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Will Smith tries his best to romance a robot

Advanced humanoid robot Sophia isn't moved by Smith's pickup lines.

Tapster’s robots are built to poke touchscreens

The CEO and COO are at their desks when I knock on the door, intently assembling robots to fulfill the company’s latest order. Tapster is about as lean as startups get. Founded three years ago (on Star Wars Day), the company’s two-person staff is half the size it was at its height, but a third [&he…

14 Fun Facts About Piranhas

Number 8: Some piranhas are vegetarians

Red Hat looks beyond Linux

The Red Hat Linux distribution is turning 25 years old this week. What started as one of the earliest Linux distributions is now the most successful open-source company, and its success was a catalyst for others to follow its model. Today’s open-source world is very different from those heady…

I finally caved and bought more storage on Google Drive, iCloud

Fine, just take my money.

WWDC 2018 rumors: All the new Apple hardware and software to expect

What's next for Apple? We'll find out in June, when the company hosts devs from around the world at Worldwide Developers Conference 2018. Every year, the event gives Cupertino execs a chance to show off Apple's new software and hardware. The latest WWDC 2018 rumors show what's on the horizon.

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Google Maps knows where Waldo is for April Fools' Day

The Google Maps April Fools' Day joke tries to answer one of the most vexing questions of our time: "Where's Waldo?"

The best views of China's falling space station Tiangong-1

Fraunhofer FHR says it has "one of the most powerful space observation radars in the world." It's able to pick up some fascinating views of the roughly 9-ton space station that originally launched in 2011. China's space agency reportedly lost control of the station in 2016, which is why we're now mired in uncertainty about its exact reentry time and location.

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

Tesla says Autopilot self-driving system engaged in fatal crash

SimpliSafe's terrific security system finally looks the part

You can run SimpliSafe's system with no monthly fees if all you want is a localized alarm that will sound a siren if someone ever breaks in. If you want to add in professional live monitoring, the fee is $15 per month, which is about as fair a price as you'll find in the home security space. Make that $25 a month, and you'll also be able to monitor the system from your phone using the SimpliSafe app.

5 Google URL Shortener

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CNET on Twitter

HP ZBook x2, the detachable for the creative class

Trump steps up attacks on Amazon

President Donald Trump has stepped up his attacks on Amazon, suggesting the online retail giant is ripping off the US Postal Service.

8 Google URL Shortener

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After leaked memo, Facebook seems to reckon with culture shift

Antonio Garcia Martinez, a former Facebook employee who worked for Boz, tweeted  that the leak was likely the result of a festering grudge. "It was two years old, and surely buried in the high-traffic flow of some broad group," he wrote. "So somebody with an axe to grind dug it up, stripped it of context, and shipped it off to BuzzFeed, a nice shank in Boz's back. Keep that in mind when you read that and later leaks.

Apple's iPad event took me back to school. What a trip!

For Dillon, and other educators like him, it's not just the new iPads themselves that have him intrigued. It's also the seemingly little things, like the ability for a school to set up hundreds of Apple ID accounts in less than a minute. Or for students to quickly log in to shared iPads by tapping a picture of their face and entering a passcode. Or for teachers to control all devices in the class at one time, automatically opening them to the same lesson and locking them so students can't turn on sounds or use apps they shouldn't be using. The teachers can easily monitor the progress of students and see if some kids are falling behind.

Believe it or not, these products aren't April Fools' pranks

Every year, April Fools' Day throws down a minefield of made-up products, but you don't have to resort to pranks to find some truly bizarre items that are totally real.

Last-minute pranks you can still pull off for April Fool's Day

And look, we all love a good prank, but none of us wants to take the time to plan one out. That's probably how you found yourself here. If you're looking for a good last-minute prank that doesn't take all too much time to plan out, here are a few good ones to try out.

How to change channels on your Chromebook

There are three channels to choose from on your Chromebook: Stable, Beta, and Developer. Here's how to change them.

How to Delete Your Facebook Account

Sick of the world's leading social network? Say good-bye to all those "friends" by following these instructions. Here's how to delete Facebook.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

Two new cancer treatments have shown miraculous cures, but if you happen to live in a rural state—let alone outside the U.S.—you’ll have to travel hundreds of miles to get them. 

The Coolest Cars at the 2018 New York Auto Show

One of the most significant debuts at the New York show, the latest version of the hot-selling Toyota RAV4 crossover is powered by a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder engine mated to either an 8-speed automatic or a continuously variable transmission. All 2019 RAV4s come standard with Toyota Safety Sense and a 7-inch touch screen with Apple CarPlay and in-cabin Wi-Fi via Verizon, while an 8-inch touch screen with navigation and a premium JBL 11-speaker sound system are available as options. The non-hybrid 2019 Toyota RAV4 will hit dealers late this year, with a hybrid version coming early in 2019. Pricing was not announced. ( Photo: Toyota )

FTC: Yes, We're Probing Facebook Over Cambridge Analytica Incident

Cambridge Analytica originally obtained the sensitive data in 2014 with the help of a psychology professor, who developed a Facebook app that not only surveyed 270,000 users over the platform, but also scraped the data of their Facebook friends. The 50 million raw profiles were then transferred to Cambridge Analytica, an act that violated Facebook's policies.

Lindsay Lohan loses Grand Theft Auto V lawsuit on appeal

It's game over for the actress, as an appeals court finds a game character Lohan called her "unequivocal" likeness is rather a "generic ... twentysomething woman."

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

. @UnderArmour , which owns diet-tracking app MyFitnessPal, suffered one of the biggest data breaches in cybersecurity history. 

Facebook is officially under investigation by US regulators

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

The next frontier in video game design is using increasingly sophisticated machine-learning techniques to create entirely new kinds of games that have, to date, evaded the human imagination. 

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

There's a growing movement of urban farmers intent on using efficient, high-tech hydroponic setups to shorten the distance between city dwellers and their food. 

Google needs your help finding Waldo

At some point in the not-so-distant past, April Fools was about pranks and hoaxes, but given that we apparently have enough of those on the web, the day has somehow morphed into a celebration of random jokey things. This year’s Google Maps gag is no exception.

Amazon Music is shutting down its MP3 storage service

The Music Storage service let customers hold 250 imported MP3 files in a "personal cloud library" for free. Anyone wishing to save those songs before the April 30 deadline needs to visit their Music Settings and follow the instructions provided.

MIT Tech Review on Twitter

"When you don’t have a sense of the ground or gravity or what’s up or what’s down, it makes it that much more believable.” 

26 ZDNet on Twitter

Coinbase has said that it plans to support the Ethereum ERC20 technical standard for tokens in the coming months. Read more: 

Fast Company on Twitter

A $29 million cryptocurrency donation just funded 35,647 open campaigns from 28,200 teachers at 16,500 schools in one go. 

ZDNet on Twitter

The fitness apparel company learned that data on 150 million accounts for the site and app were breached earlier this week. 

Apple's Newest Ad Promotes the iPhone X and Apple Pay Cash

That ad was entitled “Fly Market”, and it showcased an iPhone X owner as they walked through an open market and used Face ID to authenticate purchases made on the smartphone. As they did, items flew onto their body, including a suit, hat, sunglasses, shirt, and much more. There’s even a chair that pulls a nice little Back To The Future moment as it rockets over to a nice new home.

Gizmodo on Twitter

NASA's new planet hunter makes Kepler look old-school

That feel when you can't captcha

That feel when you can't captcha

Gizmodo on Twitter

Why isn't he condemning Putin for firing off the "Satan 2" missle instead of having a tantrum over Amazon? A true president would be talking about how he's protecting this country from enemy missles. How he's protecting us from Russia meddling in elections.

OnePlus 6: Everything we know about OnePlus' upcoming phone

So while it's not clear what currency these prices are listed at, we can guess that the OnePlus 6 will be around half the price of the iPhone X. That puts the phone at around $575, £575 or AU$915.

Apple's Chicago education event

This is an event slideshow.  Find out all the details about the new iPad  here.

35 Ever Record a Video on Facebook? Facebook Still Has It.

How did this happen? In the pre–Facebook Live era, leaving videos on your friends’ walls was something of a crude FaceTime. You’d post a video, they’d respond with a video, and so forth. Importantly, Facebook had a feature that let users film videos via webcam on Facebook itself — that is, without ever leaving the Facebook site to use a video recorder. Once you were done filming, Facebook would show you a preview of your clip. If you decided to do another take, you could click to discard that video and try it again. Except, the video wasn’t actually deleted. Instead, Facebook apparently saved your unused clip.

TechRepublic on Twitter

Dan Mallin of Equals 3 talked with TechRepublic's Tonya Hall about how his company's cognitive marketing assistant, Lucy, can assist with research, personality profiling, and media optimization. 

Apple releases iOS 11.3, macOS 10.13.4, tvOS 11.3, and watchOS 4.3

After a two-month beta testing period , Apple today released iOS 11.3, macOS 10.13.4, tvOS 11.3, and watchOS 4.3, the latest versions of its device operating systems. Each of the releases contains a handful of new features, as well as bug fixes.

Make smooth, frozen drinks with FirstBuild's Opal Flake

A microfactory that found success with its nugget ice maker has now turned its attention to ice for frozen drinks. The $399 Opal Flake Ice Maker from FirstBuild is a countertop appliance that whips up to 36 pounds a day of especially soft ice that's suitable for slushies, snow cones and frozen cocktails.

39 ZDNet on Twitter

Intel's latest barebones living room desktop ships with the company's Core i7 G series of processors, which integrate its rival's Radeon RX Vega M graphics to provide a VR-ready experience in a unit that can easily slip into a backpack. 

TechRepublic on Twitter

Lucy could help with research, personality profiling and media optimization. But a spokesperson told TechRepublic that the cognitive assistant is meant to help marketers, not replace them. 

41 ZDNet on Twitter

Drive Constellation is a cloud-based system for testing autonomous vehicles that uses photorealistic simulation via virtual reality. Read more: 

Power checklist: Managing backups (free from Tech Pro Research)

Every organization relies on data that must be protected and backed up in a reliable and secure way by authorized personnel. While the content or criticality of the data may vary, the processes behind a successful backup strategy are universal. This checklist will help you establish a standard framework for backing up files that you can count on in a crisis. Assess the environment Take a look at your systems and data and identify your needs. Where is critical data stored? How often does it change? How much data is there, and what type does it represent? Do you need to arrange firewall access across subnets so a centralized backup server can connect to desired hosts or can these hosts can be configured to back up data to the cloud (if applicable)? Factor in user workstations and/or mobile devices. No system should have a single copy of data, and since they’re often used to generate or change information, a plan should be devised to product this material. Always follow any security guidelines per your IT or security departments. If no such departments exist, research backup security best practices.

Apple Unveils New 9.7-Inch iPad with Apple Pencil Support

With its new 9.7-inch iPad, Apple is hoping to capitalize on the 200,000+ educational apps available for the platform. The Apple Pencil support will also help Apple in pushing the new iPad as the perfect tool for students. To better take advantage of the Apple Pencil support, Apple will also be updating its iWork suite of apps for the iPad with support for its digital stylus. This will allow teachers and students to take advantage of the collaboration features that are a part of iWork.

Facebook launches more privacy shortcuts and data controls for users - Video | ZDNet

The social media company says the changes were in the works before Cambridge Analytica made the headlines.

Mashable on Twitter

I heard you like coffee, so we put your coffee in a cup made out of coffee

HP's ZBook x2 G4 melds class-leading Wacom feel with HP DreamColor accuracy

While it uses 10-bit color calculations and is pretty accurate, it's still an 8-bit IPS panel using frame-rate control to simulate 10 bits. (HP refers to IPS panels as "Ultra wide viewing angle" or UWVA.) You can connect it to a better external monitor through HDMI or Thunderbolt 3 when you need a larger gamut and more precise  beyond-Adobe RGB color. That's another reason why hardware profiles are so important. It's the only way to guarantee that the profiles for the built-in and external displays are using the correct profiles. As with most DreamColor solutions, though, hardware calibration profiling only works with X-Rite i1 units.

Voyager 1 Fires Up Thrusters After 37 Years

Foxconn buys Belkin, Linksys, and Wemo

Belkin, based in California, has been around for 35 years and is known today for creating an array of computer and phone accessories, including wireless chargers, laptop docks, and phone cases. Belkin purchased Linksys, which is well known for its home routers, in 2013. And it’s been running a smart home system called Wemo for more than five years now.

Niantic to settle Pokémon GO Fest lawsuit for over $1.5M

Back in July of last year, Niantic organized an outdoor festival focusing on its augmented reality game, Pokémon GO. In theory, players would come from all around for a day of wandering Chicago’s Grant Park, meeting other players and catching new/rare Pokémon.

Veritas acquires cloud data management firm fluid Operations AG | ZDNet

"We are delighted to join the Veritas team," added Dr. Andreas Eberhart, co-founder of fluidOps. "For years, fluidOps has focused on providing customers smart data management solutions for heterogeneous data pools, empowering organizations to bridge data silos, benefit from data transparency and accelerate innovations in a hybrid cloud world."

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78 NOAA just prevented SpaceX from showing its rocket in orbit
79 The role of faith and belief in modern Africa
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85 JDI Looking to Raise $517 Million to Supply Apple with LCD Panels for 2018 iPhone
86 Google offers developers new Stackdriver tools to debug code, boost app performance
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