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True Facts About The CuttleFish

Music : Clips: Cuttlefish Love/ Michael McCue Cuttlebone - cuttlefish bone - Cuttlefish shell/...

Puns Are Coming: 15 'Game of Thrones' Jokes

Brace yourself -- puns are coming.

Dollar Vans: Inside NYC's Huge, Hidden Transit Network

Commuter vans aren't quite buses or taxis. For two bucks, though, they can get you across Brooklyn.

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Byte Rot: Reactive Cloud Actors: no-nonsense MicroServices

Reactive Cloud Actors are the way to implement decoupled MicroServices. By individualising actor definitions (Processor Actor and Factory Actor) and avoiding Stateful Actors, we can build resilient and Highly Available cloud based systems. Such systems will comprise a evolvable webs of events which each web defines a business capability. I don't know about you but this is how I am going to build my cloud systems.

Hands on with Adobe Lightroom Mobile for iOS

My photo workflow is pretty basic. I import my photos from my camera’s SD card to Lightroom. I then go through the photos and pick or reject my photos. From there I do the needful on the photos via a collection of custom presets. Lightroom Mobile can certainly help with the culling process. I find using the iPad to go through photos a very relaxing part of the process. You can import your photos during a shoot and then view them with model to see what ones he or she likes. This saves a ton of time and helps eliminates the need to book other sessions for a reshoot.

Obama: NSA to Disclose Security Exploits Except for 'National Security' Needs

Obama's decision was made in January but hasn't publicly revealed until now, according to The New York Times . He charged the NSA with doing its part to ensure that key weaknesses and exploits can be fixed instead of manipulated. However, the President did leave a loophole open: In issues related to "a clear national security or law enforcement need," the NSA is not obligated to disclose the vulnerabilities it finds.

Sid Meier's latest Civilization game reaches for the stars

If you were worried that legendary game developer Sid Meier wouldn't get his chance to make a new Alpha Centauri , it's time to put those fears to bed. Civilization: Beyond Earth is coming this fall, and, as the name suggests, it takes the venerable PC strategy series to the stars. As Rock, Paper, Shotgun tells it, publisher Electronic Arts still holds the rights to the Alpha Centauri name (which was a Civ spin-off to start), so this is developer Firaxis' effort at a sequel, sans the actual title. The trailer below doesn't show any game-play, but it paints a simultaneously somber and epic picture of just why humanity has to leave Earth. Joystiq and PC Gamer have meaty features and interviews with info from the dev team, so if you're jonesing for more details on the game's randomly-generated alien planets, be sure to check 'em out.

#Love: Thanks, Porn | TechCrunch

As a modern married male, the times spent alone with my computer and a box of tissues are, in some ways, the best times. That is not to say the manifold pleasures of family life and the wild menagerie of mere existence aren’t amazing, but a body likes to be alone.

Twitter Brings Pop-Up Notifications to Its Website - Personal Tech News - WSJ

Engaging with people on Twitter often involves more than just sending tweets. You need to know when any of your tweeps have favorited, retweeted or responded to your messages. This often means hitting the notifications tab on or waiting for an email alert—both of which take you away from your timeline of incoming tweets. Twitter wants to streamline this process with new pop-up notifications on its website.

Special-Ed Student Who Recorded Bullies Tormenting Him Accused of Felony Wiretapping

This is sick, disgusting, and disturbing!! Principals should be fired for doing this & self defense is NOT A CRIME!! This country is SUPPOSED to protect the innocent & not arrest those who r trying to protect themselves- this sets a HORRIBLE EXAMPLE to children, especially ones in that school DOING the Bullying & sends the message that it is bullying is ok & that the school & law is on the bullies’ side & that approves of such cruel manipulative inhumane torture treatment & behavior- funny, cuz if these kids were tormenting an animal like this, they’d b charged with animal cruelty- yet instead for humans, they seem to approve- ppl video tape things in school every day & put those videos up on YouTube & they aren’t all tracked down & charged with felonies for “wiretapping”! The kid & his mom shoulda posted it to you tube to make headline news & let the principal & bullies face the disapproval from the world which would prompt the correct arrests & proper charges to be made against the bullies- & since the principal was unable to do his job, he should be fired- Principals are there to KEEP the peace by handling misconduct & mainly to protect the students- when they fail to do that principals should be replaced!! I’m OUTRAGED by this story & mad as hell- & the LITTLE faith I have left in this country, the govt.

Living with the 'opposite of autism'

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Russia and China announce decoupling trade from Dollar - The End for the USA is nigh‏ --

The whole situation begs the question... Why has the US (or whoever the hell is in charge) pushed Russia into taking this action? Why did they force this decoupling of Russian transactions off of the dollar? Is it that Russia and China will be the patsies for the fall of the US economy or is there something more? Apparently the "clean natural gas" scam is going global, although that may just be a side note. Bet your bum they expected and wanted this reaction. Will Iran or Syria be targeted as soon as action starts taking place in the Ukraine. Something big is going down and I have the sneaking suspicion it is going down nearly exactly as planned.

Transforming Helicopter-Truck Hybrid Makes First Flight

One of the more modern features of the transformer, besides being a freaking flying truck , is that pilots can fly it either while sitting inside it, or remotely. For this first test, it obtained an altitude of less than 10 feet off the ground and was remotely piloted. While it's still a long way from entering military service, the successful flight and drive tests mean the concept at least works at a human scale. Its transformation between the two modes is subtle—eight rotors, four on each side, spring out for takeoff, fold in for driving through tighter streets, and tilt forward in the air for faster flight.

The 100 Best Android Apps of 2014

This App Is Stale While 100 apps is a reasonably manageable slice of the one million plus apps in the Google Play store, it's still a challenge to keep up to date. That's the nature of a platform as enormous and dynamic as Android. Our plan is to update the list frequently to keep it from becoming an ossified mess filled with broken and unhip apps. Hopefully, the next time you read this, there will be some new gems for you to discover.

How Google Picks New Employees (Hint: It's Not About Your Degree)

2. Leadership . I love that Bock and his colleagues look for leadership at every level.  And not, as he says, a traditional evaluation of leadership as in, “…were you president of the chess club? Were you vice president of sales? How quickly did you get there?” They’re looking for folks who  can step in to guide and influence others toward an outcome when that’s what’s needed – no matter what their job or title may be.  (And who also know – back to the humility criterion – when to step back and let someone else take that role. )

Occupy was right: capitalism has failed the world

"This is true," he says. "Of course it is true. But it is also true, as I and my colleagues have demonstrated in this book, that the present situation cannot be sustained for much longer. This is not necessarily an apocalyptic vision. I have made a diagnosis of the past and present situations and I do think that there are solutions. But before we come to them we must understand the situation. When I began, simply collecting data, I was genuinely surprised by what I found, which was that inequality is growing so fast and that capitalism cannot apparently solve it. Many economists begin the other way around, by asking questions about poverty, but I wanted to understand how wealth, or super-wealth, is working to increase the inequality gap. And what I found, as I said before, is that the speed at which the inequality gap is growing is getting faster and faster. You have to ask what does this mean for ordinary people, who are not billionaires and who will never will be billionaires. Well, I think it means a deterioration in the first instance of the economic wellbeing of the collective, in other words the degradation of the public sector.

If 27 Famous Artists Designed Buildings

In his latest illustration series, "Archist," Barcelona-based designer Federico Babina imagines what buildings might look like had they been designed by 27 famous artists in their signature styles. What if Picasso had designed a jagged cubist fortress? What if Damien Hirst slapped his trademark polka dots onto a sleek modernist pad? What if Piet Mondrian lent his elegant approach to geometry and color to an apartment building?


We've created a slideshow highlighting the key trends and forecasts for the entire Internet-connected ecosystem, including connected TVs, connected cars, wearable computing devices, and all of the consumer and business tools that will soon be connected to the "Internet Of Things."

LinkedIn May Not Be The Coolest Social Network, But It's Only Becoming More Valuable To Businesses

Engagement is rising fast on LinkedIn, as the social network becomes a content destination. The social network  is also high-income and highly educated, and it has a big international presence. These factors will make LinkedIn increasing compelling to marketers. Already, a survey from Cogent Research finds that LinkedIn is the preferred social network by a wide margin for building a brand identity.

A Broken Place: The Spectacular Failure Of The Startup That Was Going To Change The World

In reality, Agassi's projections were falling far short. Agassi had assumed that the car would cost roughly half the price of a typical gasoline car and would have a range of at least 100 miles. Instead, batteries were delivered with a range of closer to 80 miles, and the terms with ­Renault meant he was selling an unsexy family car for about the same price as a nice sedan like the Mazda3 or the Toyota Corolla. (Not to mention that customers were asked to spend an additional $3,000 or so a year to rent the battery and pay for the use of charging and swap stations.) "There was a bit of Shai math going on there," says Evan Thornley, CEO of Better Place's Australian subsidiary. "If there were 100,000 cars on the road tomorrow, his economics would have been right. But the time frames he talked about for selling cars were crackers."

A $200 3D printer? Meet the Micro - CNET

The Micro topped its $50,000 funding goal in 11 minutes after launch. Currently, pledges total around $400,000 and rising. The demand is there. People want to 3D-print at home. We're in the thick a trend toward affordable, plug-and-play 3D printers geared for any skill level. Expect there to be more competitors in this area by the time the Micro actually arrives in late 2014 and early 2015.

Super-Rich Holding TRILLIONS Offshore

The global super-rich are stashing trillions of dollars offshore with the help of some of the world's biggest banks, putting billions of dollars out of the taxman’s reach and masking wealth inequality's true heights.

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This robot printer runs around the page laying down ink

Zuta Labs is crowdfunding the printer to get it off the ground. If you're interested, you can pledge $180 to reserve an early bird unit; it will cost you $200 if you're late to the party. The Pocket Printer won't ship until January if it makes its funding target, but patience may be a virtue if you want a printer that doesn't sit still.

New Nikon Shooter Blends Retro Charm and Modern Superpowers | Reviews | WIRED

Indeed, the full-frame Nikon Df’s appeal goes far beyond its throwback aesthetic, which borrows heavily from the black-and-silver body of the 35mm FM series from the ’70s and ’80s. Using this DSLR is a visceral experience, one that becomes borderline addictive once you get used to the controls. The camera seems like it has a soul. Thanks to a mashup of throwback features (metal top-mounted controls, compatibility with pre-aperture-indexing lenses, and absolutely no video mode) and modern technology (in-camera HDR, a 5.5fps continuous-shooting speed in RAW mode, and compatibility with Nikon’s separately-sold Wi-Fi unit), you’ll feel more connected to what you’re doing with all the buttons and the levers and the locking dials. It’s a flat-out blast to shoot with.

The World's Top 10 Most Innovative Companies In Local

For delivering rapid solutions for local problems. Since launching RapidSMS, its text-based data-collection program, in Nigeria, in 2011, UNICEF has enabled local health workers to register more than 13 million births with the national government through text messages, making it one of the world's largest mobile health projects. Previously, only about half of Nigerian babies were registered. Without an official identity, children have limited access to health services and education, and are vulnerable to trafficking. In Zambia, health workers adapted RapidSMS, developed in UNICEF's innovation unit, to text HIV test results, facilitating life-altering interventions. A newer mobile app, RapidFTR, helps reunite family members in developing countries who are separated in refugee camps or by natural disasters.

Get your cameras ready, first in series of rare ‘blood moon’ eclipses begins April 15

Here’s how to photograph the event, the simplest way: If you’re using a compact point-and-shoot, you’re not going to get an up-close view of the moon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t capture something. Your camera, however, has to be able to take long exposures, which many advanced models can do (check your instruction manual); if it’s a basic point and shoot, look for a scene mode for night photography or fireworks. Set the camera on a tripod and make sure the lens is at the widest angle (so, do not zoom out). If  you have a camera that lets you make adjustments, make sure you choose a low ISO like 400, the widest aperture available (the smallest f-stop number), and a shutter speed of 5 seconds – you can set your camera to manual mode. Practice taking a few shots a day or few hours before the event (when it’s dark), and if you’re satisfied with your results, get ready to snap away when the moon turns blood red. If you have a long telephoto zoom, you can try zooming all the way, but always use a tripod. For more advanced photography tips, like shooting star trails and telephoto, check out these guides from Nikon and Mr.

Navy’s New Railgun Can Hurl a Shell Over 5,000 MPH | Danger Room | WIRED

Its latest weapon is an electromagnetic railgun launcher. It uses a form of electromagnetic energy known as the Lorentz force to hurl a 23-pound projectile at speeds exceeding Mach 7. Engineers already have tested this futuristic weapon on land, and the Navy plans to begin sea trials aboard a Joint High Speed Vessel Millinocket in 2016.

The Best Antivirus for 2014

The links I use are never more than a day old, sometimes just hours old. That means each product hits a different set of links, but in every case they're extremely recent. I do plug away until I've tested about 100 links, figuring the daily differences will average out. This is definitely more real-world than my standard malware blocking test, which necessarily uses the same samples for as much as a year.

6 Insane Drug Myths People Used to Teach as Fact

And that's a critical part of the whole meth story. It's a stimulant, and large numbers of people rely on it because they need more energy than 60 hours of manual labor and three kids leave them with. Is all that meth helping their lives out in the long run? Of course not, but they aren't living the party life 24/7. They're doing a bump before their 16-hour shift at Walmart, because have you ever had to work a 16-hour shift at anything ?

Crowdemand Is Like Kickstarter for Fashion Designers

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Fugazi's sound and fury, now on demand

"I made up a numbering system and organized everything so that we could get it out of Ian’s head and into a database," Oleksik explains. "From there I prioritized everything in terms of obsolescence — there were a ton of DAT tapes that were really shitty." Before flash recorders and hard drives were cheap enough to use as audio-storage media, the most convenient way to get a high-quality digital recording was on the notoriously unreliable Digital Audio Tape. When affordable SD cards became the norm, DAT equipment disappeared from the market quickly, leaving the archivist with limited hardware options for pulling the Fugazi material into a more accessible format. The only high-speed DAT reader he could find was Sony’s SDT-9000, an internal drive that offered only a SCSI-50 connection. To accommodate the old standard Oleksik found a vintage turquoise Power Mac G4 tower. "When we went to get it from this Craigslist guy he was just like, please take it!" With school back in session Oleksik headed back to New York, leaving MacKaye with the Frankensteined transfer station and a massive job ahead of him.

Neil Young's Long Fight to Restore the Quality of Music

Sometime "around the turn of the century," Young says, he began thinking about the sound quality problem more. He thought about trying to introduce a cloud-based music system for higher-quality tracks, but realized the bandwidth wasn't there. He considered a download model that would work on smartphones, but came to believe the system required a dedicated music player. At one point, Young even talked with Apple's visionary cofounder Steve Jobs about the project, but he says Jobs believed "an iPod was as good as it needed to be for what it was."

3 Techniques for Acing a Phone Interview

And feel free to laugh! Yes, this is an interview for a job, but ideally it’s also a conversation between two mutually interested parties. Don’t make the mistake of sounding overly serious or timid. Your skills and qualifications got you the interview, but it’s your personality and commitment that wins over hiring managers. The fact is, no matter how standardized companies try to make their interview processes, being friendly and getting the interviewer excited about working with you will have a huge effect on whether you get invited to the on-site interview. So, smile! Even if they can’t see it, your voice will sound more cheerful.

The Most Insane Truck Ever Built and the 4-Year-Old Who Commands It | Autopia | WIRED

We leave the guesthouse and take a stroll around the grounds, where everywhere you turn there’s a project Ferren has initiated on his daughter’s behalf. On one side there’s a wood-shingled pod with a DeLorean-style door, which will serve as Kira’s playroom-slash-study area. (“The idea is that it’ll be a place for her to play until she’s old enough to date,” he says. “At which point we’ll fill it with concrete and roll it into the pond.”) Nearby is a studio where he’s recording a series of interviews with some of his artist and designer friends in hopes that Kira will learn from them years from now. “One of the things about having a kid when you’re older is that you’re not going to see her through a lot of her life,” he says. “So what are the ideas and conversations that I might not get to have with her but that I’d like for her to think about?”

Don't Be Afraid To Cancel Cable — Here's How To Get All The Programs You Love

Two years ago I made the choice to cancel my cable service, and I've never looked back. I stream all my content now. Watch the video to see how I do it.

10 top time-saving tech tips

Tech columnist David Pogue shares 10 simple, clever tips for computer, web, smartphone and camera users. And yes, you may know a few of these already — but there's probably at least one you don't.

A-List Investors, 1 Million Downloads: Is Selfie App 'Shots' For Real?

The app only allows a user's friends to comment, and only if they share a selfie of their own along with it. (People can't hide behind the keyboard, he explains.) Only the front-facing camera works within the app, and you can't upload from the camera roll. That ensures people are taking photos in real-time, capturing their true identities, says Shahidi. Anyone reported for bullying is instantly kicked off the app.

Why Playful Learning Is The Key To Prosperity

We build networks of pattern-changing social innovators and select high-impact entrepreneurs, who creatively solve some of the worlds biggest social challenges, to become Ashoka Fellows. Ashoka believes that there is nothing more powerful than a new idea in the hands of a social entrepreneur. Social entrepreneurs are relentless team-builders and problem-solvers who set new norms in their fields of work. They are practical visionaries – practical in that they are highly attentive to the nuts and bolts of making things work, and visionary in that they often reframe the problem, build roles for others to participate, and cast a long term view for change at least at the national level. If you know of anyone that fits the description, do let us know by nominating that person via our website -

Would you take smart drugs to perform better at work?

"There might be some healthy people who see improvement in some functions in response to a drug and others whose performance might deteriorate with the same dose," says Mitul Mehta, a senior lecturer at Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London. Brain scans he carried out found those with the lowest working memory capacity to begin with improved the most when taking Ritalin. Another study, led by Martha Farah, Director of the Center for Neuroscience & Society at the University of Pennsylvania, found that Adderall could boost creativity for those who were not very creative to start with, but had no effect or even a negative impact in volunteers of around-average creativity.

White House to Allow NSA to Exploit Some Internet Security Flaws

The White House statement issued to the Times stated that when major Internet security flaws are discovered, a "bias" exists in the government that would favor sharing knowledge of the flaw with computer and software manufacturers to create a solution, fix the problem and distribute said fix. But before such a decision, the government would assess whether or not it is "a clear national security or law enforcement need" — a broad and key distinction that could be open to an assortment of interpretations.

10 Wall Decor DIYs That Will Make Your Landlord Happy

You can make a beautiful piece of wall art with some simple nails and colored string or yarn. You might not even have to go very far to find all the supplies for this project - most of the things you need can be found lying around your apartment already.

How to Stand Up for Yourself at Work and Get What You Need

Remember that advocating for yourself means being assertive, not aggressive. You can start the process by calling a meeting with the person in question. In Margaret’s case, she made a simple request to her boss: “Tanner, I’d like to get some time on your calendar to discuss how we’re working together. What would be a good time for you?” When you’re sharing what you need in a difficult conversation, stay calm, focused, and unemotional throughout the meeting. You’ll want to focus the conversation on what you need, rather than casting blame or criticizing others.

Walmart Commits To Massive LED Lighting Rollout

The main sales-floor fixtures involved in this commitment usually account for 90% of the total lighting usage in a given retail building or grocery store layout, so the impact is potentially huge in terms of energy efficiency improvements, the company believes. Walmart has been slowly adopting LEDs for several years, but this represents its largest LED lighting purchase from GE to date.

Amazon Fire TV review: the set-top that tries to do everything

Amazon also more or less nailed the remote's design. It's just the right size with a shallow, but comfortable groove for your finger underside. The buttons have little travel, but do produce a satisfying click when pressed. The remote does still bear the marks of Fire TV's Android roots. Below the thin ring that serves as a directional pad are six buttons aligned in rows of three -- the top row features your old-school Android back, home and menu keys. There are two minor, but irksome, issues here. For one, the menu key is largely useless except from within certain apps (more on that later) and it would feel more natural if the media controls were directly below the directional pad and select button. This not only led to occasionally hitting the menu button when I was looking for fast-forward, but it also sends a subtle message to the user about the priority of the controls. If Amazon was indeed building a media-first device, then the media controls should have taken precedence -- and thus had better placement -- on the remote.

Can You Beat 400 People at U.S. Geography?

is a leading source for news, information and resources for the Connected Generation. Mashable reports on the importance of digital innovation and how it empowers and inspires people around the world. Mashable's record 34 million unique visitors worldwide and 15 million social media followers are one of the most influential and engaged online communities. Founded in 2005, Mashable is headquartered in New York City with an office in San Francisco.

Gaze Into the Dreamy Eyes of Don Draper

Before we answer, there's still time to celebrate the different sides of Don — both good and bad. Whether it's the drinking, the smoking, the womanizing or his amazing fashion sense, we understand and we love it too. That's why we crafted these GIFs of the debonair debaucher.

Google invests in more robots

"There's a few examples of robots in hospitals that are extensions of a surgeon, but what we are looking at is a little bit more what people traditionally think of as robots - autonomous entities that can do things on their own and can help people out."

How thin, flexible electronics will revolutionize everything from user interfaces to packaging

Printed Electronics is still very much in its early stages. I have been leading a team at one of the largest printers in the world for over 3 years in this space. I truly believe in this emerging technology that will have very large implications for various applications and markets. Just will take time. The engineering challenges are immense, and from a materials standpoint are at the leading edge, but to be sure, it will get there……awareness, successful pilots and strong marketing will help push PE into the mainstream……..

What I Learned in My First Year as a Female Startup CEO

I think the industry is really curious about this topic — almost so much so that we appear committed to proving how different (or perhaps difficult) it is to be a female CEO.

To Sell His Honey, Chinese Man Covers His Entire Body in Bees

She Ping, a Chinese beekeeper and honey merchant, covered his body in more than 460,000 bees in a publicity stunt designed to increase sales of his honey using a technique called "bee bearding."

You are your microbes - Jessica Green and Karen Guillemin

From the microbes in our stomachs to the ones on our teeth, we are homes to millions of unique and diverse communities which help our bodies function. Jessica Green and Karen Guillemin emphasize the importance of understanding the many organisms that make up each and every organism.

Samsung Gear Fit review - CNET

I tried working out with a Fit, and it was a mixed-bag experience. For cycling, forget about stationary bikes: oddly, cycling mode requires a GPS ping and aims to track actual travel as a measure of activity, so I couldn't even start it up in my GPS-signal-free gym. Running mode is the most interesting: The Gear Fit indeed told me to speed up, slow down or keep my pace based on my heart rate, with little vibrating pings.

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65 An Adult Watches Classic Toon Jem for First Time, Magical Insanity Ensues | Underwire | WIRED
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88 Land Rover’s New Invention Lets You See Through Your Car’s Hood | Autopia | WIRED
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90 Love -- you're doing it wrong
91 Go (Literally) Behind Your Favorite Album Covers
92 Monument Valley: An interactive M.C. Escher print that will blow you away - CNET
93 Can you still be a stranger when everyone is wearing Google Glass?
94 How slime mold can design transportation networks and maybe even transform computing
95 Retro-game binge: Every Super Nintendo start screen in one 9-hour vid - CNET