Watch the First Trailer for Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi - Video Description

Rey is training under Luke on the island where she found him at the end of  The Force Awakens . She appears to be getting better with a lightsaber. He’s also training her in the ways of the force, much like Yoda and Obi Wan did with him. Only this time, she’s lifting a bunch of little rocks instead of stacking larger ones. Then there’s a brief glimpse of one giant space battle, an angry Kylo Wren and a whole bunch of fire. Things don’t look like they end too well for the resistance in this movie. Poe and BB-8 had better make it through that X-Wing explosion alive, that’s all I’m saying. Finally, we get an idea of where the title comes from. Luke has had a lot of time to think during his disappearance and it looks like he’s decided to not to bring back the Jedi Order. Or maybe he’s creating a new one.

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