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Watch SpaceX launch NASA’s new planet-hunting satellite here

It's almost time for SpaceX to launch NASA's TESS, a space telescope that will search for exoplants more across nearly the entire night sky. The launch has been delayed more than once already: originally scheduled for March 20, it slipped to April 16 (Monday), then some minor issues pushed it to to…

'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' trailer spells doom for the humans – and the dinos

Life finds a way, but so does death.

How I Peered Inside The Propaganda Machine Of Cambridge Analytica

After sharing her findings with Parliament, one researcher describes her own effort to understand the scandal-plagued firm.

Where game investors are putting their money

Investing in games has often been an occasional preoccupation for venture capitalists, who are wary of trying to pick the hits in a hit-driven business. But at our GamesBeat Summit 2018 event, we h…

Vulse app brings gestural and touch effects to guitar | Cult of Mac

Vulse uses the iPhone's sensors and screen to let you control wild and subtle effects, right from the guitar itself.

'Who killed Hannibal?' is the Eric Andre meme for messing up and blaming someone else

"Who killed Hannibal?"

Today in Apple history: Apple's $15 million Mission: Impossible movie tie-in

On April 18, 1996, Apple unveils a massive $15 million promotional tie-in for the new Mission: Impossible movie starring Tom Cruise. Designed to promote the PowerBook, which Cruise uses in the spy flick, the marketing campaign comes at a particularly bad time.

How to watch SpaceX launch NASA's new planet-hunting satellite

The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite will search for another Earth. You can watch the launch live.

Queen Elizabeth II's last royal corgi passes away

The end of an era.

Migos' Offset shares a delicious stir-fry recipe on 'Tonight Show'

Someone give Migos a James Beard award, stat

Avengers-themed OnePlus 6 confirmed, but it won't come to the US

Previous rumors suggested that OnePlus and Marvel Studios would be collaborating for a special edition OnePlus 6. It seems that this has been confirmed, and an Avengers: Infinity War OnePlus 6 will launch in India.

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Jeff Bezos reveals that Amazon has over 100 million Prime subscribers …

Amazon’s smart TVs are back, and Best Buy will sell them

Best Buy already sells plenty of Amazon products, from Echo speakers to Kindle e-readers to Fire TV streaming devices. Still, this is the first time Best Buy will embed Amazon’s software in its own Insignia products, and the first time it will sell products as a merchant on Amazon. The two companies describe the smart TVs as the “first step” in an “exclusive multiyear partnership.”

What you need to know about Tammie Jo Shults, the hero pilot with 'nerves of steel'

Normally a 737 on final approach would deploy its wing flaps to their full extent, to reduce landing speed to around 140 mph. But Captain Shults’ skills and experience forewarned her that an airplane flying that slowly with its flaps fully extended and with asymmetrical power could become fatally unstable in the final stage of the landing, so she used a minimal flap setting to maintain a higher speed and stability—taking the risk that the landing gear and particularly the tires could survive a higher speed impact.

Google Chrome silences all those annoying autoplaying videos

Google has done us all a favor by asking Chrome to block autoplaying videos with sound. No longer will our ears be sodomized unexpectedly by obnoxious ads that we’ll never look at. There are some caveats, however.


6 California opens investigation into Tesla factory safety

By law, California businesses must report any injuries sustained by employees that result in missed work, job performance restrictions or medical treatment beyond first aid. A report at Reveal made the initial claims, and Tesla has repudiated the report itself, saying that it has never intentionally misrepresented its safety record. Whatever the actual story, CalOSHA told Bloomberg that it takes workplace hazards and allegations of underreported work-related injuries seriously, and that is why it is investigating.

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Google just created a big problem for anti-censorship tools …

A year after WannaCry, victims haven't improved cybersecurity policies

"We are told that this was because a high bar had been set for NHS providers to meet the required standard, but some of the trusts had failed the assessment purely because they had still not patched their systems—the main reason the NHS had been vulnerable to WannaCry," the report stated. "There is also the risk that those organisations not infected by WannaCry, a relatively unsophisticated attack, become complacent and do not keep on top of their cyber security risks."

Tesla Model 3 Moves to 24/7 Production

Going from 2,000 to 6,000 in just over two months would be very optimistic if not for the fact Tesla is also introducing another shift to the production line, meaning the Model 3 will be manufactured 24/7 in Fremont. Tesla's general assembly, body, and paint teams will all add a third shift and require more people. Tesla is expecting to employ an extra 400 people a week for several weeks across its entire operation to help support that.

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The fastest way to share someone else’s Tweet with your followers is with a Retweet. Tap the icon to send it instantly.

Lifehacker on Twitter

Here's what you need to know about the debate around universal basic income:

Bernie Sanders just hopped on the Cardi B bandwagon

Kendrick wins a Pulitzer, Method Man and Ghostface hang out with Comey, and now Bernie Sanders is tweeting "Cardi B is right." You never thought that hip-hop would take it this far

Login With Facebook data hijacked by JavaScript trackers

Facebook confirms to TechCrunch that it’s investigating a security research report that shows Facebook user data can be grabbed by third-party JavaScript trackers embedded on websites using Login With Facebook. The exploit lets these trackers gather a user’s data including name, email address, age range, gender, locale, and profile photo depending on what users originally provided to the website. It’s unclear what these trackers do with the data, but many of their parent companies including Tealium, AudienceStream, Lytics, and ProPS sell publisher monetization services based on collected user data.

A Florida Man Has been Accused of Making 97 Million Robocalls

Qualcomm reportedly begins layoffs to cut $1B in costs

Qualcomm, the world's largest maker of chips and processors for phones, said in January it would reduce expenses by $1 billion to improve earnings to rally investor support against a hostile takeover bid from rival Broadcom . But that bid was blocked by the Trump administration on national security grounds, and now the company must make good on its promise.

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TaskRabbit is back online after a suspected data breach with plans to bolster security

Google, Amazon drawn into Telegram ban as Russia blocks millions of IP addresses | ZDNet

"As the past day showed, in its war with progress, Russia's supervisory authorities are ready to block millions of IP addresses of cloud hosts without regard to the loss of extraneous projects," he said.

Chrome 66 rolls out: Autoplay video silenced by default plus 62 bugs fixed | ZDNet

This threshold is determined by the ratio of visits to "significant media playback events" on each site, which include measures such as whether audio and video consumption exceeds seven seconds, whether audio is present and unmuted, whether the tab with the video is active, and whether the size of the video is greater than 240 x 140 pixels.

Apple filings hint a bunch of new iPhone models are coming soon

New regulatory filings reveal that a bunch of new devices are planned. It’s likely they will be refreshed versions of the iPhone SE, which is due an upgrade in mid-2018, according to recent rumors .

Data firm leaks 48 million user profiles scraped from Facebook, LinkedIn, others

Localblox, a Bellevue, Wash.-based firm, says it "automatically crawls, discovers, extracts, indexes, maps and augments data in a variety of formats from the web and from exchange networks." Since its founding in 2010, the company has focused its collection on publicly accessible data sources, like social networks Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, and real estate site Zillow to name a few, to produce profiles.

Scientists accidentally produce an enzyme that devours plastic

Speaking to The Guardian , Professor John McGeehan, who led the research from the University of Portsmouth, said the discovery was "a bit of a shock," but that it could have a significant impact on the mounting global plastics problem. PET bottles that are currently recycled can only be turned into fibers for clothing and carpets. The mutant enzyme could be used to turn plastic back into its original components. "It means we won't need to dig up any more oil and, fundamentally, it should reduce the amount of plastic in the environment," said McGeehan.

Update: Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reportedly May Have Battle Royale Mode - IGN

"Forget What You Know" may be more than just a tagline for the new Call of Duty, as sources say this year's Black Ops 4 may not ship with a single player campaign.

'Trustjacking' is the dangerous new iPhone hack you've never heard of | Cult of Mac

Security researchers have discovered an all-new type of iOS hack called “trustjacking” that uses one of a little-known WiFi feature to access a device’s data, even when the targeted device isn’t in the same location anymore.

Jeff Bezos finally revealed how many people pay for Amazon Prime

Not everyone has to pay full price for Prime. Amazon has been offering discounts for holders of EBT cards since June. EBT stands for Electronic Benefit Transfer, and these debit cards are the primary way that recipients of SNAP — otherwise known as food stamps — get their benefits. Amazon now offers the discount to Medicaid recipients as well. The discount is substantial: Amazon asks these lower-income customers to pay $6 a month.

IBM: Our in-memory computing breakthrough will cut cost of training AI | ZDNet

According to Manuel Le Gallo, an electrical engineer at IBM's Zurich lab and lead author of the paper, the design holds promise for cognitive computing in the cloud and could also help free up access to high-performance computers that researchers today need to compete for.

Facebook to exclude 1.5 billion users from Europe’s GDPR privacy law

( Reuters ) — If a new European law restricting what companies can do with people’s online data went into effect tomorrow, almost 1.9 billion Facebook users around the world would be protected by it. The online social network is making changes that ensure the number will be much smaller.

How to add extra filter packs to the iPhone's Photos app | Cult of Mac

One lesser known ability of the Photos app on your iPhone is that is can use third-party filter packs. If you install a photo-editing app that supports them, then you can apply that apps filters without ever leaving the Photos app. This makes it super quick to add sophisticated effects to your pictures, and you can revert to the original photo at any time in the future.

Microsoft's AI-powered offline translation now runs on any phone

Like many translation apps, Microsoft Translator has only used AI to decipher phrases while you have an internet connection. That's not much help if you're on a vacation in a place where mobile data is just a distant memory. Well, you won't have to sacrifice quality for much longer -- Microsoft has released offline language packs for Translator (currently on Android , iOS and Amazon Fire devices) that use AI for translation when you're offline regardless of your hardware. The move not only provides higher quality translations, but shrinks the size of the language packs by half. If you're a jetsetter, you might not have to shuffle language packs whenever you visit a new country.

Here’s how quickly “boycott Starbucks” spread across the internet

“Following the incident in Philadelphia, Starbucks made the right move by apologizing to its customer base on social media, but the next step is taking measures internally to make sure that this kind of incident doesn’t happen again,” Paul Vivant, Digimind’s CEO, said in a statement.

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Privacy is the ultimate crime in the new scifi thriller Anon

A minor cryptocurrency partners with a major porn network. What could go wrong?

Yesterday the big announcement came, as it were. I received a few emails from PornHub PR announcing a crypto partnership but they refused to announce the currency. Now that the currency is officially announced, I’m sure there are some folks who are upset they bought a load of Titcoin . Verge has partnered with PornHub to allow users to pay with the currency. Why? And why would you want to? This is unclear. Presumably the currency allows you to pay completely anonymously but you still have to acquire Verge to pay with Verge and associating a currency with porn pretty much gives the game away as to why you’d spend it. Further, the extensive marketing efforts make PornHub look far more interesting than Verge, especially since Verge shares the same name with the Verge tech site, something that is bound to confuse average buyers. Finally, you get no real benefit from paying with Verge and, in fact, you can’t get your Verge refunded if you decide you no longer want to pay $9.99 a month for premium PR()N.

Smart lock lets you unlock your home with Apple Watch

If you’re forever losing your keys, why bother using them at all? Now you can unlock your doors using your Apple Watch, thanks to the August Smart Lock.

How to install and use ZNC to stay connected on IRC

However, in the age of smartphones and cloud computing, staying connected to IRC and managing connections on a single network can be a challenge. Maintaining a persistent connection to an IRC network on a smartphone during your daily commute can be challenging, particularly in metropolitan areas where signals in facilities such as train stations can be weak. Additionally, switching between multiple devices is troublesome, as conversation history does not migrate with the current connection. With a bounced network connection (BNC) managing your IRC connections, the rough edges of IRC can be smoothed over.

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Action Comics #1000 honors 80 years of Superman with another wrinkle to his origin story

Gizmodo on Twitter

Marvel's preposterously '90s TV series Night Man is coming to DVD for some reason

This women’s pilot bill could create more heroes like Tammie Jo Shults

When the engine on a Southwest Airlines exploded, Tammie Jo Shults jumped into action. The Navy-trained pilot calmly took the Boeing 737 into a steep descent and made an emergency landing in Philadelphia. Shults’s bravery and nerves of steel make her a standout pilot, but the simple fact that she is a woman pilot at a commercial airline also makes her an outlier.

Why G Suite admins should enable Gmail's advanced anti-phishing and malware settings

Several of the safety settings offer G Suite administrators a choice between either "keep email in inbox and show a warning" or "move email to spam." The system defaults to the first option, which makes the recipient aware of each problematic email, but they will still receive and see potentially harmful emails. The latter option—move to spam—ensures the email isn't presented. I suggest admins make users aware that they are adjusting these settings, and ask recipients to notify them if they receive a noticeable amount of emails with warnings. If they do, admins can adjust the settings to "move email to spam."

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Reddit is helping some people deal with their mental health struggles

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Man suspected of stealing 600 Bitcoin mining rigs breaks out of Icelandic prison

Here's how Apple is fighting GrayKey iPhone unlocker | Cult of Mac

Apple hasn’t found the security holes that iPhone unlocking tools use, but iOS 11.3 took a step that makes these cracking devices less useful. Police now have a limited amount of time to circumvent the user’s passcode before it becomes impossible.

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iPhone 2018 rumors: Regulatory filing points to iPhone SE2's possible imminent release

Lifehacker on Twitter

(Kill, kill, kill, ma, ma, ma) Here's how to introduce your kid to horror movies:

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Facebook is under investigation for alleged housing discrimination (again)

USA TODAY Tech on Twitter

California's workplace safety agency opens probe of Tesla plant after injury report

Why it's finally time to give up on the name JavaScript

"As you are likely aware, Oracle owns US Trademark Registration No. 2416017 for JAVASCRIPT. The seller of this iTunes app prominently displays JAVASCRIPT without authorization from our client. The unauthorized display of our client's intellectual property is likely to cause consumers encountering this app to mistakenly believe that it emanates from, or is provided under a license from, Oracle. Use of our client's trademark in such a manner constitutes trademark infringement in violation of the Lanham Act. 15 U.S.C. § 1125(a)(1)(A). In order to prevent further consumer confusion and infringement of our client's intellectual property rights, we request that you immediately disable access to this app. We look forward to your confirmation that you have complied with this request."

Facebook to follow strict new European privacy law -- worldwide

Starting this week, Facebook users in Europe will start to see a pop-up asking them to make choices about their privacy and how the platform handles their data. Later, the same options will show up for Facebook users globally. All users will also be asked to agree to Facebook's updated terms of service and data policy.

Where's the 'edge' in edge computing? Why it matters, and how we use it | ZDNet

Calling Flexware an edge device might seem like stretching the impact of the edge idea beyond the limits of edginess. But follow with me for a moment: If AT&T (and others) can build a viable market around infrastructure capable of processing the "smart" functionality which we presently attribute to smartphones, with latencies that are minimal enough to not be noticeable to customers, then it could conceivably offer "dumber," less expensive, smartphones with the same services we see on Android and iOS today. What's more, those services could conceivably transport themselves between the user's many devices -- for instance, from her desktop to her phone to her car.

The power is out again in Puerto Rico, 7 months after Hurricane Maria

Per CNN , PREPA is focusing primary efforts on getting power back to hospital and water services as well as banks and the city of San Juan. The outage was reportedly caused when an excavator hit a main transmission line while clearing vegetation. PREPA is hoping to have power restored in the next 24 to 36 hours

Cray and AMD EPYC join forces for new supercomputer product line | ZDNet

"Cray's leadership in supercomputing is well known and AMD is thrilled to be working with them on the CS500 cluster system," said Scott Aylor, corporate vice president and general manager, datacenter and embedded solutions, AMD. "Cray is the first system vendor to offer an optimized programing environment for AMD EYPC processors, which is a distinct advantage. Combining AMD EPYC processors with Cray's supercomputing expertise opens new opportunities for both companies to grow."

Lifehacker on Twitter

Here's how to stop your kids from spending all your money in Fortnite:

51 Dell changes its approach and goes OS-agnostic in security | ZDNet
52 Chrome adds Windows Defender to protect your Mac
53 iPhone X global profits alone beat all Apple's rivals and it's not even close | ZDNet
54 Apple Music is poised for some massive growth in the near future | Cult of Mac
55 Gizmodo on Twitter
56 Google Chrome may now support Oculus Rift
57 Lifehacker on Twitter
58 Gizmodo on Twitter
59 Gizmodo on Twitter
60 Open source's big German win: 300,000 users shift to Nextcloud for file sharing | ZDNet
61 US High School Students Learn How to Spot Fake News
62 The only Comey book review you need: Should you read it?
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64 Gizmodo on Twitter
65 Gizmodo on Twitter
66 Whole Foods sunsets rewards ahead of Amazon Prime integration
67 Microsoft's OneNote for Windows 10 to become the default Windows version later this year | ZDNet
68 CNET on Twitter
69 Fortnite could make $500 million on mobile this year | Cult of Mac
70 Another Scam ICO? Savedroid Founder Exits with $50M to Chill on a Beach - Cryptovest
71 This Android P feature will remember your preferred Bluetooth volume
72 Streaming sports service fuboTV raises $75 million from AMC and others
73 NBA Video-Game League to Stream Exclusively on Amazon's Twitch
74 AppleInsider on Twitter
75 Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL now generally available and ready for your production workloads
76 Citizen Zuck: The making of Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg
77 Improved fraud prevention with Radar 2.0
78 Grasshopper, a learn-to-code app from Google’s Area 120 incubator, goes live
79 Report: 60% of companies likely to miss GDPR compliance deadline
80 IGN on Twitter
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82 Exclusive: Facebook to put 1.5 billion users out of reach of new EU...
83 Amazon to launch Fire TV Edition smart TVs from Insignia and Toshiba in partnership with Best Buy
84 Google’s working on an AltOS mode that could bring Windows to the Pixelbook
85 Snapchat just proved why lenses are a bigger deal than Stories
86 Amazon Made a 'Fast, Lite, and Private' Browser for Android
87 The US Army is developing AI that can recognize faces in the dark and through walls
88 Gizmodo on Twitter
89 Exclusive: Facebook to change user terms, limiting effect of EU...