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Another cop forgets that everyone is a cameraman

The New York Police Department has stripped an officer of his badge and gun after a passenger recorded him screaming at an Uber driver for no good reason. The officer, identified as Patrick Cherry,...

Feature : How Beats by Dre played you like a fool

In just seven years Interscope records head honcho Jimmy Iovine and hip-hop tastemaker Dr Dre have turned a seemingly simple headphone branding exercise into a $1 billion-plus business – and here is how they did it. Together with newish Presiden...

What my family wants you to know about autism

One in 68 children has been identified with autism. The Ruscil family has two of them.

These French climbers are either fearless or insane

Two french climbers ascend a massive monolith in France.

Billy Eichner and David Letterman scream at strangers on the street [VIDEO]

In this episode of 'Billy on the Street', Eichner and Letterman ask strangers what the late-night host's next gig should be.

Bob Barker returns to 'The Price is Right' for April Fools' Day

Legendary 'Price is Right' host Bob Barker returns to the game show for April Fools' Day.

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New Firefox version says “might as well” to encrypting all Web traffic

Further ReadingInternet architects propose encrypting all the world’s Web trafficNext-gen HTTP calls for default crypto to stop spying by spooks and criminals. Opportunistic encryption, as the feature is known, acts as a bridge between plaintext HTTP connections and fully compliant HTTPS connections based on transport layer security or its predecessor, protocol secure sockets layer. These traditional Web-based encryption measures require site operators to obtain a digital credential issued by a browser-recognized certificate authority and to implement TLS protection through OpenSSL or a similar code library. Even then, many sites are unable to fully encrypt their pages because they embed ads and other third-party content that's still transmitted in plaintext. As a result, large numbers of sites (including this one) continue to publish some or all of their content in HTTP, which can be readily manipulated by people with the ability to monitor the connection.

EU scrutinizing record labels over potential deals with Apple streaming music service

– A + EU scrutinizing record labels over potential deals with Apple streaming music service By Neil Hughes Thursday, April 02, 2015, 05:05 am PT (08:05 am ET) With Apple expected to rebrand and relaunch its acquired Beats Music service this summer, the company has already come under the watchful eye of the European Union, which has begun probing the company's plans even before the product is made official. Citing people familiar with the matter, the Financial Times reported on Thursday that "several labels and digital music companies" were contacted with questionnaires regarding dealings with Apple. Those questions were reportedly sent by the European Commission, which is the legislative arm of the E.U. The commission is apparently interested in the agreements labels have allegedly been making with Apple in recent weeks and months, in anticipation of a new streaming service from the company. The report indicated that Apple has planned the rebranded Beats Music launch for this summer, aligning with earlier rumors.

President Obama creates new cyber sanctions programme

The authorisation gives the US Treasury Secretary - in coordination with the Attorney General and Secretary of State - the ability to sanction "individuals or entities" that pose a cyber threat to the "national security, foreign policy, or economic health or financial stability of the United States," Mr Obama said in a statement issued by the White House.

5 Silicon Valley Companies Europe Is Gunning For

European policy makers are nervously watching the havoc wrought by Silicon Valley giants on traditional industries, from publishing to taxicabs, fearful they will displace incumbents and squash local startups. They worry manufacturing and automotive will be hit next. Here’s how they’re going after the big U.S. tech firms.

Three ways a CSO can stop being the bad guy

"If a business unit wants to deploy something in six months, you make sure you do everything you can to meet their six month target," he said. "They can't wait two years -- they're throwing money away, in their eyes. Don't stop $50 million of potential revenues for $2 million in risk. That makes no sense. Assume the risk and move forward."

Microsoft Office Lens Scans Notes and Documents into Office Format

Office Lens can export your notes in a variety of formats including JPEG, PDF, and Office filetypes like Word or Powerpoint. The latter comes with some extra tricks. For example, if you save a note in Powerpoint format, the app will make hand-drawn images and text into objects you can arrange separately. All scans can also be exported directly to OneNote or OneDrive.


Apple is attempting to rethink its approach to digital music as its own sales of digital media have been declining . The company has been expected to relaunch its streaming efforts this summer, possibly at its Worldwide Developers Conference. The company acquired Beats last year for more than $3 billion, in part for its streaming music service, which is expected to be the core of the new offering.

How to prepare for Google's next major search update

The April rollout of Google's new, mobile-friendly algorithm is expected to significantly impact website rankings in mobile search results. Here's how to prepare for the biggest Google search algorithm update in years.

The Brand History Of Disney Princesses In 200 Sparkly Seconds

Here's why every little girl you know owns a pair of Frozen flip-flops.

The Quiet Revolution Turning Roadsides Into Nature Reserves | WIRED

It may seem improbable, at least at first. But the I-35 restoration is part of a quiet revolution occurring in some of America’s most unappreciated spaces. Roadsides and utility corridors, biologists say, are potentially vital sources of life. They can become grasslands and shrublands, rich habitats that once formed after fire and other natural disturbance, but have become rare in human-dominated landscapes.

Samsung's New 4K TVs Are Here, and They're Gorgeous | WIRED

From there on down, you can find semi-savings. The edge-lit 65-inch JS9000 is basically the JS9500 without full-array, motion-control features, or a built-in camera—which many people would consider a plus—for $5,000. There’s also a 48-inch ($3,500) and 55-inch ($4,000) version of the JS9000, although those are small screen sizes for a 4K TV. The flat 65-inch J8500 ditches the curves, has a quad-core processor instead of the pricier sets’ eight-core CPUs, and has a 40W sound system instead of the 9000 series’ 60W speakers. That one clocks in at $4,000, or a cool $3,000 for a 55-inch version.

The Verge on Twitter

“ @verge : Netflix says House of Cards season four is coming in 2016 … ” hope it's better than 3 :/

Top Gear's website has removed all three hosts from the top banner

Jeremy Clarkson's removal is to be expected, given that  he is officially off Top Gear , but cohosts James May and Richard Hammond have been less clear. On the day Clarkson was let go (or rather, his contract was not renewed), May told Sky News , "As much as I think he's a knob, I quite like working with Jeremy." The same day, both he and Clarkson updated their Twitter profiles to indicate being former presenters; Hammond updated his with the more vague, "Can't explain it really ... er, I do this car show and stuff." The trio's columns are still being promoted farther down the page.

Indiana lawmakers unveil changes to anti-gay law after criticism

Indicates that the law related to adjudicating a claim or defense that a state or local law, ordinance, or other action substantially burdens the exercise of religion of a person: (1) does not authorize a provider to refuse to offer or provide services, facilities, use of public accommodations, goods, employment, or housing to any member or members of the general public; (2) does not establish a defense to a civil action or criminal prosecution for refusal by a provider to offer or provide services, facilities, use of public accommodations, goods, employment, or housing to any member or members of the general public; and (3) does not negate any rights available under the Constitution of the State of Indiana.

Watch This: How Wolfram Alpha Makes Sense of Our World

Stephen Wolfram, the CEO of Wolfram Alpha, explains the algorithmic capabilities behind Wolfram Alpha. It is powered by massive data sets — so much that it cannot be simply retrieved from sources on the internet. Stephen Wolfram even states that “there actually isn’t enough data on the Web to get all of the things we need.”

RadioShack Is Dead, Long Live RadioShack

After a brush with liquidation last week, a reimagined version of the chain will debut later in April under the ownership of hedge fund Standard General LP with an assist from Sprint Corp.

19 of the Best iPhone and iPad Apps from March 2015

With a wealth of new photo and video-related apps, and a number of new live-streaming entrants onto the market, March was a busy month in the the App Store.

Can You Guess the Websites Behind These Abstract Images? | WIRED

With the extension, every part of a web page is randomly assigned one of 12 colors. Rozendaal, best known for single serving websites that turn the internet into an artistic playground, developed it using code by Reiner Feijen. The colors effectively replace the text, tables, photo and video you’d usually see. Purged of content, you’re left with the site’s underlying architecture. It offers a unique view of the now-familiar web.

What Does a Tweet Feel Like on Your Wrist?

Wired has published an in-depth look at the development of the Apple Watch today. One thing that stands out to me is the thought that has apparently gone into designing the ‘Taptic Engine’ that notifies you of events by vibrating against your wrist.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: Not The Next Big Thing, Just a Fantastic Phone

Now I know you nerdy, replaceable-battery devotees out there are worried about the battery life since you can’t carry a spare for a Samsung phone anymore. Yes, the S6’s battery is built-in. Well, battery life is…fine. It’s fine! It could be better but it’s fine. In my use so far, With light to moderate use, I’ve been able to cruise into the witching hour (after taking the phone off the charger at 7am) with something like 15 to 20 percent battery left. Under more strenuous use—like the day I spent an hour making actual calls—it’s iffier; I hit the 20 percent mark around 10pm and had to carefully coast to the finish line.

George R.R. Martin releases Sansa-filled chapter from 'The Winds of Winter' - CNET

"A Song of Ice and Fire" fans rejoice! George R.R. Martin has released a new chapter from his upcoming book "The Winds of Winter," focusing on a much more confident Sansa Stark.

EU regulators probe Apple's music streaming plans in Europe: FT

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - European Union antitrust regulators are investigating Apple Inc's deals with record labels and online music streaming services to see if it is blocking rivals' access to its music planned streaming platform, two people with knowledge of the matter said.

Rithm is Cheaper Than Spotify, Has Emoji

Streaming Video On Periscope Just Got Way Less Creepy

Besides the fix to disable zoom on the map, the app update also includes improvements to streaming speed and to the way videos appear on Periscope's home screen. Now streams from people you follow will appear first, followed by streams from strangers. The app badly needs a search function, but unfortunately no discovery features were included in this release. I have reached out to Twitter for comment and will update this article if I hear back.

Share your opinions on collaboration & communications

Innovative technologies continue to transform the social, collaboration and unified communications landscape worldwide. CIO is conducting a survey on unified communications and collaboration solutions. Please share your opinions in an online survey and enter a drawing for a chance to win $250 *:

The Verge on Twitter

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The Internet Never Ends: You Can Deny That Or Embrace It | Techdirt

Over at NiemanLab, there's a good interview with Tom Standage who runs the Economist's digital efforts, in which he reveals the Economist's general view of how it approaches the internet -- which could be summarized as "deny it exists." Basically, the argument that Standage makes is that people want to feel like they've "completed" something and that they're fully informed, and so the Economist likes to pretend that once you've read it, you're completely informed and you don't have to look elsewhere. This is also why the Economist refuses to link to anyone else, because it would disabuse you of the "illusion" that the Economist provided you everything you needed: ...what we actually sell is what I like to call the feeling of being informed when you get to the very end. So we sell the antidote to information overload — we sell a finite, finishable, very tightly curated bundle of content. And we did that initially as a weekly print product. Then it turns out you can take that same content and deliver it through an app. The “you’ve got to the end and now you’ve got permission to go do something else” is something you never get.

Mashable on Twitter

@doodle911 @mashable : You can now play Pong, Pac-Man and Space Invaders at the same time

29 The Official Microsoft ASP.NET Site

The Building Real World Cloud Apps with Azure e-book is based on a presentation developed by Scott Guthrie. It explains 13 patterns and practices that can help you be successful developing web apps...

On being wrong

Most of us will do anything to avoid being wrong. But what if we're wrong about that? "Wrongologist" Kathryn Schulz makes a compelling case for not just admitting but embracing our fallibility.

Fighters - Mortal Kombat X Wiki Guide - IGN

"Kombatants" will enter the ring again in Mortal Kombat X, and they'll use their deadly powers, weapons, and fighting techniques to konquer the most violent tournament in all the realms.

Vote Now: Who Should Be on the 2015 #TIME100?

While TIME’s editors will choose the TIME 100 — our annual list of the most influential people in the world — we want readers to have a say too. Cast your vote here for the people who you think have changed the world this past year, for better or worse.

The Battle Is For The Customer Interface

Uber, the world’s largest taxi company, owns no vehicles. Facebook, the world’s most popular media owner, creates no content. Alibaba, the most valuable retailer, has no inventory. And Airbnb, the world’s largest accommodation provider, owns no real estate. Something interesting is happening.

Carly's Café - Experience Autism Through Carly's Eyes

This experience is viewed through the eyes of Carly Fleischmann, a 17 year old girl living with non-verbal Autism. Based on an excerpt from the book Carly's Voice: Breaking through Autism, it explores how, for someone with autism, a simple act like going for a coffee can descend into chaos. Carly's Café was developed as an interactive video that allows the user to experience Autism from the inside-out, visit to enjoy the full experience. PRODUCTION CREDITS Director - Miles Jay Editor - Chris Murphy DOP - Chris Mably Colourist - Wade Odlum VFX Artist - Sean Cochrane Executive Producer - Harland Weiss Executive Producer - Donovan Boden Line Producer - Dennis Beier Audio Director - Stephanie Pigott Phantom Tech - Brent J. Craig Composer - Rob Simonsen Casting - Michael Stephenson Logo Design - Jan Avendano AGENCY CREDITS Creative Directors - Angus Tucker, Stephen Jurisic Creative Team - Kelly Uman, Marie Richer Producer - Ryan O'Hagan Technologist - Marc Cattapan

Paranoimia (feat. Max Headroom) - Art Of Noise

Groovy! Paranoimia is a single released by the group Art Of Noise in 1986, featuring the television character Max Headroom on vocals. The single reached number 12 in the UK Singles Chart in June of that year. The original version of the track (without Max Headroom) features on the album In Visible Silence. Some later issues of the CD include the single version in place of the original. Art of Noise (also The Art of Noise) was an avant-garde synthpop group formed in 1983 by producer Trevor Horn, music journalist Paul Morley, and session musicians/studio hands Anne Dudley, J.J. Jeczalik, and Gary Langan. The group's mostly instrumental compositions were novel melodic sound collages based on digital sampler technology, which was new at the time. Inspired by turn-of-the-century revolutions in music, the Art of Noise were initially packaged as a faceless anti- or non-group, blurring the distinction between the art and its creators. The band is noted for innovative use of electronics and computers in pop music and particularly for innovative use of sampling. The name of the group alludes to the essay The Art of Noises by noted futurist Luigi Russolo.

The math and magic of origami

Robert Lang is a pioneer of the newest kind of origami — using math and engineering principles to fold mind-blowingly intricate designs that are beautiful and, sometimes, very useful.

Do you speak storm-chasing?

I certainly had no idea how addicting chasing a cloud could be, and how much of a collector’s club it is. Chasers collect storms like stamps; to miss a good one may haunt you for the rest of your life. It’s not uncommon to hear one chaser ask another, “Were you at Campo?” [Unspoken: beautiful tornado in Colorado, May 31, 2010.] Chasers know the place and date of every storm and tornado they have seen. Some chase for the love of weather, watching specific atmospheric conditions culminate into a powerful event. Others love the forecasting challenge, looking at reams of data to predict where and when a storm will happen. Then there are people like me; those who become mesmerized when standing under the colors, smells and sounds of the storms, in awe of the creative and destructive forces of our planet.

The 9 limits of our planet ... and how we've raced past 4 of them

Johan Rockström says humanity has already raced past four of the nine boundaries keeping our planet hospitable to modern life. Writer John Carey digs into the “planetary boundary” theory — and why Rockström says his isn’t, actually, a doomsday message.We’ve been lucky, we humans: For many millennia, we’ve been on a pretty stable — and resilient — planet. As our civilizations developed, we’ve transformed the landscape by cutting down forests and growing crops. We’ve created pollution, and driven plants and animals extinct. Yet our planet has kept spinning along, supporting us, more or less stable and in balance. Going forward, scientists have recently proposed, all we need to do is stay within some limits, nine upper boundaries for bad behavior.

An Example. Of. The NPR Podcast. Voice. And Why It's. So Annoying

As the creator of this clips puts it: "All my favorite US podcasts are being ruined by this universally adopted affectation. 'Planet money,' 'This American Life,' 'Radiolab,' 'Startup'... Why? Why would you do this? Please stop. It's so boring."

Watch every Fast and Furious movie in 10 minutes

Skeptics would be remiss to mistake this tangled drama, which has enough intrigue, romance, and family bonding to rival the juiciest telenovela, for just another throwaway matinee starring beefy bald dudes and women in belly shirts zipping through exotic settings. However, I understand not everyone has time to watch six films, especially if they'd like to be caught up on the story before watching Furious 7 . To help, The Verge video director Philip Robibero and I created a recap of The Fast and the Furious through Fast and Furious 6 . Credit to our own Ryan Manning, another member of the Verge video team, who provides that pro movie voiceover.

The Next Web on Twitter

Microsoft's Lens app that converts paper files into editable docs comes to iOS and Android

Life in Lagos: Building the City, One Bucket at a Time

In a city with such wealth, it is astonishing to think that the materials to construct it could be gathered in such a labor-intensive way. But while Lagos is wealthy, there is an enormous gap between the rich and poor. Unemployment is high, and unskilled Nigerians pour into the city every day searching for work. They are willing to work hard to get by and none work as hard as the sand diggers. Some end up doing this work for many years, but most do not view this backbreaking labor as a career. They’re digging their way out of poverty in the hope that the sand they work so hard to collect will one day not be for someone else’s house, but for their own.

Furious 7 Review - IGN

As Dom fights to protect his crew and counter Shaw’s moves, the incomparable Kurt Russell makes his debut as a super-secret government agent who calls himself “Mr. Nobody”. Russell makes a grand entrance with an offer that Dom can’t yada yada. The crux of it is, Mr. N needs Dom to retrieve a kidnapped hacker named Ramsey (played by Game of Thrones stunner Nathalie Emmanuel) who’s invented a device known as God’s Eye, which can locate anyone, anywhere, at any time. It’s essentially the NSA’s wet dream. Once he’s collected the girl and her invention, Dom is at liberty to use it to find and defeat Shaw. The tech actually serves as a pretty intriguing conceit, though in total the story is deliriously nonsensical. Not only have we come to expect that with these films, but fans likely wouldn’t want it any other way. Furious 7 does suffer a bit from the convoluted plot. It's also overlong, as Wan – who hails from micro-budget horror fare such as Saw and Insidious - flexes his big-budget, high-octane muscles.

The happy secret to better work

We believe that we should work to be happy, but could that be backwards? In this fast-moving and entertaining talk, psychologist Shawn Achor argues that actually happiness inspires productivity. (Filmed at TEDxBloomington.)

Spare a thought for the Western men trapped in Japan | The Japan Times

‘Japanese men have it tough, but foreigners might have it even worse’. Hahahaha this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever read! White foreign males in Japan are in a place of total privilege. They’re often exempt from the social and work pressures placed onto most Japanese people because they’re foreign. Dozens of allowances are made for foreigners, from the fact we’re not expected to know Japanese, to the perks of teaching programs like JET. If their biggest complaint is that their easy-to-find Japanese girlfriends transform into ‘shufu’ or want them to be successful then their life can’t be that bad. And unlike Japanese men who have no real options other than to conform to the rigid social rules of this society or be disowned by their family, if Gaijin men don’t like it they have the option to go back home. This is a freedom that Japanese men who feel trapped in unhappy work/family situations could only imagine. If you really want to talk about ‘foreigners’ having it hard talk about those who actually suffer real discrimination here – people from Korean and Chinese backgrounds, not some privileged 22 year old White guy from the US with zero life experience who has come here to ‘discover’ himself.

PCMag on Twitter

When you tweet with a location, Twitter stores that location. You can switch location on/off before each Tweet and always have the option to delete your location history. Learn more

Gaming can make a better world

Games like World of Warcraft give players the means to save worlds, and incentive to learn the habits of heroes. What if we could harness this gamer power to solve real-world problems? Jane McGonigal says we can, and explains how.

Got a wicked problem? First, tell me how you make toast

Making toast doesn’t sound very complicated — until someone asks you to draw the process, step by step. Tom Wujec loves asking people and teams to draw how they make toast, because the process reveals unexpected truths about how we can solve our biggest, most complicated problems at work. Learn how to run this exercise yourself, and hear Wujec’s surprising insights from watching thousands of people draw toast.

Everyone around you has a story the world needs to hear

Dave Isay opened the first StoryCorps booth in New York’s Grand Central Terminal in 2003 with the intention of creating a quiet place where a person could honor someone who mattered to them by listening to their story. Since then, StoryCorps has evolved into the single largest collection of human voices ever recorded. His TED Prize wish: to grow this digital archive of the collective wisdom of humanity. Hear his vision to take StoryCorps global — and how you can be a part of it by interviewing someone with the StoryCorps app.

The 10 most popular TEDx talks

TEDx events unleash fresh ideas from local communities. Close to 50,000 talks have been given at 10,000 events since the program launched in 2009. Below, the 10 most-watched TEDx talks posted to our homepage.

51 Want to innovate? Become a "now-ist"
52 Limited edition 'Batman' PlayStation 4 scratches that superhero itch
53 PCMag on Twitter
54 The LifeStraw makes dirty water clean
55 Will our kids be a different species?
56 In 1927, the MGM lion's plane crashed and he survived on sandwiches
57 The Discrimination Double Standard
58 4 critical mistakes that inventors make
59 A Reversed, Tilted Future For Pratt’s Geared Turbofan? | Technology content from Aviation Week
60 It's About To Get So Much Easier To Watch HBO
61 California Turns to the Pacific Ocean for Water | MIT Technology Review
62 Footage shows every angle of burglars smashing into a mall
63 Errata Security: Pin-pointing China's attack against GitHub
64 Let's revive the Golden Rule
65 Volkswagen Beetle concept car gets the vintage jean treatment
66 11 ways to de-stress based on how much time you can spare
67 I Examined My Relationship by Analyzing My Inbox (Turns Out, Not a Good Idea)
68 How High School Students Use Instagram to Pick a College
69 An Ex-Googler Launches An In-Home Care Startup Called Honor And Raises $20 Million
70 A list of the 101 best movies on Netflix UK
71 Wix Buys Moment.Me For $10M To Add Social Marketing To Its Website Building Platform
72 Conceivable’s New App Puts A Fertility Clinic In Your Pocket
73 Rithm Music Messenger Transitions Into A Legit Streaming Service
74 Why You Should Constantly 'Fire' Yourself and Your Employees
75 A Social Network Designed to Combat Depression | WIRED
76 How Netflix Is Creating the Ultra-High-Def Future of TV | WIRED
77 London’s Startups Hit A High Of $682M In VC Funding In Q1 2015
78 Via Raises $27M For Its Flat-Rate $5 Urban Carpool-Style Ride Sharing Service
79 20 words that once meant something very different
80 Technologies Smart Enough to Exploit Human Nature | MIT Technology Review
81 Google Releases a Tool to Launch Android Apps on Desktops
82 EE giving all customers portable chargers they can refuel in stores
83 Apple’s Big Phone Bounce Continued Into Chinese New Year
84 iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch | WIRED
85 Self-driving cars will be tested in a 23-acre city of robots
86 Professional dining etiquette: What to order when an off-site job interview involves a meal
87 Adobe's new Slate app aims to turn anyone into a web designer for free
88 Community-Based Car Rental Service Drivy Grabs Another $8.6 Million, Acquires Buzzcar
89 FAQ: So Your Company Has Been Found Using Alex's Photographs Without Permission. What Next?
90 Something New Is Fucked Up In My World Every Day - Feld Thoughts
91 Genetic Doping Is the Next Frontier of Cheating in Sports
92 Via Raises $27M For Its Flat-Rate $5 Urban Carpool-Style Ride Sharing Service
93 'Miracle baby' Eli born with no nose