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Linguistic Researchers Name Nick Szabo as Author of Bitcoin Whitepaper

A group of forensic linguistics experts believe the real creator of bitcoin is former law professor Nick Szabo.

'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin': an Exclusive First Look

Watch an exclusive first-look trailer for 'The Rise and Rise of Bitcoin,' a new documentary making its world premiere at next week's Tribeca Film Festival.

Honda's ASIMO Robot Is Now Surprisingly Human [VIDEO]

Honda has been working on the ASIMO humanoid robot for almost 30 years, and it shows.

South Korean Coast Guard Releases Dramatic Footage of Sunken Ferry

Raw video shows the dramatic rescue efforts of South Korea's coast guard at the sunken ferry, where hundreds remain missing.

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Why 'Bandwidth As a Commodity' Could Be a Huge New Market

Today, we might be standing on the verge of yet another Big Thing in technology, or so argues Irish entrepreneur Declan Ganley, founder of  Rivada Networks  and a man with more than 20 years of experience in things from selling aluminum from the USSR to building sophisticated telecommunication solutions for the US government. His big idea now is that radio spectrum bandwidth can become a commodity so that anyone would be able to buy a certain amount of bandwidth for a certain time period in a certain place.

Bing Home Page Gets Some Of Cortana’s Smarts | TechCrunch

To get access to this information, users have to sign in to Bing. Just like Cortana, it will learn from your daily habits, based on data it gathers from, the Bing apps for Windows or a Windows Phone. Microsoft isn’t ready to say when (or if) this feature will come to other platforms, too, but it seems like a logical next step.

How Cryptocurrencies Can Curb Government Power

SM : It is important to remember that, depending on how you measure it, between a quarter and a third of the entire world’s economy operates in the black and gray markets. For these markets, Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are a natural fit. For developing countries, the high efficiency and extremely low transaction costs of digital currencies provide an unprecedented opportunity to develop a financial infrastructure without all of the associated political corruption. For instance, through Bitcoin, it is possible to run an entire stock exchange on a cell phone. Entrepreneurs in Africa can sell shares to investors without having to spend the millions of dollars required for an IPO through traditional Western stock markets.


At Caviar, we believe in an environment that allows you to be creative and go beyond the call of duty. We're looking for exceptionally talented individuals who want to learn and grow with the company. Each and every day counts; you'll make a direct impact on the business starting from Day 1.

Crossed up! Anki Drive unveils new cars and first new tracks - CNET

The first of the new tracks, both of which will be available May 6 and cost $100, are the same size as the original, is known as Crossroads. For the first time, this offers Anki players a track with an intersection, meaning that players will have to learn how to navigate their cars through the crossing while avoiding others cars, yet without losing position against opponents. But, said Anki president and co-founder Hanns Tappeiner, cars will collide, and success will come from learning how to navigate the new challenge.

Microsoft Rolls Out Personalized Cards on

Microsoft today launched a new personalized cards feature on that is meant to help you “keep track of things that matter to you.” So far, the site offers cards for news, weather, flights, and stocks tailored specifically to you.

Twelve South's BookArc Möd Is A Gorgeous Mid-Century MacBook Stand [Review] | Cult of Mac

Some materials have integrity. Consider aluminum, Jony Ive’s material of choice, and then compare it to plastic. Under the skin, plastic feels wholly artificial, a lump of congealed and polished chemicals; in feel and smell, there’s something unnatural and slightly impure about it. But aluminum feels clean. It has texture. It isn’t just a facade: It is true to itself, right on down through.

Amazon makes Kindle documents available via Cloud Drive

If you have any documents (or e-books acquired in a "non-standard" way) stored on your Kindle, now you can access them anywhere via Amazon Cloud Drive . Starting today, documents uploaded to your e-reader via your browser, mobile device or email will automatically be stored in a new "My Send-to-Kindle Docs" folder within Cloud Drive. Unlike previous document uploads that were automatically converted to Kindle format, new additions will be saved in the cloud in their original format. That means you'll be able to edit the Word doc for your book on show ponies (might we suggest a working title of Pageant Ponies: America's Real Beauty Queens ?) from your desktop seconds after catching a typo. With the move, Kindle owners can combine their existing 5GB of free cloud storage with the 5GB offered to Cloud Drive users for a total of 10GB of space. You know what that means: plenty of room to store sequels to your equine masterpiece once you hit it big.

Silicon Valley CEOs Support The Comcast-Time Warner Cable Merger

On the contrary, we know that Comcast already engages in anti-competitive behavior, trying to lock consumers into bundles and raise prices while using its market power to impede competition that would give consumers more choices. The Comcast-Netflix saga and the ways it restricts access to sports coverage are two prime examples. In these situations, the large Comcast monopoly is blocking free market forces that would normally drive the market towards competition that improves speeds and service while reducing prices. But when consumers have only one large monopoly cable provider to choose from, the free market does not have a chance to work.

LaCie Warns Hackers May Have Customer Info, Credit Cards After Year-Long Breach

PC World — Seagate-owned LaCie fessed up on Tuesday to a major security breach that put sensitive customer information at risk for nearly a year. The hard drive and peripheral storage maker isn't sure what information has been compromised; however, the company says the list may include customer names, email addresses, credit card numbers, and card expiration dates.

The Best iPhone 5s & iPhone 5 Cases

This is good news if you're upgrading from an iPhone 5 to a 5s, your case should work with your new phone without issue—as long as it doesn't cover the Home button (if you want to use Touch ID), and has a large-enough camera cut-out to accommodate the additional LED flash (most do). But if you're one of the many who's still carrying an iPhone 4S and are finally eligible for a subsidized upgrade, there's a whole new world of cases available to add flair, personality, and most importantly, protection to your new iPhone.

Did Construction Workers Just Unearth L.A.'s Original Aqueduct?

It began as little more than a modest trench in the ground, but its name— Zanja Madre, or Mother Ditch —speaks to the importance of this proto-aqueduct to early Los Angeles. Diverting water from the free-flowing Los Angeles River, the Zanja Madre did indeed rear tiny Los Angeles, founded in 1781 as an agricultural colony on the outskirts of the Spanish empire. The ditch irrigated the settlers' fields. It quenched the thirst of livestock. It provided a ready source of domestic water. In short, it gave life to Los Angeles.

PlayStation 4 Sells Over 7 Million Units - IGN

Additionally, Sony revealed that over 20.5 million games have been sold, both at digital and at retail, to consumers as of April 13, 2014. That represents a significant uptick in games sold, bringing PlayStation 4’s attach rate to 2.93 games per console (in January, the attach rate hovered around 2.3).

Google says 'all Glass spots claimed' after one day sale, as KitKat rolls out | ZDNet

Yeah, any over-under bets on the chances of that happening? I'll give 10-1 odds on any "Under 90" money. We'll hear of more slots right around WWDC, or I/O at the latest. I think Google realizes they have a dog on their hands (e.g. and "Explorers" are tossing their Glass into drawers (cf I smell another Google Buzz experience here. Yeah, some of the concepts and tech may end up in their Android Wear initiative, but anyone who thinks that's not just the next Google+ hasn't been paying attention to Google's history.

Neil Young on PonoMusic, the Third Biggest Kickstarter Project of All Time | TIME

Will those folks care about Pono? “The MP3 era is in for a shock,” Young says. “They’re going to realize what they’re missing when they hear this. One hundred percent of the time it happens. They hear it and can’t believe it: ‘I’m hearing things I’ve never heard in songs I’ve heard many times before. How can it be?’”

They may be filled with trolls, but comments still have value -- and they could have even more

Guys like Siegler fancy themselves as Yodas, spewing wisdom down on their readers (at least he used to when he was blogging and not investing other people’s money) without the need for any feedback or alternative viewpoint. Saying people can post comments on their FB or twitter accounts or their own blogs is patronizing and insulting – I comment a lot on various websites, and yet I don’t know (or care) if any of my friends ever read the same blogs/sites. If I post a comment (like here), it’s not because I want to tell my friends what I’m reading, but rather that I don’t accept what is written, and feel the urge to challenge some statements (like “The number of people who use a comments section but don’t use Twitter/FB/blogs can’t be very significant” – that would be insignificant me). Commenting on a private platform suggests that the only reason for commenting is to read one’s thoughts.

GrubHub agrees to tip-free restaurant fees with NY Attorney General

"Our settlement with GrubHub changes a billing formula that may have been used by restaurants to shortchange workers out of their hard-earned tips," New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said in a statement. GrubHub's current and past contracts may have affected thousands of delivery workers, he said.

Google first-quarter Internet revenue grows 19 percent

The number of "paid clicks" by consumers on Google's ads increased by 26 percent in the first quarter, disappointing some analysts that had hoped for stronger volume growth. And the average "cost per click" declined 9 percent, extending a downward trend as mobile advertising, typically cheaper than traditional online ads, make up a bigger slice of its business.

Google Says Buying Nest Bogged Down First-Quarter Earnings

It turns out buying a company for $3.2 billion can suck the wind out of even a $15.4-billion-in-revenue quarter. The Nest acquisition took a toll on Google expenses, explained Google CFO Patrick Pichette on the company’s first-quarter earnings call today.

Apple Leading By Example In Smartphone 'Kill Switch' Campaign | Cult of Mac

Apple is one of several tech giants to enter a voluntary agreement to add a global anti-theft “kill-switch” to their handsets from July 2015.

Buy once, play anywhere: First universal Windows apps hit Microsoft app stores | PCWorld

Apple's iOS App Store and Android's Google Play Store have offered universal app purchases on mobile devices since the beginning, so Microsoft is effectively playing catch-up as it tries to build a broader Windows ecosystem (though it's the first to add full-blown PCs to the universal app mix). Still, Microsoft is keeping its Windows and Windows Phone stores separate for now, and developers must decide whether to turn their apps and games into universal purchases.

Google +Post Ads Available to Advertisers with 1,000 Followers

As for the two new features, Google says they are meant to help marketers “create compelling ad experiences and make it easier to extend the reach of [their] social content.” Promoting a Hangout on Air to a +Post ad lets users take specific actions: RSVP prior to the Hangout, watch the broadcast live, and view a recording after the event. Automatic post promotion meanwhile means advertisers can promote their most recent Google+ post and pay only when users engage with their content.

Marissa Mayer's Secret Plan to Get Apple to Dump Google and Default to Yahoo Mobile Search

While a lot of the chatter about Yahoo’s latest financials seems focused on increasing display advertising sales — which went up two percent in Yahoo’s first quarter — sources inside the company say the big focus for truly turbocharging revenue will be an aggressive effort being led by CEO Marissa Mayer and Adam Cahan, its SVP of mobile and emerging products, around search.

Live: Google First-Quarter Earnings Call - Digits - WSJ

Thanks for stopping by the live blog. We’ll check in on the earnings numbers when they cross the wire after the market closes and go all the way through the conference call, which begins around 4:30 p.m. ET. As always, you are more than welcome to leave your thoughts in the comments tab.

Yahoo Nominates One Of Its Co-Founders, A Stock Guru, And A Former Walmart CEO To Its Board | TechCrunch

Yahoo had a good quarterly report , managing to grow a key revenue metric year-over-year. Investors, content with that and enthused about the upcoming Alibaba IPO — Yahoo owns a significant share of that firm — sent its shares higher. Given current general investor contentment, the chance that Mayer doesn’t get the appointees she wants feels slim.

Darpa Turns Aging Surveillance Drones Into Wi-Fi Hotspots | Danger Room | WIRED

A fleet of surveillance drones once deployed in the skies over Iraq is being repurposed to provide aerial Wi-Fi in far-flung corners of the world, according to Darpa.

Samsung launches website highlighting 'meaningful' design

In the midst of a major "copycat" lawsuit , Samsung has launched a site that highlights original design from the company. Emblazoned with the tagline "make it meaningful," it's described as "a platform to present influential design stories and solutions to be shared around the world." It features explainers on what design is, and how it has the power to change our lives. It includes high-level explanations from Samsung designers and guest speakers like the Royal College of Art's Dr. Nick Leon, who helps explain Samsung's "Design Identity 3.0."

Sony to sell all its Square Enix shares

Sony announced it's selling its entire stake of 9.52 million shares in Square Enix, with the PlayStation company booking a gain of 4.8 billion yen (around $47 million) in the current fiscal quarter. At the time of writing, Sony is the third-largest shareholder in Square Enix with an sizable equity of 8.2 percent. Sony says it's agreed to sell the shares to SMBC Nikko Securities Inc, one of Japan's leading financial security companies; the sale price will be disclosed tomorrow. We'll learn more of the reasons behind the sale when Sony announces its full-year financial results on May 14. While the PS4 is doing better than expected , Sony's financial troubles of late have seen the company enact numerous changes to its operations. Following the sale of its Tokyo offices and several thousands of layoffs , earlier this year Sony announced plans to sell off its Vaio PC business and overhaul its TV arm into its own subsidiary. Those moves will result in a further 5,000 layoffs over the next year or so. [Image: Sony]

Samsung’s love/hate Android relationship continues: Plans Tizen phone, Android Wear watch for this year

Yoon Han-kil, Samsung’s senior vice president of product strategy, tells Reuters that he expects the Galaxy S5 to outsell last year’s S4. The S5 didn’t have as splashy a debut as the S4, but its combination of useful features like the waterproof case and the best camera I’ve seen yet on an Android phone could make it more appealing to consumers.

Dear Web Developers: EFF Needs Your Help

For years, EFF has been helping concerned technology users contact Congress. The EFF community stopped SOPA, we fought back privacy-invasive cybersecurity proposals, we are championing software patent reform, and now we’re demanding real NSA reform—not a fake fix.

Windows Phone 8.1 Review

When Windows Phone launched one of the major focal points was the People Hub, a single location for all of your contacts across all accounts/social networks. Previously you had to add accounts to Windows Phone in order for the People Hub to grab contacts from those accounts. With Windows Phone 8.1 Microsoft moves the People Hub from a push to a pull based service. If a 3rd party app supports it, all you need to do is login to the app itself and the People Hub will automatically pull in data from the app. Facebook is the best example of this as you no longer need to login to the Facebook app and then add your Facebook account separately to the People Hub. It’s a subtle change but one that echoes Microsoft’s new position on Windows Phone: rather than you conforming to Windows Phone, the OS should try and conform to you.

Meet 100 European Startups Waiting to Get Funded

To make it even better for investors, we’ve gathered all pitch decks so you can browse through all the opportunities. Of course you’ll want to meet up with some of these hot startups, so we got that covered as well. You can filter the startups and make appointments with the ones that might suit your portfolio through our online matchmaking tool.

Streem Offers Unlimited Cloud Storage and Streaming for $20/Month

That said, Streem has to make some compromises. There's no free plan to find out if you like the service before signing up (although they plan to offer one, limited to 20GB, after the beta ends,) and you hand over a lot of rights to your content when you upload (rights you do get back if you remove your files.) When I asked about that, the Streem team noted that those rights were required in order to let you share and stream your media freely, when you want to see it, or share it with who you want to share it with. Also, while your files are encrypted, Streem has the master key, and can decrypt files if necessary. They explained to me that they have employee logging and a "dual key" system in place so no files can be decrypted without two authorized employees "turning the keys simultaneously" as it were. You could also encrypt your own data before uploading it to the cloud, something we suggest you do anyway if the data is sensitive at all.

Hands-on: Chrome Remote Desktop app for Android makes remote access easy | PCWorld

While the new app makes grabbing a last-second file a breeze in those “Oh no” situations, that’s far from the only usage for it. The app can be used to provide far-away technical assistance to family members who install the browser extension, for example, or to easily access a Flash-based website using your desktop browser. (Android and Flash don’t play nice anymore.) You can also run full-fledged desktop programs while using the Remote Desktop app, naturally.

Super Mario Bros. theme played on wine glasses - CNET

This ultimate tribute to Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Toad, and Yoshi uses drinking glasses, pencils, and even a frying pan to play the iconic theme song.

Yahoo co-founder David Filo nominated to return to board - CNET

Filo, who co-founded the Web portal in 1995 with former CEO Jerry Yang and previously served on the board from its founding until February 1996, was among three nominees as new board members announced Wednesday. The other two nominees are investor Charles Schwab and H. Lee Scott Jr., former chief executive officer of Walmart.

Mt. Gox reportedly dumps rebuilding plans in favor of liquidation - CNET

Shuttered Bitcoin exchange has asked a Tokyo court for permission to liquidate, citing the complexities in such a rehabilitation process, the Wall Street Journal reports.

€10,000 fines threat for Uber taxis in Brussels -

€10,000 fines threat for Uber taxis in Brussels

China e-commerce giant Alibaba seen filing for US IPO next week: sources

HONG KONG (Reuters) - Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. is expected to file the prospectus for its U.S. initial public offering next week, sources said on Wednesday, moving closer to what could be the biggest-ever listing by a technology firm.

Google's Project Ara wants to revolutionize the smartphone industry within a year

At first blush, it almost sounds like this project only appeals to the same consumers that enjoy building their own computers from scratch, but ATAP insists that it'll transform emerging markets -- more specifically, the 5 billion people on Earth who own feature phones, but cannot afford to get anything more expensive. Today, the division announced that it's planning to ship a "Grey Phone," which is simply a prepackaged device that comes with only a screen, processor and WiFi module. From there, users can easily add and take away components as they see fit. It'll be relatively cheap -- the product would cost Google $50 to make, though retail price hasn't been determined yet -- and users on a tight budget can easily add or upgrade modules whenever they can afford to do so.

Livefyre Takes A New Approach To Commenting With Web Annotation Product Sidenotes | TechCrunch

When founder and CEO Jordan Kretchmer demonstrated the feature for me last week, it looked to me like a nice solution to the problem of introducing annotations without totally overwhelming the page. The Sidenotes icons are easy to spot and understand, but you can also ignore them if you want — I hate it when comments force themselves on your attention when you don’t want them. And Sidenotes uses an upvote/downvote system, so hopefully the best comments will rise to the top.

The director of IT for NASA JPL explains where tech is going next

3D printing.  "All of a sudden it's back. It flopped because $10,000 for a cheap 3D printer is not cheap enough. But $1,000 is cheap enough," said Soderstrom. "In one year, we've gone from it being a petting zoo experiment to actually being used in missions now. The way it's being used in missions is for brainstorming and design and rapid prototyping. You can see it, touch it, discuss it with scientists and engineers, and modify design. The cycle time has sped up tremendously." He acknowledges that 3D printing is not quite ready for the mass consumer market, but neither was the first generation of dot-matrix printers -- only when inkjet printers became common did regular printing really take off.

Ford's Skyline concept is like a private jet for the road

If you had $40 million to spend on a ultra-lux vehicle, you might opt for a (pre-owned) Gulfstream V. VIPs on a tighter budget could instead pick up this decked-out Ford van, which comes complete with incredibly comfy leather seats, a Crestron home (or van) automation system, a 52-inch drop-down projection screen with Kaleidescape media server , and plenty of other goodies like maple flooring, a bar with fridge, multi-color LEDs around the roof, individual reading lights (like you'd get on that private jet) and integrated WiFi. You can even add a set of matching luggage. Ford's Decked-Out Skyliner Concept Van See all photos 25 Photos

Canadians arrest a Heartbleed hacker

Shortly after the Internet bug was revealed to the world last week, the Canada Revenue Agency suffered a data breach that leaked the Social Insurance Numbers of about 900 taxpayers. The agency was forced to shut down its website temporarily to prevent further theft of sensitive personal information.

Google Camera Is a Standalone Photography App for Android

Google Camera replicates many of the features from the stock Android 4.4 KitKat app, like Photo Spheres. And even if you're running stock on a Nexus device, the app offers a prettier UI. Google Camera also sports a brand new "Lens Blur" feature that uses processing to create the shallow depth of field that you can usually only get from a larger sensor camera like a DSLR. You might be perfectly satisfied with the app on your Android phone, but if you're using an HTC and Samsung handset with a proprietary camera app, Google Camera gives you the Android photography experience just as Google intended it. [ Google Play ]

Confessions of a Full Stack DevOp

I understand the frustrations when one specialization is asked to do the role of another, when financial or market pressures encourage crossing the streams, as they increasingly do.   However, I disagree with Jeff's assertion that automation is taking time for developers to help them "play ops". When done correctly, automation tools are giving them time back -- and helping out of this problem of needing to wear many hats.  Though I'll go on to say how wearing many hats is a great thing, but we need powerful tools to allow us to operate in these environments.  Naturally, all things in moderation.

The Heartbleed Hit List: The Passwords You Need to Change Right Now

Some Internet companies that were vulnerable to the bug have already updated their servers with a security patch to fix the issue. This means you'll need to go in and change your passwords immediately for these sites. Even that is no guarantee that your information wasn't already compromised , but there's also no indication that hackers knew about the exploit before this week. The companies that are advising customers to change their passwords are doing so as a precautionary measure.

10 best smartphones in the US

The large, high-res display is beautiful, and it's covered with strong, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass. If you're in the market for an Android handset, this is pretty much amongst the top-tier devices for 2014. You really can't go wrong with it if you don't mind the plastic build.

18 Bookstores Every Book Lover Must Visit At Least Once

“It’s a bookshop right on the canal that floods every year, so the eccentric, stray-cat-adopting owner keeps his books in boats, bathtubs and a disused gondola to protect them,” writes  Paris Review . 

How to make stress your friend

Stress. It makes your heart pound, your breathing quicken and your forehead sweat. But while stress has been made into a public health enemy, new research suggests that stress may only be bad for you if you believe that to be the case. Psychologist Kelly McGonigal urges us to see stress as a positive, and introduces us to an unsung mechanism for stress reduction: reaching out to others.

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