Green Room director Jeremy Saulnier on recreating his teen years through horror films Video Description

Honestly, first I had to shake off his star power. As a director, that’s not really my concern. So I had to step back and take a breath. Simultaneously, people were texting me photos of him with a beard, outside of his superhero garb. I had a moment of clarity where I looked at his actual face, who he was physically. And it lined up perfectly with the references I was using for his character. I had photos of some of the political mouthpieces for these white-supremacist organizations, and looking at them and at him, I thought, "Wow! Actually, he’s perfect!" Of course, the whole team definitely knew the value of Patrick Stewart as a bona fide movie star with an esteemed career. But I had to discard that until I fully welcomed him on set and realized he actually wanted to do it. He wasn’t just being forced to by his management company. I didn’t have to twist his arm. He wanted to try something new and different to shake things up, and for some reason, it just lined up perfectly. Our film was right there waiting for him. Once he was interested for real, I pounced on him to try to seal the deal. To my delight, when he stepped on set, he was just another generous actor who brought his craft and was there to be part of an ensemble.

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