Level Domain Names Are Right For You?

New domain names are launching at a rate of seven per week just this past month alone. As more new domains become available, it may be difficult to figure out which is best for you to purchase.

Intelligent Forklifts Reshape the Warehouse

Intelligent forklifts promote new process flows in the warehouse.  When integrated to a WMS, the forklift’s fork and be raised or lowered much quicker. The WMS directs a forklift to a pick location. Once at the location, the forklift knows whether the pallet to be picked is being stored at a height of three feet, six feet, or whatever. The operator pushes a button on the console and the forks move at the maximum safe speed, a speed considerably faster than the operator would be apt to move them.

Sass 3.3 is Released « Sass Blog

After ironing out a bunch of bugs in numerous release candidates, we're finally ready to release Sass 3.3.0, codename Maptastic Maple, for public consumption. This release has a lot of exciting new features that you can read about in full in the changelog , but there are three that I want to draw your attention to in particular.

This iPhone case can read your blood pressure

When you look at it, you’d be hard pressed to see Wello as anything other than a standard iPhone case. It’s a fairly innocuous black plastic cover that slides onto your phone and provides protection, just like any other case would. The difference is that Wello has a small chip embedded inside, and two sensors on the back. When you hold your fingers over the sensors for a few seconds, they can read a number of your vital signs including blood oxygen level, blood pressure, electrocardiography (ECG), heart rate, respiration and temperature. Wello can even read lung functions with an included spirometer attachment.

Rapid-fire Comet Collisions Create Planetary System With The Potential For Life

Comets trap vast amounts of carbon monoxide and other gases in their frosty interiors and then release the lot when they smash into each other. In the Beta Pictoris system, however, the comet collisions also indicate that there may be another planet as yet unseen from Earth orbiting the star. If the rocky space projectiles were ramming into each other randomly, the carbon monoxide would be spread across the system. Instead the CO is clumping into a single mass around 13 billion kilometres from the central star.

On the Front Lines: Exclusive Photos of the Ukraine-Russia Standoff

, visited a checkpoint Saturday on a road a few kilometers north of Crimea. On either side of the checkpoint, Ukraine forces faced their Russian counterparts in a vivid microcosm of the global, east-west struggle over Crimea. In one area near the Russian encampment, it appears that a minefield has been dug. His excursion took place as tension escalated in Ukraine and the Crimean peninsula. Warning shots were fired to prevent an international observer mission from entering Crimea, and there were new reports of Russian reinforcements arriving there. Here is a collection of photos Feldman took on Saturday morning in and around the city of Chonhar, along with his observations.

The 10 Most-Pirated Movies

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