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Google Home now supports multiple users, but still can’t separate work and personal accounts

Up to six people can train Home to recognize their voice.

3 Irish moms try weed for the first time, carnage ensues

"Are we sharing this?"

Insta360 takes preorders for its 8K virtual reality camera for VR films

China’s Insta360 has announced it is taking preorders for its Insta360 Pro 8K professional virtual reality camera, the Insta360 Pro, as part of its ambitions to raise the bar for 360-degree VR films.

Plastc, the one credit card to rule them all, is finished

The idea was awesome: a single reprogrammable credit card with an e-ink display that stored up to 20 other credit cards.

Samsung and Google are making nice for the new Galaxy music experience

Many reviews of Samsung's new Galaxy S8 and S8+ smartphones—including mine—noted the company's long-standing tendency to

Anne Hathaway and James Corden perform an entire rom-com in 5 minutes

Nailed it.

Rick and Morty in VR is just as weird and smart as the show

The minds behind Job Simulator have taken that formula and added a story

Presidential Politician Produces StarCraft Maps

If you live in the StarCraft capital of the world, what better way to entice people to vote for you than creating maps for the game!

This solar impulse motor is based off the Solarbotics Sun Swinger Pendulum. See description of that project. Even though this motor could run with only one coil, this motor incorporates 3 coils, with a driver circuit for every coil. The reason for the extra coils is to make a faster, more powerful motor, and one that can operate in outdoor shade due to smoother operation at low speed.

NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is about to plunge between Saturn and its rings — before spiraling into the planet

For the last 13 years, a NASA spacecraft the size of a school bus has been whirling around Saturn, collecting data and snapping mesmerizing images of the ringed planet and its icy moons. That...

ARM-powered Windows 10 laptops will arrive this holiday

The first ARM-based laptops running Windows 10 should launch 'in the fourth calendar quarter,' according to Qualcomm's CEO.

How Gorillaz brought a global listening party to your phone

It’s a live-streaming mixed-reality scavenger hunt and everyone’s invited.

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Samsung Galaxy S8 price starts at $720 — here's how to buy

Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus , launch today at carriers and retail stores across the United States (and globally). Availability of some models has already slipped to late April, so it seems Samsung has a hit on its hands and could be in for a successful bounce back from the Note 7 recall. And carriers are already bickering over which network the S8 runs fastest on .

Tesla is recalling 53,000 cars over faulty parking brakes

Tesla might have a huge problem on its hands as the company has issued a voluntary global recall for 53,000 Model S and Model X vehicles to repair a malfunction in the parking brakes.

The 2 most viral giraffe mothers on the internet meet and create glorious photos

April the giraffe's lengthy birth livestream drove people wild with anticipation, with many questioning if she was even pregnant at all. But, after weeks of sitting on the edge of their seats, almost 2 million people got to watch April finally give birth to her much-awaited baby .

Woman uses Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino to spread some magical news to her husband

Given the insane popularity of Starbuck's newest ready-for-Instagram creation , it was bound to happen sooner or later. It seems the first person to try it is an anonymous woman in Arizona who drove through her local 'Bucks and asked the baristas to write a special message on the drink.

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Mastercard trials first fingerprint credit card in South Africa

Samsung owns up to Galaxy S8 red screen issues and offers a fix

Speaking to The Korea Herald , a Samsung spokesperson said: “Because there are some complaints about the red-tinted screens, we decided to upgrade the software next week for all Galaxy S8 clients,” and that an additional update to “make color revisions more minutely” will be rolled out at the end of April.

Samsung will use Google Play Music as the default music app on its devices

Samsung is giving Google Play Music a big push. Today, coinciding with the retail launch of the Galaxy S8, both companies announced that Google’s music app will become the preferred music player on Samsung mobile devices. The partnership kicks off immediately with the S8. But it technically began a year ago; Play Music was also the default music playback app on the Galaxy S7 , a result of Samsung trying to cut down on duplicate apps that clashed with Google’s services on Android.

Ryan Reynolds seems mostly fine with a fan getting his name tattooed on his butt

Ryan Reynolds seems mostly fine with a fan getting his name tattooed on his butt

Watch this all-electric "flying car" take its first test flight in Germany

In many ways, electric-powered aviation is still in its infancy. Electric cars with thousand-pound batteries generally max out at 300 miles per charge. The most sophisticated electric aircraft today can barely muster an hour aloft at 99 mph — and that’s without vertical take-off and landing. But Patrick Nathen, co-founder of Lilium Jet and the startup’s head of calculation and design, said their battery technology will get the job done.

The tiny detail you probably missed in this 'Game of Thrones' photo

The tiny detail you probably missed in this 'Game of Thrones' photo

How to reignite your tech knowledge: Become a college mentor - TechRepublic

While news of the tech talent shortage continues to hit headlines, companies are letting a major source of skills languish: Women with STEM degrees who left the field. But Karen Panetta, an IEEE fellow, professor of electrical and computer engineering, and associate dean for graduate education at Tufts University, found a way to get this population back into the workforce: Mentoring college students on their capstone projects, while updating their own tech and job seeking skills at the same time.

Google's new mission: reduce trolling through education

Starting with a workshop today in Liverpool, Google is launching a new Internet Citizens program to help teens foster positive communication on the internet. Internet Citizens will start as a series of day-long workshops in cities throughout the UK. Topics will include how to handle offensive speech, fake news, and echo chambers.

This Picture of Earth From Within Saturn's Rings Will Make You Emotional

Sometimes, the majesty of the final frontier—a cold, unfeeling space—has the power to make our eyes misty. The images from NASA’s Cassini mission have often been able to do this , and since the spacecraft is dying soon , it makes the experience all the more emotional. Before it goes out in a blaze of glory, Cassini has been sending back some of the most incredible images of Saturn and its moons—but one of its latest from Saturn’s rings is especially spectacular.

For Your Next Adult Coloring Book, Shade In Data On Climate Change

In a new coloring book, you can trace a line around the border of arctic sea ice in 1996 and shade in what has been lost since then–an area the size of India–or you can color-code each day of 2015 based on the level of air pollution in Beijing. You can also color in coastlines to show the land that will be lost to sea level rise, or challenge yourself to color in 20 football fields in a minute, the rate at which global forests are disappearing.

This city installed subway gates on the sidewalk to stop people jaywalking

Thoroughly sick of jaywalkers, the Chinese city of Wuhan has decided to go big and install subway-style gates on its sidewalks.

Man turns top deck of bus into dance floor, busts out flawless shapes

Last weekend, Twitter user @ConanGShore shared a clip of himself busting out some sweet, sweet dance moves on the empty top floor of a bus.

Eternime wants you to live forever as a digital ghost

Give Eternime access to your social media profiles and the startup's algorithms will scrape your posts and interactions to build a profile. It will see the photo of the muffin you posted to Facebook and the article on retirement finances you shared on LinkedIn. The algorithms will study your memories and mannerisms. They'll learn how to be "you."

Apple will return heat generated by data center to warm up homes

Apple is building a new data center in Denmark, and it has some interesting ideas on how to power the data center with renewable energy, while also giving back to the community.

So, Rob Lowe is the new Colonel Sanders for KFC and you really have to see it to believe it

“My grandfather was the head of the Ohio chapter of the National Restaurant Association in the 1960s and took me to meet Colonel Harland Sanders when I was a kid. It was a big deal," said Lowe. "I thought this would be a nice homage to both Colonel Sanders and to my grandfather. Plus, we’re sending the Zinger chicken sandwich to space. You kind of can’t beat that.”

Why is Russia so good at encouraging women into tech? - BBC News

"Most of the girls we talked to from other countries had a slightly playful approach to Stem, whereas in Russia, even the very youngest were extremely focused on the fact that their future employment opportunities were more likely to be rooted in Stem subjects."

Google Play Music to be the default music app on Samsung devices globally

The deal kicks into effect today with the aforementioned duo of Galaxy smartphones and will result in Google Play Music being pushed front and center as the main music service. This doesn’t mean that everyone will be forced to sign up for a Google Play Music streaming subscription (though that will be the ultimate aim), because Google allows users to upload their own music to stream. Normally, Google allows users to upload 50,000 of their own music files, but thanks to its new cuddly relationship with Samsung, they’ve doubled that to 100,000 tracks.

F8: Facebook doubles down on the enterprise with 4 key business services - TechRepublic

Canadian telecom giant Rogers reported that it sees a 60% lift in customer satisfaction from interactions using Messenger. At F8, I also spoke with a developer team that creates for multiple platforms and they said the bot capabilities on Messenger are a lot farther along than the other big platforms they work with. As far as bots go, the Smart Replies feature impressed me the most. It can scrape your website for information about your company and then use that data to automatically answer questions about your business from customers (it works especially well if you already have a detailed Q&A). This is definitely aimed at small businesses that don't have customer service departments.

THE INTERNET OF THINGS 2017 REPORT: How the IoT is improving lives to transform the world

Through this exclusive study and in-depth research into the field, BI Intelligence details the components that make up IoT ecosystem. We size the IoT market in terms of device installations and investment through 2021. And we examine the importance of IoT providers, the challenges they face, and what they do with the data they collect. Finally, we take a look at the opportunities, challenges, and barriers related to mass adoption of IoT devices among consumers, governments, and enterprises.

Get ready for augmented reality *everything*

Instead of overlaying art on walls or objects, like Amburgey chose to do, companies can drop ads on everyday objects. Want to access the AR directions left by a friend? Pull out your phone, turn on your app, and follow the arrows pointing to your buddy's favorite sandwich shop — just don't get distracted by the digital popup ads littering the sidewalk.

AT&T Fiber adds eight more metro areas

"While other providers have slowed deployment, we'll continue to expand access to our ultrafast internet to more customers, so they can more quickly connect to the things they love online," Eric Boyer, an AT&T senior vice president, said in the statement.

NSFW TV show launches toy box to distract kids during the many sex scenes

NSFW TV show launches toy box to distract kids during the many sex scenes

The 16 best free PC games

So why choose League of Legends over Dota 2 ? Now we're getting into dangerous "Mac versus PC" or "Schwarzenegger versus Stallone" arguments—the type where nobody wins. The truth is you should just pick whichever one your friends are playing or whichever looks best to you, and jump in. The differences when you're starting are minimal—you probably won't even notice most until you've reached an advanced skill level in one or the other.

Elon Musk Nears $1.4 Billion Windfall as Tesla Hits Milestones

Musk has until 2022 to reach the goals that trigger the payout, but he could cash in the options sooner if the company hits targets ahead of schedule. They are worth an estimated $1.4 billion as of Thursday’s close, Bloomberg calculations show. That would be quite a payday for the enigmatic Tesla chief who has never accepted his nominal salary.

Researchers claim China trying to hack South Korea missile defense efforts

Chinese government officials have been very vocal in their opposition to the deployment of the Terminal High-Altitude Air Defense (THAAD) system in South Korea, raising concerns that the anti-ballistic missile system's sensitive radar sensors could be used for espionage. And according to researchers at the information security firm FireEye, Chinese hackers have transformed objection to action by targeting South Korean military, government and defense industry networks with an increasing number of cyberattacks. Those attacks included a denial of service attack against the website of South Korea's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which the South Korean government says originated from China.

Cool dad The Rock shares ambitious list of goals for his 16-month-old daughter

There are mornings in life where there are no words.. this is not one of those mornings. Jazzy, let daddy tell you his goals. By 5, you'll be looking people in the eye when you firmly shake their hand. By 8, you'll know how to fish, drive daddy's pick up truck and do cardio. And by 10, you'll be able to directly say to people, "Great job, I like it a lot, but let's see how we can make it better". Helluva plan right sweetheart? Buh! *she points to the ground at a bug. It was a good talk. #DaddyDaughterMoments #TeachEmYoung #PickUpTrucks #AndBuh

iPhone Live Photos: Now Apple opens it up to the web to boost sharing | ZDNet

But as reported by 9to5Mac , Apple has introduced a new option to bring Live Photos to the web via a JavaScript-based API for Live Photos called LivePhotosKit. It caters to developers rather than users, but is likely to result in more websites allowing users to share their Live Photos on those sites.

Once You Hear David Hasselhoff Rap About Guardians of the Galaxy Your Life Will Never Be the Same

Yesterday, we got the song list for the Awesome Mix Vol. 2. Today, the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack has become available for purchase , but nothing you may have heard about it has prepared you for the original composition “Guardians Inferno,” which features David Hasselhoff. Rapping . About Star-Lord.

Windows 10: Ultralight PCs based on ARM smartphone chips set for Q4, says Qualcomm | ZDNet

The Snapdragon 835 PCs will run full Windows 10 desktop, which has been compiled natively for Qualcomm's SoCs. They'll also run Win32 apps via an emulator, as well as universal Windows apps. Microsoft billed the forthcoming devices as a "truly mobile, power-efficient, always-connected cellular PC".

The Power of Networks, book review: Life-changing connections | ZDNet

The book is, logically enough, divided into six sections, one for each principle. They are titled as follows: Sharing is hard; Ranking is hard; Crowds are wise; Crowds are not so wise; Divide and conquer; End to end. This list of rather cryptic phrases hints at the book's main problem as a standalone work. There is no opening chapter that lists the principles in one place, explains how they were identified, or explains why these are the particular principles that matter. It may well be that this is an explanation the authors give at the beginning of their MOOC or one that they hope emerges over time through the course, but that doesn't help discretionary readers. Instead, after a brief prologue that calls these the "six key principles", the book then dives right into the first chapter's explanation of the design of cellular networks.

Quora raises $85 million to expand internationally and develop its ads business

Quora is known for being an under-the-radar company. But in an exclusive interview with VentureBeat, cofounder and CEO Adam D’Angelo announced that Quora has raised an additional $85 million in a round co-led by Sam Altman, on behalf of Y Combinator Continuity and Collaborative Fund. Previous investors Tiger Global, Matrix Partners, and Dustin Moskovitz — one of the cofounders of Facebook —  also participated. The fresh capital comes three years after Quora’s last round of $80 million.

Tencent executive expects WeChat Pay in every shop in China within two years

HONG KONG An executive at Tencent Holdings Ltd, China's biggest social media and online entertainment company, said on Friday he expects its mobile messaging app WeChat to provide electronic payment services in every Chinese shop within two years.

YouTube starts training young commenters to be kinder to each other

It’s an interesting move, considering more young people than ever are interacting with each other online. For most social media accounts, users need to be 13 years old before they can set up an account and YouTube is no exception; the age limit is 18, but you can join up at 13 with parental permission. 

Microsoft, AWS and Google may have just started the next cloud computing price war | ZDNet

"This is the first time there has been a big price war outside compute, and it reflects object storage's move into the mainstream. While price cuts are good news for cloud buyers, they are now faced with a new level of complexity when comparing providers," said Atelsek.

This Incubator Is Creating The Next Generation Of Farmers

GrowNYC launched FARMroots in 2011 as a way to open the door wider to the resources it had to offer the regional farming community. The New Farmers Development Program became the Beginning Farmer Program, which includes an eight-week course that covers how to scale up small-scale ventures, manage finances, and market products to any aspiring farmer, as well as a shoulder-to-shoulder mentoring program that connects new farmers with more established business runners. A grant from the USDA’s Beginning Farmer and Rancher Development Project allows FARMroots to offer the program free of charge. (There is technically a sliding scale of up to $200 for the course, but, according to Wayne, “it’s not heavily enforced at all.”) Women make up around 60 to 70% of each class–a huge step forward for an industry in which women have been long underrepresented. Around 50% of participants are immigrants, and around 30% are African American. To date, more than 42 farmers  who graduated from the program have started their own independent farm businesses. The program has fostered a cycle of good: Graduates of the Beginning Farmer Program are especially conscious of bringing their wares to low-income areas, selling at 23 farmers markets and through 10 community supported agriculture networks in areas that otherwise struggle with access to fresh produce.

CW@50: A look at life on the job in IT through cartoons

Unforgiving boom-and-bust cycles, skills that go stale overnight, outsourcing: IT careers aren't all signing bonuses, Ping-Pong tables and beanbag chairs. Here’s a look at life on the job in IT through the years, from the pen of our editorial cartoonist, John Klossner.

Elon Musk started a new company to turn us into cyborgs by 2020

You’re already digitally superhuman. The thing that would change is the interface—having a high-bandwidth interface to your digital enhancements. The thing is that today, the interface all necks down to this tiny straw, which is, particularly in terms of output, it’s like poking things with your meat sticks, or using words—either speaking or tapping things with fingers. And in fact, output has gone backwards. It used to be, in your most frequent form, output would be ten-finger typing. Now, it’s like, two-thumb typing. That’s crazy slow communication. We should be able to improve that by many orders of magnitude with a direct neural interface.

Equity podcast: Uber’s losses, Cloudera’s IPO and the biggest e-commerce acquisition ever

First up was Uber’s newly disclosed financials . The company has a history of leaks and losses, but this time around we read corporate-approved numbers detailing quickly growing revenue (expected), stiff losses (expected), and some interesting accounting results (unexpected) that skew the company’s profile slightly as 2016 came to a close.

Auto Enters the Self-Learning Era: Deliver the Personalized Mobility Experience - TechRepublic

TU-Automotive Detroit is the world's largest B2B event for connected car, autonomous vehicles and mobility as auto enters the self-learning era! We are reaching a critical point in our industry. The car is set to think and drive itself, the smart city is becoming a vital component of the auto mix, and mobility options are providing consumers with a very real alternative to car ownership. All this points to the arrival of a new automotive business. To learn how connectivity, autonomy, electrification and mobility are combining to create new products and experiences, our headline addresses will welcome C-level executives from auto-manufacturers, technology companies and consulting firms to speak at the start of both days of the conference. We hope that you can join us on June 7-8 – let’s change the face of auto together. Download the Brochure for TU-Automotive Detroit 2017

Fan-made subtitles for TV shows and movies are illegal, court rules

Further ReadingThe battle to reform 300-year-old copyright law for the digital age Much like file sharing websites themselves, actually policing subtitle sites will be difficult. Just look at the world of anime fansubbing, which has been under fire for more than a decade but is still going strong—or, in some cases, has shifted to just straight-up anime streaming websites with baked-in English subtitles. A better solution might be for content creators and distributors to release officially subtitled content simultaneously worldwide, much in the same way that some big American TV shows and movies are now being released in Europe and Asia at the same time, rather than a few months or years later.


This notion is false. It is not that bad things are going to happen anyway, in the same way that a vehicle crash might happen even with all the right protections in place. That may be true but if we do have a car accident we are typically distraught, in the knowledge that we were, figuratively and statistically, one of the unlucky ones.

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Rihanna looks like she scams rich white men and lupita is the computer smart best friend that helps plan the scans …

'We're not going to be silent': Why scientists are marching this weekend

"Hopefully it sends a very powerful message to the legislative branch: This is very important; this matters and we vote," she said. "I hope that they see that science is important and we're not being to be silent. We're going to keep fighting."

Trump lawyer: Protesters violated campaign's First Amendment right

"[E]ven if Mr. Trump implicitly instructed the audience to remove the protesters by using force if necessary, his speech was still entirely lawful and protected under the First Amendment unless he advocated a greater degree of force than was necessary under the circumstances," Trump's lawyers argued.

No, there’s no “hate speech” exception to the First Amendment

I keep hearing about a supposed “hate speech” exception to the First Amendment, or statements such as, “This isn’t free speech, it’s hate speech,” or “When does free speech stop and hate speech begin?” But there is no hate speech exception to the First Amendment. Hateful ideas (whatever exactly that might mean) are just as protected under the First Amendment as other ideas. One is as free to condemn Islam — or Muslims, or Jews, or blacks, or whites, or illegal aliens, or native-born citizens — as one is to condemn capitalism or Socialism or Democrats or Republicans.

Why the release of new Prince music has been blocked

"Deliverance" is a six-song album featuring music the musician recorded between 2006 and 2008. A track from the album was available earlier this week on iTunes and Apple Music. The full album was set for release on Friday, the one-year anniversary of Prince's death. But since the ruling, no tracks from "Deliverance" are available on any streaming services.

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