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Marvel’s new Thor trailer just dropped and OMG Jeff Goldblum

Ragnarok is upon us.

Getting hired at McDonald’s is now a Snap

In a bid to lure more younger workers, McDonald's is turning Snapchat's app into an actual job application. The fast foo

Get creeped out by this tense trailer for the new WikiLeaks documentary

"This is not the film I thought I was making."

Apple seeds new betas for iOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS | Cult of Mac

Apple is busting out a big batch of beta updates for developers today, bringing a host of new bug fixes and performance improvements to every single one of

Apple drops to fifth place in best laptop brand survey over higher prices and fewer options

Apple has fallen to fifth place in a Laptop Mag survey of the best and worst current laptop brands after previously taking the top spot for several years. Factors like premium price points and limi…

This Weekend, “SNL” Went After The Fashionably Woke Among Us

The most recent episode of “Saturday Night Live” demonstrated how corporations and individuals can fail at activism by going at it the wrong way.

Yup, people are furious with United Airlines again

Two Mondays ago the airline faced hours of intense social media backlash after it turned away a teenage girl for wearing

Creative agency 'fixes' awful Pepsi ad with powerful Standing Rock footage

Water is life.

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Microsoft Office vulnerability lets hackers use Word files to install malware

You might want to be extra careful about what files you open in Word over the next few days: Attackers are exploiting a previously undisclosed vulnerability in Microsoft Office to sneak malware into your system.

Forbes Tech News on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Twitter now lets brands make their own “custom hearts” for Periscope live videos

The first campaign to feature custom hearts already went live, with NBC Universal being the debut client. The studio used its own graphics in a marketing campaign for its new movie, “The Fate of the Furious,” which includes an integrated “F8” custom heart for fans to tap on. (You can see it live in the video here .)

Foxconn may pay $27 billion for Toshiba's chip business | Cult of Mac

Apple’s most important manufacturing parter is getting ready to make a huge investment that could soon make it one of the world’s biggest chipmakers.

Tesla Rivals GM as the Most Valuable Auto Maker in U.S.

A surge in Tesla Inc. stock during morning trading gave it the title of largest U.S. auto maker by market value—a feat that would have seemed highly improbable 13 years ago when the electric-car maker based in Palo Alto, Calif., first began tinkering with the idea of making a sports car.

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai moves to keep cellphone calls banned on flights

Taking a brief break from his controversial plans to roll back net neutrality rules, FCC chief Ajit Pai today announced a proposal that would keep cellphone calls banned from US flights.

Google Home looks set to introduce multiple users

The main reasons for the lack of interactivity at the moment are security and privacy, with Google not wanting to leave accounts vulnerable to abuse via the Google Home. So it looks like the multiple-user issue and the Google services issue could be connected, albeit tenuously.

The bot invasion is on, powered by $24B in funding

While the manufacturing sector is increasingly using physical robots to improve industrial processes, the market for virtual bots or “chatbots” is also gaining serious traction in the space where humans and computers interact.

Tesla Just Passed GM to Become America’s Most Valuable Carmaker

Tesla’s usurping of GM and Ford will undoubtedly spur debate over the relative value of Musk’s company compared with some of the world’s top-selling automakers. GM expects to earn more than $9 billion this year and analysts predict Ford will generate adjusted profit of about $6.3 billion. On that basis, Tesla is expected to lose more than $950 million.

The best 8 apps for iPad Pro

The adult colouring book phenomenon is showing no signs of slowing, and Millie Marotta's whimsical wildlife illustrations are the perfect canvas for the artistically-minded iPad Pro owner.

DoorDash will pay $5 million to settle class-action lawsuit over independent contractors

This settlement, however, does not prevent other people from suing DoorDash over this exact same reason in the future. But given that DoorDash worked with Liss-Riordan, the lawyer whose name often shows up on these cases against Uber, Lyft and other on-demand companies, there’s reason to believe that this type of case might be less attractive for complaints in the future. That’s because the resolution they agreed on was not to change independent contractors to employee status, but rather change some policies to improve clarity and ensure more rights for the workers.

Charlie Warzel on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Why AT&T is Paying Almost Triple the Stock Price of a Tiny Wireless Startup

With all of Straight Path's licenses, AT&T could more easily offer a wireless TV service nationwide in addition to faster service for mobile devices, Well Fargo analyst Jennifer Fritzsche noted on Monday. But AT&T will also need more cell sites with fiber optic connections to make good use of the frequencies. "We have long thought (AT&T) was in the early innings of its fiber deployment, and this announcement gives us more conviction in this view," she wrote. "It is worth noting this fiber build or leasing could even occur outside of its incumbent footprint to realize the full benefits of this spectrum."

AMD to cut wires from VR headsets with Nitero acquisition

Some wireless all-in-one VR headsets like Microsoft's HoloLens are available, but they have limited battery life and graphics capabilities. A headset called Sulon Q with AMD's FX-8800P and eight integrated Radeon R7 graphics cores was shown at last year's CES but hasn't shipped yet.

5 tips for securing your Docker containers - TechRepublic

Once you start making use of Docker, you'll want to consider the security of your server and containers. Her are five tips to help you gain a bit more security with your containers.

3 Linux Foundation networking projects that your business needs to know - TechRepublic

In an effort to increase participation in important initiatives, vendors have moved three interesting projects to the Linux Foundation. Here's why you should follow PNDA, DPDK, and Open vSwitch.

A Cruel King Rules a Wasteland of His Own Making in This Dystopian Short

Writer-director Luke Jaden uses the vacant lots and abandoned buildings of his Detroit hometown to provide the setting for King Ripple —a sinister fairy tale about a young man whose desire to be left alone has turned him into a mass-murdering deity of sorts. Despite that, curious kids just can’t stay away.

How Apple Clips could help businesses break into video on social media - TechRepublic

Live Titles, which automatically transcribes text on the screen while you speak, is the core feature for professionals in Clips. Using Live Titles, businesses could easily create product demonstrations, or how-to videos, as well as creating video that can be watched in an office setting with the sound off. Once the text has been transcribed, users can alter the text and punctuation, and choose different display styles for the text itself.

CIO Jury: Two-thirds of tech leaders are not implementing AI - TechRepublic

Leading enterprise use cases in 2017 include quality management and recommendations, diagnosis and treatment, customer service, and security and fraud investigations, IDC found. But when we asked our panel of tech leaders "Has your company implemented, or is it planning to implement, AI or machine learning?" just four out of 12 CIOs said yes, while eight said no.


"At Microsoft, we've seen explosive growth in both interest and deployment of containerized workloads on Azure, and we're committed to ensuring Azure is the best place to run them," Microsoft's executive VP for its cloud and enterprise group Scott Guthrie writes today. "To support this vision, we're pleased to announce that Microsoft has signed an agreement to acquire Deis -- a company that has been at the center of the container transformation." Deis provides three core open-source tools for managing Kubernetes deployments: Workflow , a platform for developers and operations teams to easily deploy and manage containerized apps; the Kubernetes package manager Helm ; and Steward , a Kubernetes-native service broker (which basically allows applications to talk to each other). Like similar companies, its business model relies on providing paid support and training for these applications. The team will continue to work on these open-source tools, which are currently in use by the likes of Mozilla, CloudMine and SocialRadar.

Microsoft's World Championship is Excel or go home

Years of hard work come down to minutes of execution. For the winner, the spoils of victory — fame, glory, and an overwhelming sense of purpose that comes from being the best in the world at something. For everyone else, a dream unfulfilled.

Symantec Connects 40 Cyber Attacks to CIA Hacking Tools Exposed by Wikileaks

Security researchers have confirmed that the alleged CIA hacking tools recently exposed by WikiLeaks have been used against at least 40 governments and private organizations across 16 countries. Since March, as part of its " Vault 7 " series, Wikileaks has published over 8,761 documents and other confidential information that the whistleblower group claims came from the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Now, researchers at cybersecurity company Symantec reportedly managed to link those CIA hacking tools to numerous real cyber attacks in recent years that have been carried out against the government and private sectors across the world. Those 40 cyber attacks were conducted by Longhorn — a North American hacking group that has been active since at least 2011 and has used backdoor trojans and zero-day attacks to target government, financial, energy, telecommunications, education, aerospace, and natural resources sectors. Although the group's targets were all in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, and Africa, researchers said the group once infected a computer in the United States, but an uninstaller was launched within an hour, which indicates the " victim was infected unintentionally.

The iClever tri-folding wireless keyboard with touchpad is a seriously handy tool - TechRepublic

Even with the cramped space, iClever has really made the most of it. This device is mostly keyboard, so there's almost zero wasted space. That does equate to you making a lot of mistakes while you get used to cramping your hands and fingers together as you type. But what do you expect? This is a keyboard that is 11" by 3.5" unfolded and 6.25" by 3.5" when folded. The iClever does go a long way to make up for this cramped space, by having larger than usual keys (almost to full-size). Those larger keys will still take some getting used to. Give it a bit of time and you'll be (nearly) up to your regular typing speed (until you need to write a contraction, plural, or quote).

Here's what all the settings on your old washing machine really mean

On some machines, the numbers are replaced with super heavy, heavy, normal and light cycle choices. The heavier the load, the longer the load takes to wash. The longer the wash cycle, the better for getting heavily soiled garments clean. A good rule of thumb is to use a shorter cycle regularly and increase the time when you have a load that's dirtier than usual.

The Trailer for The Osiris Child Is a Mash-Up of All the Scifi You Love

The film opens in Australia later this month but does not yet have a US distributor. I hope it gets one. While reviews out of the festival were decidedly mixed, I enjoyed most of the film quite a lot, even if it wasn’t exactly original. Director Shane Abbess infuses everything with such care and sincerity that it’s hard not to get wrapped up in his world, and I’d love to see more of it. Here’s my full review of the film.

Minecraft adds micropayments – hide your wallets, parents

The store, opening in spring, will let companies sell in-game texture packs, landscapes, and story contente. All transactions will be in a new currency called Minecraft Coins, which you purchase with real money.

Mulder and Scully Are Returning in a Brand New X-Files Audio Book

Set after the events of The X-Files: I Want to Believe and providing additional backstory to the incidents that pulled Mulder and Scully out of reclusion prior to 2016's miniseries revival, a database breach at FBI headquarters allows an unknown group to access and capitalize on those investigations left unsolved - dubbed cold cases - by the secret department once known as The X-Files. As friends and foes of the agency long thought gone begin to inexplicably reappear, former agents Mulder and Scully come out of anonymity to face a growing conspiracy that involves not only their former department but the US government and forces not of this world.

Here's United Airline's adjusted 2017 pre-flight safety speech

Please take a moment to look around and familiarize yourself with the aircraft. Find your nearest exit and remember that it may be behind you. Look at the exit for a long time. Think about what that door means — think about how easy it would be for us to open that bad boy up and toss you right out of this plane whenever we want. Make eye contact with one of the mercenaries in riot gear we have onboard to keep you in line. Do not smile at him. Just look. That is who will throw you out of the plane.

Google's AlphaGo to Challenge World Champs Again

The tournament will include three gameplay formats: in the first, teams composed of AlphaGo and one human player will compete against each other. Next, AlphaGo will take on a five-player team of China's best professional players. Finally, there will be a best-of-three series between the AI and Kie Jie.

Magic Leap purchased a startup founded by former Apple employees, and looked into buying an Oscar-winning animation studio

That's one of the reasons why Magic Leap purchased FuzzyCube Software, Business Insider has learned, and looked into buying an Oscar and Emmy winning animation company called Moonbot Studios in the fall. The acquisition talks with Moonbot didn't lead to a sale, but Magic Leap did end up hiring around a dozen of its artists and animators, who now work out of Magic Leap's Florida headquarters.

The Subtle Power Of “Default” Choices

But defaults can also be used to help businesses profit from consumers, sometimes by prompting people to choose things that are not in their best interests. When banks began offering overdraft protection for checking account customers, they set the default to “opt out,” meaning clients had to go out of their way to decline the service if they preferred to have transactions be declined rather than pay a $35 fee for each overdraft.

San Antonio-based Harland Clarke Acquires RetailMeNot for $630 million - SiliconHills

“RetailMeNot provides a new global digital channel to distribute our clients’ offers that perfectly complements Valassis’ current digital, mobile, mail and other print networks. RetailMeNot’s capabilities span multiple platforms and channels including web, mobile and app, delivering online coupons and sales, discounted gift cards, and cash back offers, along with food, dining and travel offers,” Victor Nichols, CEO of Harland Clarke, said in a news release .

US FCC kills plan to allow mobile phone conversations on flights

"I stand with airline pilots, flight attendants, and America's flying public against the FCC's ill-conceived 2013 plan to allow people to make cell phone calls on planes," Pai said a statement. "I do not believe that moving forward with this plan is in the public interest. Taking it off the table permanently will be a victory for Americans across the country who, like me, value a moment of quiet at 30,000 feet."

Ford built a hybrid police car designed to handle punishing pursuits

Ford sells a lot of police cars, but none of them have been hybrids — until now. The company says its new Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan (which started life as a Ford Fusion Hybrid) could save police departments $3,900 per year in fuel use because cop cars spend so much of their time on, but idle.


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Google might bring curved screens to its next Pixel phone

Google, which has taken a hands-off approach to Android hardware until recently, may be getting more involved in smartphone production. It's reportedly investing up to $875 million in LG Display to develop a stable supply of flexible OLED screens for its Pixel phones , according to reports from Korea's Yonhap News and Electronic Times ( ET ). That would help ease supply problems for the next-gen device, as the current model has been nearly impossible to find .

'Game of Thrones' star Kit Harington weighs in on that OTHER big Jon Snow theory

Once Stannis kicked the bucket, the Red Priestess shifted her allegiance to Jon — who, as the Season 6 finale revealed, was born amidst smoke (thanks to the battle at the Tower of Joy), and salt (his dying mother's tears). The bleeding star could be a reference to Arthur Dayne's sword, named Dawn, which was allegedly "forged from the heart of a fallen star." The blade was covered in blood from the battle and left conspicuously at the end of Lyanna's bed in the finale.

A quarter of all U.S. travel could be electric and driverless by 2030

In less than 15 years, one quarter of all U.S. travel could be in shared, electric self-driving vehicles, according to a new study by the Boston Consulting Group.

Google is teaming up its AlphaGo AI with humans so they can learn from it

In a new blog post , DeepMind CEO and co-founder Demis Hassabis announced AlphaGo is set to emerge on a new adventure that will first pair it up with professional Go players so they can learn from it – and then square it off against them so they can try to beat it.

GM’s ‘Super Cruise’ Tesla Autopilot competitor arrives in a Cadillac this fall

GM will launch its Super Cruise advanced highway automatic driving feature this fall, debuting first in the new Cadillac CT6. Super Cruise has been in the works for a few years now, and the semi-autonomous drive mode is finally almost ready for its debut, after its release date was pushed from 2016 to 2017 to give engineers more time to focus on designing the safest system possible.

Windows 10: The smart person's guide - TechRepublic

Like a Swiss Army Knife, Windows 10 was designed to do just about everything for everyone...or at least that's Microsoft's hope. It's built to provide a unified operating system that can run across multiple platforms, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones. It's also designed to provide PC users with a more traditional Windows experience compared to Windows 8's touch-centric UI, something Microsoft hopes will win over long-time Windows users and many IT departments that skipped Windows 8. Lastly, Windows 10 marks the beginning of Microsoft's new Windows-as-a-service strategy, which could signal the end of numbered Windows releases.

FCC axes plan to allow phone calls on flights

There hasn't exactly been a groundswell of support for in-flight phone calls in the US, and regulators are now ready to drop the idea. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has proposed that his agency cancel a 2013 proceeding that would have let people make cellphone calls on aircraft. It's in the "public interest," he claims, and removing the option from the table would be a win for people who "value a moment of quiet" in the skies.

The Uvolt watch charges your phone with solar power — and without wires

Enter the Uvolt , a rectangular (37 x 37 x 1mm) analog watch that leverages an anti-reflective solar panel and custom circuit to passively recharge a high-density removable battery. The Uvolt’s 600mAh power pack sports a built-in cable (with one of three connectors — Lightning, Micro USB, or USB Type-C) and wireless tech that’s compatible with inductive chargers. It partially recharges in about 45 minutes and fully recharges in a day, delivering five hours of talk time, or three hours of internet browsing and video streaming.

1996 Mercedes-Benz SL500 sits for 21 years after keys go missing - Roadshow

Purchased as a birthday present, the SL500 was evidently driven 75 miles before the keys were misplaced. Instead of frantically searching for them everywhere, the owner let the Mercedes sit in her London garage for the next 21 years unbothered until now.

Teen iPhone ownership hits all-time high, interest in Apple Watch ticks up

Apple's mobile products continue to rise in popularity amongst U.S. teens, as fresh survey data from Piper Jaffray shows more than three out of every four teens now own an iPhone and even more intend to buy. According to statistics presented in Piper Jaffray's latest "Taking Stock with Teens" report, 76 percent of the more than 5,500 teens surveyed own an iPhone, the highest rating ever recorded for the demographic. Purchase intent also remains high, with 81 percent of respondents saying their next handset will be an iPhone. By comparison, runner up Android managed a purchase intent of 13 percent, down from 17 percent last fall. Apple products, especially the flagship iPhone range, have always tracked well with young users. The investment bank's metrics show a steady climb in both ownership and intent to buy over the past two years, with a slight dip in spring 2015. At the time, Apple was marketing its first large-screen handsets in the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The recent numbers compare nicely to last year's survey in which 69 percent of teens owned owned an iPhone , while 75 percent expected to make the Apple handset their next smartphone.

​Ubuntu's Shuttleworth: Free software zealots are antisocial muppets who love to hate | ZDNet

"It became a political topic as irrational as climate change or gun control, where being on one side or the other was a sign of tribal allegiance. We have a problem in the community when people choose to hate free software instead of loving that someone cares enough to take their life's work and make it freely available," he continued.

Qualcomm fires back at Apple lawsuit, makes claims of its own

Qualcomm is the world's biggest provider of mobile chips, and it created some of the essential standards for connecting phones to cellular networks. The company derives a significant portion of its revenue from licensing that technology to hundreds of handset manufacturers and others. Apple designs the processors in its iPhones and iPads, but it buys chips from Qualcomm to connect to 4G LTE and other cellular networks. Under Qualcomm's licensing structure, Apple, through its manufacturers, pays it a fee for its chips and another fee for the intellectual property utilized in the chips and mobile phones. Most components suppliers bundle the IP cost in with the chip sales price.

United's PR disaster lands in Twitter's unfriendly skies

That tone-deaf Pepsi ad? Nivea's "white is purity" ad? The airline's own leggings controversy? Hold my beer, says United.

A Solution For The Bay Area’s Traffic Woes, And Other World-Changing Transportation Ideas

With cities across the U.S. becoming more and more congested (the proliferation of ride-sharing services like Uber is contributing to the problem ), it’s clear that a one-note, brute-force approach to mitigation won’t work: Fixing this issue will require flexibility, collaboration, and scalability, all of which, Raney says, FVC provides. And the Bay Area, he adds, is the perfect testing ground. “The regional and public policy in Silicon Valley and California is a big change agent,” he says. “It could end up being the biggest thing changing transportation in the next 10 years.”

Apple issues second betas of iOS 10.3.2, macOS 10.12.5, watchOS 3.2.2 & tvOS 10.2.1

Apple on Monday issued second betas of iOS 10.3.2 and macOS 10.12.5 to developers, paving the way for what are likely to be minor bugfixes and security improvements for Macs, iPhones, and iPads. Simultaneously, the company released second betas of watchOS 3.2.2 and tvOS 10.2.1.

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