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Apple makes available fifth developer beta releases of iOS 10.3, watchOS 3.2, and tvOS 10.2

Google Play Music’s first original podcast is a guide to city soundtracks

Google Play Music has today launched its first original podcast, City Soundtracks. Available on Google’s streaming service (and on iTunes!), the series will offer listeners a guide round the...

Tesla's new solar energy station will power Hawaii at night

Energy generated during the day will power Kauai when the sun goes down.

'No Man's Sky' update adds ground vehicles to the mix

You'll also find PS4 Pro support, a photo mode and much more.

Tesla’s Kauai solar facility will offset 1.6M gallons of fuel use per year

Tesla's Kauai solar power facility is officially open for business as of Friday, with a 13 MW SolarCity solar farm installation providing power to a Powerpack..

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Go forth and kick the gender gap's ass with these quotes by women in tech

I’ve always competed with the boys… so all my life I’ve lived with those sour ones who don’t think a girl can do it, or playing nice on what they perceive as their turf means getting stepped on. I’m used to it – I don’t dwell on it much – but I can say that those boys best come prepared, ’cause girls like us never aren’t. — Laura Lippay , Organic Search and Technical Optimization Lead, Netflix

Apple says it's patched

An Apple spokesperson told TechCrunch : "Apple is deeply committed to safeguarding our customers' privacy and security. The technology built into today's iPhone represents the best data security available to consumers, and we're constantly working to keep it that way. Our products and software are designed to quickly get security updates into the hands of our customers, with nearly 80 percent of users running the latest version of our operating system. While our initial analysis indicates that many of the issues leaked today were already patched in the latest iOS, we will continue work to rapidly address any identified vulnerabilities. We always urge customers to download the latest iOS to make sure they have the most recent security updates."

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con work with NES Classic Edition thanks to this adapter

Unlike the original NES Classic Edition gamepad, using the Switch's Joy-Con or Pro Controller on the Retro Receiver also allows for home button functionality - making it so you can switch between games or reload your Suspend Points without having to get up from the couch.

5 Practical Things Men Can Do For Gender Equality At Work | Fast Company | The Future Of Business

The more men speak up for their wishes to spend time with their families and share the burdens of new parenthood, the less sigma there will be for both men and women to take time off, and the less pressure and strain everyone will feel. And the more male managers who lead by example, the more both men and women will feel that parenthood at work isn’t a liability.

Uber says it will stop targeting city officials with ‘Greyball,’ the secret tool it used to deceive regulators

Called Greyball, the tool displayed a fake view to certain users of its app, making it appear as if there were no Uber cars driving around the streets. In cities that were trying to ban or curtail Uber from operating, like Boston, Paris and Las Vegas, this tool was an ideal way for Uber to dodge officials seeking to catch the company in the act.

Uber will stop ‘greyballing’ government regulators

In a blog post , Uber’s Chief Security Officer Joe Sullivan writes that the company has “started a review of the different ways this technology has been used to date,” and that it is “expressly prohibiting its use to target action by local regulators going forward.” The post notes that it will take some time to enforce the prohibition due to “the way our systems are configured.”

Android Nougat: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

After a system update has automatically downloaded, it will be applied in the background and then suspended. During and after the update, the user will continue using the device in the pre-updated version. Once the user reboots the device, the updated version will be taken out of suspension and replace the previously running instance. This is an important evolution, as users tend to ignore system updates (which often include bug and security fixes).

Uber can resume testing self-driving cars in California

The ride-hailing company was granted a permit Wednesday to test autonomous cars on public roads, the California Department of Motor Vehicles said Wednesday. The permit authorizes the company to operate two self-driving cars and allows 48 people to sit behind the wheel of the vehicle to take over vehicle operation in the case of malfunction.

Welcome Kaggle to Google Cloud

By Fei-Fei Li, Chief Scientist, Google Cloud AI and Machine Learning San Francisco  — Today, I’m excited to announce that Kaggle will be joining Google Cloud. Founded in 2010, Kaggle is home to the world's largest community of data scientists and machine learning enthusiasts. More than 800,000 data experts use Kaggle to explore, analyze and understand the latest updates in machine learning and data analytics. Kaggle is the best place to search and analyze public datasets, build machine learning models and grow your data science expertise. During my keynote talk at Next ‘17, I emphasized the importance of democratizing AI. We must lower the barriers of entry to AI and make it available to the largest community of developers, users and enterprises, so they can apply it to their own unique needs. With Kaggle joining the Google Cloud team, we can accelerate this mission. Kaggle and Google Cloud will continue to support machine learning training and deployment services, while offering the community the ability to store and query large datasets. I’m thrilled to welcome Kaggle to the team.

Apple celebrates International Women's day on iTunes and iBookstore | Cult of Mac

Apple is going all out to feature great media that promotes strong women by creating special sections in iTunes and Apple Music for International Women’s Day.

Nintendo Switches are flying off the shelves

Nintendo Switches are flying off the shelves Nintendo said The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the adventure game receiving rave reviews from critics, was the best-selling standalone launch title ever for Nintendo during the first two days of availability. Check out this story on

What's Microsoft after with Windows Server on ARM?

An assumption of lower costs might be part of the Microsoft equation, whether because of the lower power requirements of ARM processors or the fact that, with more vendors producing ARM silicon, Microsoft could play one or more against others, Moorhead maintained. "It could be lower costs or it could be performance," he said, as he called the Windows Server-on-ARM move "significant."

WikiLeaks: Here's how the CIA hacks your phones, TVs and PCs

The organization releases thousands of documents it claims show how the US spy agency can crack open devices from Apple, Samsung, Google and Microsoft.

Forbes Welcome

When you're able to convey a true sense of conviction and enthusiasm, you can break through skepticism.

The female mathematician who changed the course of physics—but couldn’t get a job

Unable to make progress, Hilbert turned to the only person he believed might have the specialized knowledge and insight to help. This would-be-savior wasn’t even allowed to be a student at Göttingen once upon a time, but Hilbert had long become a fan of this mathematician’s highly "abstract" approach (which Hilbert considered similar to his own style). He managed to recruit this soon-to-be partner to Göttingen about the same time Einstein showed up.

Can This Man Save GoPro?

In January, CJ Prober took on a challenge that has become frustratingly common in techdom: turning around a publicly traded hardware company whose products are no longer hits. Prober is GoPro Inc.'s new chief operating officer, a position that had been vacant for about two years. His promotion followed a rocky 2016, during which the action-camera maker suffered production delays for one product, recalled another and abandoned efforts to turn itself into a media company. Sales tanked, GoPro cut its forecast, and investors bolted. The rout continued this week when the shares slid to a record low after Goldman Sachs became the second firm in two days to recommend selling the stock. The shares recovered a little on Wednesday, rising about 1 percent to $8.01 at 10:24 a.m. in New York. 

Google can now recognize objects in videos using machine learning

This new “ Video Intelligence API ” was demoed onstage, and it offered the kind of “whoa” moment you expect from a Google keynote. By playing a short commercial, the API was able to identify the dachshund in the video, when it appeared in the video, and then understand that the whole thing was a commercial. In another demo, we saw a simple search for “beach” and was able to find videos which had scenes from beaches in them, complete with timestamps. That’s similar to how Google Photos lets you search for “sunset” and pull up your best late-day snapshots.

Why machine learning and data analysis are critical to Google's success in the cloud - TechRepublic

At the 2017 Google Cloud Next conference, machine learning efforts took center stage in the first keynote address, highlighting Google's work with data as a core asset.

Scientists Finally Observed Time Crystals—But What the Hell Are They?

My first question was, “What is a time crystal?” Harvard graduate students Soonwon Choi, Joonhee Choi and postdoctoral researcher Renate Landig all started laughing. “That’s a very good question,” said Soonwon. The time crystal’s silly science fiction name shrouds its deep quantum mechanical nuance. Sometimes a name is simply the easiest approximation to describe something far more complex than inquiring minds can conjure.

20 Facebook debuts its first dedicated virtual reality app, Facebook 360

Facebook has devoted major resources and billions of dollars to virtual reality, but there has been a pretty clear line between what happens in the main Facebook app and what happens on the Oculus Rift and Gear VR.

How mobile tech is failing workers and hurting productivity, according to new survey - TechRepublic

More than 50% of the group said that they plan to expand their mobile workforce this year. And 15% reported that they intend to grow more than 20% in this area. But even with the emphasis on adopting new mobile technology and increasing mobile use, more than 60% of executives said that these changes have led to new problems, including an increase in support tickets. Forty percent of senior leaders said that they faced hundreds of connectivity-related issues per month. And almost 50% expressed trouble diagnosing connectivity issues in the field.

The Countries Where Female Entrepreneurs Have The Greatest Chance Of Success

Because of its difficult business environment, Nigeria only ranks 23 of 31 countries. Meanwhile, Japan—which has a strong, stable business environment, but where women aren’t in a strong entrepreneurship mindset—ties for 10th place. At the opposite and, India ranks near the bottom at 29th, because women are held back by unequal rights and lack of access to education and the Internet. In Pakistan, which ranked at the bottom of the index, only 3% of women even use a bank account. In all 31 countries, one problem in common is that women lack role models in their lives and are much less likely to know another entrepreneur personally—a factor highly correlated with the likelihood a person will start their own business.

Samsung is spending $300 million to bring manufacturing jobs to the US

The company is in early talks to open a new home appliance making facility in the U.S., a Samsung spokesperson said on Wednesday, adding that Samsung began reviewing manufacturing operations "early last fall". Samsung declined to comment on whether it would move manufacturing from Mexico.

How to match the best Gmail tip for each type of email user - TechRepublic

But instead of several changes, I suggest just one. Study how a person uses email, then recommend one thing to change. Not 10. Not seven. Not four. Just one. Email use, after all, is a habit built up over time, and people are unlikely to change four things at once. It's much easier if you have only one thing to change.

Peugeot unveils self-driving car concept that adapts to your mood

French automaker Peugeot wants to be more than a car manufacturer in the self-driving future. It wants to be your coach, therapist, and butler, all rolled into one.

Burger-flipping robot has its first day on the job in California

Self-ordering kiosks are already replacing workers at fast food chains like McDonald's and Wendys. But, Miso Robotics said Flippy is designed to work alongside human staff. Once its "probation" ends in Pasadena, it will roll out to more than 50 CaliBurger locations over the next two years. When that happens, some people could be reassigned to the dining room to engage more with customers, while others will be trained to operate their new assistant.

Google’s new machine learning API recognizes objects in videos

As Google’s Fei-Fei Li, its chief scientist of AI and Machine Learning at Google Cloud, noted in today’s keynote, the world of pixels goes beyond images. Videos have long been a challenge for machine learning researchers. This new service, though, now makes extracting information from these videos as easy as doing the same for images.

Artist puts Trump's sexist quotes onto 1950s advertisements, and it works all too well

"As I was going through the lists that  Huffington Post  and  Business Insider  put together, I couldn't stop linking these posters to Trump's sexist remarks about women," Saint Hoax said. "I decided to match the visuals with sexist Trump quotes and show them to my friends without actually telling them where I got the quotes from. I told them that these were the actual advertisements that were published in the 50s/60s and they believed it."

Man arrested for destroying multiple copies of Kim Kardashian's selfie book

Carl Puia, a 74-year-old man from Glastonbury, Connecticut, was arrested this week for alleged criminal mischief after destroying a half-dozen copies of Kim Kardashian 's selfie book, Selfish, at a local Barnes & Noble.

Report: 11 of the 25 highest paying jobs in the US are in tech - TechRepublic

The top three highest paying tech jobs for 2017? Enterprise architect topped the list, coming in at no. 1 in tech and no. 6 overall, with a median base salary of $112,560. Applications development manager was no. 2 in tech, no. 8 overall, with a base salary of $112,045. And software engineer manager came in third in tech, and eleventh overall, with a salary of $109,350.

Bentley just unveiled its first electric concept car — and it's gorgeous

Bentley is making a point by unveiling an electric version of its EXP 12 Speed 6e concept at the Geneva Motor Show: Just because a car is electric doesn't mean it can't be sexy and luxurious.

Future iPhones will get 4K with new PowerVR graphics architecture

A new PowerVR graphics architecture from Imagination Technologies will give a serious graphics boost to Apple's future iPhones, including 4K graphics.

Google Cloud exec talks courting enterprises, competing with Amazon and Microsoft

I don’t. I think there is some education and proof points that we’ve been working on with our customers and also the analysts recently. We’ve taken a lot of steps in the past 15 months to really change the perception of how serious we are about the cloud and how much we have invested in being enterprise ready. That includes everything from greatly scaling the internal customer team – which is not just sales, but all the technical resources that are used to actually sit with the customer. If you look back over the past several years, this has been a shortcoming of what we were doing in the cloud world. We’re really doubling down and hiring really aggressively on that technical front. It includes everything from customer engineers who work both pre- and post-sales with customers, and our professional services team, customer support teams, etc. There’s been a lot of investment in how we work with customers.

Investors pour $400 million into Instacart's battle with Amazon

The company also butted heads with its workforce over a proposed service fee last fall that workers say would have amounted to Instacart taking their tips. The company ultimately relented but also made the tip button much harder to find .

Uber says it’s reviewing use of “Greyball’ and won’t use it to monitor regulators

The NYT’s report said that Uber used it to monitor and identify app use by regulators and appointed officials who were tasked with catching Uber in the act of violating local transportation rules where Uber’s model was prohibited. The company now says it’s specifically prohibiting use of the tool for monitoring regulators, and that it’s reviewing its use of Greyball overall.

Chrissy Teigen tells the secrets of her phone and her most used emojis

This time, it's from a video she made with Glamour where she shares the contents of her phone. It turns out Teigen has a flair for using the knife emoji (don't we all), but her most used emoji is actually the wailing face.

37 Snapchat's International Women's Day filters draw ire

The messaging app introduced three filters Wednesday in honor of International Women's Day. Each filter includes its own effect when you raise your eyebrows or open your mouth. For example, when you raise your eyebrows with the Rosa Parks filter, a word bubble pops up with her quote: "You must never be fearful about what you are doing when it is right." Open your mouth with the Marie Curie filter and watch chemicals in her lab explode.

Airbnb Explores Expansion in Long-Term Home Rentals

Craigslist’s giant user base is an attractive target for Airbnb, which is on a mission to add new revenue streams and justify a private market valuation of $31 billion. Craigslist boasts about 60 million U.S. visitors a month, according to internet research firm ComScore. Despite being one of America’s most trafficked online destinations, the classifieds website looks and behaves much like it did when it debuted more than two decades ago. In most places, users can post for free and anonymously. Craigslist doesn’t police listings.

Fast Company on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

The Game of Thrones Season 7 Teaser Poster Tells Us Nothing But It Still Rules

Normally around this time, we’d be getting ready for another season of Game of Thrones . However, as you well know, the seventh season is a bit delayed. No matter. Anticipation (or marketing, rather) has finally begun with a very simple teaser poster at South by Southwest

Nest is working on at least 3 new smart-home gadgets right now — here's what we know

Gurman also said that Nest would release updated models of some of its current devices, including a cheaper version of its thermostat, next year. The updated thermostat could potentially change your home's temperature according to your usage patterns. According to Gurman, it would also be cheaper than the current thermostat, which costs $249 — the new model would sell for under $200.

Imagination announces PowerVR 'Furian' mobile GPU architecture, could power Apple's iPhone by late 2018

Apple partner Imagination Technologies on Wednesday unveiled PowerVR Furian, its next-generation mobile graphics processing architecture likely to be a key part of future iPhones, and also the first new GPU architecture since 2010. Utilizing sub-14-nanometer process technologies, Furian will be the successor to the current PowerVR Rogue architecture, most recently found in Apple's flagship iPhone 7 series. Imagination says Furian will deliver more power than Rogue while being even more power efficient. Compared to the Series7XT Plus GPUs, Furian will boast 35 percent GFLOPS density improvement, 80 percent fillrate density improvement for user interface and casual gaming, and 70 to 90 percent gaming density improvement. Though the first GPU core variants based on Furian will be announced in mid-2017, products featuring the next-generation GPU will take some time to build. Imagination says the first Furian GPUs could hit the market by the end of 2018 —by which point Apple could build an "A12" processor for that year's iPhone. Imagination says the Furian architecture will better serve applications such as virtual reality, augmented reality, and "convertible" style devices that can perform in multiple form factors.

Mark Zuckerberg will finally get his Harvard degree

“Mark Zuckerberg’s leadership has profoundly altered the nature of social engagement worldwide. Few inventions in modern times can rival Facebook in its far-reaching impact on how people around the globe interact with one another,” said Harvard President Drew Faust. “And few individuals can rival Mark Zuckerberg in his drive to change our world through the innovative use of technology, as well as his commitment to advance science, enhance education, and expand opportunity through the pursuit of philanthropy.

Tesla is powering the Hawaiian island of Kauai with more than 54,000 solar panels and its giant battery packs

The project is expected to reduce fossil fuel use by approximately 1.6 million gallons per year, Tesla estimates. Tesla will begin turning on the massive solar system in phases.

NYTimes Tech on Twitter

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7 companies that used machine learning to solve real business problems - TechRepublic

In a breakout session at the 2017 Google Cloud Next conference, companies in manufacturing, finance, commerce, and more were highlighted to show how they used machine learning to get work done.

Pregnant woman gives an award to the first man who gave her a subway seat

I'm about 8ish months preggers (again) and I look it. I've been gradually coming to the conclusion that men suck. I didn't get a single subway seat offered to me by a man throughout my first pregnancy. So for the second pregnancy, I had this made and I've been carrying it around everyday - till last Friday. This guy is the winner! #subway #nyc #pregnant #socialexperiment

Tinder’s secret mode will only let you in if you're hot – or rich enough

Tinder seems to have invited a limited number of people its secret service, giving some of them the option to ‘nominate’ other regulars for membership. Nominees purportedly have no way of inviting anyone else, which would explain why the app hasn’t spread much so far.

21 Movies I'm Embarrassed to Admit I Love

We all have them. Our guilty pleasure movies. Movies we like that we don’t like to tell other people. Films that bring us unbridled joy while making others cringe in pain. Films so many people hate but you just, somehow, for whatever reason, love. This is my list.

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More than one-quarter of smartphone owners do not use a screen lock

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52 Here’s what Mass Effect: Andromeda looks like in 4K HDR on PC
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65 Google confirms its acquisition of data science community Kaggle
66 China ridesharing giant opens a self-driving car lab in the US
67 The First Image From Jurassic World 2 Raises Some Dino-Sized Questions
68 Bezos Aims Rocket Maker’s Ferocity at Tourism to Cut Space Costs
69 Tinder Select Is An Invite-Only Version Of the Dating App For Celebrities
70 Instacart, Now $400 Million Richer, Tries to Be Thrifty
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72 Jeff Goldblum Looks Just as Weird as You Hoped in More New Thor: Ragnarok Photos
73 Lessons for surviving the Trump presidency I learned from actual horror movies
74 ScyllaDB raises $16 million to facilitate app building
75 IBM stores one bit of data on a single atom, showing how small storage could become
76 Google buys Kaggle and its gaggle of AI geeks
77 Teacher finds her fourth grade students passing secret, feminist notes
78 Logitech’s Compact Gaming Keyboard Is Still Hulkish But a Joy to Use
79 Jordan Peele's 'Get Out' sparks a new silly internet challenge
80 Exclusive: Novo Nordisk in bid for Global Blood Therapeutics - sources
81 Big Tobacco Has Caught Startup Fever
82 Women And Men Use Cities Very Differently
83 Why Netflix's 'Iron Fist' is a disappointing failure
84 U.S. officials knew the CIA was breached in 2016 — and they think the WikiLeaks data dump is the real deal
85 Snapchat's new filter in honor of Marie Curie gives you a full face of makeup — and people aren't happy
86 My Phone (Still) Knows Where All of New York City's Crimes Are Happening
87 Facebook 360 app takes your social media obsession into virtual reality
88 This man dropped out of college twice and now directs MIT's Media Lab — here's how he did it
89 School Assignment Leads to Discovery of WWII Plane With Pilot’s Body Still Inside
90 PS4 Pro's Boost Mode arrives on March 9th
91 Nintendo says Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon streaming 'will come' to the Switch 'in time'
92 Watch out Sherlock, 'Zootopia' gets recut as a crime thriller
93 Most drivers still unsure about the benefits of self-driving
94 These Are Probably Luke's First Words in The Last Jedi
95 Bitcoin dives after China's 3 biggest exchanges say they'll keep blocking withdrawals