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Apple publishes new Earth Day videos explaining company's environmental efforts

If you own a Tesla Model S or Model X, check your inbox

Tesla is recalling 53,000 Model S and Model X vehicles built between February and October 2016 due to potentially faulty

Music History Revelations From The New Doc On Super-Producer Clive Davis

“Clive Davis: The Soundtrack Of Our Lives” chronicles “the man with the golden ears” in a nostalgic trip through some astounding behind-the-scenes tales.

Suave Fooled A Bunch Of Beauty Influencers Into Thinking It Was Luxury Haircare

“Evaus” isn’t a real brand, but it aims to make a real point about millennials who buy haircare products based on high price and fancy packaging.

How to avoid a massive smart city pitfall

Smart cities' Achilles heel is still that the minute the grid goes down, when information is of critical need, there's no power. Here's one answer to that.

Microsoft just killed Wunderlist to launch a new To-Do app

Microsoft is killing off Wunderlist make way for To-Do, a new task management app. Unlike its feature-packed predecessor, To-Do keeps things awfully simple.

'Up Next' is an Apple Music series highlighting new artists

Apple wants to tell you all about up-and-coming musicians with its monthly 'Up Next' series.

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Google Home Now Supports Multiple Users and Can Recognize Your Voice

That’s a pretty big deal for a device that’s supposed to be a central part of your home. Previously, if you asked it to do something like read your agenda it would only be able to refer to a calendar for a single Google account. Which means that your family, friends, partners, dogs, and cats would all have to share the same calendar if more than one person wanted to use the device. Today’s update lets you add up to six people so that everyone can talk to the Home and actually get personalized responses. I wouldn’t expect perfection, though; you train it by repeating the phrase “Okay Google” or “Hey Google” a few times, but inevitably it will probably confuse people’s voices.

Does Baidu want to be the Android of self-driving?

In an effort to secure a future for the company, BlackBerry announced on Monday that it will open an autonomous driving research center in Canada. The QNX team, responsible for infotainment and telematics systems, will run the autonomous center from its Ottawa facility. In the announcement, it said it will embed software into sensors, cameras, … Read more »

MasterCard is testing new cards with fingerprint sensors to keep your money safe

Think of the new sensors as an increased security measure (in addition to the relatively new chip technology ): while the chip is a more secure way of making a transaction over the magnetic stripe, the fingerprint sensor ads a biometric security element, meaning the card holder has to be there to approve the transaction.

Tesla issues voluntary recall for 53,000 cars due to a faulty gear in the parking brakes from 3rd-party supplier

“Tesla recently discovered a potential manufacturing issue with electric parking brakes installed on certain Model S and Model X vehicles that could prevent the parking brake from releasing. We don’t believe this issue could ever lead to a safety concern for our customers, and we have not seen a single accident or injury relating to it. However, in order to be overly cautious, we are going to be proactively replacing these parts to ensure that no issues arise.”

The Webby Awards People's Voice needs YOU

To keep the suspense we've hidden the standings during the last 24hrs.

'Game of Thrones' Season 7 photos offer our first glimpse of winter

We're overdue for a full trailer after the March 30 teaser trailer got us all riled up, but these pictures are definitely a good start; at the very least, it serves as a reassuring reminder that all of our favorites are still alive (for now). Enjoy it while you can, because we're sure the body count is going to rise in the final 13 episodes of the series — seven of which will air in Season 7, and six of which will close out the show in Season 8.

Oculus founder allegedly hid $100K Trump donations with Chrono Trigger references

Palmer Luckey, cofounder of Oculus and inventor of the Rift, might be covering up his political donations using one of his favorite video games — making him one of the rare few to use his private hobbies to cover up his political connections, as opposed to the other way around.

Microsoft will now release major Windows 10 updates every March and September

Microsoft revealed last year that it was planning two major Windows 10 updates for 2017. After shipping its Creators Update recently, the next major release will arrive in September. Microsoft is now committing to what it calls a “predictable twice-per-year” feature release schedule for Windows 10. Future updates will arrive in March or September each year, and Microsoft says each feature release will be serviced and supported for 18 months.

Facebook planning brain-to-text interface so you can type with your thoughts - TechRepublic

So, Facebook wants to change that. In his post, Zuckerberg said that the system Facebook is working on would allow for users to type directly from their brains at a rate that is five times faster than they can type on their smartphones. The eventual plan is to make the hardware component into a wearable that can be easily manufactured, with the goal of the technology also acting as an augmented reality interface.

Top 5: Most in-demand IT jobs in 2017 - TechRepublic

If you're new to the industry, or looking to improve your skills, here are five IT jobs that are sure to be in high demand this year.

Apple vows to end mining and use only recycled materials

"Climate change is undeniable," the company said in its report. "Earth's resources won't last forever. And technology must be safe for people to make and use. We don't question these realities -- we challenge ourselves to ask what we can do about them in every part of our business."

Apple unveils Live Photos API

What this means to you: Some social networks, like Tumblr and Facebook, figured out how to support Live Photos on their websites, but many other sites (especially photo-sharing sites) have not figured it out. This is a frustration of Live Photos enthusiasts who feel like the full impact of their photos are not being felt by viewers, or that the intent of their phots aren’t being preserved online. The Live Photos API is a boon for developers; they now support a form of content that’s popular with iPhone users. And it’s a boon for users, who get to see their Live Photos presented as intended.

US reportedly mulls charges against WikiLeaks, Julian Assange

Prosecuting Assange could prove tricky, though. He's been living in asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy in London since 2012 after Swedish investigators issued a European arrest warrant for Assange that required British police to detain and extradite him. He's trying to avoid extradition to Sweden out of fear he'd then be extradited to the US to face questioning related to the classified material published on WikiLeaks.

GoPro has a new 360 VR camera that you can't have

But before you get too excited, the Fusion is meant for commercial use like its other two systems, and you'll have to apply to participate in a pilot program which is expected to start up this summer. A limited commercial release of Fusion isn't expected to happen until the end of 2017 and GoPro gave no details on pricing or other capabilities and specs.

Microsoft unveils IoT Central to simplify Internet of Things development

Microsoft announced on Thursday a new “software-as-a-service” (SaaS) offering, called IoT Central, aimed at reducing the complexity of building Internet of Things solutions.

WikiLeaks and its founder Julian Assange may face criminal charges in the US

"The fact of the matter is — however frustrating it might be to whoever looks bad when information is published — WikiLeaks is a publisher, and they are publishing truthful information that is in the public’s interest," said Barry J. Pollack, Assange's attorney. "Democracy thrives because there are independent journalists reporting on what it is that the government is doing."

HTC Teases Squeezable U Smartphone

Thanks to serial leaker Evan Blass , however, we're able to guess at a few more details about the Chinese tech giant's latest smartphone, which joins two other "U" phones unveiled in January—the U Ultra and the U Play. The U will come with sensors embedded in the frame, according to Blass, which will let you customize actions that correspond to squeezing or swiping gestures you make along the phone's left and right edges.

How to become an omni-channel data-driven retailer

In today’s digital age where customers are as likely to buy a product from an e-commerce website as from a brick and mortar store, delivering a seamless and value-adding shopping experience has become more important than ever before. The multiple shopping channels available to customers and the competition posed by other retailers have made it an absolute necessity for a retail business to integrate data inputs from different channels and use to it define an omni-channel shopping experience.

Good 3-legged pup beats cancer and internet dogs everywhere celebrate

According to Storyful , the pup received a life-saving surgery to amputate a leg. Although now he only has three legs, he beat cancer, and this calls for a party. A pup party!

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Google building an ad blocker into Chrome isn't as crazy as it sounds

Littlefinger's 'Game of Thrones' scheme may get truly evil in season 7

Remember, Baelish was the only man who didn't cheer when Snow was acclaimed "King in the North" at the end of Season 6. Instead he stared straight at Sansa Stark, wordlessly reminding her of the plan he'd confided in her earlier: he wanted to sit on the Iron Throne with her as his queen, but failing that, she deserves Winterfell at the very least.

Planet enlists machine learning experts to parse a treasure trove of Amazon basin data

Planet, the satellite imaging company that operate the largest commercial Earth imaging constellation in existence, is hosting a new data science competition on the Kaggle platform, with the specific aim of developing machine learning techniques around forestry research. Planet will open up access to thousands of image ‘chips,’ or blocks covering around 1 sauce kilometre, and will give away a total of $60,000 to participants who place in the top three when coming up with new methods for analyzing the data available in these images.

Why this police department's 'hilarious' tweet about 420 is actually super messed up

While getting offended at stoner stereotypes is enough to enrage the cannabis community that has tried desperately to turn its image from a college party to a lifestyle brand in recent years, this tweet from a police department has deeper problems. Somehow the Wyoming, Minnesota, police department think it's OK to crack jokes about cannabis being harmless, even using the hashtag #Happy420, but the punchline is that they'll still lock you up for it.

The Verge on Twitter

Juicero offering refunds to all customers after people realize $400 juicer is totally unnecessary …

Synechron's Neo AI delivers artificial intelligence for the financial services industry | ZDNet

Artificial intelligence (AI) is helping financial services companies re-architect business processes to build solutions powered by artificial intelligence and optimized for end-users.

Amazon Lex, managed AI services behind Alexa, now open to all AWS customers - TechRepublic

A developer can build a conversational app with Amazon Lex by entering sample phrases describing what a user needs, followed by the information Amazon Lex needs to complete the request, as well as any questions the technology would need to ask in order to fulfill the user's request. The press release gives the example of travel: A developer could program Lex to respond to a user's wish to "book a flight," and know to request corresponding information such as travel date and destination. The technology then builds a machine learning model that can translate the speech or text input by the users, understand the intent, and manage the conversation to get more information.

You can wake up Microsoft's Surface Studio by talking to it

It's a simple change, but pretty handy. Until now, the wake phrase would only turn the screen on while it was fullly powered up -- but the new update allows the user to call the machine out of a lower power sleep mode, making it easier to use Cortana as an in-home voice assistant for casual searches. Well, at least when you're in the same room as a Surface Studio. Microsoft's Amazon Echo competitor isn't due out until sometime later this year.

'Last Jedi' director moves scar on Kylo Ren's face, chaos ensues

'Last Jedi' director moves scar on Kylo Ren's face, chaos ensues

Thor: Ragnarok Made Sure There Was No Blue Paint Between Us and Jeff Goldblum's Glorious Performance

In Thor: Ragnarok , Jeff Goldblum plays the Grandmaster, an ageless and powerful being with a love of games. And as colorful as his costuming is, there is still the fact that Goldblum’s comic book counterpart is blue. Why didn’t that make it into the movie?

11 best stoner movies to watch on 420

When you graduate from college and haven’t quite nailed down a full time job, there's nothing sweeeter on a Friday night than smoking some weed and going out for a sack of sliders from White Castle. Unless, of course, you cross paths with Neil Patrick Harris, get attackedd by raccoons, and wind up in a jail in New Jersey;. In HArold & Kumar, nothing is off limits as long as they end up with a table full of White Castle at the end of the dayat the end of the day.

The New Rick and Morty Game Is One of the Best VR Experiences You Can Play

Growing up, one of my favorite CD-ROM games was called The Simpsons: Virtual Springfield . As games go, it wasn’t that advanced, but it let me take a virtual, interactive tour through my favorite television show. The game had in-jokes from the show, voices from the cast, and perfect attention to detail. It was awesome.

This Rube Goldberg Machine Is the Best Action Movie I've Seen in Years

Biisuke Ball’s Big Adventure is actually a sequel to an earlier Rube Goldberg machine featuring the adventures of Biisuke, Biita, and Biigoro, three colored balls who somehow have more personality than most action stars. This adventure, which involves sneaking through camps and foiling traps, only plays out for about three-and-a-half minutes, but if Hollywood is reading this, we’d gladly sit through two hours of this in a movie theater.

The Airwaves Are Haunted in the Creepy Dark Signal Trailer

Directed by Edward Evers-Swindell, who co-wrote with Antony Jones, Dark Signal ’s only official plot description is “the spirit of a murdered girl returns with a message for the staff of a local radio station.” That doesn’t even mention the serial killer, the creepy-yet-beautiful isolated setting, the haunted house, or what appears to be an on-air séance—all of which offer further intrigue, especially since there’s nobody immediately recognizable among the cast. Dark Signal is in theaters June 2, and on VOD and iTunes starting June 6.

These Alien: Covenant Photos Reveal Brand New Horrors

Empire has released three new images from Alien: Covenant , and each one contains a different kind of danger. We’ve got technological, biological, and what I’m betting is a conspiracy from a rich guy.

Most Habitable Earth-Like Planets May Be Waterworlds

Simpson’s new study suggests that Earth is an outlier in this regard, and that most terrestrial planets locked within its host star’s habitable zone (i.e. that cozy niche where liquid water can be retained at the surface) are waterworlds. But if we take a closer look at our planet, we’re actually not too far removed from being completely drenched in water ourselves. As the animation below shows, only a narrow window exists in which large areas of both land and water are present. Consequently, and as Simpson points out in his new study, habitable exoplanets tend to be dominated by water or land.

Apple Music's next exclusive is a Clive Davis documentary

Apple Music's next documentary focuses on music industry legend Clive Davis. Last night at the annual Tribeca Film Festival, it was announced that Clive Davis: The Soundtrack of Our Lives would be exclusive to Apple's music-streaming service. That report comes via Deadline . While Davis' name might be unfamiliar, his influence has been felt throughout the music industry for some 50 years. Davis is responsible for signing Bruce Springsteen; Carlos Santana (above); Earth, Wind & Fire and Alicia Keys in addition to cofounding Sean "Puffy" Combs' Bad Boy Records among many, many other accomplishments. For more on his career, be sure to check out New York Times ' r ecent interview with Davis.

How to harness OneDrive to keep your Power BI dashboard fresh - TechRepublic

Just by connecting to data stored on OneDrive or SharePoint, users can keep their Power BI reports and dashboards continuously updated automatically. This not only saves time, it also eliminates the need to remember to update reports that need to be disseminated to a team, department, or even an entire company. You can't get much more productive or efficient than that, can you?

Two brothers launch Instagram series to capture life on U.S.-Mexico border

This is one of the most exciting projects we've ever undertaken; the first week of March, we will embark on a 9-day photographic journey along the U.S & Mexico border. We need your support to make this project a reality. We need people who are willing to back us, stand alongside us, and help us promote the value of listening to others and gaining deeper insights on what is currently unknown. We hope that you will join us on this journey. Check out our Kickstarter. LINK IN BIO!

Juicero CEO Begs You: Do NOT Open Our Juice Bags

Juice Daddy even offers a video rebuttal to Bloomberg’s video of their reporter squeezing the juice out without the aid of four tons of pressing power. In the video, posted by Juicero’s head of communications Chrissy Trampedach, the bag is snipped open in the middle. We’re then treated to the glorious image of someone (presumably Chrissy herself) reaching into the bag, fishing out a nice squishy handful of orange mulch and smushing it through her fingers. It sounds like someone performing intimate acts on a bowl of oatmeal.

Zara drops skirt over internet hate symbol

The New York Times  reported that Zara took the skirt in question off of its website after savvy customers pointed out the similarities. It’s not hard to see why it’d want to avoid a comparison: Pepe was officially recognized as a hate symbol by the Anti-Defamation League  last year due to its frequent association with online racism and antisemitism.

These Rare Color Photos From the Second World War Are Incredible

A new book published by the Imperial War Museum features a rare collection of color photos from World War II, some of which haven’t been seen in over 70 years. From P-51D Mustangs and Flying Fortresses through to anti-aircraft spotters and flame hurling tanks, these images cast the war in a vibrant new light.

Verizon profit, revenue miss Wall Street view as subscribers dash

Verizon Communications Inc ( VZ.N ) on Thursday reported its first-ever quarterly loss of subscribers, even as it offered an unlimited data plan, raising questions on whether the No. 1 U.S. wireless carrier may need a larger acquisition than Yahoo to diversify its business.

The X-Files Is Coming Back to TV For an 11th Season

The X-Files is coming back yet again. After its limited 10th season last year, the show will return for another limited season either later this year or early in 2018. Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny will both reprise their roles for the show, which will run 10 episodes.

Verizon Subscriber Losses Highlight Need for M&A Exploration

Verizon Communications Inc.’s struggles worsened in the first quarter, as a decision to sell unlimited mobile data services came too late to stanch the worst subscriber loss in more than a decade.

Amazon Alexa adds support for G Suite calendar integration - TechRepublic

On Thursday, Amazon announced that it was adding support for G Suite calendars to its Alexa digital assistant. Alexa, which powers devices like the Echo and Echo Dot, will now be able to read off calendar events and more for business users in the G Suite ecosystem.

Here Are the Ways Large Asteroids Can Kill You, Ranked

Large asteroids definitely present one of the most colorful and chaotic possible apocalypses. Such an impact would cause quite a cinematic conclusion, combining a plague of wind, tsunamis, heat, and other terrors into a horrible death-fest. Honestly, count me in.

3D-Printing Tools from Martian Dust Will One Day Help Us Colonize Mars

One of the many challenges of colonizing Mars is that the planet is lacking many of the natural resources we rely on here on Earth. We’ll need to bring as much of what we need to survive as possible, but you can only pack so much into a spaceship. So scientists are developing ways to utilize at least one of the red planet’s most abundant resources: dust.

Tesla Sued Over ‘Dangerously Defective’ Autopilot Software

Tesla Inc. is facing its first U.S. legal challenge over self-driving technology in a case alleging the electric carmaker sold 47,000 vehicles with Autopilot software that’s “dangerously defective” when engaged.

7 tips for effectively rolling out emergency patches - TechRepublic

There may be some systems you simply can't patch at this time. Perhaps you're in a peak processing period whereby even brief downtime would pose too much hardship, a known issue is preventing the system from successfully rebooting, or the patch would break something else. Depending on your security team's requirements, you may be able to enact what's known as a compensating control (also known as an alternative control) which is essentially a workaround to meet security requirements too onerous or unfeasible to implement. For instance, remove internet access from a system (servers rarely need this) to ensure it won't connect to malicious websites which might then exploit it.

How to run NGINX as a Docker container - TechRepublic

Using Docker containers makes for an incredibly easy way to roll out apps and services onto your network. With this, you can extend the offerings of your business or quickly test a new server or service. With these apps as containers, it becomes possible to cut down on sysadmin overhead, thanks to no longer having to manage applications through package managers or installing from source. By installing the likes of NGINX as a Docker container, you can simply replace the image when new updates arrive.

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