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Windows 10 build 14382 brings Windows Ink and so much more

Microsoft released a new preview for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, including new inking features, an improved start menu, new gestures and much more.

How to Be Interesting on Social Media (Without Getting Fired)

A fired World Series champion. Public enemy #1 of a high school band. Inspiring television commercials. They're all lessons from which we can all learn to improve our social media management.

Ingenious Brazilian billboards use fake sweat to attract and kill Zika-carrying mosquitos

Two Brazilian advertising agencies have designed Mosquito Killer Billboards that attract and kill the Aedes Aegypti mosquito that carries the Zika virus.

13 new trailers you should watch this week

You can tell summer movie season is coming because wow yes there are a ton of trailers this week and many of them are just nonstop action at ludicrous scales: alien invasions, international...

Windows 10 build 14382 brings Windows Ink and so much more

Microsoft released a new preview for the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, including new inking features, an improved start menu, new gestures and much more.

Step inside the artistic algorithms of 'No Man's Sky'

The closer you get to the center of the universe, the wilder the planets become.

Siri & Liam star in Apple's new Earth Day TV ad

Siri meets its demise in Apple's Earth Day ad | Cult of Mac

Apple is going hard on Earth Day. Company stores changed their Apple logos green. The App Store has a week-long green app promotion. And today the company

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Forbes Welcome

"We are taxed twice as much by our idleness, three times as much by our pride, and four times as much by our folly."

Uber drivers remain independent contractors as lawsuit settled

SAN FRANCISCO Uber has agreed to pay up to $100 million to settle a class-action lawsuit which resolves a major challenge to its business model by allowing the ride-hailing service to keep its California and Massachusetts drivers as independent contractors.

More than 1 million people now use Tor to check Facebook in private

While Tor is often often associated with illegitimate activity due to its focus on anonymity, many people use it to simply have a bit more privacy from potential hackers and snooping governments.

Apple’s iBooks Store and iTunes Movies shut down by Chinese government

The current incident will not have any immediate impact on Apple’s device sales because both iBooks Store and iTunes Movies were launched only a few months back, and Chinese consumers have many alternative platforms they can turn to, said Tay Xiaohan, senior market analyst at IDC China.

Uber to pay up to $100M in driver status suits

Uber to pay up to $100M in driver status suits The ride-hailing company's drivers will remain independent contractors under the settlement Check out this story on

Snapchat now lets you face swap with pictures from your camera roll

The new camera roll face swap feature can be found in the row of lenses , which you access by tapping and holding on your face when you're in selfie mode. (You can also access them when you're using your phone's rear camera — you just have to be pointing it at someone else's face first.) After you download the update (version, the new camera roll version shows up in that row as a separate option next to the original face swap lens.

Only Prime members can buy these games and movies from Amazon

Business Insider reports that the list of excluded products isn't static and differs by country. Amazon did not immediately respond to a request for comment, but previously told in a statement: "One of the many benefits of Amazon Prime is access to exclusive selection on a number of great products. Customers who are not Prime members can sign up for a 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, or they can purchase those items from a Marketplace seller."

The Fascinating Origin Story of Prince’s Iconic Symbol

There are two sides to the one story everyone’s heard about Prince Rogers Nelson, who died Thursday at 57. The first side is something of a legend: In 1993, Prince changed his name to a glyph. It defied phonetics, and it defied his label, Warner Bros., which had been trying to slow his creative output to suit the schedule of its marketing department. The Love Symbol made trouble for Warner Bros. executives who couldn’t say, or even type, their star’s new name. Nobody else could, either, which is why news outlets received floppy discs containing a font download of the glyph. Rolling Stone named it the fourth boldest career move in the history of rock, out of a list of 25.

Microsoft and Google agree to work out regulatory disputes

Both companies offered the news in similar but separate statements to Re/code , highlighting their "changing legal priorities" and promised to drop any regulatory complaints. As Google put it: "Our companies compete vigorously, but we want to do so on the merits of our products, not in legal proceedings." In other words, they plan to crush each other by building the most useful technology, rather than spending resources on attorneys.

5 Reasons to Use to Vivaldi Instead of Chrome or Firefox

Vivaldi has been around for more than a year in the alpha and beta stages, but it recently hit the version 1.0 milestone. Founded by ex-Opera chief Jon von Tetzchner, it’s squarely aimed at power users, meaning its loaded with extra features for browsing pros. It’s available for Windows, Mac and Linux too. Here are five reasons we prefer Vivaldi over any other browser.

AT&T 'Access' connects low income homes to the internet for $5 a month

While the solution for lower-priced connectivity is a great start, the program is limited to the 21-state wireline footprint and requires at least one person in the area to be receiving Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) benefits from the US Department of Agriculture. AT&T has even set up a website with an application to join the program .

The Xbox One revisited: Microsoft's console has gotten better with age

The good news is that for all the console's changes, the Xbox One still plays games pretty well. Installing everything to a 500GB HDD remains a pain, but there's support for external drives now, which renders that complaint mostly moot. Armchair pundits love griping every time a multi-platform game comes out and runs at a lower native resolution on the Xbox One versus PS4, but unless you have both versions running side by side, it's going to be difficult to tell the difference. Sure, there are edge-case scenarios, but I haven't seen any instances of games being unplayable. Really, the more game developers work with the Xbox One and familiarize themselves with the hardware, the better the performance will be.

Windows Ink, Cortana improvements and more arrive in the latest Windows 10 build out now

As with other releases, this Insider Preview Build (14328) is available to the millions of users  who have opted in to test the OS ahead of its broader release. However, Microsoft reminds users that early access also means these builds have bugs — and this one has a lot of “rough edges,” it says. That’s why this one is being rolled out to those in the “Fast” ring. If you want to avoid the bugs, switch to the “slow” ring, the company says.

Facebook's latest News Feed change puts articles you'll actually read front and center

Why this matters: Every change Facebook makes to its News Feed algorithm matters mightily to publishers: The New York Times reported this week reported that 85 cents of every online advertising dollar goes to Google or Facebook . And publishers have long argued that click-driven ad metrics are often not very useful, with research suggesting that most people usually spend less than 15 seconds on a page they click on social networks. The hope? Emphasizing quality and quantity will give publishers more incentive to create work that keeps the audience truly engaged. If Facebook's efforts succeed, your News Feed will be filled with high-quality stories instead of garbage.

Why Are Suicide Rates in the US Skyrocketing?

A new government reports shows that suicide rates in the U.S. have soared since 1999, with the most dramatic increases occurring among young white females and Native Americans. So why are Americans suddenly killing themselves in droves? It’s a major public health issue with no easy explanations.

Google's 'Purple Rain' Doodle Is A Moving Tribute To Prince

On the day the artist died, the marquee of New York City's Apollo Theater, where Prince played several shows  during his career, was changed to read "In honor of the beautiful one" -- a reference to his song "The Beautiful Ones" -- and "Nothing compares 2 u." The iconic Harlem venue also played Prince's music in the afternoon, NBC New York reported.

There's a Gigantic Reef Surrounding the Amazon River and Nobody Noticed

When we hear “reef,” we typically think colorful corals and crystal-clear tropical waters. Which is probably why nobody ever bothered to look for one at the outflow of the world’s largest river. Discharging up to 300,000 cubic meters of sediment-loaded water every second, the Amazon river generates a thick, smog-like plume that darkens the surrounding seafloor, depressing light and oxygen levels. So you can imagine the surprise of the scientists who discovered a large reef system—built mainly of sponges and algae—sitting right beneath it.

Amazon locks top games behind a Prime paywall

It's not clear whether this is a timed promotion or something Amazon will enforce indefinitely. The move will, in all likelihood, convert a few customers into Prime subscribers, however it could also aggravate people that can't afford, or would otherwise have no interest in the service. Amazon might be big, but it's not the only place that sells video games -- digital stores like Steam, for instance, are growing in popularity. Amazon is, therefore, risking its market dominance and its customers' loyalty.

Where You Can Listen To Prince Online In Honor Of The Music Icon

"Yeah, everybody's got a bomb, we could all die any day. But before I'll let that happen, I'll dance my life away."

Here's why HBO invested in a $300 million startup that Jon Stewart calls ‘mind blowing’

he idea is that you essentially have an experience that is completely immersive,” he tells Business Insider. “People go to the movie theater to see an IMAX movie because it fills their field of vision, and when I think about a holographic movie, it's like I'm sitting in the chair, but no matter where my head is I feel like my seat is right there middle. Before you even add interactivity or any other pieces to that, that’s first step that's what we're aiming to deliver. And to make the creation of that kind of content really no different, or harder, or more expensive than creating a 1080p video stream that you watch on iTunes.”

FBI spent more than a million dollars to crack San Bernardino iPhone -- and found nothing

The FBI always maintained that unlocking Farook’s phone could save American lives from future attacks. Instead, the effort turned out to be a futile one that cost a lot without yielding much in the way of results — there’s a joke about the American government here somewhere.

Neil deGrasse Tyson thinks there's a 'very high' chance the universe is just a simulation

One of the main arguments that physicists use to talk about what's known as the "simulation hypothesis" is that if we can prove that it's possible to simulate a universe — if we can figure out all the laws that govern how everything works, which physicists are trying to do — that makes it much more likely that it is actually simulated. If we know that it's possible to do something, it's much easier to think that thing is being done.

The 7 Inevitable Stages of Pain Before You Succeed

Risk taking is at the very heart of any quest for success. You must leap into the void of the unknown and see what happens. When striving for success you will consistently face choices which involve risk. Risk is, by nature, scary. You may lose your life savings or lose your reputation. You risk criticism and humiliation. You will likely have to pick up the pieces and start all over again, time and again. On any path towards success you give up what you know for what could be. Hope is your dope. The rewards can be great, but so can the cost. You will fail and you will have to rise. Each risk gone wrong is really a risk gone well because it leads you in a new direction to take a new risk. Failure helps cultivate the virtue of resiliency which you will need for your long-term success. Failure’s purpose is to fine-tune your efforts towards success.

The shifting landscape of tech platforms, services

The shifting landscape of tech platforms, services The whole landscape of what’s commonly known as computing platforms has been shifting for the last several years. Just look at Microsoft, Google and Apple. Check out this story on

How to Watch Tonight's Lyrid Meteor Shower

Choose a spot that’s dark, with good whole sky visibility. We’re finally well and truly out of the winter astronomy season so your kit will be (thankfully) a bit lighter this time. While the weather will be warm, depending on how long you’re out there, the ground could still get dewey so bring along a blanket even if you don’t think it’s cold enough to need one. It’ll also get chillier as the night wears on, so bring something light to wrap up in. Beyond that, you’ll want all the usual suspects with you: A star map (if you don’t own one, this is a good app ), snacks, you can substitute a lawn chair for a blanket if you want, but really the point is to see as much of the sky as possible so I wouldn’t recommend it.

The collapse of Microsoft and Nokia's mobile business

Microsoft's smartphone business is in free fall , with the company selling just 2.3 million devices in the last three months. It's likely that you'll still be able to buy a Microsoft-branded smartphone, but it's probably not something the firm will devote a lot of time and energy to. After all, making phones is an expensive business, and if there's no chance to make any sort of profit, it's not worth the effort. If you've been watching Microsoft over the last five years, it'll come as no surprise that its smartphone plans have foundered. If you want to explore the evolution and collapse of Microsoft's mobile ambitions, check out our timeline.

Baidu opens self-driving car R&D center in Google’s backyard, hires Tesla Autopilot engineer

Baidu, China’s most popular search engine, like its US-based counterpart Google, is heavily investing in autonomous driving technologies and today it officially announced the launch of a self-driving car R&D center in Silicon Valley, right in Google’s backyard.

Find Out How Loud Your New Neighborhood Will Be Before You Move In

When Brendan Farrell was shopping for a house in Los Angeles, he noticed how real estate sites readily listed a property’s walkability and nearby schools. But the presence of noise—one of the most important quality-of-life factors—remained elusive, and invisible. Farrell realized he could use his skills as an applied mathematician to build a map that could help people “hear” their new homes before they moved in.

The Brooklyn Museum's app acts like AI, but there are humans behind it

The team is constantly focused on learning more about the museum and how to assist visitors more efficiently. They go on walk-throughs with curators and one another when the museum's closed on Tuesdays to learn about the works and history behind them. Other lulls are spent putting together a Wiki page and compiling "snippets," which are essentially snapshots of the most interesting questions. These help them scale the whole process in the event that hundreds of visitors decide they want to use the app — many questions come up again and again. For the painting of a woman named Deborah Hall, for instance, visitors most often simply want to know who Deborah Hall is. The moderators put this question’s snippet and others on the museum’s website. (Hall was the daughter of a printer who also was briefly Benjamin Franklin’s business partner.) Each person can comfortably handle between six and seven conversations, and they typically talk with around 20 people on weekdays and 30 on weekends. A conversation can consist of a one-off question or a complete dissection of the art.

This Self-Healing, Muscle-Like Material Could Revolutionize Prosthetics

The researchers concluded that these properties, such as the high stretchability and self-healing capabilities, make the material ideal for use in the development of prosthetics -- possibly even giving a prosthetic the ability to perform humanlike movements or to be controlled by a wearer's own brain.

How to Sous Vide Your Own Medical Marijuana Edibles

If there is one thing an immersion circulator is good for, it is infusions. The precise temperature of the water bath gives you greater control over your results, and allows you to basically “fix it and forget it.” This is good for extracting all kinds of things, but today we’re going to extract some THC.

Apple will only accept native watchOS apps starting June 1

Apple today announced a new rule affecting software development for its Apple Watch wearable. Essentially the company is mandating that developers only build apps that have the ability to access the Internet over Wi-Fi, not just a local iPhone.

Top Gear’s Stig Schools Us in Racing With … a Go-Kart

I studied the outside of his front tires, which admittedly were more grained than a photo of Jordan without touch-up. We swapped cars, and Jeremy’s signature was clearly stamped all over the thousand-degree rubber-cum-molasses. Much to his dismay, I proceeded to enter the curves even more slowly to allow the molten tires to recover and effect a perfectly balletic flying exit. I tried explaining the racing credo of “slow in, fast out,” but the resulting conversation would make a sailor blush. If you want to hear my side of the story, please read on.

Bless California health officials for trying to stay relevant with dated memes

At first, I felt bad for Drake! I mean, wow, that's a low meme moment to have your popular single appropriated for West Nile awareness. But then, something happened. I began to admire California Public Health. Its total ownership of memes and attempt to make millennials care about diseased mosquitoes is impressive! Like a dad doing five minutes at an open-mic night about how much he loves his wife and kids, it’s admirably embarrassing. This isn't the first time the agency has used dated memes to spread important health tips. Here we go:

Blue Lola headphones review: A little bit bizarre, a lot brilliant

It’s a bit like having a really fancy car you only use two weekends of the year, versus your everyday runaround – it’d be nice to have both, sure, but that’s just not very practical for most. Good as the Lolas are, they’re definitively ‘low-tech’ in comparison to wireless Bluetooth headphones that let you set your own EQ, and still involve getting tangled up in wires or routing it down through your clothes to wander around.

SpyEye Malware Creators Get 24 Years

We haven't heard too much about SpyEye in recent years, but anyone who has even a loose interest in cyber security will remember it. In its heyday, SpyEye was used "by a global syndicate of cyber criminals" to infect more than 50 million computers. Altogether, the malware is responsible for close to $1 billion in losses.

Hearthstone: Whispers of the Old Gods’ 5 least promising new cards

The Whispers of the Old Gods expansion adds 134 cards to the free-to-play game when it launches on April 26. Hearthstone is the leader in the $1.2 billion digital card games market and makes over $20 million a month. This expansion will help keep users engaged (and buying more cards). It will also bring in new players who are behind on their collections — or avoided the game because they feared they could never catch up on cards.

The 7 Things Tech Companies Need To Realize About Older Workers

Many companies push older employees out the door during layoffs only to go on subsequent hiring sprees to fill new roles with the new skills they need. As the pace of change accelerates, this approach won't just affect older workers; it will affect anyone who doesn't have the tools they need to improve their skills in order to stay relevant. It is important to have ongoing training and education programs that keep long-time, loyal employees up to speed with the company’s demands, said Devine. This is true for workers of all ages, but it is most important to older workers because the ante is higher for them. They’re at risk of not just losing their job, but of falling out of the employment system altogether.

Why This Suburb Is the Best Place to Build a Drug-Smuggling Tunnel

So say you need to get a few hundred pounds of cocaine from Mexico to the US. Underground, preferably, so as not to attract too much attention. Where’s the best place one might, hypothetically, do this? Asking for a friend.

A US government agency is scolding people on Twitter for texting and driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is the federal body tasked with automotive safety, as its name implies — and sometimes, you just have to take your message straight to the people.

How to Host a Game of Thrones Fantasy League Draft

Game of Thrones has so many characters, plot lines, alliances, and events that the drama unfolds like a season of your favorite sport. In fact, it’s possible to turn the show into a fantasy football-like draft. Here’s how.

Sources Doubt Anonymous Gray Hats Cracked San Bernardino Shooter's Phone. So Who Did?

The FBI has contracted with the Sun Corporation subsidiary for $338,581 worth of gear and services since December 2, 2015—the date of the San Bernardino attack—according to Federal Procurement Data System records. Neither the FBI nor Cellebrite would say if this was indeed payment for the hack.

Nexus users can now sign into Bank of America with their fingerprint

Good news, Nexus users, you can  now log into your Bank of America account with your fingerprint. The updated app supports Android's native fingerprint APIs that were introduced in Marshmallow, and now, all Android M devices with fingerprint scanners should allow for fingerprint login. The bank first introduced fingerprint sign-in on Androids in September last year, and though it was supposed to work on any Android, users noticed it only worked on Samsung devices.

Zuckerberg Says Facebook Is Better For The Earth Than Your Latte. Is It?

But if Facebook used the same methodology this year as it has in the past, it's leaving out a crucial factor: People use devices that rely on electricity to access their profiles, and those devices create a carbon footprint of their own. Facebook didn't factor in the amount of carbon emitted when someone charges their laptop or smartphone. So the actual amount of carbon emitted when someone uses Facebook is probably higher than what Facebook says. 

3 powerful use cases in VR’s thrilling new frontier

However, when functional mainstream VR first emerged in the early 90s, the visual fidelity of the images was poor.  The processing power driving the experience was inadequate and the magnetic head-tracking was lacking — and lagging — way behind what was required for a convincingly immersive experience.

DeWalt's first smartphone looks like the love child of an iPhone and a power drill

DeWalt is a common brand of power tools, but this week it announced its first smartphone, the MD501. The new phone pairs rugged looks with tough durability — it's rated IP68 for water resistants (up to 2m of immersion for 30 minutes), 810G for drops (survives 2m drops to concrete), and can work in temperatures from -20 degrees up to 60 degrees centigrade. The MD501 can also work with gloves, even though it's a full touchscreen device.

Uber wants to use selfies to crack down on fake drivers

The idea is that this will prevent people from having multiple drivers using one car and account and then splitting the revenue. This is something Uber has a particular problem with in China and I would guess elsewhere too. Just think how many times you’ve hopped into your Uber and thought the driver looked quite different to the one pictured in the app.

Facebook usage over Tor passes 1M per month

The company said today that growth of Tor over the past few years has been “roughly” linear, noting that some 525,000 people access the service via Tor in June 2015 — rising to move than one million this month. (Albeit it’s very much a drop in the ocean of Facebook usage generally, with the company reporting more than  1.59BN users  as of January this year.)

Airtime App Returns, Lets You Hang with Friends in Giant, Digital Rooms

Don't worry; you won't just have to sit in an Airtime room all day long just to catch your friends whenever they come on. If someone fires up a live video stream on their device, you'll be able to receive a little notification and respond accordingly—joining with your own video stream, dropping in a comment or a picture, et cetera. You can also ping everyone in a particular room about a piece of content you've dropped in via the app's "Signal" Feature.

Twitch transforms into a social network with new 'Friends' feature

"Friends is the latest social feature in Twitch's ongoing effort to help gamers connect with one another," Twitch director of programming Marcus Graham says. "While Twitch has always been a great platform for broadcasters to connect with viewers, now viewers will be able to connect with each other, too."

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