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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review

The best smartphone in the world right now

Kevin Bacon finally endorses eggs

Forget six degrees of separation, these families need a restraining order.

Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Galaxy S6

These Samsung phones look alike, but there are big changes inside

Facebook wants to detect slang before it's popular

A software glossary patent would pick up on your lingo while it's still fresh.

Karate kid just can't hide his pain anymore

This little kid works so hard to keep his cool on stage, but he eventually lets it all come out.

BioWare loses another storyteller as Cameron Harris steps down

This is the studio's third major departure in 2016 and the second from the 'Mass Effect: Andromeda' team.

7 things you can do to champion women in 2016

We're living in a feminist moment. Here's how to make the most of it.

SEC sues Wells Fargo and Rhode Island for game loan disaster

The pair misled investors over 38 Studios deal, commission alleges.

New J.K. Rowling stories to debut about wizarding history in America

"The wizarding world you thought you knew is much bigger than you imagined." Four original stories by Rowling will debut in "Magic in North America" series this week on the Pottermore website.

Steve Wozniak sides with Apple in 'lame' FBI iPhone case

He opines to Conan O'Brien that the FBI "picked the lamest case they ever could." Woz doubts the government would find anything on the iPhone that Apple has been told to unlock.

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11 influential feminists share the best lessons they've learned from other women

"Most of what I learned — like critique the work, not the person making it; don't say what you don't like without a reason for it; don't problem-solve for them; if you're going to give suggestions, give three rather than one; if you're the one whose work is being critiqued, stay quiet and listen until it's over — have helped with collaborating not only in making stuff, but in everyday life."

Teach girls bravery, not perfection

We're raising our girls to be perfect, and we're raising our boys to be brave, says Reshma Saujani, the founder of Girls Who Code. Saujani has taken up the charge to socialize young girls to take risks and learn to program — two skills they need to move society forward. To truly innovate, we cannot leave behind half of our population, she says. "I need each of you to tell every young woman you know to be comfortable with imperfection."

Confessions of a bad feminist

When writer Roxane Gay dubbed herself a "bad feminist," she was making a joke, acknowledging that she couldn't possibly live up to the demands for perfection of the feminist movement. But she's realized that the joke rang hollow. In a thoughtful and provocative talk, she asks us to embrace all flavors of feminism — and make the small choices that, en masse, might lead to actual change.

Her Code Got Humans on the Moon—And Invented Software Itself

One day, Lauren was playing with the MIT command module simulator’s display-and-keyboard unit, nicknamed the DSKY (dis-key). As she toyed with the keyboard, an error message popped up. Lauren had crashed the simulator by somehow launching a prelaunch program called P01 while the simulator was in midflight. There was no reason an astronaut would ever do this, but nonetheless, Hamilton wanted to add code to prevent the crash. That idea was overruled by NASA. “We had been told many times that astronauts would not make any mistakes,” she says. “They were trained to be perfect.” So instead, Hamilton created a program note—an add-on to the program’s documentation that would be available to NASA engineers and the astronauts: “Do not select P01 during flight,” it said. Hamilton wanted to add error-checking code to the Apollo system that would prevent this from messing up the systems. But that seemed excessive to her higher-ups. “Everyone said, ‘That would never happen,’” Hamilton remembers.

The Risk I Will Not Take

In a three-way race, it’s unlikely any candidate would win a majority of electoral votes, and then the power to choose the president would be taken out of the hands of the American people and thrown to Congress. The fact is, even if I were to receive the most popular votes and the most electoral votes, victory would be highly unlikely, because most members of Congress would vote for their party’s nominee. Party loyalists in Congress -- not the American people or the Electoral College -- would determine the next president.

Our refugee system is failing. Here's how we can fix it

A million refugees arrived in Europe this year, says Alexander Betts, and "our response, frankly, has been pathetic." Betts studies forced migration, the impossible choice for families between the camps, urban poverty and dangerous illegal journeys to safety. In this insightful talk, he offers four ways to change the way we treat refugees, so they can make an immediate contribution to their new homes. "There's nothing inevitable about refugees being a cost," Betts says. "They're human beings with skills, talents, aspirations, with the ability to make contributions — if we let them."

Microsoft is bringing SQL Server to Linux

Today, the company is previewing a SQL Server for Linux that features the core relational database features of SQL Server 2016. The aim is to allow companies to run databases on Linux as well as Windows Server.

Samsung Galaxy S7 review: Nailed it

So I tested the Samsung Galaxy S7 in London and Berlin, while colleagues also took it for a spin it in San Francisco and Sydney. And you know what? It did great. Better than great. In fact, the S7 was an awesome phone that never cracked under the pressure of being the only way I take pictures and navigate completely unfamiliar terrain, all while keeping battery life going during long days out. And it did so with more finesse than existing phones. I'd call it the best all-around phone out there, better even than the excellent Google Nexus 6P and iPhone 6S . (But not quite as sexy as its fraternal twin, the larger curvy-screen S7 Edge , my top pick if you want to splurge.)

Google's Project Fi no longer requires an invitation to join

After nearly a year, Google is ready to drop the velvet ropes that have kept Project Fi off-limits for most Americans. As of today , anyone in the US can sign up for the simpler, data-centric wireless service without requiring an invitation -- if you're tired of your existing carrier charging for more data than you use, you can jump ship at any time. You'll still need a Project Fi-friendly smartphone (the Nexus 5X, 6 or 6P) or tablet (the Nexus 9, newer iPads or the Galaxy Tab S) for this to work. However, Google is sweetening the pot by discounting the Nexus 5X to as little as $199 if you buy it at the same time as you activate service. That's a good deal if you're already in the market for a mid-range Android phone.

Watch Us Epically Fail NASA’s Astronaut Test

Always dreamed of going to space? Yeah, me too. With NASA now mid-hunt for their next class of astronauts, WIRED decided to take a trip to the Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX to get a sneak peak of what these future space explorers would go through if they’re lucky enough to make the cut.

Alaska Airlines is adjusting a plane's flight plan so passengers can see tomorrow's solar eclipse

Lucky passengers on tomorrow's Alaska Airlines Flight 870 will get a special sight when they look out the window: a total solar eclipse. The flight from Anchorage to Honolulu purposefully adjusted its departure time so that the plane's passengers could see the eclipse's totality — the period when the entire solar disc is covered and only the outer edges are visible.

Google hires the creator of 4chan

Either way, it's definitely a big change of pace. Poole established 4chan as the message board where almost anything goes, and indirectly helped launch Anonymous , legendary pranks and countless internet memes -- he's jumping from the internet's counterculture to the mainstream in less than a year. While it's not surprising given the incentives (Poole didn't make a lot of money from 4chan before the sale), the Google hire is bound to catch some of his admirers off-guard.

Anyone in the U.S. can now sign up for Google’s Project Fi

Project Fi is a pretty innovative service when you compare it with standard wireless service — for one thing, the cost can be very appealing, but there’s also a useful app for monitoring usage and excellent support. The service starts at $20 per month for unlimited calling and texting and $10 for every gigabyte of data you want to use each month. In December, Google bolstered Project Fi by introducing data-only SIM cards that you can put into secondary devices, including some iPads.

The Next Web on Twitter

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The White House Wants You to Build Tools to Improve Our Cities

The goal of The Opportunity Project is to make local and federal datasets easily sortable and available online, so developers can combine them to build new civic tech tools to improve the relationship between cities and their citizens. The site, which launched today, features data on everything from crime to after-school programs to government job listings in nine major cities, including New York and San Francisco.

4 Tactics to Improve Your Daily Social Media Marketing Routine : Social Media Examiner

When you create a Feedly account , you can type in a search term that’s related to your business, and you can add any of the returned results to your Feedly RSS feed. In the example below, I typed in “social media.”

Why Iron Man Isn't the Villain in Captain America: Civil War - IGN

Producer Nate Moore also brought up the Marvel comics source material, remarking, “When we decided to do Civil War, you read the books again and you realize he really is the villain. He makes a series of decisions that all of us would go, 'Well, that’s questionable if not evil, to do X,Y, and Z.' So we wanted to kind of take those off the table. He’s not cloning Thor, those kinds of ideas that are really fun when you read them on the page, but I think in publishing, it took me a couple years before I was cool with Tony Stark again. In the film, I think the big focus for us in breaking the story was making Tony’s argument so compelling that you go, ‘He’s kinda right.’ And then making Cap so compelling that you go, ‘ He’s kinda right. For very different reasons. And they’re both motivated by two very different things.”

How to Watch the Total Solar Eclipse if You’re on the Wrong Side of the Planet

On March 8 and 9, the moon will throw some serious shade on Southeast Asia during a total solar eclipse. A partial solar eclipse will be visible to a wider area, including Australia, Hawaii, and Alaska. But if you’re not going to be under the moon’s dusky shadow, you can still catch the astronomical event right here on Slooh’s livestream, starting tomorrow at 6 pm Eastern.

Microsoft joins the Eclipse foundation, open sources some of its plugins

Visual Studio users need not worry; Microsoft is not planning to dump Visual Studio and replace it with Eclipse or anything like that. Rather, this is about ensuring that there are as few barriers as possible between developers and things like VSTS and Azure. As with so many of the company's recent cross-platform and open source efforts, the goal is to ensure that Microsoft tech is readily available and accessible even if you're not using .NET, Windows, or Visual Studio. After all, even if you're not using any of those things, there's still money to be made from Azure. Microsoft wants to bring its technology to wherever the developers are. Since Java developers often use Eclipse, that means building better support for Azure and VSTS for Eclipse.

Facebook Messenger gets a Material Design makeover on Android

Head of Messenger David Marcus  took to social media today to announce the new look, which uses a variety of Material Design elements, including a floating action button for starting new chats.

4chan founder Chris Poole now works for Google

When meeting with current and former Googlers, I continually find myself drawn to their intelligence, passion, and enthusiasm — as well as a universal desire to share it with others. I’m also impressed by Google’s commitment to enabling these same talented people to tackle some of the world’s most interesting and important problems.

State Investigative Report On Trump Shows Complexity Of Alleged Mob Ties

In the end, the DGE investigators didn't recommend any further action, stating that: "Most of the significant matters in the book have been previously investigated by the division and reported to the Casino Control Commission." The agency's findings didn't surprise Barrett, who says that the regulators couldn't be expected to rule against a developer as powerful as Trump: "The book and the public record is replete with evidence that DGE and the CCC caved to Donald again and again. I am not questioning the integrity of the agents that conducted the review of some of the book's allegations, but Donald controlled 40 percent of the rooms in Atlantic City when the report was done. No way that two state agencies could allow a book to dethrone the king."

The best features on the Galaxy S7

Samsung's Galaxy phones were always packed with features, but they've never been as good as they are on the Galaxy S7.

ExxonMobil lets you buy gas using Apple Pay at the pump

The ExxonMobil system is unlike Apple Pay as it was first presented. In that initial method, you wave an iPhone 6 or later device at a register to pay for goods. The phone talks to the register using a technology called near-field communication, or NFC. You also can use Apple Pay to make purchases in apps without having to enter your credit card information each time, which is the feature used by ExxonMobil. Apple Pay is accepted at more than 2 million US locations.

You Can Watch Amazon's First Live Show Tonight—If You Can Bear It

Amazon’s first-ever live TV show will air tonight. Called Style Code Live , it will features three exuberant presenters attempting to sell Amazon’s clothing stock. Yes, it’s a shopping channel. No, you probably won’t be able to endure it.

Sony finally hands out free game codes for its 2011 hack

It's been almost five years since PlayStation services went down for 23 days.

How to pass a programming interview

The problem is that this can be faked. Some candidates manage to convince every company they talk to that it’s their dream job, while others (who are genuinely excited) fail to convince anyone. We’ve seen this again and again. The solution is for everyone to get better at showing their enthusiasm. This is not permission to lie. But interviewing is like dating. No one wants to be told on a first date that they are one option among many, even though this is usually the case. Similarly, most programmers just want a good job with a good paycheck. But stating this in an interview is a mistake. The best approach is to prepare notes before an interview about what you find exciting about the company, and bring this up with each interviewer when they ask if you have any questions. A good source of ideas is to read the company’s recent blog posts and press releases and note the ones you find exciting.

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Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is the sexy alternative to the iPhone 6S Plus

The switch to a metal-and-glass design last year meant Samsung had to drop two features that differentiated its phones from others.The first is expandable storage. The S7 Edge has a microSD card slot integrated into its SIM card tray. Since the S7 Edge only comes with 32GB of storage (8GB of which is dedicated to the OS), getting a microSD card to expand the storage is practically a must if you want to store lots of apps, music, photos and videos. The S7 Edge can take microSD cards up to 2TB. Good lucking finding one, though, because memory cards in that size aren’t yet commercially available. SanDisk sells a 200GB microSD card ($80 on Amazon) , which is pretty darn cheap.

REVIEW: You're going to love Samsung's Galaxy S7

It’s an amazing feat of engineering that Samsung was able to build a phone this beautiful, yet this functional. Even though it has an all metal and glass design, Samsung figured out how to make the Galaxy S7 waterproof for up to 30 minutes under a meter of water, without needing to seal the charging port with a plug like on other water resistant phones. If you’re scratching your head over how Samsung out-engineered Apple on that one, you’re not alone. But it works. It’s the kind of feature that should be standard on all premium phones.

Verizon can't share web activity with advertisers unless you opt in

In addition to the new opt-in policy, Verizon also has to pay a $1.35 million fine and implement a three-year compliance plan to settle the FCC probe. The Commission found that though Verizon had been using the supercookies to track user activity as early as late 2012, the company failed to disclose the practice until October 2014. What's more, the wireless carrier didn't update its privacy policy to include the use of UIDH or provide customers a way to opt out until late March 2015. The FCC noted the failure to do so was a violation of the 2010 Open Internet Transparency Rule. If you'll recall, the Commission fined AT&T $100 million for violating the same rule in regards to throttling unlimited data plans last year.

Let's Encrypt has issued its first million certificates

At 9:04am GMT today, the Let's Encrypt Certificate Authority issued its millionth certificate . This is an amazing success, coming only 3 months and 5 days since a beta version of the service became publicly available. We're very excited to be building a more secure and fully encrypted future for the World Wide Web.

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Skype opens the door to the Middle East with real-time Arabic translation

Skype Translator is still in preview mode after around a year and a half in beta – and four years in development – but the team has announced a new milestone for its real-time natural language processing tool as Arabic goes live on the service.

The New York Times is testing pop-up ads asking users to disable ad blockers

The New York Times is the latest website to employ a pop-up to encourage readers using ad blockers to whitelist their site, according to Ad Age . The news site began testing out various methods including pop-up ads to get users to either whitelist the website or subscribe to the paper (which ironically still won't get rid of the ads) on a select group of readers.

Truecaller app gets a dialer and new smarts as the company phases out standalone Truedialer app

If you’re new to Truecaller, the Stockholm-based company has built a solid reputation over the past seven years with its crowdsourced approach to helping users flag rogue callers, identify unknown telephone numbers, and automatically block those deemed as “spam.” Besides its eponymous Truecaller app, which has claimed more than 200 million downloads, the company also rolled out a separate Truedialer app on Android and Windows Phone back in 2014, one that automatically adds names and photos to unknown numbers in your call history.

I went on the world's worst speed date to show you how not to use Skype Translator

To mark the eighth language added to Skype Translator—Arabic, spoken by 200 million people—I was invited to speak to Dalia*, a Microsoft contractor of Egyptian descent who was currently working in Michigan. Dalia, bless her, was paid to have reporters ask her dozens of inane questions to test out how Skype Translator works.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge (Verizon Wireless)

Comparisons and Conclusions Competition in the realm of larger premium smartphones is intense. The Nexus 6P, the Galaxy Note 5, the LG V10 , and the Motorola Droid Turbo 2  all have unique advantages on Verizon, and I could easily recommend any of them. There's also the iPhone 6s Plus, which frankly doesn't put Apple's best foot forward with its relatively low-res screen, but has many games and social networks that are unique to the iPhone platform. So why am I making the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge our Editors' Choice? You're getting the most phone per square inch, and more importantly the biggest battery.

Samsung Galaxy S7 (Verizon Wireless)

Battery life on the sealed-in 3,000mAh cell is noticeably better than on the S6. I did more battery tests than usual on this phone, because the Galaxy S6 had an annoying habit of draining its battery really quickly in standby mode. Unfortunately, this behavior tended to appear only after a month or two, and I haven't had the S7 for a month or two. But early signs are promising. The S7 got 9 hours in our video streaming rundown, as compared with 7 hours, 13 minutes for the S6. In standby mode without heavy CPU usage, the S7 drained 11 percent of its battery in eight hours. Not bad. Intense usage killed it in about 6.5 hours, which isn't too bad either.

42 Amazon's first live show is QVC for the YouTube generation

Amazon hasn't yet said which products it'll feature, but it seems a no-brainer that it will peddle its new own-brands like Scout + Ro and Society New York. As a live show, it features real-time chat, letting viewers pose questions to guests and hosts. Guests, as you might expect, include fashion bloggers and YouTube stars like Tati Westbrook, and upcoming episodes feature pop star Meghan Trainor and actor Keri Russell. The 30 minute show, which will air five days a week starting today at 9PM ET, is obviously targeted at a specific niche, but you have to admit that it's a genius way for Amazon marry its streaming and and shopping services.

Indiegogo launches push to support female entrepreneurs

Indiegogo wants to do more to help women become entrepreneurs in the technology industry across the next year. To coincide with International Women's Day,* the crowdfunding site is launching a program to push women-run campaigns between now and March 2017. The site has partnered with organizations like Girls in Tech and Blooming Founders to help novice creators get their projects onto the site. If they sign up with the program, they'll also receive "additional campaign mentoring" from Indiegogo staffers. Indiegogo also wants to remind people that it's already hosted some blockbuster female-fronted campaigns, such as the Jibo social robot and Axent Wear's cat-ear headphones .


littleBits designed its latest kit with both students and teachers in mind. Its new STEAM Student set is meant to help educators teach kids grades 3 to 8 Science, Technology, Engineering, Art/Design and Math subjects by having them invent little gizmos. Each set includes 19 electronic pieces, including various sensors and motors, as well as 38 accessories that kids can use. Plus, it comes with guides both students and teachers can consult if they want to see specific instructions on how to make small self-driving cars, a robot that can draw or even a security device for backpacks.

45 Google to take on Go champion in historic man vs machine battle

If South Korean Go master Lee Se-dol loses to the AlphaGo program, it will be a historic first for the AI community, reminiscent of IBM computer Deep Blue’s victory over chess grandmaster Garry Kasparov in 1997. This milestone was previously thought to be decades away, and could signal that machines are far closer to true human-like intelligence than we had thought.

Microsoft goes after pirates who allegedly activated 'thousands of copies' of Windows, Office

With Windows 10, Microsoft again altered activation by debuting -- in some, but not all cases -- something called "digital entitlement," which stores the activation status of a device on Microsoft's servers. Once an activation status is set to a device, it should remain activated, even after a reinstallation of the software (with some caveats, such as significant changes to the hardware). Digital entitlement can be thought of a move to do away with, or at least reduce reliance on, the 25-character keys, and so as a new way to combat the piracy alleged in the court case.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Review: Head of the Smartphone Class

Samsung’s design reckoning includes reviving a few actually useful features it had killed off too soon. I tripled my Galaxy S7’s 32GB built-in storage by adding an $18 64 GB MicroSD card in the SIM tray. Shame on Apple (and, previously, Samsung) for charging $100 to up storage to 64GB. And I’m also glad Samsung brought back water resistance—up to 5 feet of water for 30 minutes—without requiring a special USB plug.

Coleco officially pulls its name from the Chameleon (update)

Last month the Coleco Chameleon showed up at Toy Fair promising a taste of retro-gaming glory. But those promises have come to naught after a non-start to its Kickstarter and numerous accusations regarding faked prototypes . Today the Chameleon suffers another blow as Coleco Holdings, the company with the rights to the Coleco name and properties, has terminated its association with RetroVGS and the Chameleon project.

Gritty Photos From a Broke-Down Mining Town in the Mojave Desert

Beyond shooting landscapes, Telford wandered around looking for interesting people. He didn’t have much of a plan and often whiled away time sitting in a bar or café chatting up locals. He photographed a variety of Trona’s folks aged 10 to 70. Most of them had an emotional attachment to the town and its desolate locale. You may see a wasteland. They see home. “They have affection for it,” he says. “They feel comfortable and they don’t have any particular judgment to make one way or another.”

Google hires the founder of lawless site 4chan to help revive Google+

Google's long ailing social network, Google+ is about to get a little help from the guy who built one of the most infamous online communities.

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70 This Drone Can Map The World In 3-D
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74 Samsung Galaxy S7 review: Nailed it
75 Samsung’s new Galaxy S7 phones are beautiful
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