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Nearby exoplanet is the new best place to check for aliens

The list of planets worth checking for signs of life seems to grow with each passing month. Another newly discovered super-Earth in our galactic neighborhood has just made it to the top of the chart.

Apple promises future products to be made from 100% recycled materials

The silly $50K bet that got Venmo’s founders in hot water with PayPal

Three years ago at the Northside Festival, Venmo founders Iqram Magdon-Ismail and Andrew Kortina were high with exc

Matt Damon and Jimmy Kimmel's feud takes to the skies in United Airlines parody

Their feud will last 1,000 lifetimes.

Baby goats ditch sweaters for PJs and we are totally here for it

Everything suddenly feels right in the world.

Silicon Valley’s $400 Juicer May Be Feeling the Squeeze

Two investors in Juicero were surprised to learn the startup’s juice packs could be squeezed by hand without using its high-tech machine.

I don't want to live inside Facebook's vision for social VR

As a tech demo, Facebook Spaces is fine. As a new form of social interaction, it's a dud.

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Facebook's Building 8 takes its own moonshots

The social network finally unveils what its secretive Building 8 hardware lab has been working on for the past year. Communication might never be the same.

Facebook is working on tech to let you type with your brain and 'hear with your skin'

This isn't about decoding random thoughts. This is about decoding the words you’ve already decided to share by sending them to the speech center of your brain. Think of it like this: You take many photos and choose to share only some of them. Similarly, you have many thoughts and choose to share only some of them.

Tesla withdraws lawsuit against former Autopilot head, gets $100k in settlement

Tesla’s lawsuit against Mr. Anderson, Mr. Urmson, and Aurora has been settled. Under the settlement, Mr. Anderson’s contractual obligations to Tesla will remain in place and will also be extended to Aurora, with additional specific protections being added to ensure there are no further violations. The settlement also establishes a process to allow Tesla to recover all of the proprietary information that was taken from the company, and it provides for Aurora’s computer systems to be subject to ongoing audits to monitor for any improper retention or use of Tesla’s property. Finally, $100,000 was paid to Tesla.

Bose is spying on us, lawsuit alleges

Is Bose spying on consumers? One of its customers thinks it is, and has filed a proposed class-action lawsuit to stop the practice. Plaintiff Kyle Zak claims Bose uses its wireless headphones and companion Bose Connect app to violate the US Wiretap Act by "secretly collecting, transmitting, and disclosing its customers' private music and audio selections to third parties, including a data mining company."

Facebook’s new Surround 360 video cameras let you move around inside live-action scenes

Like the original camera, both of the new Surround 360 models were developed at Facebook’s on-site hardware lab, Area 404, under the supervision of Cabral, who has extensive computer graphics and imaging expertise. Facebook hired Cabral from Nvidia for his engineering and computer vision chops, and he’s been leading the hardware charge at the company’s camera division as a way to solve the difficult “chicken and the egg” problem with 360-degree video. Facebook has the platform to serve this kind of video to billions of users — and the VR headset company to sell those users pricey hardware. Yet not a lot of this content exists yet. Creators also don’t want to put the time, money, and effort toward creating it if they think users won’t ever experience it.

Report: Google will add an ad blocker to all versions of Chrome web browser

The report says "people familiar with the plans" describe the move as a "defensive" one. Ad blockers are gaining in popularity, and with Chrome's 50+ percent browser market share and auto-updating ability, the Chrome ad blocker would instantly become the most widely used solution out there. This would give Google control over the ad-blocking market, the ad industry as a whole, and even over its competitors, which offer many of the "unacceptable ad" formats the coalition is targeting. Third-party ad-blocking solutions like Adblock Plus actually charge web sites money to display ads to Adblock Plus users, and Google is a member of this whitelist-for-cash program. Running its own ad-blocking program might shut out, or at least reduce, the fees the company pays to third parties like Adblock Plus.

Sinergia Tech finds investors for first Latin American hardware accelerator

Amazon Web Services has a new service dedicated to Internet of Things (IoT) developers, called Greengrass. The service, announced on Wednesday at AWS re:invent in Las Vegas, will enable messaging, data caching, and local computing between IoT devices. See Also: IoT and companies: Everyone wants a piece of this revolution For IoT developers using low-power, … Read more »

Microsoft To-Do is a new app that replaces Wunderlist

One of the big draws of Microsoft To-Do is the “My Day” feature, which encourages users to focus on daily tasks by offering a fresh list every day. The app is connected to Office 365 and will offer built-in integration with Outlook along with other Office apps father down the line. An intelligent suggestions feature is also integrated to recommend tasks for each new day based on upcoming items or old entries. Lists can also be assigned emoji to easily tell them apart, and of course will sync across whatever devices you’re using To-Do on.

Facebook's latest drone delivers internet during a disaster

Internet connectivity is kind of like air: something we take for granted until we can't get it. To help make communications easier during disaster scenarios , Facebook has come up with the "Tether-antenna." At its simplest, it's a small, unmanned helicopter that can hook onto undamaged fiber-and-power lines (when cellular connectivity has been damaged or is otherwise unavailable) and then hover "a few hundred feet from the ground," according to a Facebook Developers blog post . "When completed, this technology will be able to be deployed immediately and operate for months at a time to bring back connectivity in case of an emergency -- ensuring the local community can stay connected while the in0ground connectivity is under repair."

Instagram now works offline on Android

Here’s how it works: any posts your phone has already downloaded while connected to Wi-Fi or your mobile data plan will be available to view, comment on, like and save. You’ll also be able to create posts and save drafts. Once you’re back online, your actions will be beamed to the app’s servers.

Cadillac previews Super Cruise at New York Auto Show

The new Super Cruise system, which will be available in the Cadillac CT6 this fall, is able to alert the driver when they stop paying attention to the road and ensure that an accident similar to Tesla’s first autonomous fatality doesn’t happen in a Cadillac.

Facebook and the Cost of Monopoly

This, ultimately, is why yesterday’s keynote was so disappointing. Last year, before Facebook realized it could just leverage its network to squash Snap, Mark Zuckerberg spent most of his presentation laying out a long-term vision for all the areas in which Facebook wanted to innovate. This year couldn’t have been more different: there was no vision, just the wholesale adoption of Snap’s, plus a whole bunch of tech demos that never bothered to tell a story of why they actually mattered for Facebook’s users. It will work, at least for a while, but make no mistake, Facebook is the only winner.

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KIND wants to pop your social media filter bubble. Will you let them?

Sony Rivals Canon’s Best Camera with the Badass A9

For a few years now, Sony’s been the most innovative name in the camera game, besting incumbents like Nikon and Canon in several categories with awesome point-and-shoots, like the RX100 line, and the truly game-changing A7 full-frame mirrorless line. Far from just an innovator, there are signs the company’s efforts are finding an audience: A few days ago Sony claimed to have overtaken Nikon as the second best-selling producer of full-frame cameras, the big expensive cameras preferred by anyone who makes their living shooting pictures. But Canon, with its super fast 1D series of full frame cameras, is still king when it comes to big, badass professional cameras used for shooting sports and NatGeo covers. Well, until now— Sony’s new A9 has all the trappings of a a dethroner.

We Just Found Out Antarctica Is Covered in Rivers

In 1908, Ernest Shackleton’s legendary Nimrod team was making its way toward the South Pole when the men were startled by something unexpected: The sound of liquid water, roaring across the frozen wasteland toward the sea. One hundred and nine years later, scientists can confirm that this sound, described by one early explorer as “odd after the usual Antarctic silence” was not a trick of the mens’ imaginations, nor was it a fluke. Hundreds of individual waterways gush across our planet’s ice-covered continent in the summertime, and they’ve been doing so for decades.

Google Plans Ad-Blocking Feature in Popular Chrome Browser

The ad-blocking feature, which could be switched on by default within Chrome, would filter out certain online ad types deemed to provide bad experiences for users as they move around the web.

The Easiest Ways to Run Multiple Accounts from One Phone

If you use Gmail and your office uses Google Apps or you like to maintain multiple Facebook accounts, than operating on a phone can be a nightmare. Multiple logins means constant logging out of apps and then logging back in—a process that only gets more excruciating when you have two-factor authentication (and you should really have two-factor authentication ).

How to share access to your organization's domain, email, and passwords - TechRepublic

Emergency access allows full access, as well, and can be configured to only allow access if the account holder doesn't respond. For example, in LastPass, you can add the email address of another Lastpass member to receive emergency access with a waiting period. When the person requests access, you choose a time period that needs to elapse before access is granted. The time period can vary from no time (i.e., immediate access) to 30 days. During the waiting period, the account holder can reject the request. Otherwise, they'll receive access. That way, in a situation when an account holder is no longer able to reject a request, another person can gain access to account passwords after a delay.

How to create professional looking movies with Google Photos - TechRepublic

Marketing can be really tricky for those running small businesses or consultancies. You need as many tools at your disposal as possible; and with consumers becoming more and visually oriented, you need to add video to your marketing arsenal. Thing is, not everyone has the skills to fire up a video editor and create a professional looking video. That's why so many people turn to the likes of Animoto for promo video needs. However, did you know that you can create high-quality videos within the mobile version of Google Photos ?

Will Windows 10 really make your laptop battery last longer? - TechRepublic

The Power Throttling ability works by exploiting the Speed Shift feature found in Intel's Skylake processors or later. Skylake processors were released in 2015, with consumer-targeted models typical badged as 6xxx. Power Throttling is only available on devices using Intel Skylake CPUs at present, although Microsoft says it is working to make the feature available on "other processors".

Windows 10: How to upgrade to run Ubuntu 16.04 on Windows - TechRepublic

A key upgrade in the Creators Update is support for a newer version of the Linux-based OS Ubuntu. For a step-by-step walkthrough of how to install / update to Ubuntu 16.04, see the written guide below or watch the video above.

Leaked iPhone schematics hint rear Touch ID and vertical dual-cam setup

Right off the bat, the leaked sketch seems to confirm earlier reports and design renders suggesting Apple could be moving its Touch ID module to the back – as well as ditching the standard horizontal dual-cam setup in favor of one placed vertically.

How Facebook wants to redefine urban wireless connectivity with Terragraph - TechRepublic

Facebook also announced that it has officially partnered with the city of San Jose to begin rolling out its new deployment of Terragraph in the downtown area of the city. Using computer vision technology, the company was able to map out where the best possible locations for millimeter-wave radios would be, and how clear the line of sight was, the post said.

InterContinental data breach expands from 12 to 1,200 hotels | ZDNet

Updated: The data breach is far more damaging than the 12 properties originally believed to have been compromised.

Amazon Lex, coming to just about anything near you

That's what Apple, Amazon, Google, Microsoft and even Samsung hope Siri, Alexa, Assistant, Cortana and Bixby (in that order) will ultimately achieve. It's a race to see which company can add smart voice assistants to more products and apps than its rivals. On Wednesday, Amazon -- which already has the lead in that race -- added more distance between itself and the competition, telling app developers they now have its Amazon Lex voice technology at their disposal , according to Reuters.

Bose accused of secretly sharing your listening habits

Bose Connect acts as a companion app to several models of the company's wireless products, including the well-reviewed QuietComfort 35 headphones. The app provides users with the ability to setup and control parts of their audio experience from a smartphone. During the download and install process, the complaint notes "Bose fails to notify or warn customers that Bose Connect monitors and collects -- in real time -- the music and audio tracks played through their Bose wireless products. Nor does Bose disclose that it transmits the collected listening data to third parties."

Google Plans Ad-Blocking Feature in Popular Chrome Browser

The ad-blocking feature, which could be switched on by default within Chrome, would filter out certain online ad types deemed to provide bad experiences for users as they move around the web.

Augmented reality makeup is the future

It’s not perfect; as you may have noticed, some of my eyelashes are floating above my hair. But it’s close enough that I could imagine using a more polished version on a real video, and even this limited system tracks my face pretty well. Of course, Sephora’s tool isn’t supposed to create a substitute for makeup — it’s designed to show you what you’d look like in real, fairly expensive products. But if companies like Facebook turn phone-based augmented reality into a serious, practical technology, that’s bound to change. Modiface even announced live streaming support a few weeks ago, although it’s still rolling out.

Spotify’s half-priced student pricing expands worldwide

Like Apple Music’s discount, which drops the $9.99/month service down to $4.99/month, Spotify’s student discount is also a half-priced offering. In the U.S., it costs the same as Apple Music, and that same discount rate will apply in the new countries, as well.

Marvel has decided who will direct Captain Marvel

Originally created by Stan Lee and Gene Colan in the 1960s, the Captain Marvel character has a long history in Marvel’s comics, with a number of heroes taking on the name. This film will be about Carol Danvers, who was originally known as Ms. Marvel before assuming the Captain Marvel mantle in 2012.

This newfound world is the best place yet to search for alien life

The alien world known as LHS 1140b is rocky , like Earth. It is only 40 light-years away from our solar system (essentially, down-the-street in cosmic terms), and sits in the so-called habitable zone of its parent star, which means liquid water could potentially exist on the planet's surface. Several other planets also meet those criteria, but few of them are as prime for study as LHC 1140b according to the scientists who discovered it, because the type of star the planet orbits and the planet's orientation to Earth make it ripe for investigations into whether it's the kind of place where life could thrive.

Sick with the flu? Here have some frog slime

In frogs, some bacteria-fighting peptides work by punching holes in cell membranes, which makes them toxic to the cells of mammals. While some of the Indian frogs' antiviral peptides also worked this way, urumin did not. Instead, that special peptide seemed to only disrupt the integrity of the flu virus, the scientists found when they looked through an electron microscope.

TRAPPIST-1 Has Some Serious New Competition For Best Place to Find Aliens

It seems like every week, there’s a new contender for Coolest Planet Where There Are Definitely Aliens. For those of us who want to believe, this is an emotionally exhausting cycle, as we’re built up and let down time and again. At the risk of fucking with our fragile hearts even more, it’s worth mentioning that a recently discovered exoplanet 39 lightyears from Earth might actually give the current favorites— Proxima b and the TRAPPIST-1 system—a run for their money.

Facebook predicts where you'll look to improve 360 video

Facebook has put together three strategies to address this. A gravitational view-prediction model that uses physics and heat-maps has increased resolution on VR devices by up to 39 percent. An AI model can assist by "intuiting" the most interesting part of a video. The company is also testing a new encoding technique, called content-dependent streaming, that improves resolution on non-VR devices like your smartphone by up to 51 percent.

More than 160 tech companies asked a court to reject Trump’s second travel ban

When Trump issued his initial ban in January , the leaders of Apple, Facebook and Google emerged as some of its earliest critics. They sounded off in public statements while their employees protested, and they joined the likes of Amazon and Microsoft in a legal brief challenging the president’s first attempt at a ban. A judge in Washington state ultimately halted implementation of that executive order, leading to the second version that Trump unveiled in March.

Smartphones will officially become glasses in 2022, Facebook exec brashly predicts

All of these early efforts are the necessary groundwork to get to the next phase and create glasses that, in the words of Abrash, provide "augmentation that enhances your vision and hearing seamlessly, that makes you smarter and more capable, that is light, comfortable, stylish, power efficient and socially acceptable enough to accompany you everywhere you go."

Facebook will license its new 360 cameras that capture in six degrees of freedom

On day two of Facebook’s F8 conference, Facebook’s CTO Mike Schroepfer showed off designs for two new 360 cameras that the company is going to help push to market. The x24, with 24 cameras, and its little brother the x6, with six cameras, can each capture in six degrees of freedom for more immersive 360 content. Facebook plans to license the designs of the two cameras to select commercial partners to get each to market later this year.

The Sea Turtle That Ate 915 Coins Did Not Die in Vain

Tongue depressors are used to check a turtle’s throat for damage, or to splint a broken flipper before it’s wrapped with an ace bandage. Blood tests are used to check glucose levels (which can be used to diagnose malnutrition), orthopedic surgery repairs fractured shells from boat strikes or predators, and a hyperbaric oxygen chamber treats sepsis. Recently, the LMC began using a cold laser treatment to promote cell growth. The MSC is currently raising funds to purchase a cold laser of its own. Published data on the efficacy of these procedures is limited: Often, doctors are just doing what seems to work best, and sharing their findings with their peers.

The Sony Alpha A9 is the ultimate mirrorless full-frame camera

As you'd expect for Sony's mirrorless flagship camera, video is well catered for. For a start, there's 4K (3840 x 2160p) video recording across the full width of the full-frame image sensor. When shooting in this format, the camera uses full pixel readout without pixel binning to collect 6K of information, oversampling it to produce high-quality 4K footage with exceptional detail and depth. Recording is also available in the popular Super 35mm size.

The CEO of the $3.7 billion security startup Tanium is facing another scandal

Another unsettling accusation has landed at the feet of Orion Hindawi, the CEO of security startup Tanium. He has allegedly been giving prospective customers a view into a hospital's live network for years and no one seems to remember giving Tanium permission to do so, The Wall Street Journal's Rolfe Winkler reports.

Apple to offer 2017 Earth Day Challenge Activity achievement with iMessage stickers

In recognition of Earth Day on April 22, Apple is creating a special "Earth Day Challenge" to reward reaching 30 minutes of exercise on the day with a special achievement badge in the Activity app, as well as stickers for use within iMessage.

Malaysia Airlines will be first to use new satellite-based airplane tracking system

Three years ago, Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 disappeared from radar somewhere above the Indian Ocean with 239 people on board. Today, the airline announced it is the first to sign up to a new service that will track its airplanes anywhere in the world using orbiting satellites. The company’s planes will be tracked minute-by-minute using the new system, which boasts complete worldwide coverage, even over “ocean, polar, and remote regions.”

Facebook Spaces: Never see your friends IRL again

Facebook unveiled Spaces, a social VR platform that lets users hang out with their Facebook friends in the virtual world.

7 Easy Ways to Make Your Android Phone Less Annoying

One of the coolest upgrades in Android 7.0 Nougat is the ability to choose which icons are included in the shade for easy access. Perhaps you're like me and don't really use things like Wi-Fi calling or NFC, but like having the ability to quickly set your phone to vibrate, toggle Location on/off, and access the flashlight—all with a single tap. In Nougat, you can rearrange which buttons appear in the shade by tapping the hamburger in the top-right corner of the shade > edit (or, conversely, your system may have a pencil "edit" icon in the top right). Don't have Nougat yet? Don't sweat it. You will. At some point. Maybe?

There's Finally an Update on the Movie Version of Mark Millar's Time-Traveling Comic Chrononauts

Before Mark Millar’s Chrononauts was even released in 2015, the comic had already been tapped for a movie adaptation. However, as is so often the case these days, the updates stopped there. Fast-forward to today and there is finally some movement on the project.

Rian Johnson Changed Kylo Ren's Scar in Last Jedi Because He Thought It Looked Goofy

But maybe Johnson is just lying to hide the real reason the scar was moved, a truth uncovered by my colleague Katharine Trendacosta. It’s that Kylo saw his scar, didn’t think it looked “Darth Vader” enough, got in a Bacta tank, healed it, and then cut himself again in a cooler way. Sith dig the scars, right? I’m guessing the opening crawl is all about this spoiler-filled Bacta surgery and Johnson is just hiding the huge reveal.

Portland Opens Its Streets to Self-Driving Cars

The city will solicit proposals from companies working on driverless cars to gauge how they can help Portland reach its goals of reducing carbon emissions and providing equitable service. The city would also consider providing financial support for businesses to test autonomous transit vehicles, such as shuttles or buses, that could potentially connect passengers to its existing transit infrastructure. Wheeler says two years of pilot testing would inform final rules: "If we wait five years, my concern is we are not going to have a say in the matter at all."

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Haven’t signed up for the world's largest IoT event yet? Purchase your conference pass now!  #IoTW17

Windows 10 tip: Add extra details to Task Manager's Processes tab | ZDNet

Task Manager's list of running processes is a useful tool all on its own. But you can tweak its display to add extra information, including the full path of the command that started each running process.

The Renault R.S. 2027 Vision could be the F1 car of the future

Renault sees more power, less weight, and an increased focus on safety.At this week's Auto Shanghai, French automaker and Formula 1 factory team Renault revealed their idea of Formula 1's future, the R.S. 2027 Vision. It takes the three main focus points of modern Formula 1 development - safety, driver engagement, and entertainment - and distills it into what Renault believes cars may look like in 10 years. Despite the heavily stylized, futuristic appearance, there's no mistaking the yellow and black R.S. 2027 Vision for anything other than a Renault F1 car. The automaker thinks F1 cars of the future will be far lighter and faster than today's racers. The quoted specs are 1 megawatt of power and a weight of 600 kilos, or just over 1,300 horsepower and 1,300 lbs. Power will still come from a turbocharged hybrid V6. For reference, current F1 cars weight 1,548 lbs and are hovering around 950 horsepower. The kinetic energy recovery system, or KERS, output would be increased to a total of 500 kW, up from 120 kW in today's cars. The R.S. 2027 Vision would have all all-wheel drive thanks to an electric motor at the front.

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