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Avengers: Infinity War is outselling the last 7 MCU movies

And a new featurette takes us behind the scenes. Here's everything we know about the new Avengers film, from plot details to cast members.

World's first electrified road for charging vehicles opens in Sweden

Stretch of road outside Stockholm transfers energy from two tracks of rail in the road, recharging the batteries of electric cars and trucks

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Tesla booted from investigation into fatal Autopilot crash

“Tesla withdrew from the party agreement with the NTSB because it requires that we not release information about Autopilot to the public, a requirement which we believe fundamentally affects public safety negatively,” the company said at the time. “We believe in transparency, so an agreement that prevents public release of information for over a year is unacceptable. Even though we won’t be a formal party, we will continue to provide technical assistance to the NTSB.”

Facebook says it will stop fighting a major California privacy initiative

Zuckerberg was asked several times about privacy legislation during two days of congressional hearings this week. When asked about specific legislation and plans, Zuckerberg said repeatedly that certain ideas could “make sense,” but that “the details matter a lot.” Facebook has long used its lobbying weight to fight legislation that would expand user privacy at the cost of the company’s business interests.

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District court judge rules limousine drivers for Uber are independent contractors, not employees, because Uber does not control them; plaintiffs plan appeal (Daniel Wiessner / Reuters) … …

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Mark Zuckerberg's congressional hearings are far from over

Gmail's gorgeous web redesign adds a bunch of new features

Google is working on a big redesign for Gmail on the web, it confirmed this week. Leaked screenshots reveal what’s in store for browser users, including a number of new features that are currently only available inside Google’s mobile apps.

Netflix renews Jessica Jones for a third season

The Krysten Ritter-starring Marvel series lives on at Netflix

Zuckerberg Just Proved Once Again That Congress Doesn’t Understand The Internet

More than a few of the congresspeople also didn’t seem to understand that Facebook doesn’t wholesale its user data, but rather uses it to help advertisers target ads on Facebook and on partner sites. These points were easy for Zuckerberg to counter, and in doing so, he ate up time that could have been used on more penetrating questions about Facebook’s data practices.

How much do Lyft drivers earn an hour? It’s complicated

First, Lyft says that driver work generally breaks down into three sections: turning the app on and waiting for requests, driving to pick up passengers, and driving passengers to their destinations. The ride-hailing company says that since drivers can generally do whatever they want during that first period — driving, working for another app, or nothing at all — it shouldn’t count toward a driver’s hourly earnings. In that respect, just accounting for periods two and three, Lyft drivers’ median earnings are $29.47 an hour nationally and $31.18 an hour in the company’s top 25 markets.

Mulan: Disney's Live-Action Remake Casts Rogue One's Donnie Yen - IGN

Deadline reports that Yen will star as Tung, a "mentor and teacher" to Mulan. Yen is familiar to Western audiences for his role as Chirrut Îmwe in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, but his star shines even brighter in China, where he is best known for his work in the Ip Man franchise.

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Amazon cuts price of Ring's original Video Doorbell from ~$150 to $100 as acquisition closes, says it's looking into adding Ring to Amazon Key ( @benfoxrubin / CNET) … …

Mozilla activates Tracking Protection by default for Firefox on iOS

With personal data use and privacy as the topic du jour , it's easy for Mozilla to earn a few brownie points by turning Tracking Protection on by default. But, will that be enough to stop people from installing Chrome or using Safari on iOS?

Uber, FTC agree to new settlement terms over data breach | ZDNet

Under the new terms, Uber is now required to submit every audit report of its privacy program to the FTC, as opposed to only submitting the initial audit report. The ride-hailing company must also retain certain records from its bug bounty programs regarding vulnerabilities and unauthorized access to consumer data.

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Carl Ferrer, Backpage․com CEO, pleads guilty to state, US charges of conspiracy, money laundering; Texas AG says the company pleaded guilty to human trafficking ( @thompsondon / Associated Press),-CEO-plead-guilty-to-state,-US-charges … …

iMovie for iOS update delivers iPhone X, Metal graphics support

Apple on Thursday issued an update for the iOS version of iMovie, bringing with it support for the Super Retina display on iPhone X, compatibility with Metal graphics processing, bug fixes and more.

Ring video doorbell is now cheaper, thanks to Amazon

Prior to purchasing Ring, Amazon bought Blink, another video doorbell and security camera company. With both firms in hand, Amazon is poised to make even more moves into your home, including with its own products and services, including Amazon Key and the Amazon Cloud Cam.

I wrote the Facebook report Ted Cruz can’t stop talking about. He’s getting it all wrong.

Facebook is anything but transparent. Its privacy settings are notoriously hard to navigate. The company has bullied and intimidated journalists in an attempt to hide the truth. And the company has straight up lied about how parts of the platform operate, most evidently in the case of the Trending team. So the question is not about whether Facebook has a hidden liberal bias — it's about why the company isn't more transparent with the algorithms that have been proven to have a significant impact on society.

Some Android phone manufacturers are lying to users about missed security updates

“We would like to thank Karsten Nohl and Jakob Kell for their continued efforts to reinforce the security of the Android ecosystem. We’re working with them to improve their detection mechanisms to account for situations where a device uses an alternate security update instead of the Google suggested security update. Security updates are one of many layers used to protect Android devices and users. Built-in platform protections, such as application sandboxing, and security services, such as Google Play Protect, are just as important. These layers of security—combined with the tremendous diversity of the Android ecosystem—contribute to the researchers’ conclusions that remote exploitation of Android devices remains challenging.”

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TechRepublic's Jason Hiner and Dan Patterson discussed what lies ahead for major tech companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon now that regulators and the public are focused on privacy.

Uber is adding safety features it resisted for years

Uber will add an emergency 911 feature akin to a panic button — a type of enhanced 911 that connects passengers directly with emergency personnel and enables them to share their location with the operator. The San Francisco company said it also will bolster driver screening by mandating annual reviews of background checks to ensure drivers remain in compliance with its standards. And it plans to enable riders to share their trip information with up to five "trusted contacts" on every trip so there are multiple sets of eyes to ensure rides go smoothly, the company said.


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Beautiful RED iPhone X mockups show what could have been | Cult of Mac

Martin Hajek came out with some renderings of what the iPhone X would look like with a red coat of paint and it’s absolutely stunning.

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After nine years and billions of rides, Uber says it's now 'getting serious about safety'

'New' AMD Polaris 500X graphics cards disappoint with a simple rebrand

AMD updated its GPU webpage revealing that the Radeon RX 500X series is simply a rebranded lineup of the existing Polaris 500-series graphics cards for computer manufacturers and OEMs. Other than the new suffix, AMD’s ‘new’ GPUs are completely identical to the previous Radeon RX 500 series down to the number of stream processors and compute units, frequency and the underlying architecture.

Apple bringing in more labor to cope with surge of iPhone battery replacements

In the wake of Apple dropping the price of out-of-warranty iPhone battery replacements to $29, demand has become so high that the company is stretching its retail resources to cope —possibly even hiring outside contractors.

27, CEO plead guilty to human trafficking, money laundering

The CEO of, a classifieds site likened to an online brothel, pleaded guilty to money laundering charges in California on Thursday, while the company itself pleaded guilty to human trafficking in Texas.

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Booze might not be so great for the heart after all

Apparently nobody's buying Apple's HomePod

It doesn't take much to understand why HomePod sales have been poor: The HomePod is expensive. Apple sells the smart speaker for $350, which is significantly more than Amazon's family of Echo devices ranging from the $50 Echo Dot to the $230 Echo Show . With the exception of $400 Google Home Max, Google's two other smart speaker devices, the $50 Home Mini and $130 Home, also cost significantly less than the Apple HomePod.

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Donald Trump Will Do Anything To Avoid Prosecution–And John Bolton Will Help

That may sound strange–Trump’s obsession with “winning” is infamous. But the winning is always more about Trump more than it is about the United States–and at times the concepts are mutually exclusive. Trump’s definition of an attack on the U.S. is when his lawyer’s home is raided by the FBI, not when Russia attacks our elections and infrastructure. As president, his main goals have been building a kleptocracy and dodging criminal prosecution, and any war– particularly when it involves Russia–will be enacted with those twin aims in mind. If Trump distracts the public from his own misdeeds, and financially benefits and consolidates power through war, it will not matter to him how many lives are lost–including the lives of U.S. servicemen and servicewomen. His callousness toward U.S. troops places him in stark contrast to any predecessor.

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Being a night owl might put you one step closer to the grave

Motorized, iPhone-connected Roadie tunes your guitar for you | Cult of Mac

It seems neat enough, but there are downsides, too. One is that you still need your iPhone order to do the tuning, so really you may as well just use a tuner app, and do the tuner-turning part yourself. iPhone tuners are ok, but if you’re using one in a noisy environment, then they’re hopeless. You’re much better off using a headstock tuner that clamps onto the top of the guitar and detects the notes via vibration, instead of using a microphone.

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Kabbage is buying a startup backed by Wall Street titans

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Senators introduce bipartisan privacy bill in response to Facebook data mining

Twitter’s new emoji update ditches the pistol in favor of a water gun

In an email to TechCrunch , a representative from Twitter said the change was simply made for “consistency” to match how the emoji has changed across other platforms. However, it’s hard to not see it as Twitter’s own minor political statement, given the recent shootings at Parkland and YouTube, and how details for these news events tend to start and also unfold on the platform.

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A snapshot of how comic book shops and fandom keep changing each other

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Nearly 1 in ten Americans have deleted their Facebook accounts

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Here are the questions that Zuckerberg *didn't* answer: No mention of a “Supreme Court” for Facebook No mention of Silicon Valley collaboration Whistleblower Chris Wylie wasn’t brought up. At all. …

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Fing, our iOS and Android app of the week, helps you hunt down devices on your network.

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In The Expanse's explosive season premiere, everyone is at war with each other

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Take some time to up your financial security and check in with your career plan:

Apple warns macOS users that it will drop support for 32-bit apps

This suggests you’ll still be able to open 32-bit apps in future versions of macOS, too; they just may not work as expected. Apple hasn’t specified when support for 32-bit apps will be dropped entirely. “The 64-bit transition for macOS and macOS apps is still underway, so final transition dates have not yet been established,” the document adds.

The Audacious Project Is TED’s New $250 Million Fund To Power Social Change

The five inaugural Audacious Project grantees run the gamut from community-based impact to global problemsolving. The Bail Project, for instance, addresses an issue that affects many Americans personally: the money bail system and how it feeds into mass incarceration. The initiative expands on an existing program, The Bronx Freedom Fund, which pools community resources to post bail for individuals whose families cannot afford the steep fees. The Bail Project will take that model and expand it nationally, city by city, with the help of The Audacious Project.

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Nintendo's looking for ideas to plug into the Switch. @Selina_y_wang @ynakamura56 report

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For now, Deadpool still can't wear his movie suit in the Marvel comics

The real star of Vizio's 2018 TV lineup is value

The Quantum TV, not surprisingly, gets its name from Quantum Dot technology, the same thing Samsung has been using on its QLED sets. It's capable of delivering a wider color gamut than any of Vizio's other TVs, and that was also noticeable during my demo. Neon imagery and city skylines were lush with color -- they seemed a tad more "alive" than the same footage on the P- and M-series TVs. Vizio is also going for a classier hardware look with the Quantum model, with a near bezel-less design. It's an impressive TV in all respects, but it'll also have to compete with LG's 65-inch OLED sets, which start at $2,600 and deliver superior contrast and black levels. (OLEDs don't have to worry about local dimming zones, since each of their pixels can be turned on and off independently.)

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The Cupertino giant will soon stop accepting any submissions of 32-bit apps to the App Store, only continuing to support 64-bit apps. 

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ICYMI: ESPN+ is a sports streamer’s dream and costs less than $5

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60 Cambridge fires back at Zuckerberg's accusations, basically says GTFO
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62 HomePod inventories pile up after early demand dies quickly
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65 Game about psychosis wins five Baftas
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67 Amazon finally opens up Prime Wardrobe to more customers
68 New ‘high definition’ vinyl promises longer playing time and louder, clearer audio
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70 Uber adds emergency button to its app to directly dial 911
71 Mark Zuckerberg got a lot of questions from Congress about Diamond and Silk. Here's why
72 Zuckerberg Testifies Before Congress: 9 Things to Know
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74 Just in time for Westworld season 2, Hulu cuts HBO price from $15 to $5 a month
75 'Time' allows rare cover redesign to illustrate the chaos that is Donald Trump
76 Will Smith will Instagram Live chat with an astronaut in space
77 Impossible Foods goes to White Castle
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81 NASA | Evolution of the Moon
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83 Mark Zuckerberg Refuses to Admit How Facebook Works
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85 Background checks pay for Checkr, which just rang up $100 million in new funding
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87 Misfit’s newest hybrid watch, the Path, is now available
88 Ogling Apple's Product RED iPhone 8 Plus
89 Spotify buys 'cover song' licensing firm to tackle copyright risks
90 This is the new Gmail design
91 Four Times Companies Botched Crises As Badly As Facebook
92 HomePod sales reportedly slow as Apple works on fixing Siri and wood rings
93 Looks like even a gargantuan fine from the EU won't dent Google or Android power
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95 Facebook notes: Where was Sheryl Sandberg? Who'll speak for Google? Here's what's next... | ZDNet
96 Gadgets to keep your iPhone or Android smartphone charged up | ZDNet
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98 Trump orders review of Postal Service amid Amazon accusations